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Alison’s Temptation

by Big Gunz©

Alison Preece hated herself for what she was feeling. And for what she was thinking of doing. She could not get him out of her head, no matter how much she wanted to. Ever since she saw him the other day, he was constantly in her thoughts.

It was summertime and the 31-year-old high school teacher was in the middle of her annual break. And, like previous years, she quickly found herself becoming a bit bored during the warm summer months of being cooped up in the house while her husband was at work Monday to Friday.

Alison and Philip had been high school sweethearts and got engaged in college. They married shortly after graduation and by all accounts had a pretty good life together. Neither had ever slept with anyone else before they were married, and apart from one mistake a couple of years ago, she had stayed faithful to him during their entire relationship.

But now, two years removed from her adulterous slip-up, she was again finding herself tempted.

She had been out running errands a day earlier and she recognized Ken Chapman right away when she saw him at the coffee shop. She could not get over how great he looked – virtually the same as when she last saw him in college. He was the same age as her, if she recalled correctly, and still strikingly handsome. Well built with shaggy brown hair and dark eyes, he reminded her of a young Johnny Depp.

Back in college, almost all of the girls she hung around with, herself included, had a huge crush on him. Not only was he good looking and cocky, but he was also a star receiver on the school's football team and an honours student to boot. A few girls she knew had dated him and by all accounts, the feedback from those lucky ladies was overwhelmingly positive when it came to his skills in the bedroom.

Alison was a bit taken aback that he recognized her and approached her in the coffee shop. None to her surprise, he had done quite well for himself, running his own sporting goods store and looking to branch out and open a second store back in his old college town. He told her that he was in town for a few days meeting with potential investors and looking into some retail space opportunities.

The entire time the two spoke, she could feel her pulse quicken and her face flush. She could swear that he was checking her out while they talked. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on her part, but nonetheless, she could not help but admit to herself that she was somewhat excited just by the thought of the attention.

A beautiful woman in her own right, she knew that plenty of men were regularly giving her the once over wherever she went. At the high school where she taught it was common knowledge to both students and faculty alike that Mrs. Preece was by far the most fantasized about teacher – by both groups.

Alison was around 5'6" tall, with a gorgeous face and killer body. Her dirty blonde hair fell to her mid-back and she kept herself in great shape. She had managed to keep practically the same figure she had back in high school when she had first met her husband. Her legs were sleek and shapely, and her ass curvy and tight, but it was her ample bosom that garnered the most attention. A natural 38C, her breasts were round and firm, and often difficult to contain in some of the tight-fitting or low-cut tops she often dressed in.

Though she had merely suspected, or at least imagined, that this hunk from her past was admiring her physical attributes during their conversation, those suspicions increased when Ken suggested that the two meet for lunch while he was in town to "catch-up".

She could barely even remember saying "yes" to the invitation, but what she did remember was her heart racing and body trembling as she wondered if there was more to the invite than just lunch. Regardless of her spotty recollection of the acceptance, Alison walked out of the coffee shop with a date to meet him the following afternoon at the restaurant in the hotel where he was staying.

That night Alison could barely sleep. Her mind wrestled with the possibilities of what could happen the following day. On one hand, she figured that she was just going to lunch with an old acquaintance – no harm, no foul. But on the other hand, she had not told her husband anything about seeing him, or going to lunch with him the next day, not to mention the feelings that welled up inside her as she thought about the rendezvous. She really had no idea what would happen. Was she reading too much into the lunch invitation? Had the boredom of the long summer off sent her off fantasizing about some illicit tryst with little to no substantiation that anything along those lines would occur?

When morning finally came, she kissed her husband goodbye like a good wife and then strategically began preparing for her engagement that afternoon. First she put her hair up in curlers and then she slipped into a hot bath. She shaved her silky legs and then moved in between her legs. Slowly and methodically she removed the pubic hair from her mound. It had been quite awhile since she had shaved herself bare down there, and the sensation sent shockwaves rolling throughout her body. After she finished her grooming, as tempting as it was, she managed to restrain herself from slipping her fingers into her needy pussy. She knew exactly what images would pop into her head if she began to pleasure herself, and she was more than a little terrified by them.

