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Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 05

by Ahabscribe©

I took Mom in my arms. "Our first night as lovers, Mom," I said in a voice thick with emotion. "You're as beautiful now as you were that first night." I kissed Mom -- my lips opening to the touch of her tongue, sucking her tongue into my mouth and caressing it with my own tongue. I tightened my embrace, pulling Mom against me -- feeling the heat of her body melding with mine.

Our kiss seemed to go on and on, as if we were afraid that it might be our last and we had to make it last as long as we could. Our tongues swirled madly against each other, our breathing growing heavy as our passion grew. Already, I could smell Mom's arousal, wafting upwards from her wet cunt, mingling with that ever present hint of jasmine, a sweet scent I will treasure until the end of my days. My cock swelled within my shorts, seeking escape, seeing to press against and into my mother's loving flesh.

When our kiss finally ended, Mom gasped in a whisper, "I love you, son. Make love to me. It's Christmas -- it's our night. Make love to me right now." For emphasis, Mom again pressed her lips against mine, her ardent kiss making me lightheaded even as her hands probed and began to work my shorts down.

My cock sprung free and was in Mom's hand and she began to rub it against her belly, pressing her silk covered body against mine. "What if we get caught?" I said softly as Mom ended the kiss and yanked my shirt over my head, her lips kissing me on the chest, tongue rolling over my own pebbled nipples.

Mom kissed me again, a hungry kiss that nipped at my lips. "I don't care, John. All I know is this is our anniversary -- our first anniversary and I want my son to fuck me, right here, right now under our Christmas tree."

One hand still wrapped around my erect dick, Mom turned and reached for the comforter she'd brought in. With a flick of her wrist, she unfolded it and flung it in the general direction of the tree. My mother kissed me again and as we again were locked in a lover's kiss, she walked us over towards our blinking tree. Mom's hand gently stroked up and down on my throbbing penis while she used her feet to kick open and spread out the comforter. She walked us a few steps to the bed where she seized the pillows and tossed them onto the spread out blanket.

"I love you, John. Make love to me. Fuck me, son. Fuck me right now. Fuck me, John. Fuck me." Mom whispered her incestuous words with an almost religious intensity. Mom began to sink onto the blanket, pulling me down with her, squatting and then lying back as her legs spread out, taking me to rest between them, even as she somehow managed to pull her negligee over her head. "Fuck me, son. Promise me that on Christmas you will always make love to me, John."

I eased myself down on top of Mom, feeling her thighs pull back alongside my hips, rolling her hips upward, her thick hairy muff tickling my aching erection and then pressing upwards to reveal Mom's heat, Mom's wetness and Mom's need. "I love you so much, Mom," I said as I felt my chest press into her meaty tits. "Merry Christmas, Mom. I love youuu." My last word came out in a moan as the head of my cock found Mom's pussy, slick and open with desire and then I was thrusting and I was inside my mother once again, home where I belonged.

Mom moaned, lifting her head to muffle her own cries by kissing me. I felt her fingernails dig into my back as with one long, slow movement, I buried my cock deep in her motherly cunt. Mom thrust her pelvis up to meet my cock's movement and to help me go deeper all that more quickly. Mom's ankles brushed my asscheeks and then her heels dug in, using that leverage to open herself to me even more, to help my cock get deeper into her womb.

It was that perfect erotic and incestuous moment where need and desire become pleasure, indescribably delicious as man and woman join to become one. My cock sank through Mom's hot, creamy flesh which tightened around my shaft, embracing it lovingly as she took all of me. For an indeterminate amount of time, we were suspended in that perfect incestuous embrace, unable and unwilling to move, our kiss growing more passionate as we savored the intense pleasure that grows in intensity every time we make love.

Mom's nipples, already thick and swollen, seemed to grow even more erect against my chest. Through her heavy breasts, flattened out by my weight, I could feel her heart beat wildly, it's frantic pace matched by my own.

As our kiss ended and I frantically gasped for air, Mom's head rolled back on the pillow, her eyes almost closed as she grinned with a near obscene leer, a soft and almost animal like groan of sexual satisfaction escaping her lips.

My arms went under hers and then I curled them around to grip her shoulders, using the position for leverage as I slowly withdrew my cock halfway and then thrust back into Mom's steaming pussy.

