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Homeward to Mom

by standingstones©

I had just finished up a semester at college. I was on the plane heading home. I attend a west coast school and I don't get home until summer recess. When I got to the terminal my mother was waiting for me. She gave me a big hug when she first saw me. I got a bit embarrassed because I felt my mom's tits poking into my chest. We drove home and when we arrived I quickly got into my swimming trunks and headed out the back door.

This is one thing I really missed about home. After I took a swim, I towelled off and then walked into the kitchen. My mom was standing there preparing lunch for both of us. I was still dripping water and my cock was pushing through my wet trunks. I spotted my mom giving my bulge the eye. I told her I was going to my bedroom to change. Once I got there, I stripped out of my trunks and got onto the bed. God, was I horny.

I took my cock in hand and started to stroke it. I barely got hard when my mother knocked and then burst into my room.

"Oh, I am sorry Scott," my mother said to me.

There was deathly silence for a moment. I was still stroking my cock and my mom just stood there watching me. Mom then walked towards the bed and slowly pulled her top off. She then undid her bra and stripped off her pants and undies. I laid there mesmerized. She then got onto the bed and over top of my dick. She cupped her breasts and my cock slipped in between them. She then proceeded to titty fuck me.

If I thought my cock was hard before, my mom made me even more rock hard. I thought I was going to pop a load when she finally pulled back. She crawled up on top of me. Her pussy was directly over top of my mushroom. She gave me this wild look and sunk down onto my rigid shaft. Mom's pussy felt so tight. She was sliding up and down onto my pole. I thought I was going out of my mind. Here I was fucking my hot looking mom. Her tits were large with saucer shaped nipples. Her pussy was shaved down to just a patch right above her slit.

I reached up and took both tits in my hands. I began squeezing both of them as my mom rode my dick. You could hear skin slapping skin as we fucked there on my bed. I eventually brought my ass up off the bed and started to pound her as deep as I could. Mom started to make noises and she said she was getting close. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around me. She reached back and grabbed my sacs. She was squeezing them as she got close to cumming. I couldn't hold back another second.

We both came together. I squirted hot ropes of cum deep into my mom's tummy. I just kept squirting for the longest time. Finally we both were spent and mom fell onto my chest. Mom explained to me that my dad was no longer making love to her. Mom thought he had found himself a younger lover. She became frustrated until I got back home. When she saw my wet bulge she couldn't hold back another second. She decided she had to see my cock. That was when mom burst into my bedroom. After she told me her story I flipped her onto her back. With my cock still inside her, I started to fuck her once more.

Mom threw her legs around my back as I fed her my entire length. I was almost pulling out, just leaving my cock head in place. Then I would pound into her as hard as I could. I am not sure how long we fucked like that. I ended up shooting more cum into my mom's pussy. I didn't think I had that much in me, but I had become so worked up. After we finished I sort of came to my senses. I had been fucking my mom without a rubber. I had shot many loads into here tight pussy hole. I just hoped she was on the pill.

The next morning my dad was off to golf with a bunch of his buddies. I was still lying in bed when my mom slipped into my room. She pulled back the covers exposing my half-rigid cock. Mom then surrounded my dick with her mouth. She started sucking my long cock right down to the root. She would suck it then pull off and flick her tongue up and down the underside. I told her I was getting close to shooting. Mom took me all the way when I blew my load down her throat. I fed her with one load after another. This was just the beginning of a very interesting summer.

Mom and I ended up fucking ever available minute we could squeeze into that summer. One time I had my mom on all fours, feeding her pussy from behind. I then pulled out and found her ass. I drove my cock in all the way.

"God, not there Scott!" My mom cried out.

Mom said my cock was too big for her ass to take. I thought otherwise and fucked her ass as hard as I could that morning. I was going to make her my fuck slut once and for all. I loosened her ass up with every fuck stroke I gave her. Mom was screaming, but I didn't care. I sent my load of cream deep into her bowels. From then on, I took my mom anyway I wanted to.

Summer went pretty quickly. Two days before I was to head back to school, my mom came to my room.

"I have something I need to tell you, Scott." "I'm pregnant," my mom told me. I think my jaw dropped. Mom had missed her period, so she bought a pregnancy test and it showed she was, indeed, pregnant.

"What are you going to do?" I asked her. "I'm going to tell your father it is his baby," mom confided to me. Mom and dad had made love right before I had come home. That was the last time they had done it. The timing was close enough that she could pass it off as his. It wasn't my dad's baby, it was mine.

It ended up being a long flight back to the west coast. Lots of things were passing through my mind. I hadn't been totally truthful with my mother. The end of my last semester I had started to date a girl named Cindy. Cindy was a petite brunette with a small, tight pussy. When I got back to my apartment, Cindy called and I invited her over. Once she walked through the door we went immediately to the bedroom.

We both stripped and I lifted Cindy up by her legs. She threw her arms around my neck. I then dropped her down onto my hard pole. We ended up fucking in the middle of the bedroom floor. Cindy rode my cock as I pumped into her small pussy. Cindy usually said I was too big, that it hurt her when I tried to stuff my dick between her folds.

She didn't complain this first time since last semester. She was actually screaming for me to fuck her as hard as I could. I ended up pumping my loads of cum into her that night. After we finished, Cindy was cleaning my cock off with her mouth when the cellphone rang. I reached over and got it. It was my mother. I told Cindy I had to take this. As Cindy went down on my cock, I answered.

"I am a little busy right now mom, can I call you back?" I asked her.

"Are you too busy to talk to your pregnant mom now?" She asked me. "Don't go there mom, I will call you back in an hour." I then hung up. Cindy had been busy still sucking my cock all this time on the phone. She was going down all the way to the root. Just how I liked my mother doing it. Cindy squeezed my balls and I blew a huge load down her throat. After Cindy finished, she sat on the bed licking the cum from the corners of her mouth.

Cindy smiled and said laughingly, "I bet your mom doesn't do that for you."

If you only knew Cindy, if you only knew.

Written by: standingstones

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