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Hypnosis Daughter

by UncleMichael©

So when he "woke" me from my hypnosis, we talked for a little while and then I asked if he'd get naked for me too.

He asked if I really wanted him to, and I said yes, that I had never seen a guy before, other than my brother when he was like three years old, which is all true.

So I got off my dad's lap and he got up and undressed while I watched.

While he undressed I reached down and started to finger myself. I did it like I wasn't even aware that I was doing it and he pretended not to notice too. I've finger myself about twice a week since I was ten and I always think about Justin Timberlake. I have five posters of him in my room.

When my dad was naked I whistled, to tease him, and said, "Hey, sexy man, come over here." His penis was hard and standing right up, like at attention or something.

He sat next to me and I kissed him right on his mouth and reached down and took his penis in my hand. I giggled and said, "I never thought I'd want to do this," and then I leaned down and took him into my mouth.

My dad said, "Sweetie, no, please, we shouldn't," and he gently pulled me up so that his penis popped out of my mouth.

I giggled and said that I didn't want him to find a girlfriend and said that I wanted to be his girlfriend.

He said that I should get dressed again, but I said that I would only if he stayed naked. Giggling, I put my naughty little skirt back on, but didn't put my panties back on again, and, still with my breasts bare, I climbed back on his lap facing him and took his penis and lowered myself onto it.

I started to tell him about the Norplant and said "why waste it?" And I kissed him on the mouth and said that that if wanted he could fuck my butt instead, anytime that he wanted, or I could bring a girl home from school to share with him, that he could fuck her as long as he kissed me and did everything else with me if he didn't want to fuck me.

I wanted to cover all the things on his naughty list so that he'd know that it all had been his idea, other than the hypnosis thing, so that he'd just think that our hypnosis practices had gotten out of hand, since I didn't want him to think that I was a slut or something who thought all this up on my own.

He pulled me off him. I was giggling. I leaned over and took his penis back in my mouth while I masturbated. I guess he was all excited, because he came in my mouth and I tried to swallow all of it.

I was still giggling and masturbating. I leaned back and asked him to watch me. I said, "Pretend I'm some naughty girl in a short skirt with no panties on the subway who doesn't know that you're watching, who pretends that she doesn't know that some dirty old man her dad's age is watching her masturbate on the subway."

He was looking at me too, his eyes all excited.

I came. I wasn't faking. I really did cum. I was looking right into his eyes when I did it.

I was giggling, but my dad was all serious. He said, "I need to hypnotize you again," but I wouldn't let him. I knew that he wanted to take everything back and put things back how they were before he had first hypnotized me.

I laughed and told him that he was my boyfriend now and that I was his girlfriend and that I was crazy jealous so he better not even talk to other girls, unless it was some really cute girl we were going to share and not some dyky girl either.

He told me to look at the spot on the wall, but I refused, giggling. I said that I was never going to let him hypnotize me again. I said that the only way he was going to keep me off his "big cock" would be for him "to board up the windows and lock the doors like in a real zombie movie."

I climbed back on top of him and kissed him again right on the mouth, but he wouldn't kiss me back.

He got up and put his pants back on, but I pulled him down next to me again and put his arm around me and snuggled up against him.

I called my mom at work and told her that I was going to spend the rest of the weekend with my dad. It was Saturday afternoon.

She didn't even ask me to put him on the phone to check to see if it was true, to make sure that I wasn't just over some boy's house or something. All she said was to do was to call my brother and tell him so he wouldn't worry.

I hung up and said to my dad, "So, boyfriend, what do you want to do?"

He laughed. My dad is not a strong-willed man. He ordered us Thai delivery. He likes Thai but not Chinese. We watched a movie too, with me in just my naughty short little skirt.

Bedtime came and I teased him that if he didn't fuck me at least twice that night that I was going to go out in my short skirt and my white shirt with no bra or undies and find a hockey or a soccer team that would do the job.

I kept giggling and saying that my Norplant wasn't gonna go to waste one more hour.

He did fuck me too. It was like he just gave in to me, got all excited and pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me and shoved his big hard penis inside me and fucked me and fucked me for a long time. It really hurt too, but I pretended that I liked it, since I didn't want him to stop and didn't want him to know how much he was hurting me.

Now I'm like his very own teenage sex slave, but I'm definitely no zombie sex slave, I love it so much.

I even took a picture of my own pussy and put it in through the air vent that boy's locker in an envelope with a brand new $100 bill and a pic that I downloaded of a zombie girl from a movie with big naked tits along with a little note thanking him for giving me such a good idea. I shaved myself down there first before I took the picture, and my dad loved that, so I stay shaved all the time now. Of course I didn't tell my dad about the picture in the locker thing, and of course I didn't sign my note with it either.

But then at school I heard a rumor about the picture and then started hearing rumors about other guys getting pictures and $100 bills in their lockers too. I can only say that I only did it once, but I was the one who started the whole thing.

Later, when I asked, my mom said that it would be okay if I stayed at my dad's every night. She said that she was sorry that she was working so much. So now I see my mom every couple weeks instead of my dad. And now I sleep with my dad every night. And we fuck every night, too, even up my butt twice a week. I love it so much, and I really love him too.

I tease my dad about me hypnotizing him, too. But I never let him hypnotize me again. I told him not to be shy with me, to just say what he wants and I'll do it for him whatever it is.

When we're out, I point at all the fat and ugly girls and ask if we should bring them home to play with. I am jealous and I don't want to ever share him, not even one night. But if he did ask, I'd do it because I love him so much and want to please him. But so far he hasn't asked.

So that's what happens when you play with hypnosis.

Written by: UncleMichael

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