As only lovers can, we began to move as one -- my cock slipping in and out of Mom's loving cunt as she worked her vaginal muscles, her silky slick sugar walls clinging greedily to my shaft, creating that unique, incredibly pleasurable friction that grew with each movement of our bodies. Our eyes were locked on each other, we shared short, quick, tender kisses intermixed with longer, passionate soul kisses that seemed to go on forever. Mom's arms and legs tightened around me, pressing our suddenly sweat slick bodies tighter.

In between kisses, Mom would bite her lower lip (such a sexy overbite!), and sigh or moan. If my thrusts made her cry out louder, she would rush to kiss me, let her own moan fade on my lips. Mom, with her black hair spread out on the pillow, looked like an angel, the lights of the tree playing off her fair skin, enhancing the sparkle in her eyes. I felt my heart and soul become lost in her eyes, taking me in and enveloping me in her love, never to let me go.

Our pleasure built as we fucked, our movements picking up speed and intensity. The liquid fire of Mom's pussy, enveloping my cock seemed to spread -- the flames of our incestuous desire for each other raced through our veins, consuming us as we drove each other closer to the immolation of pure, incestuous love and pleasure.

Mom's tongue thrust into my mouth, frantically dueling my own as she began to cry out her overwhelming joy at once again being brought to orgasm by her oldest son. Mom's cunt walls clamped down around my cock. I was buried inside Mom's womb to the root, feeling my own orgasm breaking through as her steamy flesh massaged my cock shaft. There was a flood of wetness, like a scalding stream of sweet and deliciously fragrant oil bathing my cock and then I answered with my own -- my cock head swelling and then spraying Mom's pussy with jet after jet of my hot semen.

Our bodies clinched even tighter and seemed to freeze in the sweet moment of our incestuous orgasm. As we kissed, our tongues intertwined, we both had our eyes opened, staring into each other's souls and seeing the deep love that we had for each other. We clung to each other out of desire and out of need for each other and most of all out of love for each other. Mom and I both knew that in each other's arms was where we were meant to be, now and forever.

As we calmed down, I moved to take my weight off Mom, but she tightened her legs around me to maintain her grip. "Son, are you really going to take a job with the E_____ company? In Lexington? You'll be moving to Lexington?"

I smiled, nodded and said, "No, we'll be moving to the old home place. Together. Forever."

Tears rolled down Mom's face as she tried to laugh and cry at the same time. All she could manage to say was "Yes, together."

The last thing I remember was Mom in my arms after I slipped out of her, both of us cuddling on the quilt and I had yanked my blankets off the bed to cover us. I whispered, "I love you so much, Mom."

Mom's head was resting on my chest, her hand on my stomach, just above my pubic hair. She turned to kiss my cheek and replied, "I love you, son. Merry Christmas." We fell asleep, finding everything we needed to be happy in each other's embrace.

When I woke, it was early morning. A grayish light shone through the window, but even the dim and gloomy morning light did nothing to detract from Mom's beauty. Mom was lying next to me, her head propped up on her elbow watching me.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Mom said quietly. She leaned over me, her breasts mashing against my chest and side, and kissed me, a gentle lover's kiss.

"Merry Christmas, Mom," I answered, reaching out to pull her close again to kiss her again. "What time is it?"

"Early still. Nobody will be up for a while."

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Watching my son sleep." Mom replied. "I used to love watching you sleep when you were little." Mom reached out and brushed my hair off my forehead. "I missed it when you got to be older. I'm glad to be able to do it again."

We kissed again, Mom halfway rolling on top of me, her naked body warm and soft against mine. We necked under the blankets for a bit, but we both knew that she needed to leave soon. In any case, it was a fine way to wake up Christmas morning, kissing and caressing the woman I love.

Finally the moment came that we both knew Mom should get up or we would be discovered. I hated that feeling. I wished we could simply go public with our love for each other, but I knew deep down that for now, we had to be satisfied with what we had.

Mom sat up, the blankets falling away as she raised her arms and stretched, pulling her breasts up in a fine display. She looked so sexy, I couldn't resist reaching up and cupping one hefty and meaty globe, slowly rubbing Mom's thick nipple with a finger.

Mom giggled and swatted my hand away. "God, you know that makes me nuts. I better get going before the twins get moving around and looking for breakfast."

I reached out and took Mom's hand. "Can you wait a second, Mom. I think Santa left you something under the tree."

