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Cock Tease Niece

by UncleMichael©

My sister rents an apartment from me in my house. She worries about her daughter getting into trouble or falling under bad influences, so when she's at work she has me babysit her, even though the girl had just turned 18 years old.

The girl is a cute, sexy little thing and she knows it. She is shy around boys, but she knows me and feels safe with me, so she's been teasing me a lot. She'll come and sit on my lap in just her bra and panties. Out by our pool she'll ask me to spread suntan lotion on back and legs and then she'll unhook the clasp on her bikini strap behind her back. "Oh, uncle Danny, be sure to do a good job!"

She'll giggle at my getting hard. She'll tease me and say, "Oh, did I do that?" She'll squirm on my hand-on when she's on my lap and giggle.

A lot of girls enjoy a thrill when they realize that they have that kind of power over men.

Her grandmother, her father's mother, in Chicago, sent her a fifty dollar bill for her birthday. She asked me to take her to the mall and she went right to Victoria's Secret.

She enjoys teasing me and trying to embarrass me in front of people too. In the store she always found a way to ask me questions in front of the women in the store. She has a way of making my name "Danny" sound like "Daddy" too.

She held up three different types of thongs. "Daddy, which do you like better?" She had a smirk on her face. A minute later, "Oh, daddy, tell me what to pick, you know you'll be the only one to see me in them." "Daddy, which do you think sexier?" "Daddy, do you think this one really hot?"

I try to be stoical about it. She's just having fun. We live out a ways, and there's no else she has to play with or spend time with. And she just naturally seems to enjoy tormenting me.

But of course everything has its limit.

I was tickling her. She was wearing her new hot pink bra and panties. She was squirming around on my lap, her soft round butt wiggling around on my hard-on. She had danced and wiggled her butt for me like she'd seen girls do on You-Tube too, asking if I thought that she was doing it right. The butt of her panties was cut high too, so that a lot of butt cheeks were exposed and she just had a thin piece of satiny cloth covering her about a third of the crack of her butt and her little pussy and butthole. And little minx, she had given herself a wicked case of camel-toe.

I ticked her butt often, something she especially seemed to love. But this time, as I was tickling her, she wiggled one way and my hand went the other, and I tickled her right on her pussy. I wasn't aware that I'd done it, actually.

She suddenly stopped wiggling and giggling. Sat there quietly for a moment, thinking. She went in the room she uses in my part of the house, not saying anything. An half hour later she came back, in her nightie. I hadn't seen her in her nightie for weeks.

She said, "It wasn't right what you just did. I think I have to tell mom."

I asked, "What did I do?"

"You know."

"No, it was an accident, whatever I did. So just tell me exactly where I touched you."

"Right between my legs, on by womanhood."

"Womanhood" is the kind of word my sister, her mother, uses.

I laughed and said, "Honey, I'm sorry. It was an accident."

"You shouldn't laugh."

"Well, with all the cock teasing you've been doing me, I guess it's no wonder that something like that happened."

"Me? Cock teasing?"

I laughed.

"I am going to have to tell mom!"

I was both angry and amused.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward me, so that her face was right in front of mine. My niece looked scared. She had never seen me angry before.

I said, "You know, precious," "precious" was my sister's pet-name for her, a name I never called her, a name that I knew that she hated, "there's a saying. 'In for a penny, in for a pound.' If I'm gonna get blamed for something, why not get blamed for something I actually did on purpose and actually enjoyed doing?"

I grabbed her nightie and pulled it up over her body and her head and then pulled her panties off her and then roughly pulled her bra over her head, breaking the hooks and stretching it.

She was crying.

I pulled her onto my lap and manhandled her breasts and then jammed a finger into her pussy and fingerfucked her for a while. She was lying butt-down on my lap with her legs splayed open, her pussy completely exposed while I fingered her roughly. I even wet my index finger from my other hand with my mouth and fingered her butt while I fingered her pussy.

I was fingering her that way when I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she suddenly came, really really came, her whole body shaking.

I rolled her over and smacked her hard on butt twice too, one slap on each cheek.

