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Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 05

by Ahabscribe©

Hi everyone! Sorry this chapter is so long in coming. Not entirely happy with it - it is a bit of a set up piece for Part 06. For newcomers, please read "Christmas with Mom" and New Year's with Mom and then begin the entire sequence of Mother and Son: A Love Story to get the entire scope of things.

Look forward to feedback. Positive or negative, its what I want to get, so please, let me know what you're thinking! I appreciate all the strong support you've lent this storyline. Enjoy!


Christmas time is a time that is replete with memories. Childhood memories of toys and Santa and Christmas trees and singing carols and eating all sorts of Christmas goodies, the images sometimes almost overwhelm you. For me all of those memories involve my Mom, the most loving and caring woman I have ever known. Truly, Mom is the wellspring of happiness that has blessed my life.

Just as powerful are my memories of Mom and I and our first Christmas together as lovers. Memories of Mom standing naked before me, backlit by the gentle glow of snow falling beyond the window behind her will stay with me forever. Mom naked on a quilt underneath my Christmas tree, legs spread wide as we make love. Those are memories I'll always treasure and their existence gives me hope that many more memories of the same will follow.

Mom drove up to Chicago three days before Christmas to bring me back home. As was tradition, she stayed the night so we could go shopping. We never made it to the big department stores or to the malls. We spent that night and most of the next day in bed, making love and listening to the weather reports.

It had been a little less than a month since we'd made love. Mom had drove me home for Thanksgiving and we gave thanks for being able to make love most of the long holiday weekend while the old Man and my brothers went deer hunting in Michigan. They were out the door before Thanksgiving dinner was digested Thursday afternoon, leaving Mom and me alone in the house for the next three glorious days. We made love in every room in the house I think, excepting for the messy pit that was my brothers' bedroom. We were both a little sore when Mom drove me back to Chicago Monday morning, but even so, we couldn't get enough of each other.

And despite just a month's absence, feeling Mom's body, soft and warm against mine, was like a man dying of thirst suddenly finding himself in a beautiful oasis. I let myself become besotted with Mom's luscious body. Now forty-three years old, Mom was more beautiful than ever. Mom's figure wasn't quite as zaftig as it had been a year ago, but Mom still possessed a voluptuous beauty with her heavy, gourd shaped breasts with thick, wide nipples that begged to be sucked on. Her legs were toned and shapely and between them was her thickly haired muff that hid her wet, fiery treasure box of a pussy.

All it took to get me hard was to see her lusty gaze, her brown-green eyes staring at me with such love and passion or to simply inhale her natural fragrance when I buried my face in her long, black hair; the hint of jasmine arousing me as no one else can. Mom is a powder keg of incestuous desire packaged in a sexy five foot, five inch frame. I don't see how any healthy male wouldn't fall in love with her instantly.

I was delighted to spend the evening of December 22 making love to Mom, her pussy wrapped tight around my cock and her legs wrapped tight around my back, the apartment filled with our mingled cries of passion as we tried to make up for a month's absence from each other. Other than whispered words of love, we rarely spoke as we fucked -- we didn't need to speak, we were linked heart and soul and we knew each other's thoughts as we gazed into each other's eyes and fucked as only a mother and son in love can fuck.

When we paused to catch our breath, we would listen anxiously to the weather reports, but alas, a second miracle Christmas blizzard was not in the offing. It was with more than a little wistfulness that we left for home the following afternoon. Still, every moment I spend with Mom alone is a good moment and we had an enjoyable drive back to my hometown in western Illinois. We listened to Christmas songs on the radio and Mom, wearing a long denim skirt with a slit up one side kept me entertained as she slowly worked it up her legs, revealing her creamy thighs and finally her wild, thick bush.

"Mommy's got a tasty Christmas treat for her son if he's hungry," Mom cooed as she used two fingers to spread wide her thick lips and reveal the lovely, glistening pink flesh of her cunt.

I glanced over at Mom's pussy and licked my lips. "I'm always hungry for you, Mom, but not sure I can eat pussy and drive at the same time." I was having a real hard time keeping my eyes on the road. Can you blame me? "Maybe I should pull off somewhere?"

Mom giggled and scooted across the bench seat, her skirt still up around her waist, revealing her furry twat. "No, John. Keep driving and I'll feed you myself." I felt myself hardening as Mom slipped her hand back between her legs and began rubbing herself, slipping one and then two fingers into her wet snatch. Her other hand found its way into my crotch, rubbing my growing erection under my jeans.

