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Threesome Initiation

by fantasyfulfiller©

It's been a crazy month. Work, kids, life in general stressing me out. My husband too. We've barely had any time for each other and it seems every conversation we had was about one problem or another.

I just couldn't take one more day of it so before he left for work, I put a note in his laptop case telling him to meet me at our favorite bar at 6:00. I smiled, thinking that in twelve hours I would have him all to myself.

The morning dragged on as I went about my routine and fantasized about the night to come. Lunchtime finally arrived and I went to the adult store near by office. Time to buy some goodies for our playtime.

I browsed through the lingerie and sexy outfits. I already had a couple of drawers full at home. Nothing sparked any excitement for me, so I changed my plan. I left the adult store and drove to a nearby department store and headed directly for the coat section. I purchased a trench coat that fell just about mid thigh.

Next, I went to the shoe department where I made my way through aisles of sensible shoes until I finally came across a small selection of stilettos. I found a pair in red that laced up around the ankle and stopped just before the knee.

Off to the lingerie department I ran, to buy a pair of thigh high stockings with a seam running up the back of the leg. "That should complete the outfit", I thought and I returned to work.

A long afternoon and finally 5:00 arrived. I went to the ladies room and stripped off my work clothes. I took off my bra and panties and sprayed my husbands favorite perfume all over my body. I slipped the stockings on and laced up the stilettos. I wrapped the short coat around my naked body and headed out the door.

I drove to the bar and put on fresh lip gloss. I entered the building and looked around for my husband. The bar was filled with the usual after work, happy hour crowd. He was sitting at a small table just off the bar.

His back was turned to me and I took my time walking over to him. I felt the looks coming my way. I enjoyed the appreciative looks some of the men cast at me and laughed to myself over the looks some of the women gave me.

Just before I reached my husbands table, a woman caught my eye. She was sitting at the bar sipping a drink. She was asian and had gorgeous black hair cascading down her back and falling over her eyes. She had soft, pouty lips and tits bursting to be released from their captivity. Just my husbands type!

I walked over to the bar and sat down next to her. I ordered a drink and smiled at the woman. "You have gorgeous hair", I told her. She smiled politely and thanked me, then looked away. My drink arrived and I took a sip feeling the warmth glide past my lips and over my tongue. "Mmmm. Delicious drink", I said softly. I noticed she had looked over in my direction and I looked up and smiled. This time I glanced away. I waited for her to speak, knowing that she would.

"I like your shoes. Very sexy", she said. I smiled, "I'm feeling very sexy tonight. Have you met anyone enticing yet?"

"I've seen a few cute guys. I haven't really talked with anyone but you yet", she said.

"Well, I'm honored", I replied, "I've been having a rough month and I'm looking to spice things up tonight and have some fun".

"Oh yeah? What kind of fun?" she asked in a seductive voice.

"See the man sitting at the table to our left? He's my husband. I asked him to meet me here after work. He hasn't seen me yet." I discretely opened the top of my jacket just enough to reveal my bare breasts to her. "I'm hoping he likes the outfit I chose for him."

She gave a small laugh. "Oh, I don't know any guy that wouldn't like that outfit! Don't you feel uncomfortable walking around like that?"

"Not at all! It makes me feel sexy and desirable and yes, even a little dirty. A little naughty is alright, isn't it?" I looked into her eyes and held her gaze. "Sex and intimacy should be fun. It turns me on to give my husband little gifts."

"What kind of little gifts?" she asked.

"Oh, unexpected notes or emails at unexpected times. Maybe bring home a new toy or sexy lingerie. I've even surprised him with an extra person a few times."

Her eyes widened and she looked a little shocked. "You didn't! You brought him a woman to have sex with?" she whispered.

"No", I told her, "I brought him a woman for US to have sex with. I've even surprised him by having a man come over to join us. Some people find it difficult to believe, but it can really bring a couple closer. Have you ever received the pleasure two people can offer?"

"I admit I've thought about it. I never had anyone just casually start talking about it before though", she said.

"Well, I'm open person. Would you like to meet my husband?" I asked.

I took her hand and laced my fingers through hers. I leaned close against her and walked over to where my husband sat watching the t.v. behind the bar. I walked us around the table and smiled at my husband as I ran my free hand up and down the womans bare arm.

"Hi honey. Sorry I kept you waiting, but I got sidetracked by ..... oops, I never asked your name" I laughed.