I let her up and let her go, and she went into her room, ran as fast as she could, naked, still crying. She left her bra, panties and nightie on the floor.

I sat thinking about what I had done. I realized that it had been a big mistake, the worst of my life. I had both betrayed my niece's love and trust and had committed at least one serious crimes. Sexual assault. I think there's a crime called digital rape --- basically rape using the finger --- too, which I assumed that I had committed twice, once on my niece's pussy and again in her anus. And then there's the fact that she's my niece.

I was worried for myself and worried for my niece. I won't lie and say that I was more worried about her, but I was very worried for her feelings and her sense of betrayal. Something like what I had done could change a girl's entire life.

I was also ashamed of what I had done. My sister would come home and my niece would tell her and I'd feel so much shame before my sister. It would be in the local newspaper too that I had been accused of such a crime.

I thought about lying and denying that I had done it, thought about just saying that my niece got angry with me about something. But I didn't think that such a claim would fly. Girls get believed, and my niece was very cute too, so a lot of people would think that she was the kind of girl a guy like me, a guy without a wife or girlfriend, would molest.

Besides, I had done what I had done.

Well, my sister came home and my niece didn't say anything. We ate dinner together, my niece much less talkative than usual, but my sister was tired and didn't ask about it, other than to ask, "Why so quiet?"

"I don't know. Thinking about my birthday, I guess."

"Thinking what about it?"

"Oh, just that I'm a woman now."

My sister laughed. "Honey, you're not a woman, but you can try your best to behave like an adult."

I think that my sister is in denial about her daughter becoming an adult.

My niece actually laughed. "Like clean my room?"

"That'd be a good place to start."

"Like that's ever gonna happen."

My sister laughed and my niece smiled.

My sister didn't notice that my niece hadn't looked at me during our entire meal.

The next day I apologized to my niece. I didn't put any of the blame on her. I said that I was sorry that I had lost my temper and especially sorry for what I had done, how I had touched her and stripped her naked. I said that what I had done was very wrong and apologized for betraying her love and trust for me.

She just listened. She stayed in the room she used as her own in my part of the house. At night she slept in her room in their apartment unless her mother worked overnight.

The next day, she came to me with her ruined bra. "Will you buy me a new one?"

I couldn't say "no," of course.

So we went to the mall again, and I bought her a replacement for the bra I'd ruined.

After she had the replacement bra in a bag, ready to come home with us, but while we were still in the store, she asked me, "Which ones do you like?"

I was surprised. She hadn't really asked me when we were there before. The last time we had been there she had been teasing me, trying to embarrass me in front of the women in the store, not really asking my opinion. This time she asked in quiet voice that I alone could hear.

I laughed nervously. "I don't think that's a wise question, a prudent one, to ask me." I was trying to improve her vocabulary, by using words like "prudent."

She picked out a blue bra and panties set and got me to pay for it too. In addition to her pink set she had also bought a bright red set, but that one with her own money.

Later, at home, she came and sat on my lap, but this time she was in her nightie again. However, she had several of them, and I wondered if it was a coincidence that it happened to be the one that I had pulled off her so roughly only a few days before. I could see her pink bra and panties through the cotton of her nightie too, so I knew that she was dressed just like she had been when I had assaulted, groped, and fingered her.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, sweetie."

"You have no reason to lie, you know, but did you really touch me that first time by accident?"

"Yes, truly."

"You swear it before God and all the saints?" We were not Catholic, but she had Catholic friends back before she and her mom moved in with me.

I laughed. "Honey, I don't believe in God or all the saints, but I am telling you the truth."

"Okay, I believe you."

"Thank you, but that doesn't excuse what I did, how I treated you and touched you."

"I know. But can I ask something else?"

"Of course."

"When you touched me and stripped me naked, did you do it only because you were angry, or did you do it because you wanted to do it too?"

"You're a beautiful girl. Men have feelings, desires. You teased me, and you knew you were doing it, right, knew that you were provoking my desires?"


"It's not right to feel that way about my own niece, but I had wanted to touch you, had wanted to see you naked. But I was angry too. I'm sure that I wouldn't have done it if I weren't angry, but I can't deny that I had wanted to touch you like that for a very long time."

