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Just Like Her Mom. Ch. 02

by PalmerEldritch©

Note: I believe it would be a good idea to read the first chapter story this story in order to better enjoy the following installment of the adventures of Clarissa Hill and her family.


Conrad sat back and enjoyed the very pleasing view before him.

As he looked on it occurred to him that at the day's start the idea that he would be leisurely be sitting relaxed on his teen-aged daughters, pink bedspread covered bed watching his sweet sexy slut of a wife eat out his equally sweet, and equally sexy little girl, was so far out of the realm of possibility that he would have had himself committed for thinking it was going to happen.

His wife Jennifer -- Jenny as he always thought of her -- knelt on the floor and ran her hands up and down her daughter's smooth thighs to her shaved pussy mound.

Jenny smiled up at Conrad and kissed her sweet daughter Clarissa's inner thigh on the right, and then on the left. Jenny looked up again and said, "Isn't she so pretty, sir?"

Conrad smiled hearing his wife call him sir like she often did during their more, shall we say, intense sexual encounters.

"She is a pretty sweet little slut, isn't she? But of course her mom is too, aren't you?"

"If you say so sir," said Jenny with a smile of pride on her face.

Jenny was a 42 year old woman, and like most women her age, it had been a long while since she could boast as flat a tummy as her little girl could. A long time since she could take her bra off and not see a little bit -- maybe more than a little bit -- of sag to her tits. But she had always taken pride in taking care of her figure and even at 42 she had a beautiful hour glass figure and a still respectable set of 36c breasts. Her legs remained shapely, and thanks to some wonderful hair care products, she had had kept her hair long and blond. She also kept her pussy clean and bald, because she knew her husband loved shaved twats. And she knew he loved filthy talk in the bedroom, and name calling as well. Something she knew was about the dirtiness of the sex, more than anything he really felt toward her. Jenny loved to be treated like a slut in the sex department, but demanded to be treated like a lady, and the mother of Conrads' children out of it.

She craved filthy raunchy sex, but had kept her kinky nature from the kids all these years, because that was what you did, as a good mother and wife. You acted the part of PTA mom during the day and at night or when the kids where out at school or friends houses, you became what you let your true submissive nature loose. But never could she have imagined finding her husband fucking their daughter, would be a dream come true, for her. A fucking dream that she never wanted to wake from, she now knew.

Conrad watched his daughter Clarissa's face as her mom blew warm breathe over her tight bald cunt. His 18 year old girl gasped, "Oh Mommy, GOD! Even just your breathe feels good. God I love you mommy!"

Jenny looked up at her daughter from between her legs and said, "Oh baby, mommy loves you to and I want so bad to show you all the things that a girl can have fun doing with another girl."

"Have you been with ... you know, other girls?"

Jenny looked at her husband and back at her daughter. She ran her tongue over Clarissa's thigh, and then said, "Lot's of times, baby. Daddy and I used to have threesomes with Aunt Elaine."

"Aunt Elaine!" Clarissa said in an amazed voice, thinking about her mom and dad's pretty friend, the nice lady who had baked cookies for her and her brother and always had a gift for the two of them at Christmas time.

"Uh huh, she and Daddy and I had a thing for years, when you kids visited grandma in the summer, she would, kind of sleep over. If you follow me honey."

Jenny gently parted her little girls slick cunt lips with her fingers, bringing a moan to Clarissa's lips. The horny mother leaned in close and swabbed her tongue over the juicy lips and tasted her feminine juice as well as her husbands cum, still leaking slowly out of her daughter's cunt hole.

Clarissa reached out and clutched her fathers hand and squeezed hard.

"Oh god Daddy, it feels so good. Mommy's tongue it ... feels so -- AH! So good, Mommy, please don't stop!"

Conrad watched his wife tongue the pussy of the child she had given birth to 18 years earlier and found it as hot a sight as he had ever thought he would see in his life.

He knew both women liked to be treated like sluts, and that dirty talk turned his daughter on as much as it did his wife, so as he began to speak he was almost not even in control of his own words. They seemed to emanate from another man, another set of vocal cords.

"That's it you fucking whore, eat your little girls' cunt you fucking filthy bitch. Do you love that tasty slit? Do you love to eat that cunt, you filthy incestuous slut."

"Yes sir, I love to eat my little girl," said Jenny lifting her face momentarily.

"Please sir, please fuck my dirty cunt while I eat my daughter," said Jenny in a sexy drawl. The mother wiggled her own ass lewdly and spread her knees on the soft carpet.

