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Perversion As She Sleeps

by ChinaBandit©

I slowly slid out of bed. Although in a deep sleep, she is disturbed far too easily. It is essential to move deliberately. So far, my actions were undetected. The lamp light from the grounds of our apartment complex bled through the curtains, providing enough clarity for me to see everything in the room. It was easy to find what I was seeking anyway. Her bra, and panties, which I saw her leave casually on the makeup table before climbing under the comforter.

It was apparent early on in the evening that these would have to be my means to satisfaction. The day had been exhausting for her. Any effort on my part would surely have been rejected. Some women are ready at almost any time. Experience has taught me that this isn't always ideal. A woman always ready is also a woman someone else can easily make. Her sometimes dulled sexuality was reassuring in this way. No one else was fucking her.

The makeup table was about 10 feet away. My footsteps were soundless as I picked up the bra and matching panties. They were light, lacey and faded lavender in color; in fact more white than lavender. Taking a quick look back toward the bed, I moved toward the curtain to better inspect her intimates. First, I explored the soft cups of the bra with my hands. The texture was silky and feminine. Bringing the bra to my nose I could smell her perfume distinctly. It was Isa Miyaki, a Japanese brand popular with Asian women. I carefully put my arms through the bra as I had seen her do so many times. Her size is 36B and there is no way it can fit me. I still like the feel of the fabric on my chest, the elastic of the straps on my shoulders. I notice my cock growing as I imagine myself as her. A beautiful, sexy, woman dressing in sensual lingerie...Lingerie that my lover will see and remove from my enticing body.

The light seeping through the curtain now helps me find the crotch of the bikini panty. My nose could have done this but I want to see her discharge. There it is, unmistakably white and gummy. It sits like spilled, dried, syrup on the cotton lining of the panty. My nails can scrape it off. I bring this to my nose and my mouth. The smell of her cunt is strong and fills my nostrils. Her discharge is salty and lingers on the tip of my tongue. It is so much like male semen. Sometimes when we fuck l pull out and find this wonderful cream leaking from her hole. Sticky, it can be pulled from her in long, mucous, strings. It is almost clear when I do this. In the end, I never fail to use my mouth to clean her. Bitch sweeties. It is my lady's wonderful cunt candy.

She is still sleeping soundly as I move back toward the bed. I will try to get as close as possible without disturbing her. Holding her panty to my face with my right hand, I begin to jerk off with my left hand. I think briefly about being a pervert. God knows, there is no denying this. Sex has always pre-occupied my thoughts. No woman, certainly not her, goes far enough. The truth is I would not want her too.

As I increase the rhythm on my cock I realize that, sometimes anyway, it is better this way. There she lies as I savor the most private, personal, secret of a woman. The dried juices and scent of her very own cunt...

I will need to cum soon. Once, knowing my release would be small because of jerking off earlier, I dared to lean over the bed and blew a spoonful of cum into her long black hair. What a nasty turn on that was. There she lay with my illicit spunk in that dark mane. I have frequently added cum to her "Conditioner" bottles in the shower ever since.

Where to blow now? I have to decide, and quickly, if she will notice cum in her panties tomorrow morning. It will have dried but crusty and leaving that unmistakable smell of semen. Cumming in the bra cups may be safer. I also know that she will likely wear the bra, with my dried cum, on her areolas and nipples again. The panty will certainly be washed regardless. If I cum in her bra it will be possible to enjoy the smell of her cunt as I release too. Looking at her sleeping, I wish that I could just go over and cum into her face. A hot blast that would wake her up in shock and surprise, as if someone stuck their hand up her dress, feeling her gash, while on an escalator in the shopping mall...

Lay there baby.

I am breathing the sweet smell of your cunt. You don't even know. It is such a turn on to violate her in this way. It is a violation of sorts. A little black hair from that cunt finds my mouth. How nice of her to leave me one in her panty. I pull faster now. My balls are about to burst. That's it, a few seconds more. Just a few seconds more. I drop the bra to my cock wrapping the cups around the head. I inhale the smell of her cunt from the panty deeply. One last time...My cock explodes into the soft cups of her little bra. I imagine my cock releasing on her face, in her mouth, cunt and ass all at the same time. I think about her disgust if ever discovering my perverse compulsion. I think about my cum mixed with her hair conditioner as she showers. I am happy to be a pervert.

Written by: ChinaBandit

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