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Caught Masturbating By My Niece

by UncleMichael©

"Uncle Mike?"

My eyes sprung open to the sight of my 18-year-old niece standing next to my bed.

I had been lying on my back, my eyes closed, in my own bedroom, jacking off. I must have left the front door unlocked.

I was holding my hard dick in one hand and my niece was staring at it. It was early afternoon and even with the shades drawn there was still enough light in the room for her to see it clearly.

I had dropped my blankets and sheets off at the laundry, so I didn't even have something to cover up with.

Sounding defensive, she said, "I rang the bell."

My niece sometimes came over after school, but I'd been doing odd jobs around the house and had taken the very old doorbell down but hadn't replaced it with a new one yet.

"That's okay, Nancy. Go wait. I should get dressed."

She was still looking right at my cock, her eyes wide.

"That's okay, sweetie. It's normal to be curious."

"I never saw one before." She was whispering. Instead of running away, she stepped right up to the side of my bed. "Mom says I can't date or anything till after I become a doctor!"

My sister was a complete headcase about sex and men.

"You were masturbating?"

I couldn't deny it. "Yes. How long were you watching?"

She laughed nervously, almost a giggle. "Promise not to tell?"


"I don't know, but it was a while."

"That's okay, too. But you should run along and let me get dressed."

"Can I just look at it for a little while longer?"

"Seems like you already got a look."

"But your hand was on it, covering it. Still is." She was biting her lower lip, looking very cute.

I was still holding it. I had been so startled that I'd not thought to even use my other hand to cover up more. I reached down and covered more of myself with my other hand.

"Your mom wouldn't approve."

"I won't tell and you already promised not to tell."

"That's not what I meant."

"She's a prude. No talking to boys. Have to go to the stupid church school with only other girls, where they teach us that the world is flat. You'd think she never had sex or something."

She attended a fundamentalist church with its own school for boys and another for girls. But she was exaggerating: They didn't teach that the earth was flat. Five thousand years old, yes, flat, no.

"Please, Uncle? You forgot my birthday."

I laughed. I hadn't forgotten her birthday and she knew it. I had given her a beautiful old comb, brush and mirror set that I'd found online. I didn't bother to correct her, since she was smiling, smirking really, obviously at her own baldfaced fib.

"It's natural and healthy to be curious, you said so."

"Yes, but I'm your uncle."

"And I'm your niece."

"That's the way it works, or so I've heard."

"So show me, please. Let me look for a while. I promise never to tell."

"Okay, I guess." I dropped my hands. My cock had deflated to half mast.

Her eyes were really wide and she was zeroed in my cock.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her body turned toward me.

She's a beautiful girl. Her breasts are about a 32-B, her hair blond naturally streaked with brown, her eyes an amazingly iridescent blue.

"Okay, you've had your show."

"You said I could look as much as I wanted." She was smirking again, knowing that I knew that she was fibbing. "Besides, it was bigger before. I want to see it big."

"I guess I'm nervous. My niece looking at me, me naked, you . . ."

"Me not? I guess I'd feel silly being naked with you dressed." She stood up and started to pull her sun-dress up.

"You don't have to do that, Nancy."

She giggled. "Becky played 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine,' with Peter Steward, when we were five. I remember thinking that I'd never ever do that." Still giggling, she pulled it up fast over her legs, waist, breasts, and head.

"That's enough, sweetie." It was summer and she had only had her bra and panties under her dress.

But then she was reaching behind her back to unhook her bra, and her breasts spilled out, her quarter-sized nipples bubblegum pink and pointy and hard.

The only 18-year-old breasts I'd seen since I was a teenage were in magazines or movie teen sex comedies.

Her hands were on her hips, playing nervously with the waist-band of her snow-white panties.

"I feel shy."

"It's okay, you can stop now."

But my dick had started to grow again, and her eyes were burning into it.

I couldn't help it, I was staring at her gorgeous young breasts.

"It's like going in the cold ocean, better to jump right in?" She meant undressing.

She was looking at my growing cock too. I should've covered up again, but I didn't.

She pulled her panties down quick, stepped out of them and leaving them on the floor.

Her pubes were light brown, and they formed a light fuzzy halo around her pussy lips which seemed completely bare.

Her bra, sun-dress and panties were discarded on my floor. Her mother was constantly yelling at her to pick up her dirty clothes.

She stepped closer to me, giving me a good view. She even turned around, letting me see her round little ass.

"A random guy at the mall said that I have a nice ass." She used her toes to take her sneakers off.

