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My Mommy - All Hot & Wet

by UndressedToKill©

My mother had always been a very attractive woman. Growing up I always heard the typical hot-mom and MILF comments and jokes from my friends and while on the outside I would always get angry with them, deep down I just couldn't deny how right they were. I'd masturbate thinking of her, or any older woman like her, all of the time. I'd always fantasize that one day maybe she'd walk in on me right I in the middle of it and her carnal instincts would take over and she'd walk over to me, strip bare and mount me and ride until she had exhausted every bit of herself with me...and then do it all over again.

I must admit that it was hard to keep these thoughts suppressed. I'd have to take extra care not to stare whenever she'd bend over or wear something a little more revealing than usual. I never thought she'd understand if her own son noticed her in a sexual way.

Lately it has been harder not to notice her though. She's been working out very regularly and her already fine body has been showing much more toned curvaceousness that is like hell to ignore. I know she must have caught me looking and uncountable number of times, but she's never once given the slightest reaction to it, as if it were natural...or even expected.

We lived alone in a small apartment in the city. My father left god knows how many years ago, too long for me to really remember. We both worked long hours to make ends meet, which led to little time for social lives for either of us, so we were both single most of the time and really only had each other. We were always very close, probably more so than other mothers and sons, and I guess I've always been a bit of a momma's boy.

She had recently got a new job at a nice office which happened to offer a full gym/workout center, which she has obviously taken full advantage of. This job meant better hours and better pay so it took a lot of pressure off me to help provide for us. Now with more time off to relax for the both of us we were trying to figure out just what to do with our new-found free time.

Watching TV one night a commercial came on for a new water park that was opening. It was the beginning of the Summer and all things recreational were doing their best to get the attention of the summer-time crowds. "That seems like fun," my mother said promptly after the commercial ended, "you used to love swimming when you were little, I remember I could never get you out of the water."

"Yeah," I replied a little dismissively.

"We should go. I can try out my new swimsuit and soak up some sun and float around for a while, you can do all those crazy slides and check out all the cute girls..."

"Ah, Mom...well, you that case I just might go," I came back at her playfully.

"Mmmhmm! I thought so!" she said with a know-it-all smile. "So this weekend then?"

"Well, if I can get off work, we'll see..."

"Well Mr. you'd better get off for me, " she said just leaving the sentence ending there, at that phrase, and here I am wondering if she meant to do that or if it was just an innocent comment...that would be my every thought from here to the end of the week...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It seemed like the weekend would never come but eventually that time came and late that Saturday morning we were getting ready to go. I walked out into the living room wearing a t-shirt and my swim shorts walking towards my mother's room calling out, "are you ready to go yet?"

She opened the door and walked out, nearly causing me to drop dead in amazement. She was wearing a skimpy little white bikini that showed off her new toned body perfectly, with little strings on the side of each hip and one right in the middle of her gorgeous little breasts just begging to be undone. "Well?" She asked. "You like it?" She turned a little side to side modeling it for me.

I tried to speak but apparently my tongue may have well had been spackled to the floor.

She gave a big grin and "Mmhmm," acknowledging my speechlessness, but then she looked at me with a puzzling face. "Oh no honey, that's just not going to do!"

I started to panic as I couldn't pull myself together to understand what she was saying, but she was looking down at my shorts and instinctively without thinking I moved the beach towel in my hand over my crotch, assuming that I had just given the full bone salute to my mother. But on second mental inspection of myself revealed that I had not quite embarrassed myself like that, I was indeed getting there, but the timely strategic movement of the towel had covered up anything before it had a chance to become noticeable. Still caught off guard, I tried to respond, "wh..what?"

"Those shorts! You can't wear those old things!"

Phew...that's all she was talking about...I think I can breathe again. "What's wrong with 'em?"

"Oh, honey," she started to walk back into her room, "I figured this would be the case," she said from her room, "So I bought you something new too." She came back out and showed me something dreadful... it was a pair of those speed-o shorts that Olympic swimmers might wear, basically the equivalent of briefs for the water.

