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Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 05

by Ahabscribe©

Dad feeling gregarious and as he had so often done in the past, took credit for my present and spoke up for both him and Mom and said, "My pleasure." Mom grinned with amusement and gave me a sly wink that made my cock throb with pleasure.

Mom was a little surprised when I handed her an envelope and said, "Merry Christmas, Mom."

She opened it and pulled out the contents, giving a little gasp as she said, "Tickets to see Chicago (the rock group)! New Year's Eve! John, how did you get these? They must have cost a fortune!"

I shrugged and said in my best Chicago accent, "Hey, I know somebody who knows somebody." Truthfully, my boss at the distributorship got the tickets from the club, but his wife had made plans for dinner at some county club for New Year's Eve and had sold them to me. "You and Dad can paint the town and party in Chicago this New Year's." Mom's face went wide with surprise when I said that, but I gave her a reassuring wink and begin to count to ten.

I made it to three before the Old Man blustered. "To hell with that. I got plans already. I already told you, Carrie. I'm taking the boys ice fishing up in Minnesota. Blair's got a cabin up there we're going to stay in, just like last year."

Mom struggled to keep a grin on her face and said with a plaintive tone. "Well, what am I supposed to do, Frank? I can't go alone?"

The Old Man shrugged (and I suddenly realized we do that the same way), and said, "Well, you were going to run John back up on the second of January anyway. Go up early and let him go with you. Hell, he got the tickets for you, anyway."

Mom frowned and then nodded her head. "I guess I could do that. John, you okay with that? You mind spending New Year's Eve with your mother?"

I grinned and shrugged. "I guess so, Mom. Sounds all right with me." And I winked again. Merry Christmas at the Hamilton House!

Later on in the day, I was in the kitchen again with Mom. The twins had gone off to see how their friends had made out for Christmas and Dad was watching the Football game in between naps. Mom had put on a wonderful Christmas dinner and I was helping her clean up the kitchen. We washed and dried and snuck in kisses and the occasional goose.

We'd put the last of the dishes up and Mom was leaning against the sink while I kissed her. As much as I love having Mom's pussy wrapped around my cock, there is something to be said for the sweet and simple pleasure of having your mother's lips pressed against yours, with or without tongue. I had one denim covered leg between Mom's slightly spread legs and as we kissed, she slowly rubbed her jean covered mound against my thigh. Even through her jeans, I could feel Mom's heat.

"Somebody think's they're clever," Mom said, her hand on my chest. "What would you have done if your father had said he'd take me to the show?"

I laughed and shaking my head, said, "I don't know. Pistols at dawn. Winner keeps the most beautiful woman in the world?" I stroked a finger down Mom's cheek and across her luscious lips. "It sucks to say it, but, we both know how the Old Man is. I never had a doubt that on New Year's Eve you and I would be together. And now we can be ourselves, lost in the crowd, being the lovers we are."

Mom kissed my finger, rolling her lips around it and then nipping it playfully. "You're right of course. We live a bit dangerously, don't we?" Mom sucked on my finger, slowly as if it were my cock, her eyes always looking into my eyes. She let me slip from her mouth and pushed off the sink, her arms going up and around my neck. "We have to, don't we? We have to because we're meant to be together."

Mom kissed me then, pressing her mouth fiercely to mine, her tongue hungrily searching out mine. I pulled her tighter against me, relishing the softness and warmth of her body. We were meant to be together. Nothing ever felt so right then or now. Our hearts seemed to beat as one, driving the blood through our bodies, driving the lusty thoughts that quickly inflamed our need for each other.

Not for the first time was I amazed at how the wildfire of incestuous passion came over us both. Without thinking, without saying a word, Mom and I were caught up in our immediate carnal desires.

Mom's hands dropped to my waist and began fumbling at my jeans. She broke the kiss suddenly, a string of saliva stretching between our mouths as she looked into my eyes and gasped, "Fuck me, lover. Fuck me now, John!"

I reached out for Mom's hand and rolled my eyes up towards the ceiling, ready to lead her upstairs. Mom shook her head as she undid my jeans and unzipped me. "I want my son to fuck me right here, right now!" she hissed. Mom undid her jeans and pushed them down over her hips, her panties, right along with them. I caught a pungent whiff of her aroused cunt and any doubts or concerns went right out the window.

Mom stepped out of her jeans and kicked them away, looking incredibly erotic naked from the waist down except for a cute pair of white ankle socks. Her thick bush glistened with her juices and she again hissed quietly, "C'mon, John. Give your mother what she needs -- a good Christmas day fucking!"

My jeans were down around my ankles now and I kicked them off to join Mom's pants in a crumpled heap. My cock was throbbing and erect, anxious to be buried in Mom's warmth. Mom's arms came up around my neck again and she hunched herself against me, her moist and blossoming wide labia rubbing wetly against my thigh and cock. My hands came up and squeezed Mom's heavy breasts through her sweater and I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth

I felt Mom's left leg lift, her thigh rubbing against mine. I dropped my hand to her meaty ass cheeks and lifted her slightly while bending my knees. Mom's other leg came up, leaving her suspended in my hands. I felt my cock trapped between our bodies and rubbing against her soft belly, then through thick, crinkly hair and then wetness, sweet, hot wetness and my hard erection knew its way home and then Mom moaned into my mouth as my cockhead found the opening to her steamy cunt and drove upwards into her welcoming flesh.