She sat on the bed again, facing me, and then she scrambled up and knelt next to me and sat back on her heels. She still had on a pair of white ankle socks.

I was hard again.

She giggled happily. "See, it worked."

I laughed nervously. I kept glancing at her pussy and she opened her knees and thighs to give me a better look.

"You're not going to tell your mother or your father, ever?"

"Of course. I don't want to get you in trouble, and I don't want to get in trouble. Besides, maybe I'll want you to show me again,. Heck, maybe I'll want to show you again."

I laughed. "This is a one-time deal."

She pouted and laughed. "So you gotta let me touch it, too."

"Nancy, that's not a good idea."

"Why not?"

"You're so young, I'm your uncle, I'm 30 years older than you are, and it's a sin."

She giggled and reached out and took my cock in her hand. "You don't believe in sin."

"Don't do that," but I didn't brush her hand away either.

"You said I can see yours if I show you mine, so I get to touch yours if . . ."

She took my hand and guided to her pussy, her legs opening.

Helpless to stop her, helpless to pull my own hand away, I let her do it. And of course I hadn't made a childish deal with her about her showing and me showing.

"Don't tell mom, but I sometimes . . ." And she began to rub herself with my hand. She was very wet.

"Why do you masturbate? I do it every night, but I don't have a boyfriend. Mom won't let me have a boyfriend."

She had begun to stroke my cock, more playing with it, but she was stroking it too.

"I don't have a girlfriend either."

"What about Jackie?"

"Was my girlfriend, but now we're just friends."

She was still using my hand to masturbate herself while she stroked my cock lightly with her other hand.

"Girls suck their boyfriends, right?"

And she leaned her head down and kissed my cock and took the head of it into her wet hot mouth.

I pulled my hand away from her pussy and gently pushed her head back up, my palm on her forehead.

She reached down between her own legs and began to finger herself.

"If you want, I'll come over every day after school and let you do whatever you want. Saturdays too, and Sundays after church. You get some of those condom thingies, you can fuck me all you want. I'll go on the Pill right away as long as I can keep them here, and then you won't need to use condoms."

I was looking it her, her hard teenage tits as she fingered herself.

"You know, after today, I'll just find another guy, let him do it, let him fuck my ass, tie me up, take nasty pictures of me, let him do whatever he wants. You'd be saving me from that, Uncle Mike. Maybe he'd get me pregnant. Maybe Don Parker." She giggled.

Don Parker is black and my sister thinks that black people are "the children of Caine."

She lifted up and crawled on top of my hips, her knees on either side of me.

She took my hand and guided it back to her slit, and she was even more wet that before. I started to finger her without her guiding me.

"As long as you gimme what I want, I promise no other guys. None, ever. I can go to St. Mary's when I go to college. I bet mom would let me stay with you, she worries about you living alone."

St. Mary's is a nearby all-girls' Catholic college.

"Do you have any condom thingies?"


She lowered herself on me, guiding my cock to her pussy.

"I bet if you knocked me up, if some mystery boy knocked me up, mom would throw me out, and then I could come live with you. You'd have to take me in: It'd be the right thing to do, the Christian thing." She laughed.

I was thinking that this was some game, that she was a slut or something who had done it with a bunch of other boys and maybe men too.

But then my cock didn't go in, wouldn't go in. She was riding me, my cockhead going in a little, but that was it. It wouldn't go in, wouldn't go in, and I was going nuts, and her eyes looked crazy with lust too.

I rolled her over and mounted her, using my weight and strength to try to force my cock into her and still it wouldn't go in. Finally I broke her hymen by forcing two and then three fingers into her, and then I fucked her hard while she cried but didn't ask me to stop until I shot my load on her belly and tits.

I scooped some of it up with my hands and made her lick them clean. She giggled and giggled while she did it and licked the rest off my chest and belly without being asked.

We showered, went back to my bed, and I ass-fucked her too. She just lay there, taking it, at first asking me to go slow, but then hiding her face in my pillow as I fucked her and fucked her in her hot little ass as hard as I could.

The next day she was back at the same time, but she was too sore to pussy-fuck so I had her suck me and then I ass-fucked her again, only this time she came from it.

Two weeks later she moved in, "to take care of me," promising her mother that she'd obey me completely and that she wouldn't have anything to do with guys, saying that I was enough for her.

They have six other kids, and money is tight, the house crowded, so I bet my sister is glad to get her out of their house and into mine so that I'll feed her.

Written by: UncleMichael

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