Mom purred appreciatively, partly from liking what she was feeling in my pants, and partly from fingering her already wet pussy. After playing with herself for maybe a minute, Mom lifted her fingers to my mouth.

I inhaled her scent, my nostrils flaring as I breathed the sweet, heady aroma of my mother's cunt. Mom pressed her wet, slick, pussy cream covered fingers against my lips and I sucked them into my mouth and licked them clean. I groaned happily as Mom took her fingers away. I've never tasted a woman as delicious as my mother. Mixed in with her creamy goodness was a hint of my own semen, not surprising as I had emptied my balls into her at least five times between one o'clock yesterday afternoon and two o'clock today.

We drove for the next hour that way, Mom fingering herself for a minute or two and then letting me suck her juices off her fingers. Gradually, Mom began to moan and sigh, working her fingers more vigorously in and out of her sopping wet pussy, filling the inside of the station wagon with her sexy scent. It was exciting to watch Mom pleasure herself and to taste her excitement with each sample of her juices literally dripping from her fingers.

The sun was setting and the light was dim inside our car as Mom finally cried out with orgasmic pleasure, hunching against her own fingers as she frantically and finally made herself cum. Traffic was light and the two lane road was straight, so as Mom squirmed on the seat next to me, I slipped one hand off the wheel and down along her soft thigh, my fingers sliding through her thick, curly hair and then into her wetness, finding and mingling with her fingers inside her hot, soaked pussy.

Mom cried out as she now had two additional fingers now teasing her insides. I counted three of her wriggling digits and between her gasps, I said in a teasing voice. "Between the two of us, you're getting a fist fuck, Mom!"

Mom could only sob in reply as her other hand clamped down on my wrist and began to pull it back and forth in a fucking motion until her orgasm went to a higher plain and she convulsed there on the seat next to me, lost for the moment in her orgasmic delight.

Then Mom's fingers were in my mouth and I was sucking off globs of her cream while she rose up and kissed my cheek and nuzzled my neck. When I was finished sucking her fingers clean, Mom's hand dropped to my crotch and she rubbed my aching hard-on anxiously while she continued to hunch herself on my fingers.

"Get off the road, son. Now! I need to taste you too," Mom sighed.

Luck was with me and I saw a small country church up ahead. I pulled off into its parking lot, stopping well away from the road. Mom was caught up in her arousal and before I had even put the car in park, she was furiously working my belt undone while squirming on my probing fingers. I scooted up and away from the wheel as Mom unzipped me, her hand freeing my aching cock. I groaned with long awaited anticipation as I felt Mom's soft breath on the head of my cock and then her wet tongue and then I was being swallowed as Mom began to suck me.

Mom's moans were stifled and soft, muffled by the meat between her lips, spurred on by my fingers as I plunged them in and out of her steamy, clasping cunt, curling them upwards as I sought out her G-spot. "Oh God, Mom! I love your mouth!" I groaned as Mom sucked and swirled her tongue over and around the head of my cock again and again. I had to laugh. I was certainly in the right place to send up a prayer of thanks for allowing me the privilege of being my Mom's lover.

Just knowing I was fingering my mother's cunt outside this little church was exciting and suddenly I had to taste Mom from the source. I eased her upwards as I stretched out on the bench seat and dropped her dripping cunt right on my face, my tongue spearing her drenched, pink flesh, slurping up the juices flooding her pussy. As I ate my mother out, I returned two fingers to her tender folds and again began to search for her sensitive places.

I pressed down on the right place and Mom squealed happily as her pussy suddenly flooded my face with her juices as I made her orgasm again. Mom sucked me furiously and after such an extended period of arousal, I was ready to explode and did so. "Cumming, Mom!" I cried as I sloppily lapped up her tasty cream.

Long minutes passed as we both rode out our respective orgasms, Mom refusing to relinquish my penis until she had sucked and licked it clean of every bit of my semen. When I knew Mom couldn't take my probing fingers anymore, I slipped them from her quivering pussy and sucked her delectable creamy juices until my fingers were clean.

Mom and I kissed then, embracing each other tightly as we tasted ourselves on each other. We held each other for a long time, reveling in our love and both sending up to God our silent thanks for each other. "It's a pretty little church, isn't it, John?" Mom said.