"Miho. It's nice to meet both of you. I was hoping to meet a fun guy tonight, but I guess I'm meeting a fun guy and his wife", she laughed softly.

I sat down close to my husband and placed his hand on my thigh as I leaned over to ensure he had a view of my tits. He smiled at me and I slowly brought his hand higher up my leg and lightly led one finger to the warm V between my legs. His smile got bigger as his finger began working it's way into my warmth.

I asked Miho to move her chair closer to mine as we began some innocent chatter. As we talked, I brushed my leg against hers from time to time. My hand found it's way back to her bare arm and shoulder and soon rested upon her leg. I was becoming quite aroused as my husbands fingers lightly traced my labia and gently flicked my clit.

There was a break in the conversation and I leaned over and kissed my husband softly, but fully on the lips. I let my tongue lightly explore the inside of his mouth. I turned and smiled at Miho and started up the conversation again.

Soon there was another break in the conversation and I leaned my face close to Miho's, looked her in the eye and kissed her on the lips. I pulled back and watched for her reaction. She gave me a shy smile. I asked her if she would like to come home with us and she nodded.

The drive was fast and filled with electricity as thoughts of what was to come filled our minds. We arrived home and I led the way directly to our bed room. Miho sat on the edge of the bed.

"How would you like to start?" I asked her. "Would you like to just watch for a bit or would you like to start with one of us? Or would you like us to start by watching you?"

"Maybe we can all just kind of start together. Is that alright?" she asked.

"That's perfect" I said, as I walked over to her and slipped the straps of her top off of her shoulders. I pulled her top off and took her by the hand to where my husband stood. Together we pulled his shirt off and I guided her hand to his pants. As her fingers undid the button, I began kissing his neck and running my hands along his abdomen. I felt her hand touch mine as she too began exploring him. My mouth traveled to his chest and my tongue licked his nipples.

Miho and I each pulled one leg of pants off and then his underwear. We gently pushed him down on the bed and stepped back so he could watch us undress for him. Miho got naked and I decided to leave on the stockings and stilettos. I turned to Miho and pulled her head towards mine and kissed her deeply. My hands roamed along her body for a few moments and then I pressed my body tight against hers. My hands came up behind her and cupped her ass as my head traveled down and I took her tits, one by one, into my mouth.

We pulled apart and got onto the bed on either side of my husband. Our mouths and hands kissed and caressed his face, his neck, his chest. I sat up and made my way to the bottom of the bed. I came up between his legs and took his hard cock into my mouth. I moaned in pleasure at the sensation of his cock filling my mouth. I wrapped my hand tightly around the shaft and stroked as I took the tip into my mouth. I moved my hand away and took his cock deep into my mouth until I could fit no more. I pulled my mouth off and said, "Miho, you've got to taste this!"

Miho came to the bottom of the bed and I made room for her. She took his cock into her mouth and my hands cupped his balls and fingers caressed his ass. I placed my mouth near hers and two tongues ran along his cock.

I nudged her aside and straddled him. I needed to feel that cock deep inside me. I rocked against his body and helped move Miho to the top of the bed and I whispered for her to face me and straddle his head. His mouth found her and I saw the pleasure in her eyes as he started licking her clit. I leaned over and kissed her and brought her hands to my tits.

I pulled myself off and lay on my back. My husband brought his cock to my head and I sucked it into my mouth. Miho lay between my legs and began licking me. We enjoyed each other for a few minutes and then I guided Miho down on her back and my husband on top of her. They kissed and he entered her. I came up behind him and my fingers found the smooth spot between his balls and his ass. I massaged as he pumped inside her. I could sense his mounting excitement and I softly asked him to save it for me.

I lay back down and took him deep inside me. We rocked hard against each other. Miho's finger stroked my clit. I started to come and as I tensed and tightened, he began to come too. He pulled out and Miho surprised us both by placing her mouth on me and licking his cum out of me.

Miho laid down on the bed and my husband and I brought our heads together. Our tongues took turns licking her and our mouths took turns gently sucking. We let our tongues touch and lick together. Soon, we heard her crying out and felt the ripple of her orgasm. We moved up and the three of us lay wrapped in each others arms.

We were quiet for awhile and then Miho got up and began picking up her clothes. She smiled at us and thanked us for the experience. We thanked her as we all laughed a bit.

"So what do you think? Is it alright to be a little naughty?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah" she said, "and it's alright to be much more than a little naughty!"

Written by: fantasyfulfiller

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