She thought for a while. She slid off my lap and went back into her room in my part of the house. I later heard my shower running.

When she came back she was in a different nightie, but a shorter one, and her new blue bra and panties. She climbed on my lap. She tickled me and I tickled her back. She was giggling and I was laughed. She was squirming around on my cock again, and I got hard, causing her to giggle all the more.

"When you touched me, when you got angry with me, and that thing happened, like when you were touching me and I shook like that, what was that?"

I thought about apologizing again but didn't. "You had an orgasm."

I couldn't believe that at 18 she'd never had an orgasm before, but what the heck, if she wants to pretend, I'd play along.

"What's that?"

I didn't know how to answer that question. "It's like a sex thing. Your body has different kind of muscles, I think, and some of your smooth muscles, which you can't control like you can the skeletal muscles in your fingers or your legs, twitch and spasm, and it feels very very good."

She giggled.

I knew that I was giving her too much information, but I was nervous about her question or rather ashamed at what I had done. I knew that I had intentionally tried and succeeded in giving her an orgasm, and now I was wondering if it might really have been her first.

She said, "Sometimes I do that to myself. I like spray water in the show on myself down there."

So it hadn't been her first. I'm such a dick that I felt a lurking disappointment that hadn't given my own niece her first orgasm.

My cock was hard and my niece was right on top of it, clenching and unclenching her soft butt on it.

I said, "You shouldn't tease me this way anymore, after what happened."

She giggled.

I reached out and took her breasts into my hands and squeezed them.

"Are you going to molest me from now on?"


She giggled. "What if I tell mom?"

I laughed and dropped my hand to her leg and pulled her nightie up. My hand was on her pussy rubbing her through her satiny blue panties that I had bought her earlier, and then I pulled her panties to one side and slid a finger in her and started to finger her in and out. She was drenching wet.

"How often have you thought of me doing something like this when you sprayed yourself in the shower?"

She giggled.

I lifted her up and pulled her panties off her so that they were pulled down below her knees.

Holding her up, I freed my cock from my pajamas and lowered her it.

"Are you going to fuck me too?"

"In for a penny, sweetie, in for a pound."

"I better go on the Pill then, uncle daddy." She turned and kissed me on the lips.

I started to carry her into my room and put her on my bed. I pulled her nightie off and she pulled her own panties off and undid her bra and took it off too.

I stripped the bed and put a pillow in the middle of it. I rolled her on her belly top of the pillow. I took a tube of KY and lubed her butt and my fingers and began to finger her butt.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to assfuck you."

She giggled.

I said, "You can't get pregnant from that."

"Will it hurt?"

"Yes, maybe, for a little while."


I went and washed up and came back, mounted her, and pushed my cock up her ass. She started to cry, saying that it hurt, but she didn't ask me to stop. When I was all the way inside her, I reach under her and began to play with her clit. She got wetter and wetter and started to moan. I started to assfuck her and she really started to moan. She came. I continued to assfuck her and she came again, and then again, and then she had a multiple orgasm.

She kept coming and I came inside her. I was so excited that I stayed hard, so I kept fucking her for another ten minutes, and she kept coming.

We showered together and then lay in bed naked, talking and kissing.

A few weeks later, my sister came home early and found us asleep and naked in my bed together.

My niece and I made excuses, but later my sister asked if I was fucking her daughter.

I said yes.

My sister surprised me by asking if I'd "at least" taken her and put her on the Pill.

"The doctor suggested the Shot."

"What's the Shot?"

"A shot they give her every three months. Then she doesn't have to remember to take her pill every day."

My sister said, "Well, I guess as long as you're not going to knock your own niece up."

"That won't happen."

"She does seem much happier the last few weeks. When did you two start?"

I told her.

My sister called my niece to us and asked if she wanted to sleep with me from now on, and my niece said yes.

"Well, okay, if that's what you want. But you have to keep it a secret."

My niece laughed happily. "Thanks, mom, you're the best!"

"And sweetie, I want both of you to be faithful to each other, so no other boys, okay?"

"Of course, mom."

Written by: UncleMichael

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