Mom laughed and said, "Oh really?" She reached under the blankets and found my hard cock. She stroked it slowly. "Maybe he left me a tree from the size of this."

I sighed happily but turned and reached out further under the tree and pulled out the present I had left there the night before. "Merry Christmas, Mom." I said, giving her a kiss as I handed it to her. "I wanted to give you this while we're alone.

Mom cooed and turned it over in her hands. "Baby, you shouldn't have." Mom tore the wrapping off to reveal a small, oblong box. "John, what have you done?" Mom said in an anxious voice. She opened it and gasped. She held up the double string of pearls. "Oh my goodness. They're beautiful! Son, you spent too much!"

"Lots of overtime and weekends this fall, Mom," I said. "And you know what a bargain hunter I am." Truthfully, it was a bargain. I had found the necklace in a pawn shop and had haggled with the dealer for half an hour before we settled on a price. Myself, I didn't feel it was too much money to spend, besides, working all those extra hours had helped me get through all those long, lonely weeks without Mom.

"Here, let me help you with them." Mom turned around and I slipped the pearls around her neck and did up the clasp.

Mom turned back and I helped her get the strands arranged. I realized that there is little one can do to improve the beauty of a naked woman, but pearls...well as they rested against her chest, drawing attention to her flawless skin and to her magnificent mature breasts, the pearls seemed to compliment Mom's natural loveliness.

"Well?" Mom said eagerly. "How do they look.?"

I climbed to my feet, Mom snickered as my now erect penis swayed in front of her. "Come and see, Mom," I said, holding out my hand to her.

I led Mom over to the mirror hanging on the wall. Mom stared at her own naked body, running a finger over the strands. I stood behind my mother, my cock, pressing into the cleft between her soft cheeks. I slipped my arms around her waist and we both stared at ourselves. Yes, there is something a little extra erotic about a woman wearing nothing but a pearl necklace. I kissed Mom on the shoulder. "See, Mom? You look beautiful."

Mom shivered and leaned back against me. "Well, I can tell you like how they look." Mom admired them for a moment again and then said, "Thank you, darling." She raised an eyebrow and tried for a chagrined look. "And I didn't bring you a present." Mom turned around in my arms, her breasts sweeping deliciously across my skin, her nipples hard as diamonds.

I kissed Mom and replied, "I think I had my present last night. And I really, enjoyed it!"

Mom's hand trailed down my chest and found its way to my hard cock. "Well, maybe I can give you a little something extra right now. Besides, I haven't had breakfast, John."

Mom slipped out of my embrace, lowering herself into a squatting position. Let me tell you, Mom never looked hotter. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and said, "If I wasn't so hungry for your cum, I might just get me another pearl necklace, John."

Mom took me entire her mouth and I groaned as my hands cupped her head, fingers intertwining with the strands of her dark hair. In the growing light of Christmas morning, I looked down to the cock swelling sight of my mother staring intently up at me as her lips engulfed my shaft and slid back and forth wetly while her tongue did things to my cock that made my knees weak. As Mom sucked me, she fondled my balls gently, a fingernail gently scratching that sensitive, ticklish place just behind my testicles.

Mom truly is a cocksucking artist, varying her pace as she made her loving blowjob last and last. Mom was aware of the visual aspect of sucking cock as well, making sure to come up for air once in a while, letting me slip from her warm, wet mouth so she could lewdly lick and kiss the head of my cock, slick with her saliva and my precum and not once did Mom take her eyes off my face, a naughty grin flashing and showing me that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

With a loud slurp, Mom took me back in her mouth, demonstrating once again her ability to deep throat me, taking me until my pubic hair was ticking her nose. With my cock wedged in her throat, Mom would make a happy, gurgling sound that made me reach out and touch the wall in order to keep my balance.

It was at that moment that we both heard the old Man thumping up the stairs, hacking and coughing. I started to pull back, but Mom's hands were quickly cupping my ass cheeks and she subtly shook her head and continued to suck my cock, unhurried by any outside concerns. In fact, as Mom continued to stare up at me lovingly, she seemed to be smiling, her eyes full of delight at our carnal behavior with Dad stomping down the hall.

We heard the bathroom door open and close. Mom never slowed down. Her tongue continued to dance around the crown of my cock, swirling here and teasing there, sanding over my piss slit in such a way that I felt the pressure begin to build. "Mom," I said softly. "I'm going to cum."

