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Neighbor Gangbang

by rjohns©

After spending most of the day working in the yard, I came in to take a quick shower. It was very hot and the cool water felt really good. Just as I was drying myself, the doorbell rang. Wrapping the towel around me, I went and opened the door. Some of my neighbors were standing there. My grip on the towel was precarious at best and as I stood there, it kept slipping open, exposing me. After a few minutes talking, I invited them in and as soon as I closed the door, I felt a hand on my ass. I jumped, not expecting it. I turned around and my next door neighbor reached forward, taking my now exposed cock in his hand.

"Very nice," he said with a grin on his face. "I've watched you in the yard many times and wondered."

I was frozen in place. This was totally unexpected. I had no hint of his interest, nor any of the others. I looked over and there were cocks out in the open, hands rubbing up and down their lengths. I felt the towel slide off me. Moving closer my neighbor started to pinch my nipples and caress my chest. I felt another hand touch my ass, softly caressing it, spreading my cheeks ever so slightly with each circling movement. Another neighbor moved in and leaned forward. Sticking his tongue out, he started licking my now very erect and hard nipples. Three men were caressing, licking and sucking me while I stood and let them do it.

I closed my eyes as the sensation was getting to be overwhelming and I felt a tongue circle my head, licking around it and through my slit. At the same time, a tongue ran up my crack, stopping only to push gently on my opening. A hand went around my neck and pulled me forward. An instant later, lips met mine and a tongue probed between my lips until I opened my mouth. The tongue fenced with mine while my cock was being sucked and my ass was getting wet.

The sensation got to me and I groaned. I didn't think anyone heard me but they did, and that seemed to be their signal. One by one, they stopped pleasing me and stripped off their clothes. Now I felt bare skin against me, a hard cock against my stomach and another between my legs. A different tongue was searching my mouth as three bodies pressed against me, six hands caressing, touching and probing all over my body.

Suddenly, the door bell rang again. Everyone hesitated while I slipped away from the three and peeked out to see who it was. Two more of my neighbors were at the door. Standing behind the door, I opened it and invited them in. They entered and as soon as they saw that we were all naked, they stripped off their clothes quickly and joined in.

Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me over to the couch. I was forced down on my hands and knees. I felt a tongue start licking my crack again, only this time it was more frantic, rougher and more probing. Every time it came to my opening, it stopped and pushed harder and harder on it until I felt its tip enter me, if only slightly. God that felt good but I wondered what everyone else was doing while I was getting my ass tongue fucked.

Looking around, I saw my next door neighbor ramming his hard cock between the cheeks of a neighbor while he was getting face fucked by another hard cock. Right next to them, two men were kissing and tonguing each other. I could see their tongues fencing in their mouths as their hands caressed and rubbed hard cocks and hairy asses. Turning back, I felt the air cool against my wet crack for just a moment before two fingers entered my ass. I hadn't expected it and jumped a little. The man behind me told me to relax and push back against the fingers. I did as he asked and I felt a warming sensation coming over me as his fingers went into me further and further. When he added a third finger, I felt a little sharp pain run through me but it soon disappeared and was replaced by the warming sensation again.

I turned to look again and found my next door neighbor was now the one being fucked in both ends. The cock ramming in and out of his ass was huge, thick and long and I wondered how he was able to take all of it like he was. His whole body was shaking from the onslaught. The two men who had been kissing were now on the floor, one between the others legs, tonguing his balls and sucking his cock while he held his legs wide open and up in the air. As I watched, the man sucking the other moved up and thrust his hard cock into the man's ass. A loud gasp came out of the man on the floor as his ass was filled with hard cock.

While I had been watching the others, the man behind me had removed his fingers from my ass and after licking all around my gaping opening was aiming his hard cock at it. I felt the head rub against my skin then slowly slide into me. The pain was slight as the head moved further and further into me until it was completely inside me, balls resting against my thighs. God, what a feeling. I could never have imagined what it felt like to have a hard cock buried inside me but now. Well, I don't know how to explain it. I guess if you've never had a hard cock inside your ass, you probably wouldn't understand what I was feeling. Slowly, the cock slid out of me but not all the way. It stopped just with the head inside me before sliding back fully into me. After a few more times, the thrusts started getting stronger and harder.

"Fuck me harder," I heard myself yell. "Fuck me harder and harder, faster and faster. I want your come deep inside me."

I felt sweat drip on my back as the cock continued fucking me. Finally I felt a warm rush then hot come spurting up inside me, filling my canal not only with hot cock but with hot juice that lubricated me further. The cock slid out of me but before I could really move, another took its place. Cock after cock fucked me until every one of my neighbors had their turn with me. They were all looking at me when I turned around.

"It's not fair," I started. "You've all had me but I haven't had the chance at any of you."

It didn't take long for someone to get up and come over to me, turn around and sit on my cock. He started bouncing up and down, making my cock reach the end of his canal. Before I came, he got off and another ass took his place. I fucked all five of them and my next door neighbor was the lucky one who got my load of hot, sweet come filling his canal.

Written by: rjohns

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