Now, I'm not all that self-conscious but I know I am no olympian either. "Uh.."

"Well, here, go put these on, " she said taking my free hand and forcing me to take them.

"Er...but, they're really not my style, you know..."

"Yeah, yeah, you'll look great in them, just go put 'em on... for me... please? You'll look great, I swear!"

And how could I say 'no' to that? So a few minutes later, after I had enough time to calm my cock down and fit myself into these water briefs that felt maybe a little too too tight for comfort, I walk back out to see a great big smile on a very hot and very scantily clad woman. So I guess maybe this might be worth it.

"Nice, nice, " she said happily, "Now turn...turn..." asking me to model for her. "Mmmmhmmm! Much better than those old shorts. Let's go!"

"They're a little tight." I said as we were gathering out things to go.

"Oh don't worry about that, you just need to break 'em in a little, it'll be fine."

Somehow I just didn't think that was the case. "And they don't leave much to the imagination." My package was struggling inside to find room, thus creating a very noticeable bulge without me even having to be hard.

"That's the point with swimsuits these days, babe," She said with a little wink and shift of her hips seeming to draw attention to her own little bits of thread covering her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not long later we arrived at the water park. It was fairly crowded and I was feeling extremely nervous in my nearly-bare state, next to my gorgeous and nearly-bare mother who seemed to have all the nonchalant confidence in the world...turning heads with every step she took. I tried to keep cool as best I could.

We got to an area where we could sit down and mom pulled out a bottle of sunscreen lotion. "Here, honey, I'll get your back for you, then you get mine."

I turned and pulled off my shirt as she squirted some lotion onto her hands and then began to rub it on my shoulders. It was cool and slippery and there wasn't a thing about her touching me and rubbing me that I didn't find incredibly sensual and erotic. But public as the place was, and as related as I am to this woman, I tried my hardest to ignore it and just look around at all the pools, slides, fountains, and other "scenery" there was to be had. Of course all the hot young ladies in their own skimpy little bikinis didn't help take my mind out of the gutter, but at least it made me think of something other than my mother. My mother was spending an awfully long time to just put some lotion on my back. "Almost done back there?"

"Yeah, I guess, now stand up and I'll do your legs too."

"Uh, I think I can get those myself."

"Nonsense, I'm already here doing this, now stand up."

Never the one to disobey my mother, I stood. She started at the top of my foot and quickly moved up to my ankle, and my calf, my thigh. The outside of my thigh at first, but slowly and progressively higher inside... My breathing changed a little, not quite a gasp, but just a slight change. I started to zone out of the public world and became fixed on the hands reaching up from behind me, not just applying lotion, but massaging and caressing my legs, higher and higher. My cock had no choice but to start reacting...and the accidental, incidental, brief, fleeting sensation of the back of my mother's hand sliding past the very tip of my bulging package almost caused my knees to go out. And in that flinching moment, she pulled away. "Alright, honey, now you do me."

The innuendo was certainly not missed on me, but whether it was intentional or not, it was killing me to know. It was torture. She handed me the bottle and turned around, pulling her hair into a ponytail and letting it fall forward over her shoulder. I collected myself as best I could and squeezed some lotion on my hand. I sat behind her on the beach chair and began rubbing her shoulders. It quickly became more of a massage and she seemed to have no issue with that. As slowly as I could I worked my way down her back maneuvering around her straps. I even worked her sides a little, flirting with going a little too far forward with my fingertips, and still no objections. But as I got down to the small of her back she stood up. "My legs." It seemed like part suggestion, part order.

So I started as she did with me at her feet. I worked up her smooth calves ones by one, up over her knees, and by the times I was up to her thighs it was nothing but fingertips sliding gently upward. There was nothing mistakable about this, but I couldn't help it, I was feeling up my mother's leg in plain view of dozens if not hundreds of people and god help me I couldn't stop.

Until.... "Lotion... honey..."

