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Look Who's Peeking

by indy_pop©

"Mom!" Fred cried in lustful agony as his hot cum gushed into my sucking mouth.

His handsome face was contorted with the rapture. His cock throbbed and throbbed, hot cum shot out of his cock in rapid successions, filling my mouth before I could realize that he was cumming in my mouth. The taste of his juices, sent my body into a shattering convulsion. I came in hot waves of spasms, clutching the head of my son's cock with tight lips as he spurted his love juice into my mouth.

I sucked furiously. The taste and smell of his pungent fluid was driving me insane with passion. I gulped down the huge load of cum that he was ejaculating relentlessly into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his love juice.

Finally it was over. His cock stopped shooting. But I didn't let him go and sucked his cock hungrily. Squeezing every drop of cum that was remaining. Satisfied, I let him go.

Fred pulled his cock from my mouth. It came out with a sot sucking sound. He slumped back on the bed staring at me with sparkling eyes. He looked very happy.

I stared at her handsome face lovingly.

"I'm sorry, Mom," He tried to appear innocent. "I didn't mean to cum in your mouth."

"Never mind...honey," I smiled at him. "Mommy loved the taste."

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I showed him a part of his thick sweet juice still adhering to my tongue and lips.

"Want to kiss mom?"

He didn't reply; immediately got up and moved closed to me. I held his shoulders, bent my head and kissed him. He responded with fervor. I inserted my cum coated tongue deep into his mouth. Fred sucked, licking his own cum off my tongue and swallowing down his throat. My one hand moved down his thigh and I caressed his flaccid cock.

We kissed for a long time. We sucked each other tongue, tasting the mix of our saliva and my son's cum. Finally, I broke the kiss.

I gazed up at him, gently squeezing his soft cock. "Do you know... you're the first one I've... sucked off?"

He grinned. "Then...was it okay, Mom?"

"Yeah..." I could not resist a giggle.

"Then it's okay if I cum in your mouth?"

"Any time you want honey...any time."

I climbed off his bed and stood by the side of his bed. I stared lovingly into his eyes. He licked his lips but said nothing. I knew what he wanted.

I also wanted the same.

I didn't wait and began to undress. In a swift move, I undone my gown and dropped it on the floor. I wasn't wearing my bra. My heavy tits jiggled as I removed my gown. Then I stood in front of my son wearing only white cotton panties.

"Please...take that off too." He begged. His hands fumbled with his cock which was showing the signs of new arousal.

I gave him a wanton grin, inserted my fingers into the elastic band and began to slip my panties down my thighs. As it moved out, I bent forward hiding my dripping pussy from his lecherous eyes. I took them out of my legs and threw on the side.

"!" His voice was choked with excitement. "Please let me see your pussy."

I smiled and stood. A gasp came out of his mouth as he eyed my hairy pussy. As he examined my naked body, I felt a little ashamed. Never before, I had exposed my body so wantonly to anyone other than my husband. I knew that I was not in my primes. I was a simple housewife. I had never been to a gym. Yet years had treated me well and I was proud of my voluptuous figure. My thighs are little fleshly and there is a fleshly mound over my tummy. My fat pussy lips are adorned with thick raven jungle of pubic hair that I kept trimmed to a particular length.

I stood beside his bed, completely naked. He could see, the moist lips my fat hairy cunt. His eyes moved from my jugs to my bushy cunt. His eyes were wide with awe and admiration.

"God...Mom!" He exclaimed. "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks...honey..." I was pleased with his admiration. He wasn't lying. I could read it in his eyes. "Mommy is an old woman now."

"'re the most beautiful woman I've seen. All my friends talk about you."


"Yes mom. They don't talks in front of me. But I know they'll die to see you like this. God you're just out of the world." Then he pointed at my bush. "You have so much hair there. I've never seen anything like that."

"You don't like hairy pussy?"

"No...I didn't mean that. It's beautiful. Actually...Linda keep has pussy shaved."

"I know most women keep it shaved nowadays. I love it this way. Shaving irritates my skin."

I moved and climbed on the bed and settled beside him. "So you've seen her naked."

He gave me a shy smile.

"But you didn't fuck her."

"No she doesn't let me. She only allows me to touch her there...and...and," He hesitated for a moment then spoke slowly. "sometimes she let me kiss there."

His face turned red again.

I giggled like a teen aged girl.