Conrad dropped to the floor beside his wife and lifted his daughters left legs and placed it on his shoulder, and turned his face and sunk his teeth into his daughters' inner thigh.

"Oww, Daddy that hurt!" Clarissa squealed.

Conrad looked up at his daughter and said, "Don't ever complain about what I do, understand?" Conrad then proceeded to bite down even harder leaving a red bite mark in the wake of this on his daughter's soft thigh.

"Yes, Daddy," said Clarissa, holding back the tears as her thigh throbbed after her Daddy's second bite.

"When I do something to your body, you take it and like it, Clarissa. Your mom does, and complaining only shows you don't trust Daddy's judgment."

Conrad kissed his little girl's boo-boo just as he had for years while she grew up.

"You two slut's are so hot," said Conrad, unable to help being so turned on by what he saw before him.

He watched as his wife inserted her fingers into her daughter's wet hole. He could hear the sloshing of the remnants of his come and her pussy juices, coming form her still tight hole. His wife pulled back her finger to find it covered in slimy sex juice.

"Oh sir, look at what you put in our baby girl. May I eat it sir?"

"Of course you may," Conrad said as he stroked his slutty wife's blonde hair.

Jenny sucked greedily at the juices on her fingers that she had scooped out of her little girl's cunt hole. It tasted so good she thought; too good not to eat, she thought nastily.

Jenny put her finger back in her daughter's hole and began to pump it in and out gently at first and then as Clarissa began to moan, much faster.

The sex crazed mother, began to use filthy language, knowing from watching her daughter and husband earlier that Clarissa was turned on by it just like her mom was.

'Take Mommy's fucking finger's in that nasty fucking twat, you little teen slut."

Clarissa had never heard her mother use profanity before and gasped as she listened at first and then as her pussy began to throb and drip again, just like earlier with her father, she started to moan and groan with each filthy word from her mom.

"Tell me you love Mommy eating this nasty dirty Daddy fucking twat!" Jenny said, lifting her face for a second from her daughters drooling pussy.

"YES! I DO MOMMY! I DO! PLEASE SUCK IT MORE!" Clarissa screamed out.

Conrad began to worry about the next door neighbors hearing his slutty daughter ranting and calling to her horny mommy to suck her off.

I should tell them to be quieter, he thought. But just as quickly, he dismissed the thought; he was just too turned on.

Instead, Conrad began to join in the obscene banter.

"That's it you fucking filthy bitch eat that teen cunt, suck it like your life depends on it," said Conrad.

He began to stroke his stiff cock as he watched and then crawled behind his wife and, grabbing her ass he spread her cheeks wide and leaned down to lick up and down her already slick pussy. Conrad trailed his tongue up and over her tight back entrance, and heard his wife of 22 year's moan loudly into her daughters' cunt.

Conrad knelt between his wife's legs and held his cock in his hand and slid it up and down his wife's slit. He squeezed her ass cheeks and raised his hand and brought it down with a loud thwack. Conrad rained another and another down on his slut wife's ass, first one cheek then the other. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Conrad reached out and grabbed his wife's hair and pulled hard, yanking her head up and shaking it. he then pulled her face up close and kissed her mouth hard, shoving his tongue into her mouth and tasting his daughter's young cunt on her mother's tongue.

"Keep eating you fucking slut," he said, breaking off the kiss and shoving his wife's smiling face down onto their little girl's cunt.

As Clarissa began to shake with another orgasm, she found that she suddenly an urge to cry and didn't know why. She wasn't sad, but rather than that, was happier than ever in her life. She looked down between her thighs at her beautiful mom and with tears in her eyes then looked up to see her father his face a mask of pleasure staring at her as he pounded hard into her mommy's tight pussy.

"I love you Mommy, Daddy ... oh god oh god!" Clarissa was struck dumb as her pussy spasm-ed again in another orgasm.

Conrad was beside himself with pleasure as he rammed his hard cock into his wife over and over. He had never felt this close to his sweet ladies as he did right now.

Conrad reached down and under his wife and stroked gently on Jenny's clit as he pounded into her box, all the while he could feel her cunt cream leaking out and dripping on his balls, a sensation he had felt a thousand times before, but which felt, somehow better this time. His wife's cunt clutched and milked his cock now in a constant flexing motion, and he could tell by her moaning and whimpering she was close to an orgasm beyond belief. As he rubbed her clit with one hand he gripped her hip with the other.