Her call for the sunscreen snapped me out of my trance. I had just been feeling her up but I had abandoned the pretence of spreading the lotion. Again I collected myself and applied more lotion, but not moving away from her silky thighs, not yet. Casually back to work and back to the innocent, coincidental, light sensation of my own hand brushing ever-so slightly up against my mother's crotch I could tell sent shivers through her body. So I did it again.... and again ....and...

"Alright, I think I can take it from here, sweety." She said as turned around obviously trying to hold back some other more pleasing response. She took the bottle and applied some lotion to her stomach and chest and here I was trying foolishly not to take too much notice as she rubbed around her nice round breasts. "Here honey, finish yourself up." She said after taking a little bit more lotion for her face and neck and handing me the bottle.

So I covered the rest of my self with the lotion as she did, but I tried to do it slowly, semi-erotically, hoping that she'd take a little notice of me. And she was. She watched me the whole time with the slightest little smirk.

"Well," she said, "should we go see what else is out here?"

"I think I could just enjoy the view all day." Returning a playful smirk to her.

"Mmhmm," She held her hand out for mine, "come on."

She almost started pulling me away but I noticed we were leaving our bag with our towels and all of our other belongs with it behind. "Maybe we shouldn't leave this stuff here."

"Oh, yeah," she laughed, "I must have been a little distracted, I completely forgot about that. We should rent one of those lockers." I grabbed the bag and we made our way over the locker rental kiosk. When we got there the cashier asked us if we would also like to rent an inner tube, "We have the single ones and the double ones," said the cashier.

"Oh, the double one, that should be fun," my mom said with a big smile.

But all I could think was, 'oh, great, now I have to lug around a big inflatable raft all day.' We stowed our things away and made our way deeper into the park to find what we could find, my mom's hand in my hand, pulling me along, and the big two-seater in my other. We never really held hands before, at least not since I was a child. But today I didn't really mind holding her hand in public, I mean, hey, for all they know she's just some hot cougar and I'm her boy-toy... and with a smoking hot cougar like this, what guy wouldn't be happy and what girl wouldn't be jealous? So I happily went along with her public affection.

"Oh look, let's do that," she said to the first slide we came to. It was the standard winding slide that you'd see at any water park with a little splash pool at the end. We got into the line and mom came to a more sudden stop than I was expecting, after all she was pulling me around like an anxious child would pull their parent around in a candy store - an ironic role-reversal I couldn't help but notice - but that sudden stop caused the hands that we had entwined to bump ever so lightly into my crotch. Like before with the lotion she didn't make any noticeable reaction to that fact, she didn't even move away. Her body was so close to mine that the smallest hairs on my skin could brush against her. And suddenly I felt all too conscious again of my very exposed and vulnerable self, my cock aching to find room in these tight little shorts. Thank god I have this giant inner tube now, with it to my right and her slightly ahead of me to my left I can at least keep up some dignity by shielding myself from view with them.

Each time we took another step forward in the line I received that light little tap, as if she was making sure that I was still there. Many taps later we were finally up to the front of the line. The slide attendee, worker, or lifeguard or whatever you might call them took the raft and held it so that we could get on. Mom got on first in the front, and I got in the rear seat. The worker released and off we went. From my point of view I got an excellent shot over her shoulder down her top. With every twist, turn and bump down the slide I had a great show with her breasts bouncing and shifting around, pushing the skimpy top to its limits. The final splashdown was almost anti-climatic though, as I'm sure that we got wetter getting off the tube to stand up in the water than we did in the splash.

"That was fun!" She exclaimed as we were stepping out of the pool.

"Nah, it wasn't any good." Although I don't think I paid any attention to the ride itself really. "I think we need to do something more....uh...."

"That?" She said pointing to the ominous tower of winding tubes in the distance.

"Exactly!" I said, kinda surprised that she would go for a more extreme slide like that.

She laughed and we both hurried off towards it. Getting there we could see the beast up close and personal. It must have been at least a few stories tall, with spiraling enclosed tubes that seemed to intertwine with each other. Definitely my kind of ride.

