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by sexywords27©

You say goodbye but I see that look in your eyes holding you here, binding you to me, longing to stay like this forever. In your arms my head against your chest the pulsing of our hearts becomes one rhythm two beings becoming one. As our hearts become one so our bodies even our very souls fuse. Feeling your breath caressing my skin your touch to feel you inside of me moving to the rhythm of our hearts. Fuck me my love. Love me and fill me and take me with you writhing to the peaks of bliss and back. The passion crashing upon us like the sea upon the shore. As we lie my love in the bliss of afterglow hold me and never let go. Touch me and let that touch linger so that I may hold it forever in my heart. Kiss me long and deep. Gaze upon me my love with devotion and ever lasting love. But most of all never say goodbye.

Written by: sexywords27

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions