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Making The Perfect Husband

by oneguy4fun©

Mark crawled into the room towards his Mistress wife. The girls closed in behind him. Isabella, Amy and the bride's maids formed a circle around him. Chrissie undid his leash and then joined the circle. Mark was left kneeling in front of Amy and Isabella. He felt an overwhelming sense of submission and intimidation.

Isabella read from a small book. "We have all witnessed the wonderful union of Amy and Mark today. Now we stand here as witnesses to Amy and Mark's commitment to a female led marriage. It is with great joy that we see Mark kneeling before Amy, ready to accept his role as her servant."

Isabella directed her attention to Mark, "Mark, do you wish to serve, pamper, and obey her at all times?"

"Yes, I do" replied Mark.

"Then you must beg for her to accept you as your slave."

Words seemed to flow into Mark's mind. He knew exactly what to say. "Mistress Amy, I kneel before you ready to serve you. I will always seek to please and obey you. My body is yours. My cock is yours to do with as you please. Will you take me as your servant?"

Amy smiled and patted Mark on the head and said, "Yes I will."

Isabella said, "If you accept Mark as your slave, you may free his cock as a sign of your ownership over him."

Amy ordered Mark over to her. "Come slave. Stand-up so I don't have to bend over."

Mark crawled to Amy and then stood up. She had him lean over the bed in the room with his ass facing the girls. She slid down his panties. Mark heard a few gasps and giggles as the girls saw his pierced cock tucked between his legs. He felt embarrassed and vulnerable with his naked ass exposed to the girls. He knew they could see the plug in his ass and this humiliated him even more.

Amy carefully removed the ring that held his cock in place. Mark's cock instantly grew erect when it was free. Isabella then made Mark kneel down and face the girls. She read from her book again, "Girls do you promise to support Amy in her endeavor to train Mark to be a good servant."

Everyone responded, "We do."

Isabella instructed Mark to crawl to each girl and kiss each of their toes as a sign of his appreciation for their support and their dominance. Mark obediently crawled around the circle and kissed every toe in the room. The girls enjoyed this part of the ceremony.

When he was done Isabella announced, "It is time for the consummation."

Again, Mark knew exactly what to do. He crawled onto the bed and lay on his back and waited. Isabella and Amy ducked out of the room for a brief moment. While they were gone, Chrissie handed each girl a white silk strap that had loops on each end. The girls approached Mark. Janice slid her loop over Mark's hand and pulled on the strap. The strap tightened around his wrist. Carol slid her loop over his foot and pulled it tight around his ankle. The other two girls repeated the process on his right side.

The girls then placed the loop on the other end of the strap over their own wrists. When Amy and Isabella entered the room, each girl took a few steps away from the bed and pulled on the straps. Mark was forced into a spread eagle position. Mark became intensely aroused at being helpless in front of all the girls.

Amy approached the bed, between his legs. He could see that she was wearing a strap-on. Isabella read another passage from her book.

"In a traditional marriage the man and wife consummate by having the man make love to the wife. However, in a female-led marriage, it is the wife who makes love to the man. This is symbolic of her dominance and power of him. Additionally, the submissive husband is feminized as part of the consummation. Mark has shown a true appreciation and addiction to wearing panties and sexy silky lingerie. This clearly shows his desire to idolize and worship females. Finally the bride's closest female friends are here not only to witness the consummation, but to restrain the sissy husband while he receives his Mistress's cock. Mark will experience true helplessness and surrender to female power. Let us begin."

Mark felt the girls tug tighter on the straps, pulling his legs and arms farther apart. Chrissie quickly moved in and removed the plug from Mark's ass. It was empty for just a moment. As soon as Chrissie moved away, Amy was between his legs, pushing her strap-on into his stretched ass. Her strap-on was well lubricated and easily slid in.

Mark's mind went blank and his body shuddered. Amy began to fuck him with long slow strokes. Her breathing was deep with excitement. Mark looked up at her face and saw an expression filled with lust and power. Mark's mind had been programmed by Isabella to experience orgasmic like pleasure from the strap-on. She was fucking his pussy. He moaned in pleasure.

Mark turned his head to the side and saw Janice with one hand pulling the strap attached to wrist hand and with the other hand down in her pants. She was staring at Amy fucking him and it was obvious to Mark that she was fingering herself.

The bride's maids had done a great job at keeping their composure up until this point. Isabella's words and the erotic scene unfolding in front of them were too much to handle even for the most conservative person. The ceremony had made the girls feel empowered not only over Mark but all men. This power created an erotic energy in the room that spread like wild fire from girl to girl.

Mark's eyes surveyed the room as his body flooded with pleasure. He could see that the girls surrounding him were all aroused. In the glow of the candlelight he could see hard nipples poking at the shimmering silk tops. He could see the bride's maids in various states of self-pleasure. Some were rubbing their nipples through the smooth satin and some were rubbing their crotches.

Mark looked back to his wife and enjoyed the site of her cock thrusting in and out of his boy pussy. She was holding his legs, spreading them apart while she fucked him. His arms were restrained by her bride's maids. Mark felt completely helpless and at Amy's mercy. He felt totally powerless and vulnerable in front of the entire group of beautiful woman. He could not think of a better way to start his marriage. He felt lucky to submit to such a hot and wonderful Mistress.

Amy's lust filled eyes locked in on Mark's. In a strong powerful voice, she commanded "cum for me sissy husband!"

Amy's cock plunged deep inside him and an intense orgasm rocked his body. Hot cum spewed over his chest and stomach. Mark had one of his most pleasurable orgasms ever. His body was weak after his orgasm passed. His eyes were closed but he could still feel Amy's cock resting inside him.

Finally Mark opened his eyes. Amy looked satisfied and fulfilled. Mark felt the same way. He was thrilled to see Amy this way. All he cared about was satisfying his mistress. He made a commitment to himself at that moment that he would do his best to obey his wife and be the perfect husband.


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Written by: oneguy4fun

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