"Then you know how to kiss pussy. Why don't you show me."

"Mom..." He responded excitedly.

"Come on show me." I quickly changed my position. I was now lying on the bed, my legs wide open, my hairy twat open to his lustrous gaze. He positioned himself between my legs. I spread my legs so that he could look right into my wet slit. He was now on all fours, his head only inches away from my dripping pussy.

" mommy how you kiss pussy."

Fred inhaled deeply, feeling the musky aroma emanating from my snatch. I was dripping so profusely that even I could smell it. He gently touched the hairy lips of my pussy with his fingers, slowly spreading the dark bush to expose the pink slit. He ran his index finger lightly along the narrow slit, touching the narrow mound of flesh, my clit.

I breathed hard, opened my legs wider. "Feel it baby...feel mommy's pussy."

He pressed his index finger over my swollen clit.

"Yeah....rub it, honey... rub my clit." I moaned loudly. I gripped his head with my hands and pressed it hard.

Fred began to massage my clitoris between thumb and finger. Soon my clit responded to his antics. My body began to writhe on the bed. I had never felt so ecstatic so wonderful. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

"Ohhh... yessss!" I heard myself groaning with lust. "Oh, that's it baby... that's right. Put that finger in my"

He immediately obeyed my command and rammed his middle and index finger deep inside my throbbing pussy. His thumb remained at my clit, teasing it with fluttering strokes. Then he started fucking my pussy with his fingers.

"Mom..." He spoke as he fucked his fingers in and out of my steaming pussy. "You're so hot...and so wet."

I gyrated my hips and enjoyed his finger fucking.

For a second, my thoughts were drifted to my husband. I was committing adultery and that to with my own son. I could not believe that in a matter of days I have degraded myself so much. I was lying naked in front of my teenage son, so wantonly opened to him and he was fingering my pussy. I didn't felt any remorse. We had already crossed that line that separated us as mother and son. At that moment, he was my man and I was his woman, and we were on the verge of tasting the most forbidden fruit.

Fred was furiously fucking my pussy with his fingers. His every in and out stroke drove my wild with lust. My pussy was dripping profusely soaking his sawing fingers. My cunt was throbbing and contracting wildly under his fingerfucking and I was groaning like a horny slut.

"Yes...yes...ohhhhhhhh...ahhhhh...son." I was crying with lust. "Yessssss....fuck mommy."

He worked harder and faster, furiously moving his fingers in and out of my heated pussy. I lost counts and left my body at his mercy until my second orgasm of the day hit me. My buttocks jerked and gyrated wildly as his fingers finally brought me to another mind boggling orgasm. It was magnificent...out of the world. I had never experienced two orgasm in such quick successions.

Oblivious to my condition, Fred withdrew his fingers out of my pussy. But he wasn't finished yet. I watched as he spread my cunt lips and stared up into the soft, wet, rosy lips of my pussy that were still throbbing from the intensity of my orgasm. Then he bent his head and he kissed my wet pussy.

I went rigid as I felt his lips touch my hairy lips. He kissed me just like a man kisses a woman on her lips. He kept his lips locked to my slit, slowly running his tongue over the slit. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for another wonderful journey as his tongue probed my slit and slowly entered inside.

I bucked my hips up in total abandon. Having my handsome young son eating my cunt like this was so deliciously dirty yet so rapturous. My knees wobbled.

He ran his tongue into the soaking depths of pussy slit and lightly massaged the walls of my velvety cunt. Then he took it out and ran it up the length of my pussy. Slowly he began to stroke and suck on the tiny but engorged mound of my clit. He found the size of my clit too small to hold between his lips so he began to stroke it slowly from base to tip and then back up. His fingers spread my pussy lips and finally he pulled the tiny mound into his mouth and sucked on it.

I was about to die with rapture. I didn't know how many times he had sucked Linda's pussy. At that moment, he was acting like a pro. I let my body float with the waves of extreme pleasure, closed my eyes and enjoyed his oral calisthenics.

He let go my clit and once again plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. He probed and tickled around the sides, stroking my tender pussy. Then I felt his hands moving down. He put his hands on my as cheeks. His fingers clutched into the taut muscle and he squeezed and stroked them. One by one squeezing and releasing each of the globes. Then he spread my ass cheeks with both hands and I felt his thumb stroking my anus.

