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Jessi & Her Niece

by jessijessi34©

Holly is moaning loudly now, thrusting with her hips, fucking herself on my fingers. I can feel her orgasm building, her rectum is tensing around my finger as I fuck it. Holly is almost screaming, "God, yes, fuck me, Jessi, fuck me baby..."

Her body stiffens and I can feel her juices running out of her pussy. I can also feel her pussy and ass throbbing around my fingers as her orgasm hits. She is slamming her hips back, forcing my fingers as deep inside both her holes as they will go. Her ass is clamped down on my finger, and I am reaching far inside her pussy, rubbing that special spot to prolong her orgasm.

Finally her body relaxed, and her breathing slowed. She turned over so she was laying across my lap, then reached for me and we kissed. Her mouth was wide open when our lips met, and her tongue slid deep down my throat. We kissed hungrily for a whlie, then she broke the kiss and lay back.

"Oh, God, Jessi... That was in-fucking-credible! I have NEVER cum like that before!"

That was just the first few hours of Holly's visit. We spent most of the time fucking, the girl was insatiable. I fucked her with my bullet, then she returned the favor. Then we went to an adult bookstore and bought a double-headed dildo and a strapon. I think the double header was my favortie, watching her slide up and down above me as we fucked. I think she liked the strapon best, laying back and letting me fuck her with it. Hard and fast, slamming my hips against hers, she would lean up and suck my hard nipples while I fucked her.

Holly and I are going to have fun together when she moves here for college next fall... We are going to find a place together! Her mom is happy, but I don't know how happy she would be if she knew the real reason her niece and I were so close...

* * * * *

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Written by: jessijessi34

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Category: Lesbian Sex Stories