"Yeah, it kinda reminds me of your old church back in Kentucky," I replied.

"Someday, son," Mom whispered. "Someday I'm going to marry you in front of God and everyone in a church like this." Even in the dark of early evening, I could see the fire in Mom's eyes -- the passion that made my heart swell with love and desire for her whenever I saw it.

I kissed Mom again, a tender lovers kiss. "Yes, you will marry me, Mom. It's meant to be, but just hearing you say it aloud is like the world's best Christmas present."

Mom made a cooing sound and melted into my arms and we kissed again until the cold air began to penetrate the car and then we reluctantly began to make our way home again.

Once we arrived at the house, Mom leaned over and kissed me again, her tongue dancing with mine and then playfully licking the tip of my nose before saying, "I have a surprise for you in your room."

When I asked her what it was, Mom just smiled and said, "Wait and see."

Inside, we were greeted by our family. My younger twin brothers doing the obligatory punching and roughhousing of their big brother and our father looking up from his Lazy boy chair and after taking a sip of beer saying grumpily, "I thought you'd be home in time to cook supper, Carrie." He gestured towards the kitchen. We ordered pizza. There's some left in the kitchen."

Mom and I exchanged a naughty grin and Mom replied, "No, thanks, John and I had something to eat on the road."

We sat and chatted awhile, catching up on my brothers' goings on as they went into the home stretch of senior year. I went over my own progress in school as I prepared to graduate in May. Not for the last time my father snorted in derision and said, "Yeah, there goes four years wasted and a lot of money down the drain. Good luck getting a job as a -- what the hell is it -- technical writer?" Dad rolled his eyes.

Normally, I would have done a slow burn and probably left the room and in truth I had planned to share this news with Mom alone first as a Christmas surprise, but the moment was too sweet. "Actually, Dad, I been interviewed by several companies and I already have two job offers." I looked over at Mom and added as her eyes grew wider with surprise. "One of the companies is near Lexington, Kentucky, Mom -- not too far from where you grew up."

Mom's hands flew to her mouth and for a moment I thought she might cry. Then she came across the room and hugged me. "Oh, John! That's wonderful, just wonderful!" It felt good and it felt strange to have Mom hugging me like that in front of Dad. I liked it.

Mom turned and looked at the old Man. "Well, Frank. Tell your son congratulations for heaven's sake."

Dad looked mildly irritated, but he stood up and shook my hand. "Good, um, work. Be glad to have you paying your own way." He turned and headed for the stairs, mumbling something about the world going to hell these days.

Mom hugged me again, kissing me on my cheek. The twins whacked me on the back and headed down to their bedroom in the basement. When they had turned thirteen, they had begged Mom to let them move down there so they could have more room for their combined junk. Between the weight equipment, ping-pong table, their beds and assorted sports clutter, it looked more like a testosterone tinged thrift shop than a bedroom. Hey, it made them happy.

Mom and I headed upstairs. Alone for the moment, our hands found each other as we walked up the steps. "Are you ready for your surprise?" Mom asked as we approached my old room.

I raised an eyebrow and looked around. I could hear the old Man messing around in the hall bathroom. "Right now, here, with everyone around?" I replied.

Mom smiled and said, "Well, at least the first part of your surprise." She pointed towards my door. "Go ahead, John."

I opened the door and stopped -- a little amazed. "Wow!" I said. There in my room was a full sized Christmas tree, next to the window that looked out into the street. It was decorated and lit up. "Mom, it's beautiful." I said. For some reason, my heart was pounding as so many memories from last Christmas flooded my thoughts.

"Isn't that the silliest shit you ever saw?" Dad came up from behind us. He looked over our shoulders at the tree in my room and then shook his head in disgust. "One tree is bad enough, but your mother thought it would look cute up here." He let his voice rise to a falsetto and said, "It looks Christmassy!"

Mom ignored him, her eyes on me, full of passion and love. "I like it. No, I love it," I said in reply. "Thanks, Mom!" I leaned over and kissed her on the corner of her mouth.

Mom's face flushed, partly I think from my near brazen expression of my love for her and partly out of her own love for me. Neither of us paid Dad much attention as he headed for the stairs, muttering, "Figures, you two are just alike -- got your damn heads in the clouds. John's definitely your son, Carrie."