I held my breath and tightened my ass muscles around his probing digit. He released his grip from my ass and began to run his finger over my sphincter. He placed his fingertip at the wrinkled opening and suddenly pushed his finger deep inside my anus.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I cried with the sudden pain.

He lifted his head off my pussy, gave me nasty grin and went back to his job. His index finger was now buried up to knuckle into my anus. It was a new experience for me. I had never been violated into my anal region. I always believed that it would be painful. But it was not pain, a strange kind of soreness, rather pleasant but certainly not a pain. He began to finger fuck my anus while his tongue slurped upon my pussy.

He fucked my ass and sucked my pussy. I surrendered to his merciless onslaught and soon I was overwhelmed by a series of small orgasms, one after another. My cunt flowed freely, my copious juices drenched his tongue and he drank hungrily.

I wasn't able to take anymore so I pushed his head. He sensed and withdrew his tongue from my pussy. But didn't take out the finger out of my anus.

"Was it" His lips and chin were soaked with my pussy juice.

"Good...!" I looked at him incredulously. "Where did you learn all this?"

"You liked it mommy?"

"Yes...honey...but will you now take that finger out. I had never let your father do that."

He smiled wickedly and took his finger out. Then he bent forward. His body hovered over me and he kissed me. I opened my mouth and responded eagerly to his kiss. I licked my pussy juices off his lips and chin, then pushed my tongue deep into his mouth.

While we French kissed, I could feel his hardness poking against my bush. I reached down and gripped his cock. I wrapped my fingers about the bulge and instinctively I squeezed his erection. I was delighted at the size and stiffness of his prick. Excitedly, I rubbed the swollen head of his cock against my velvety pussy.

Fred broke the kiss, stared into my eyes and whispered, " I want to fuck you mom."

My pussy was itching with a need to feel his cock between my legs. Once again, my mind warned me that it was wrong, but my body wasn't listening anymore. All I wanted right then was my son's long hard cock fucking my horny pussy.

"I know we shouldn't be doing it but I want it too, son," I squeezed his cock, pressing against my dripping slit. "Please, fuck me. Mommy needs a really good fucking."

He raised his body off mine and settled himself into the proper position between my open thighs. I parted my legs even wider and planted his cock tip against my slippery opening. He propped on his hands and bucked his hip forward. My fat hairy pussy lips throbbed excitedly as I felt the swollen head of his massive cock began to spread them open. My pussy stretched to accommodate the bulbous intruder and then the head was inside me. He pushed a little more, slipping another inch inside me.

"Harder...honey." I was desperate to feel full length of his tool inside me. "Give me the whole thing...and...fuck me... fast and hard."

He didn't seem to listen to me. Another push and one more inch of his mammoth tool was inside me. Then another inch and then another inch. Finally, the hair at the base of his crotch rubbed against my bushy cuntlips. His balls press against the globes of my anal crack. I realized he was finally fully inside me.

The head of his monstrous cock was touching deep inside my swamp-wet pussy. My trembling pelvis squirmed against the flat muscle of his hard belly. The entire length of my son's incredible prick was buried inside of me. The fact that the magnificent cock in my cunt belonged to my own son; to me, it was the ultimate turn on. I'd never been so aroused in my life.

My cunt was full, fuller than it had ever been before and it felt wonderful. I moved with him as Fred began to fuck me with a slow, steady rhythm. It was an out of the world experience. So different from my all fuck sessions with my husband. The simple fact that I was being fucked by my own son, made it so wantonly amazing. My own son's cock was pumping in and out of my cunt, stretching me, filling me, making my clit tingle and throb with extreme anticipation.

Fred thrust his cock deep inside me and brought his lips close to mine. He kissed me passionately.

"It's amazing mom!" He whispered while pumping my steaming cunt with his tool. "You're so fucking hot."

"You like fucking mommy."

"" He fucked me harder.

"Then fuck me hard..." I wriggled my body under him. "Fuck mommy hard...harder...make mommy your slut. You feel so good inside me."

He kept me pumping away, harder and harder. With every stroke, the entire length of his cock moved out of my pussy and then forcing it deep inside me with a massive thrust causing me to squirm on the bed. I couldn't recall when I'd felt so elated.

"Ohhhhhhh... God...Ohhhhh...Honey... you feel soooooo good!" I was crying with pleasure, writhing beneath him, shoving my hips upwards to meet his every thrust.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh... mom!" Fred bucked and groaned while plundering my willing pussy mercilessly. "I've always wanted to fuck you..."