Alison emerged from the bathroom in a towel, and set out with the task of selecting what to wear. First she picked out her sexiest bra and panty set – her most flattering black push-up bra, the black one with the plunging front that showcased the most cleavage possible, and a matching pair of black lace panties. Next, she added a pair of thigh-high black nylon stockings. The dress would be a flirty little scoop-neck number, chocolate coloured with a soft feel and sweetly seductive silhouette. The finishing touch would be a pair of black leather peep-toe sandals with four and a half inch stacked heels.

Turning her attention to her hair, she systematically removed the curlers from her dirty blonde mane, and carefully crafted her lush locks into a mixture of loose curls and velvety waves. A quick application of light make-up followed – a playful pink lip gloss and some deep brown eye shadow to match her dress.

Looking herself over in the floor to ceiling mirror on the closet door in the bedroom, she knew she looked good. She was ready for more than just a friendly lunch. The trouble was – she did not know what exactly she was ready for, or what she honestly wanted to happen.

Alison could feel his eyes on her from the moment she walked into the restaurant. Or at least she had convinced herself that she could. As she made her way towards the table, she sensed his gaze on her bosom and quickly felt a tingle run down her spine.

"Hi." Ken greeted her, rising from his seat as she arrived. "Alison, wow, you look great."

She felt her heart flutter with the compliment, confirming her hunch that he had been staring at her as she walked in.

"Thanks Ken." She replied with a smile as he pulled her chair out for her as she took her seat. "So do you."

Damn right he looked good, she thought to herself. He was wearing a smartly cut single button black blazer overtop of a white cotton button down shirt and a stylish pair of tight fitting blue jeans that nicely outlined his perfectly formed ass. She could feel her nipples stiffen from just looking at him.

The pair engaged in the typical inane banter that one usually partakes in when catching up with an old acquaintance. All throughout the meal both asked the appropriate questions and smiled politely and listened to the other as they rambled on about what they had been up to over the last several years. But, as polite and sociable as the conversation was, for nearly the entire time, Alison had something else entirely on her mind.

She detested herself for it, but throughout pretty much the entire lunch she had been imagining what it would be like to be in bed with the handsome man sitting across from her. She could not explain what had gotten into her, but she knew that just being around him was stirring some incredible feelings within her.

As the meal concluded and the waitress brought the cheque, Alison almost breathed a sigh of relief that it was coming to an end. She was not sure how much longer she could take being around him. With the finish line in sight, she figured she just had to last a few more minutes and make it through the goodbyes before she could getaway.

It was not until Ken offered some free swag from his sporting goods store and invited her up to his room to retrieve it, that she knew that escape would not come that easily.

She heard herself saying "yes", but it was almost like watching someone else speaking the word. Her head was spinning and her heart pounding as she followed him out of the restaurant and into the elevator. Then, as if time had been fast-forwarded, she found herself being led into his hotel room.

Alison trembled as she walked into the room and heard the door click shut behind her. They both knew damn well that she did not want any free sporting goods swag. Feeling completely out of control of the situation, she squeezed her eyes shut to try and regain her focus.

"Everything okay Alison?" Ken asked, noticing her unease.

Her eyes shot open at the sound of his voice and she found herself gazing into his dark, seductive eyes.

"Ken," she answered softly, her mouth dry and words shaky. "Why do I get the feeling you invited me up here for more than just to give me free t-shirts?"

"What do you mean?" He replied with a slim, knowing grin. "Why do you think I invited you up here?"

"I, umm..." she stammered, not wanting to reveal her thoughts on his intentions.

"Why did you come up here Alison?" He asked, staring deep into her eyes. "You tell me."

Again she pressed her eyes shut, this time shaking her head in disbelief at what she was about to profess.

"Ever since I saw you the other day," she whispered. "I... I've barely been able to breathe."

"And why is that?" He replied, his slight grin now turning into a confident smile as he stepped closer to her.

