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Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 04

by xleglover©

A few days later, Victor called and suggested a double date for the following weekend. I flinched when he said "double date," because I knew he meant Monique with me, and Jen with him. My wife dating another man? That bothered me. But my recent experience of fucking Monique as an innocent school girl still burned in my memory. I promised Victor I'd talk to Jen.

That evening, Jen reluctantly agreed to another evening with Victor and Monique. I didn't say "double date" when I asked her because I didn't know how she'd take it. I got the feeling Jen didn't really enjoy our new swinging lifestyle, and was doing it for me. Jen's reluctance made me feel guilty, but relieved too. Guilty, because I lusted so much for Monique, and loved fucking her. Relieved, because knowing Jen wasn't really into Victor, it made it easier for me to let Victor have her.

That Saturday we went to a nice restaurant with Victor and Monique. While we shared a table, Monique paired off with me and Jen with Victor. It felt like a date, with Monique snuggling up against me and whispering in my ear, and Victor with his arm around Jen. I'm sure the waiter assumed Monique was my wife, and Jen Victor's. We would've had to do some serious explaining if any of our friends saw us, but the restaurant was in the next town, so there was little chance we'd run into anyone we knew.

"I've got an idea," Victor said later, as the valet fetched our cars. "Why don't you take Monique to my house, and I'll take Jen to yours? It'll give us more time to get to know each other."

"That's a great idea!" Monique squealed with delight. "It'll be so much fun!"

My cock stiffened at the thought of having Monique for the entire evening. Monique's arm was around me, inside my coat, and she squeezed my ass. "It'll be fun," she repeated with a seductive smile.

I looked at my wife. Jen didn't say anything, but her face was a mix of anxiousness and uncertainty. Under my coat, Monique reached into my back pocket and caressed my ass, making me almost shiver with excitement. "It might be fun," I said to Jen, trying to keep my voice steady.

Jen wore an "I'm not sure about this" expression on her face. "It's just a few hours," I said, dismissing her unspoken concerns. "I'll be home before dawn."

Jen looked hurt, and she turned away from me. "Whatever," she said, a quiver in her voice. I felt bad, but my lust for Monique consumed me.

Once again, sex with Monique was amazing. I almost came in my pants when she took off her dress. She wore a black satin bustier, with garters that held up sheer black stockings. Her stiletto heels had to be at least 4 inches high. By 4am, I'd fucked her 3 times, each time cumming on her beautiful face.

Monique fell asleep. With my lust satiated, the rational part of me returned. I felt terrible over how I treated Jen earlier that evening. I got out of bed and dressed, being careful to not wake up Monique. My plan was to get home early, bid Victor goodbye, and then apologize and make up with my wife.

The apartment was dark and quiet, and I assumed Victor and Jen were sleeping. I quietly approached the bedroom, not wanting to wake them up. A single lamp was on, but positioned as I was in the dark hallway, it was enough to illuminate the entire bedroom. What I saw took my breath away.

Jen straddled Victor, who lay naked on the bed. They were fucking, Jen's hands gripping his chest as she moved slowly up and down on his cock. When we had left our apartment earlier that evening, Jen had worn her hair up. Now her long hair fell loose off her shoulders and down her back, tangled blonde locks sexily framing her pretty face. My wife was nude, except for a garter belt and black stockings, and ankle strap high heels. Her dress, bra and panties lay on the floor.

Earlier that evening, I had noticed how sexy Jen looked, but my attention had been focused on Monique. Now, as I stood in the shadows watching them fuck, I couldn't get over how desirable my wife looked. Her long shapely legs looked so good in the stockings, and the sight of the garter straps pressing into her ass and thighs made my cock ache. I guess I had always taken Jen's breasts for granted since they were small. But they were full and shapely, capped with hard perky nipples, and Victor couldn't seem to get enough of them as he cupped and fondled her.

Seeing my wife with another man was like a blow to the gut. I wanted to pull Jen off Victor. But I knew I couldn't do that, after fucking Victor's wife. I had to suck it up and let them finish.

It's funny what draws your attention at times like this. What things burn into your memory. It wasn't so much Victor's cock moving in and out of Jen's pussy. But the sparkle of her wedding and engagement rings as her left hand clutched his chest. Or the look on Jen's face, a mixture of pleasure and bliss, and her low intense moans hinting at ecstacy so immense to be almost religious. She enjoyed fucking Victor. He gave her pleasure, and she loved it. It sent a dagger through my heart, and I tried to remember if she had ever looked the same way with me.

I watched with masochistic fascination as Jen slowly rose until only Victor's cockhead remained inside her, and then slowly lowered until fully impaled on his rod. She did this over and over, moaning with pleasure as she pulled up, and whining in discomfort as she pushed down, her pretty face initially contorted in a grimace of pain before transforming into a glow of pleasure and fulfillment.

Victor was big. He was so long, it seemed to take forever for Jen to pull up, and even longer to push down. He was thick, too, and from my vantage point I saw my wife's pussy straining to accommodate his wide girth.

With a start, I realized Victor wasn't wearing a condom. Even though I knew he was fixed and clean, it bothered me that he was fucking my wife bareback. Was he going to cum inside her? I didn't wear condoms with Monique, but I always pulled out because she was still young enough to get pregnant, and I didn't know if she took the pill.

"Do you like fucking me, baby?" I heard Victor ask in a low guttural voice.

"Yeah ... yeah," Jen said dreamily, her eyes half closed.

"You like my big fat cock?" Victor panted as their fucking became more frantic. I sensed they were both close to cumming. "Do you? Do you?"

"Yeah, yeah," Jen moaned, her head falling forward and her long blonde hair whipping across Victor's broad black chest. "I like it, it feels so good."

"Do I fuck you better than your husband?" Victor hissed between pants. They were both close. "Am I better?"

"Ohhhh godddd," Jen cried as she came, her orgasm ripping through her lithe body. "Better ... better ... and so much bigger. Ohhhh godddd ..."

As part of an inward thrust, Victor threw Jen to the bed and got on top of her, fucking her more savagely, pressing the wide girth of his hard cock against Jen's clit to intensify the pleasure and length of her orgasm. "Oh god, oh god," Jen cried, wrapping her legs around Victor's waist and digging the stilettos of her high heels into the back of his thighs.

Victor grunted and roared, and then lurched violently forward. I knew he was cumming inside my wife. He pushed deep inside Jen and didn't pull out for what seemed like minutes, the muscles in his back and ass repeatedly convulsing as he shot what must have been gallons of his sperm inside my wife's womb. Even after he relaxed, signaling the end of his orgasm, he kept his cock planted deep inside my bride.

I staggered backwards in the darkened hallway, my knees weak, trying to process what I had just seen. Somehow I managed to leave the apartment without being detected. I went down to my car to wait for Victor to leave.

Written by: xleglover

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