He plunged harder into my wet cunt. I groaned with passion.


"" He pumped harder. "But I thought it was wrong to think about you like that."

"Yes honey...this is wrong..." I murmured. I felt as my hairy pussy sucking at his cock as it plunged in and out of me. " beautiful! Why didn't you tell me before."

"I always wanted to...," His voice came as hoarse whisper. He was panting with effort. "but thought you'd be angry."

"Not anymore...honey." I lifted my legs and criss-crossed his waist between my fleshy thighs. He feverishly fucked my hot, slick pussy. "You can fuck me...anytime. Mom's always ready for you."

Fred gripped my legs and released the grip from his back. He forced them forward, toward my head, bending me double. My body bent in a natural arc and my hips came off the bed. Now his cock was reaming my pussy almost in a vertical position. I could feel his cock reaching even the greater depths than before. With every down stroke, his pelvis noisily slammed into me.

"" He was gasping for air.

"Fuck me...honey...fuck me...fuck me hard!" I cried with extreme lust. My hips pushed upward taking my son deep with each lunge. "Yess...yess...God!...ohhhh...yes."

"Mom...I can't hold off... any longer!... ahhh... I'm gonna shoot!" He wailed loudly.

My hands reached out and clutched his ass in a tight grip.

"Shoot it...shoot it honey." I bore my fingers into his naked ass. "Cum in me son. Shoot it deep into me... Mom's ready to take your seed."

"Yes it comes..." He groaned and lunged forward, his ass muscles clenched. "I'm cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnggggg."

I felt as his body became tense and suddenly the floodgate opened. His cock erupted in short bursts filling my pussy with his hot semen. the intensity of his ejaculation triggered my own climax. I cried and tightened my pussy lips around his cock sucking every drop of his sweet nectar into my ravenous cavity. His hot jism gushed into my pussy.

Fred collapsed on top of me. His cock was still shooting but the force was subsiding. Slowly, it ceased completely. We remained locked together. I could feel his cock shrinking inside my pussy. After a while, he tried to move off me, but I stopped him. I didn't want him to pull out of me. I liked the feel of his body on top of mine.

"Oh, Fred," I whispered slowly recovering from the wildest fuck we had just experienced. "That was fantastic."

He looked up at me, and he grinned.

"What so funny about this?" I grinned back at him.

"Nothing mom," He was still smiling. "Can't really believe...I actually fucked you."

"Yes...honey," A gave him an amorous look. "you've just become a motherfucker."

"I always wanted to be." He withdrew his cock. This time, I didn't stop him. His cock came out with a soft slushy sound. Fred took a deep breath, rolled off my body and lay beside me. His hot cum that was plugged inside due to his cock suddenly oozed out of my pussy, slowly drooling along my anal crack.

I rolled on my side, propped my head on my palm and faced my son.

"" He could see the question in my eyes.

"Now tell me." I asked in a serious tone. "Who taught you how to fuck like lies."

"What lie...I just..."

"You lied that you're a virgin. Now tell me who's teaching you...Linda?"

He gave me a wicked smile.

"I was a's not a lie and you just took my virginity." He grinned moving close to me. He stuck his tongue out and ran it over my lips and whispered. "But yes I'm taking lessons from someone. Some practical lessons."

His eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Who?" I was suddenly curious.

"Guess mother...who it could be."

"Stop playing games and tell me."

"It''s...ugh..." He cleared his throat. "it's you mother..."

I stared at him incredulously. "Is it some kind of joke...?"

"I knew you won't believe...but let me show you something." He jumped off the bed and went over to the corner of the room, to the door that connected my bedroom with his room. I watched him curiously as he carefully removed a big pinup pinned to the door.

Then he turned and gestured.

"Come here..."

I climbed down and went near to him. I didn't know what he was trying to show me. I stood by him and gave him a puzzled look.

"Look" He pointed toward a narrow slit in the door. "just look."

I sank down to my knees, bringing my face level with the slit in the door and placed my eyes over it.

"Good heavens...!" I choked with surprise. I was staring into my own bedroom, and directly at my big size master bed. If Fred had been spying through that slit he must have seen my husband and me fucking...god knows how many times.

"How long...this been going on." I lifted my eyes off the slit and looked at my son who was kneeling beside me, smiling.

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