Using the sink behind her as a support, Mom wrapped her luscious legs around my waist and impaled herself on my long cock, breaking the kiss and arching her back as she ground herself into me, her teeth clenched as she struggled not to moan as I plunged ever deeper into her cunt until our pubic hair tangled together and I felt her wetness against my groin.

It was a sweet moment, our mother-son lust mingling with the thrill of being discovered. The Old Man, Mom's husband and my father sat not fifteen feet away, oblivious to our love making just as he had become oblivious to the beautiful, sexual woman that was about to escape his life.

Planting my feet firmly, I whispered, "I love you so much, Mom!" as I began to slowly thrust into her, my hands on her waist, helping brace her as I fucked her creamy pussy. Mom's breasts bounced above and underneath her red sweater, her new pearls looking so enticing on the exposed portion of her neck and chest. I leaned in, pulling Mom close and began kissing her neck and upper chest, my tongue rolling across the exposed swells of her breasts.

Mom's hands became entangled in my hair and she held me close, shuddering from the quick, hard strokes of my stiff penis and shivering from my loving kisses and licks and nibbles on her chest and throat. I felt her lips kissing my ear and her lovely voice gasping softly, "I love you, John, sweet lover son. I love you too!" Mom tightened her legs around me, trying to get me deeper inside her as she flexed and worked her cunt muscles, massaging my cock in her liquid, velvety heat.

On and on we fucked, our lust and love consuming us, making us ignorant to the world around us. It simply didn't exist. Mom urged my face upwards and I was looking into her lovely eyes, pools of love that became the center of my existence as our bodies slapped into each other again and again. We kissed and within that kiss as our tongues made love on their own, I felt the moan growing in Mom's throat. Mom's thighs tightened against me as her cunt began to spasm, clenching my cock in it's velvet grip and bathing it anew with her fiery creams.

As Mom began to orgasm, I tried to hold out, but her body urged me to cum and I did, going rigid, trying to thrust as deeply into her womb as possible as my cock began to gush streamer after streamer of hot, thick semen. It was that exquisite mutual orgasm -- the one where we merge into one being, one consciousness, almost able to read each other's thoughts, sharing our individual pleasures and creating something greater, something eternal. It seemed to go on and on -- our hearts racing, our bodies covered in fuck sweat, tears running down our face from the sheer power of our incestuous lovemaking.

Long minutes passed before I was willing to let Mom out of my grip. Finally, with both of us trembling with effort and gasping for air, I sat Mom down. We stood there in the kitchen, Mom's arms around my neck for support, her head against my chest, holding each other up as we found ourselves mortals again.

Finally, Mom looked up at me. "Son, I will never get tired of that! You do know how to fuck a woman!"

I kissed her on the forehead and replied, "I know how to fuck my mother. She's taught me well."

Giggling like naughty children, we gathered up our jeans and naked from the bottom down, walked quietly passed the living room where the Old Man sat oblivious and ignorant of the passion and love and lust that had been burning just a few feet away. Up the stairs we crept, my hand cupping Mom's ass as we went.


So went our Christmas holidays. Days spent secretly or blatantly seeking opportunities to make love. Dad and the twins did their thing, ignoring Mom as they had done for years, while I strove to make every second with her count. It was none too soon that we drove back to Chicago where at last we could be the real us -- a happy, loving couple.

New Year's Eve found us together. My most enduring memory of that night is of us dancing at the club, listening to the words of one of our favorite band's favorite songs. Mom really outdid herself, dressing up to please me and to let the exhibitionist sexuality of her nature shine.

Mom's party dress was sinfully hot -- a sexy red dress -- short and strapless like last year. This one had a plunging V-neckline that put all but perhaps a third of her magnificent breasts on view for all the world to see and short enough to show off her sexy legs, especially with the four inch heels. Mom had also decided to perm her dark hair, so that it fell past her shoulders in a cascade of curls. She looked like some perfect incarnation of a goddess -- and to me, that was what Mom was and is -- the goddess of my heart.

There were other couples out on the dance floor, but we might as well have been alone, lost in our own world, caught up in the music and each other. "As time goes on, I realize, just what you mean to me." Never were truer words spoken or sung. Mom and I danced the night away, sure in each other's love, knowing that we would always have each other, bodies close together, aroused by the simple presence of each other, confident in the knowledge that as light dawned on the first day of the New Year, Mom and I would be making love, Mom's legs spread wide, my cock in her motherly pussy, knowing that this was just the beginning -- the first wonderful day of the rest of our lives, lives that would be spent together as mother and son, lovers and eventually husband and wife.

We had no clue that fate was about to take a hand in our lives...

To be continued...

Written by: Ahabscribe

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