"Mmmmmmm!" Mom hummed as her tongue continued to flutter over the head of my cock. She began sucking me furiously and then it felt like my cock head was swelling to bursting and then I was cumming -- powerful gouts of hot semen flooding Mom's mouth. I felt her lips tighten around my shaft, locking me in place as she gulped down my seed. Mom's fingernails dug slightly into my ass cheeks as she continued to suck and swallow while I whimpered in sheer delight at the expression of incestuous love on my mother's face.

Long after I was drained, Mom continued to suck me, making sure she had taken every precious drop of my sperm that she could and then lovingly she licked me clean and smiled up at me. ""This is so unfair. I just realized that that's the second Christmas present I've gotten from you this morning." Mom said, licking her lips with her semen smeared tongue.

I pulled Mom to her feet and gave her a kiss, tasting myself on her lovely lips. "No complaints here, Mom. I love the way you celebrate Christmas."

We both knew that our lovely Christmas morning was over, but neither of us wanted it to end. We continued to kiss as I helped Mom with her sleek and sheer negligee and then with true regret, I helped her slip on her old flannel robe.

"I love you so much, Mom. Thank you for the last wonderful year," I said as I slipped my arms around her one more time.

As I pulled her in for another kiss, Mom replied, "This is just the beginning, son. We're going to have a lifetime of wonderful years together. I love you, John." We kissed, a long slow kiss that neither of us wanted to end, but alas, it did. My heart filled with a sort of melancholy as Mom slipped quietly out the door. Any place that didn't have Mom to brighten it with her presence always seems a little sad to me.

Much to my surprise, when I went downstairs to get a bit of breakfast, Mom was wearing her pearls. Mom had on navy jeans that emphasized her lovely ass and a Christmas sweater, very red with a scoop neck that drew attention to her voluptuous cleavage and her new pearl necklace.

We were alone and I gave Mom a kiss on the back of her neck that made her sigh and then a kiss on the lips that made me hard again. As Mom handed me a glass of orange juice, I said, "You look lovely, Mom. But..."

"But what?" Mom replied.

"How are you going to explain these?"

Mom snorted and rolled her eyes. "Please, baby -- like your father or your brothers are even going to notice. Mom leaned in and kissed me again. "And if they do, I'll tell them I got them from my wonderful oldest son." Mom looked into my eyes with a fierce determination that might make most men quake. "I'm not embarrassed or ashamed in the slightest. None of them treat me with any more respect than they would a hired maid -- maybe even worse. I lived with that for years, but you brought me back to life, my dear son and lover. They don't like it, fuck them."

I have to confess. Mom's words thrilled me. I wanted to make love to her right then and there. Alas, that we heard Dad come coughing and snorting back down the stairs, dressed, but looking bleary eyed.

Mom handed him a cup of coffee and said, "Merry Christmas, Frank."

The old Man mumbled something that sounded like "Sure," and took his cup and went back into the living room. A moment later, we heard the television come on. Mom rolled her eyes again, then smiled and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. We kissed, arms around each other until we heard footsteps coming up from the basement.

Mom, with my help, fixed a big breakfast and the good smells of it even drew the Old Man into the kitchen. After eating our breakfast feast, our family retired to the living room (it had been a long time since Christmas began early morning with the whole family opening presents under the Christmas tree. Of course, nowadays, Mom and I have our own traditions, began so many years ago.

Mom (and officially, Dad, although I am positive, he never lifted a hand to do any shopping), had music albums for the twins, as well as the obligatory clothes and bottles of aftershave. The twins gave Mom a box of chocolates and the same perfume they'd been giving her for the last six years -- not the one she favored.

I got the twins new albums as well and tickets to see the Cubs in May. Dad I gave an antique casting spinner I had found in a second hand store on the Chicago's South Side one that actually worked. I think it was the first honest and happy smile I had been the cause on the Old Man's face in several years. He actually said, "Thank you, son."

For me, there was cologne as well, a brand Mom had long told me that she found sexy when I wore it and a beautiful sweater and to a brand new watch. Inside the watch case was a little note and I felt my face flush a bit and looked up to see Mom smiling at me evilly. The note read, "Just a little something to help you count down the hours, minutes and seconds until we're free to fuck each other's brains out forever! Love, Mom!" I know I had a big grin on my face as I exclaimed, "Thanks!"

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