Mom's hand linked up with mine again as Dad disappeared downstairs and she pulled herself into my embrace. "Yes, you are definitely my son, John...and so much more, thank God. I love you, son."

"I love you, Mom," I replied and we kissed as only passionate lovers can, pulling each other tighter until we could feel our hearts pounding in unison. When we finally parted, we were both breathing heavily. After trying to sate our appetite for each other the last couple of days, we were both as anxious as honeymooners to have each other again.

"I really do love the tree, Mom. It is Christmassy!" I said. "Um, you said something about this just being the first part of my surprise?"

Mom grinned and ran her hands over the throbbing bulge in my jeans. "Patience, son -- Christmas is almost here and you never know what Santa might leave under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning."

I started to say something in reply, but we heard the phone ring and a few moments later, the old man bawling, "Carrie, the phone! I think it's your sister."

Mom rolled her eyes and then kissed me again and whispered, "Later, son."

The next day was extremely busy as Mom hurried around, getting things ready for Christmas dinner. She rarely was able to leave the kitchen, despite my help. Of course, I probably slowed her down as we would pause to kiss and make out whenever a chance arose.

We'd hoped for a little quiet time, but it being Christmas Eve, all of Dad's cronies were also doing the family thing and even his favorite bar/bowling alley closed early. Additionally, a few of Dad's relatives lived in town and were in and out all day as well and it's really hard trying to feel your mother up when there are youngsters screaming around the house at any given moment.

The evening ended quietly enough. The twins went out with friends to go sledding and Dad sullenly worked his way through a 12-pack of beer while watching Christmas themed television shows. Mom and I sat on the couch, as near to each other as decorum would allow. Around ten o'clock, snow began to fall and the weatherman soon confirmed that we would get a Christmas snow. "Not as much as last year's blizzard, but a good five or six inches of snow by morning. So, go to bed, kids. Santa is already on his way!" the weatherman told us cheerfully.

Despite Dad's protestations, Mom turned out all the lights except for the family Christmas tree and she and I watched the snow fall through the big bay window in the living room while Dad drank beer and alternately watched and dozed through Aliaster Sim's version of 'A Christmas Carol.' In the dimness as we watched the lovely snowfall, Mom's hand somehow found its way into mine. Amazing how much love can be communicated just through the gentle squeeze of a hand.

Shortly before Midnight, Mom announced she was going to bed. She stood up, leaned over and kissed me softly on the corner of my mouth, mouthing the words, "I love you, John," and told the Old Man goodnight. He was somewhere around his tenth or eleventh beer and what he said back wasn't real intelligible.

I watched old Scrooge wake up Christmas morning to a fresh start on life and wishing my father, Merry Christmas, I went to my room as well. I wasn't sleepy and was edgy and horny as hell, knowing Mom was just down the hall. I got out and wrapped gifts, placing one of them under the Christmas tree. I read for a little while, but finally just turned out all the lights, but for my Christmas tree and stretched out on my bed in a t-shirt and shorts and watched the lights twinkle and the snow fall through the window beyond.

Near one A.M. I heard the twins come in. They were laughing and giggling and more than a bit noisy as they stumbled around the kitchen. I heard Mom's door open and her footsteps in the hall and then down the stairs. I guess she read the boys the riot act because the last noise I heard from them was them retreating to their basement bedroom.

In a bit I heard Mom's footsteps again on the stairs and in the hall, stopping in front of my door. I felt my heart beat faster as I heard her lightly knock on the door and then step inside, closing the door quietly behind her. Mom looked lovely as always even though she was wearing her old flannel robe that she'd had for as long as I could remember. She had a heavy comforter in her arms that she tossed into a chair.

"Merry Christmas, son," Mom said in a breathless voice. "Happy anniversary, sweetheart." Mom undid the sash of her robe and then shrugged it off her shoulders. I sat up quick as Mom's body, dressed in a diaphanous white negligee. Remember this, John?" Mom asked me, a lusty gleam in her eyes.

I was off the bed in a second, rushing to my barely clad mother, admiring the way her lush body filled out the almost transparent nightgown. Low cut and offering an almost completely unfettered view of her breasts, nipples swollen and prominent. The gauzy material did little to hide her curvy legs or the unruly thatch of hair between her porcelain thighs.

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