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I Have got to Get Me Some of That

by marcopolobz©

I couldn't believe how sexy Mom had become. It was like once she determined to solve her Son's problem, she had lost all her inhibitions and taboos. She was going to make this an event to remember.

"Oh Mom," I played along. "I so want to lose my virginity. Please, can I come in?"

With that she pulled me into her bedroom and closed the door. She led me over to her bed. It was still unmade; the sheets were messed up. She crawled into the middle of the bed dragging me behind her. "Lie down," she said.

I lay down in the middle of the bed. My cock was pointing straight at the ceiling fan above us. Mom leaned over and kissed me. "How about we take the edge off so that your first fuck will last more than a few seconds?" she asked. "I would venture that missile is about to pop." She kissed my throat and continued down my chest, stopping to gently nibble on each of my nipples. Her tits brushed lightly over my cock making it jerk uncontrollably. She then licked her way down my stomach, taking a few seconds to dip her tongue into my belly button.

It was my turn to moan loudly like she had done earlier in the kitchen when I was tugging on her nipples. I grabbed a couple of pillows and stuffed them under my head, elevating it so I could see what she was doing. She maneuvered around to come at my cock from the other side. She reached her hand between my legs and lifted up my balls. Her tongue licked each one driving my mad with pleasure. My moans turned to chants of "Oh Mom, Oh Mom." I couldn't believe the waves of pleasure coursing through my body and she hadn't yet touched my cock other than briefly with her tits.

She licked up my cock from my balls to the tip giving the tip a quick kiss when she got there. Her other hand grabbed the base of my cock and brought it to an angle allowing her better access. With one hand she massaged by balls and with the other she was gently stroking my cock.

She knew I was approaching the point of no return. She looked up at me and said, "Mark, cum for me. Cum in my mouth." And with that she opened her lips and slid her mouth over my cock. She kept sliding down my cock until she had about half of it in her mouth. Then she started sucking and bobbing her head on my cock all the while massaging the base of my cock and my balls with her hands.

I moaned loudly, "Mom, I'm going to cum." My hips thrust upwards. My cock felt like it slid into her throat and then it erupted. Blast after blast of cum spewed into her throat. She choked slightly and pulled her mouth back a little all the while trying to keep swallowing as more cum filled her mouth. Finally she couldn't keep up with the flow and some dribbled out the corners of her mouth.

I must have passed out for a few minutes because when I came to she was lying beside me and gently whispering in my ear. "Was it everything you dreamed it would be?"

"Oh Mom," was all I could say as I turned my head towards her.

She kissed me and teasingly said, "If you think that was great, wait until you fuck me. I'm going to fuck your lights out."

I could taste my cum on her kiss. It wasn't bad and I kissed her again, this time probing her mouth with my tongue. "I can hardly wait for you to fuck my virginity away," I whispered back.

She said, "Why don't you explore my body while you recover and then you can fuck me."

I got up on my knees as she scooted to the center of the bed. Her hair was lying on the pillow like a halo. She had her arms and legs slightly spread giving me access to all her charms. I leaned down and kissed her upturned nose and whispered to her, "I want to worship your body like the goddess you are."

She giggled and said, "It's all yours. Worship away."

I went straight for her tits, my inexperience showing. I kissed each nipple and started sucking on the left one. I moved to the right one and nipped it with my teeth. She yelped and protested, "Gently, Mark. Use your lips to pinch them, not your teeth. While you have them trapped with your lips, use your tongue to rub them inside your mouth."

I followed her instructions and she started moaning and thrusting her tits at my mouth. I kept it up for a few minutes, but I could hardly wait to explore her pussy. I licked my way down her stomach, doing to her like she had done to me just a few minutes ago. I maneuvered myself around until I was kneeling between her legs. She had spread them quite wide and it opened her pussy to my inspection. I don't think I have ever seen something so beautiful. She had a small tuft of light brown hair about and inch square directly above her slit. The rest of her pussy was shaved bare. Her clit was standing at attention at the top part of her slit. It was a purplish color. I couldn't resist and leaned down and kissed it. She jumped, but kept smiling down at me. The lips of her pussy were open and I could see the hole leading into her depths.

She grabbed her legs just above her knees and pulled them up towards her chest. This caused her pussy to open up even further and exposed her brown asshole. She asked, "Do you like what you see?"

All I could do was nod like an idiot and continue to stare at her pussy.

"Honey," she said. "Why don't you lick my pussy and my clit and make me cum? Then you can fuck me."

I woke out of my trance and nodded eagerly. Leaning my head down, I stuck out my tongue and tasted her pussy. It was tangy, but not unpleasant. I licked her several times from her hole to the top of her slit. I realized that every time I touched her clit she moaned with pleasure so I started concentrating on her clit. I licked it and sucked it. I'm not sure how good my technique was, but she seemed to be enjoying it. It didn't take me very long and she started bucking her hips and thrashing around. I had to wrap my arms around her hips to keep my tongue glued to her clit.

"Oh Mark!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "I'm so close. Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

I continued licking her with renewed vigor. All of a sudden she tensed up. Her legs shot straight out and she started convulsing all the while saying, "Oh God, Oh God." This went on for about a minute and a half. Then she gave a big sigh and collapsed. I think she did just like I did when I came and passed out.

I crawled up beside her and kissed her gently on the lips. She woke with a start, grabbed my face with both hands and started kissing me and licking her juices off my face. "Oh baby, that was the most fantastic orgasm I have ever had," she gushed. "You were marvelous."

I kissed her and teasingly said, "If you think that was great, wait until I fuck you because I'm going to fuck your lights out."

She laughed, "Where have I heard that before?" she asked. She looked down and saw my cock standing at attention again. "It looks like my baby is ready to become a man," she whispered lovingly into my ear. "Fuck me now, Son. Fuck your Mommy now."

I gave a gleeful yelp and jumped up between her wide spread legs again. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her hole and said, "Do it. Fuck me."

I slowly sank my cock into her pussy, feeling it slide all the way down my shaft. It bottomed out at the entrance to her womb. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Never in my entire life had I ever experienced the million sensations now pulsating through my cock. I looked Mom right in the eyes, kissed her, and said, "Mom, thanks. I'm no longer a virgin."

She kissed me back and answered, "Thank you, Son. You're now my man. Think you can keep this pussy filled because I'm going to need it serviced quite often? You don't know how good you make me feel."

"Oh Mom," I shouted. "I'll fill it every day; twice a day; three times a day, any time you want! I can't think of anything I would rather do." With that I slowly withdrew my cock until just the tip was still in her pussy and quickly slammed it back in.

"Oh Baby, that's the way. Fuck me hard," she said.

I started pistoning in and out of her; pulling out almost all the way and then driving my cock in deep. In and out; in and out, nonstop, building to a crescendo.

Mom was moaning and thrashing her head back and forth. She kept muttering deliriously, "Fuck me, Oh fuck me." All of a sudden she yelled, "Mark, don't stop. Make me cum. OH FUCK ME."

With that her pussy clamped down on my cock as her orgasm rocked through her body. This sent me over the top and with one final stab I plunged my cock into her as deep as I could go. For the second time today, my cock erupted. Cum blasted directly into her womb. It filled her pussy until it was squishing out. It was flowing down her ass crack and sticking to my balls. It seemed like her orgasm and my cum went on forever and ever.

A few final squirts and my arms gave out as I collapsed down upon her.

She smiled at me and asked, "How's my man?"

I kissed her lips softly. "Thank you, Mom."

I laid my head on her shoulder. My cock was still in her pussy. I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "I finally got me some of that."


Written by: marcopolobz

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