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Soccer Moms

by lohengren99©

And then I came again. There was so much visual stimulation… so many erotic things happening around me. Gary continued to fuck me. The staying power of this young man amazed me. But it couldn't last. As my cunt contracted around his cock this second time, he came. He grabbed my hips and thrust hard and deep into me. I felt his cock expanded and explode. I could feel his potent cum shooting onto my cervix, filling me, and then running out and down my thighs.

The music continued to play in the background. Lori was laying across Richard's chest, her skin still gleaming with cum. Mark was spooning up to her from behind. Antonio had moved over to where Leo was now gently licking at Angie's freshly fucked cunt. Antonio offered her his semi hard cock which she took into her mouth. Bill and Gary were on either side of where I had collapsed and were sucking on my tits. Each of them had a finger in my cum soaked, but still needy pussy.

I knew the party had just begun. I love being a soccer mom.

Written by: lohengren99

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Category: Group Sex Stories