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Christmas Fondles

by CinfulWifes©

This Christmas, my wife was having her work Christmas Party at our house. It is a large party with about 75 people who usually attend, and their favorite place is always our large party basement. It is spacious enough that we have a sizeable bar and a large area for dancing. We have had the party several years running and it usually gets a little wild with a good bit of drinking.

Although my wife usually does not drink much, this year seemed to be the exception and she started drinking early and often. I usually tend bar, which allows me to speak to everyone with out spending too much time forcing conversations with people that I do not know very well.

One particular young lady that my wife works with always comes to the party, and usually will spend a good portion of the night flirting with me. It is not unwarranted for she is very attractive and has a great since of humor. I always mix my drinks strong and do not hold back on hers. She has left many years like a rag doll thrown over someone's shoulder.

Our encounters never seem to last long; she usually gets drunk quickly and stumbles off. However this year, she jumped up and sat on the bar miniskirt and all and we talked for a couple of ours. I was enjoying the night with her flashing me a good bit of thigh.

I turn to tend to other guests and my wife comes up behind me. I turn around and there is my wife leaning back against the other lady guest. My wife is between her legs, which are wrapped around her as well as are her arms. Her hands are fondling my wife's breasts. They just laughed and giggled as if it was all a joke but the erection in my pants was not laughing.

My wife grabbed my arm and tried to pull me to the dance floor, but some guests needed drinks so I said go one with out me. She pouted off and soon was dancing with a couple of young men that are new to her department.

Hours pasted, as did the drinks. My wife stayed on the dance floor dancing and drinking more and more. It started getting late enough that the non-partiers had gone home and all that was left was the fun crowd.

I looked over at my wife on the dance floor and she was dancing with three of the guys at the same time. Her wrap around sweater seemed to be much looser than before. The neck line was plunging and her breasts were bouncing and swaying. I looked at the boys and they looked like starved wolves admiring a kill.

They had her trapped in a triangle and kept closing the gap. Soon all had their hands on her in some manner. They were spinning her around the triangle and each was taking great liberties with where their hands were being placed on her. Soon they had her sandwiched between the three of them and the six hands were all over her.

There was not much room to see what was going on but I could see at least one hand inside her sweater. I saw her lean back against the chest of one of them and her sweater fell completely open. Her beautiful breasts were out for all to see although still in her bra. I was still behind the bar watching as my wife was groped by these three young men and I recognized that I am hard as a rock.

The one behind her had both hands on her tits, another had his hands on her ass, but I could not tell about the third. I could see the one sliding his hands under her bra. I caught a glimpse of her right tit falling out from under it. Then the three boys worked in unison to move her, still dancing somewhat, off of the dance floor and slowly back down the hall where there are a couple of bedrooms.

After about 10 minutes I walked down the hall and looked inside the last room. My wife was spread out on the bed, her sweater and bra on the floor. One of the guys was holding her arms pinned to the bed, another had both hands on her chest, and the third was working under her skirt. She was slightly struggling, but not very convincingly. I don't think I had ever been so turned on.

I watched as the two up top both moved to the side and started sucking on her nipples keeping her arms pinned above her head. The other then dropped his head between her legs at started noisily sucking and kissing her pussy. My wife started shaking and squirming in the throws of pleasure when a group started walking down the hall to the bathroom.

The guys relaxed and my wife took the opportunity to jump out from under them. At that time I called for her like I was down the hall coming that way. She grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom connected to the same bedroom. The guys walked out meeting me in the hall.

I walked into the bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door. My wife answered that she would be out in a minute. When she came out, her clothes were back on but she looked ravished and hurried by me. We both left the bedroom and rejoined the party, which was now dying down. Most of the guests had left including a hasty exit by the young guys.

It has been a month now since the party. She has never mentioned anything about it and I have not said anything either. But I often think about that night.

Why had I allowed it to go as far as it did? Why was I so turned on watching these men grope and man handle my wife? What would have happened if the guests had not come down the hall? How far would I have let it continue? How far would she have let in continue?

And how can I recreate this scene again?

Written by: CinfulWifes

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