"What do you expect me to say?" She whimpered in response, cursing herself for allowing him to manipulate her like this.

"I expect you to tell me the truth." Ken answered, his eyes locked on hers. "I expect you to tell me that you want me, like I want you, maybe even more. And you do. We both know you do."

"I love my husband." She breathed, turning away from him.

"Oh you love your husband, but you want me. Only you can't admit it to yourself." He told her as he moved back in front of her. "But I've seen it Alison. I've seen it in your eyes. And you've seen it too. You've seen your desires, and your desires scared you."

"Shut up!" She spit out, her emotions overflowing. "Don't say that! It's not true."

"Alright, deny it all you want." He said, gently taking hold of her shoulder and turning her to face him again. "But if you want me Alison, you're gonna have to ask me. You're gonna have to say the words." His self-assured smile was now a full blown smirk. "They're simple words Alison – I want you Ken, I want to be with you. I want to make love with you."

"No, I can't." She whispered, desperately trying to look away from him but unable to break his gaze.

"Yes you can." He urged. "Just say the word's Alison. Say them. I want you. You have to tell me that you want me Alison."

"I won't ruin my marriage." She replied, finally breaking free of his touch and his stare. "I can't. I hate what I'm feeling! I hate it!"

"Alison I hate it too." He countered. "Don't you think this is hard for me?"

"Hard for you? Please!" She exclaimed, turning back to face him. "You have nothing to lose! You can't possibly know. You can't understand how I feel."

"I know exactly how you feel Alison. You want me."

"No." She could not admit it.

"You want to make love with me."

"No." Her whole body ached as she spoke.

"You want to feel me so close you don't know whose heart is beating – yours or mine."

"No Ken, it's wrong." She was now almost pleading with him.

"Use the words Alison. Ask me." His confidence was growing with each word.

"I can't." She whimpered.

"You're gonna have to ask me." He told her as he stepped closer to her, their bodies almost touching. "You're gonna have to tell me that you want me. Just tell me what you want Alison."

"Ken I can't do this." She could feel her resolve slipping away "I can't do it."

"Yes you can." He implored, both his hands now on her shoulders and his eyes back locked on hers.

"I can't." She breathed, moving closer to him as the words of refusal quietly disappeared.

Finally, Alison could not take it any longer. She pressed her lips against his hard and her hands instinctively clutched the sides of his face. But, as quickly as she had started the kiss, she stopped it, realizing immediately what she had just done. She tried to step back away from him, but one of his strong arms quickly wrapped around her and held her in place. Even as she shook her head in opposition, he easily managed to guide her lips back to his. This time her tongue impulsively shot into his mouth and eagerly swirled against his as their bodies pressed together.

After a few seconds, she once again become conscious of the situation and broke the kiss, forcefully pushed him away. Her head was spinning.

"We can't do this." She declared as she tried to fully break free of his grasp. "I have to leave before it's too late."

"No, it's already too late Alison." He replied, holding onto her arm as she struggled against grip.

"No." She moaned, more as an argument to herself as opposed to a refusal of him.

Suddenly, he released his hold on her arm and she stumbled forward, falling onto the bed. Before she even realized that he had strategically manoeuvred them into that position, he removed his jacket and moved on top of her on the bed.

"You want me. Say the words." He pleaded, his body pinning her down. "Say the words."

"I can't want you Ken." She protested, though her body was quickly betraying her. "I can't."

"Say the words." He pushed, both with his words and his body against hers.

"No I can't." She groaned.

"I want you Ken. I want you. Say it!" He demanded.

"Yes! I want you Ken!" She finally relented. "Oh, I wish to God I didn't, but I do. You know I do." Her words turned to whispers as he began kissing her neck. "You know I do. I can't want you though Ken."

Alison squeezed her eyes shut as she confessed her lust for him. With every ounce of her soul she knew it was wrong, but she could not deny the illicit desire that she had for this man. As his lips moved from her neck to her lips, she did not resist whatsoever, quite the opposite – she hungrily took his tongue into her mouth and readily returned his kiss. She only broke the lip-lock briefly, once again cursing herself for not only allowing this to happen, but for wanting it so badly.