We had work our way up a long single-file line with steps and inclines so holding hands was no longer a comfortable option, so I did the next best thing and put my hand around her hip. Whenever the line would stop, she'd be on the step above me leaning against my left side with her arm draped around the top of my head, putting my face dangerously close to the side of her boob. Eventually we reached the top and unfortunately had to part from our respective positions.

"I'll get in the back this time, you go first," she told me.



"MMmmhmm!" I said getting into the front seat after poking my tongue out at her.

We started our way down into the pitch black tunnel, clinching the grip handles on the inner tube the whole way. There were a few cracks of light every now and then but they did nothing to help with awareness as we made our way tossing and turning downward. Every thrust and bump mom would scream or yelp and I couldn't help my self letting out a few yells and panicked curse words here and there. All too soon though it was over, but this time with a much more pleasing splash that drenched us both.

"OH SHIT!" I heard my mom yell.

"Yeah that was amaz..." turning around I could see that she wasn't at all thinking about the ride, her top was gone!

"My top's came off!!" She said frantically trying to cover herself and search through the rushing water for her missing garment. "Help me find it!"

I was obviously caught staring but her order snapped me out of it and worker at the bottom of the slide and I both looked around. "I don't see it anywhere."

"It'll probably turn up in a second. This happens all the time," the worker said.

", hold on to this," I handed the inner tube to her. "Oh, thanks," she said half-heartedly, "just give me the big brightly colored sign that says look over here!"

"Well, it's not like people can see through it."

"Yeah...just find my top, please." As a little bonus when she reached out for the tube I caught a quick glimpse of her bare boobs.

Several minutes had passed and several riders had come down but no tiny piece of white cloth ever came down. Luckily for her though the worker had called for some help who brought a towel that she could cover up with. After a vain attempt to stick it out a little longer we decided that it wasn't coming back.

"Sorry, honey, we're gonna have to call it a day."

"You sure? I don't think anyone would mine you going around topless."

"Ha - ha, funny boy, let's go."

We quickly made our way up to the front of the park. "Here, babe, take the tube back to the kiosk and get our stuff from the locker, I'm just gonna go straight to the car, ok?"

"I got it."

I collected our things from the locker and returned the tube. Thankfully she had already pulled the car up to the park entrance so I didn't have to walk all the way through the parking lot.

"I'm really sorry we had to cut this short, honey."

"Don't worry, Mom, it wasn't your fault... although you had to know that was likely to happen with that little top you had on. Actually I'm surprised the bottom stayed on!"

"It almost came off too!" she said and we laughed together.

"What a show that would have been!"

"Oh yeah I'm sure it would have. And what would you have used to cover me up with then?"

"I don't know, it's not like I had much of anything to start with anyway."

"Yeah, I noticed it was a little packed in there, huh?" She said with a sly little smirk.

"'s really...uncomfortable."

"Does it hurt?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Aw, honey, I'm sorry. Look, if you want to take those off, right now, in the car, it is perfectly alright with me."

"What? Are you serious?"

"It'll just be between you and me."

"You, me, and every person we happen to pass on the way home!"

"Oh, forget them, all they'll see is a very handsome young man that happens to be nude."

"And they'll see a very beautiful woman that just happens to be topless beside him."

She gave me a good look over. "So that's how it's going to be then?" After a little pause. "Ok." She took her fingers and daintily unwrapped the towel she still had on from the park and tossed it in the back. God it was a good thing I wasn't driving, I would have driven straight into whatever unfortunate things that were ahead of us. There she was casually driving the car with nothing on but that tiny little bikini bottom and sandals, letting her breasts hang proud and free. And excellent ones they were, they had some sag showing signs of age but they were still very round, and they weren't the biggest in the world but a good handful was all I really need anyway. Her nipples were large nubs that poked outward begging to be surrounded by hungry lips. I couldn't even believe that I was here staring at my mother's sweet beautiful bare breasts and she wasn't just happening to let me, she was showing them off for me! "And now you."

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