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Swallowing My Friends Cum

by corkscrewjohnny©

Just a little background on me, this may help you to understand my stories better. Then again it may not. I am a white male who grew up in the suburbs, in a nice quiet neighborhood. I went to a private school my whole life, and I guess you could say lived a somewhat sheltered life. My upbringing was a catholic one, which meant everything was a sin or wrong to do. No premarital sex, no homosexuality, no minorities allowed. I am not a large man by any means, standing only 5 foot 6, weighing 120 pounds, with a small 5 inch cock. So I was a target for the larger sports types at my school. Enough of that, I will get on with my story.

This is a true story about events from my life after high school which have lead to my being a sissy for BBC ( big black cock). Everything in this story actually happened , no embellishments or exaggerations.

My best friends name is Brad. We had been in school together since first grade, and we were now enjoying our last summer before he left for college, and I started work. We had both turned 18 within the last few weeks. Brad is handsome , tall, and solidly built unlike myself. The two of us spent a great deal of time together, hanging out, screwing around, typical teenage boy stuff. He of course didn't know that deep down inside I knew I was different. While I found women attractive and desirable, my wants lied with men. I thought about them constantly. For years I had masturbated. to whatever kind of porn I could get. I jerked off constantly to fantasies of sucking cock and being fucked by good looking muscular men. I started eating my own cum as I longed for the real thing but had yet experienced it. This of course led to me lying on my back with my legs hanging over my head so I could just cum into my mouth, saving some cleanup also.

I started thinking about how close my cock was to my mouth, only an inch or so, and wondered if I could get it into my mouth. Well to no avail, I just wasn't limber enough. So for the next 3 weeks I tried every day to get cock in my mouth, getting a little close everyday. Until that magical night when my tongue finally hit the end of my cock. I was so excited that I jerked off and was able to cum onto my tongue for the first time. It was a great experience and loved doing it. Over the following week I made a lot of progress, and I finally was able to suck my own cock. Words cannot describe the excitement and pleasure I got from giving myself my first blowjob ever. When I felt my cock spewing cum into my mouth, I was in heaven. I gobbled down my sperm like a starving man would eat food. It was absolutely wonderful, and I sucked my own cock as much as I could for the next week or two.

Brads folks were gone a lot from his house, his father on business trips, and his mother working the night shift. This left us alone a lot, and we often had friends over to party. Everyone would bring whatever they could grab from their parents. Beer, wine and sometimes liquor. This happened a couple times a month. Brad always had way too much to drink and almost always ended passing out. Tonight was no different. Everyone had gone and it was just the two of us. Brad was passed out cold on the couch, so I decided to crash in the recliner next to him. A hour or so later I heard a noise that woke me up, it was Brad. He must have been having a good dream because he was moaning and his sweat pants were tented very nicely. I tried to wake him up to tell him to go to bed , but he was out cold. I often fantasized about men, but never about Brad, until now.

I couldn't stop staring at his crotch, I wondered how big his cock was. I figured this was my chance to finally suck a cock other than my own, and noone would ever know I thought. So I gathered up my courage and knelt on the floor next to him. With hands shaking I reached out and put my hand on his cock. It was hard as a rock and very warm, just like my own cock was at that moment. I untied his pants and pulled them down slowly, he moved a little causing me to stop for a moment. I knew was ok when he started snoring. I was in awe when I got them down far enough to release his cock from their confines. His cock was a good 7 inches long, and fairly thick. Much larger than my tiny 5 inch cock.. I took him in my hand and started stroking , up and down, very lightly. I leaned down and licked his cock from his balls all the way to the head, and he let out a low moan. I figured that was his way of saying suck my cock man. So I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking, lightly at first, rubbing his balls while I did. He moaned a little louder , so I sucked a little harder. I started tasting precum a lot at this point, and I got even more excited.

I started sucking more and more of his cock in my mouth as I kept rubbing his balls. After few minutes of this he really started moaning and moving his hips just a bit. I sucked him really hard at this point and just kept sliding my mouth up and down as fast as I could. He moaned really loud and froze, it was then I felt his cum shooting in my mouth. I just started swallowing as fast as I could, but it kept coming. He must have shot 7 or 8 jets of cum into my mouth. Man it was good too, he tasted way better than mine. I savored it as I swirled it around my mouth, licking my lips. I had finally done it, I had pleasured a man. I was so proud of myself I cant tell you. Im pretty sure I did a good job, because he didn't last 10 minutes.

I licked his cock clean of any remaining cum and put his pants back on best I could. I then went up to his room, stripped, and gave myself a blowjob. I was so excited I think I only lasted about 2 minutes. But it was wonderful. The next day he woke up, hung over, and just went about his way. I am sure he didn't know I sucked his cock just a few hours earlier. But I did, and it was something I would never forget.

Over the next two months through our summer vacation, I had the opportunity to suck his cock about 6 more times. He never knew, at least if he did, he never said anything. Who knows, maybe he figured he had a good thing going. Blowjobs without any hassles, not a bad deal. He left to go to college a week before vacation was over , and I was off to work. I had gotten a job at a local restaurant and was starting in a few days. But that's where my next story will pick up.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it for you. I have never written a story before, and have also never told anyone about my past. I welcome comments and suggestions to improve my stories.

Written by: corkscrewjohnny

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