"Oh dear God, what am I doing?" She questioned softly as he pressed his body against hers. "What am I doing?"

Not stopping long enough to dwell on the answers to her own questions, she intuitively returned her lips to his and resumed their fiery kiss. Ken's hands had now found their way up to her face, gently caressing her cheeks and then moving down her neck, his fingers slowly running down through the tangled curls the fell over her shoulders. As they continued their amorous make-out session, his hands continued south, slipping down over the low-cut neckline of her dress and settling atop her bosom. Gradually he began massaging her breasts, a soft moan and grinding hips from her end indicating her appreciation. Soon his gentle rubbing turned into a more forceful squeezing and she knew he could feel her nipples hardening through the thin material of her dress and lace of her bra.

A shiver of anticipation shot through Alison's body as one of his hands left her chest and slid down her body, wrapping around her waist and slipping down to cup her firm ass. Instinctively, she bent at the knee, raising her leg and pressing her groin tighter against him. On cue, his hand continued moving over her leg, stroking her stocking clad thigh tenderly. She could feel her pussy dampening further with each movement of his flesh against hers.

Pulling his lips away from hers, she could tell by the look in his eye that he knew damn well that he could do just about anything he wanted to her at this point. His cocky smile confirmed as much as he lay atop her contemplating his next move.

"Tell me what you want Alison." He told her, his hands still firmly planted on her breast and thigh respectively.

"You know what I want." She whispered in response, not wanting to verbalize her adulterous desires.

"Use the words Alison." He insisted. "You have to tell me what you want."

"Fuck me Ken." She finally surrendered. "Please, oh God please, fuck me."

As soon as the words passed her lips, his hands broke into action. The hand lying atop her chest swiftly pulled down both the top of her dress and bra in a single, skilful motion, freeing her overflowing chest. At the same time, the hand resting against her stocking draped flesh quickly darted over her thigh and made its way in between her legs. Without even thinking about it, she spread her legs in anticipation of his touch, and she was not disappointed. In on sharp movement, his hand slid underneath her dress and ferociously tore her lace panties, exposing her smooth shaven mound. A gasp of wanton delight escaped her lips in approval.

Simultaneously, he began to pinch one of her rock hard nipples with one hand and run a finger of his other hand in between her parted pussy lips. Her body trembled with anticipation and lust as he eased his finger into the moist warmth of her aching snatch, while at the same time leaned forward and swiped his tongue across the tender center or her breast. She moaned softly as he slowly began to stroke his finger in and out of her cunt and began sucking hungrily on her tit.

Alison could already feel an orgasm building within her. Between the speed at which his finger moved in and out of her eager slit and his increased aggressiveness in nibbling and pinching her nipples, she was sure that her release would not be far off. She squeezed her eyes closed, desperately trying not to let any thoughts of her marriage creep into her head. Instead she focused on the sensation of Ken's fingers in between her legs and his lips assaulting her heaving chest. She imagined what it would feel like to have this stud inside of her, and how much she would enjoy it.

Her illicit lust for this man and wanton need for sexual release was starting to consume her entire body. A constant moan was now being emitted from her mouth as he groped and sucked her tits and fingered her now drenched slit. She was desperate to come, but suddenly, he ceased both of his amorous activities.

Surprised, and more than a bit disappointed, she watched in stunned silence as he stood up and quickly took off his shirt and began to undo his belt. He sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled his pants and boxers down, his cock springing out as he did. Her eyes widened as she caught sight of it. Already semi-erect, she was amazed at its girth. It was probably only slightly above average in length, but the thickness of it shocked her. She wondered if she could even wrap her hand around the entire circumference.

Taking her by the hand, he led her off of the bed and stood her in front of him. Not needing any encouragement, she immediately knelt down. Her mouth watered at the impressive dick staring her in the face.

"Tell me what you want Alison." He once again directed.

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