He began to ram his wife's wet warm pussy harder possibly than ever before in his life. Conrad held tight and looked up at his daughter's tear stained blissful face and rammed himself deep into her mom's cunt, the same cunt he had watched her come from 18 years earlier.

Jenny could feel her orgasm building in her stomach, and raised her face from her daughters pussy; as she did she jammed two finger into her little girl quim and fucked her tight box in and out each time her husband slammed his cock into her cunt hole.

"Honey I'm gonna cum! Please sir, make your slut CUM!" screamed Jenny.

"Are you, you sick daughter fucking bitch?" Conrad sneered for behind as he fucked her tight well fucked box.

"I bet you want to fuck Paul too don't you?" said Conrad.

"Yes I do, I do!" Jenny shouted as she thought about her own son fucking her.

"You want him to be a motherfucker, don't you, you fucking bitch?"

"Please Conrad please; let me fuck my son please!" Jenny's hot motherly cunt twitched as she thought of having sex with her son, as her husband's hard shaft rammed her over and over.

Clarissa could not believe the things her mom and dad were saying, but she knew that indeed her mom would fuck Paul, and as she thought about it she now knew she wanted that also. She wanted to be this close always. Clarissa wanted to have this pleasure with her parents and wanted her brother to be part of it too.

"Please fuck Paul Mommy, please! Please let Mommy do it, Daddy."

Conrad grinned up at his daughter as he sawed his shaft in and out of her mother's slick wet hole. "Sure I will punkin, sure." Conrad laughed and then groaned as the lewdly obscene picture in his head of his wife fucking her own son began to bring him closer to coming.

"OH JENNY! YES! I'M GOING TO ... COME!!" Conrad could feel his cock begin to throb in the tight confines of his wife's cunt, but then had a sudden inspiration, and reached down and squeezed his cock hard at the base and slid it out of Jenny's hole with a wet pop. The horny mother turned at once and looked over her shoulder and whimpered like a puppy whose bone had been taken away.

"Conrad no, I want your cum baby," said Jenny.

"You will get your cum you fucking whore," said Conrad with a smirk, "All in due time."

The husband and father, a man who was usually the gentlest of souls, stood up his still rock hard cock in his hand, and grabbed his daughter by the hair.

Conrad dragged the startled teen from the bed and to her knees next to her mother. "Ouch! Daddy no it hurts" Clarissa whined only to feel her Daddy's open hand slap her face and snap her into silence.

"Did that hurt as well, you fucking cum whore?" Conrad leaned close to his daughter and said this in a low stern voice. His daughter, stunned, shook her head no.

Conrad Hill held his daughter by her long red hair and waved his slick hard cock in front of his daughter. His huge 8 inch cock swayed in front of her as she looked up at her father and obediently opened her mouth and let him slide his cunt slick cock into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," moaned Conrad as he felt his cock slide to the back of his little girl's throat. He felt her swallow as he pulled her hair and forced more of his cock into her face.

Conrad looked down at her and also over at his wife still rubbing her now empty cunt with her fingers frantically. He smiled at his wife and then at his daughter.

'What a pair of fucking slut's I have on my hands. What tramps"

Conrad gripped his daughter's long hair in his hand and began to ram his cock in and out, listening as she fought to not gag on him, not wanting to displease her daddy in any way.

Clarissa felt like she was going to throw up at first, but soon felt her self under control. She felt like such a whore she had never felt this way even in back alley's sucking boys from school, getting practice for this day when she would have her father's cock in her mouth. And now it was even more wonderful and special than she thought it could be.

She had, had sex with her Daddy and her Mommy as well. She never dreamed it would feel this good to be used, really truly used by someone. Clarissa felt humiliated and exhilarated all at once. She breathed thought her nose as her father now fucked her throat, and reached between her legs and fucked her middle finger in and out of her wet cunt.

Conrad could feel his whole body begin to shake as he pounded his cock in and out of his little angels' mouth. He knew his cum was on its way and he wanted his girl's to see how nasty he expected them to be from now on.

As his cock began to jerk in his daughter's tight throat he pulled her off of it and looked down at her, her blue eyes turned submissively up to his.

'Daddy has a treat for his little cum dumpster," he said in a tone of voice Clarissa had never heard before in her life as Daddy's little princess. But she supposed she was still his princess, just another kind of one, now.

"Please Daddy give me my treat." Clarissa smiled up at her father.

"Give your little slut her sweet cum treat, Daddy," said the teen-aged slut at her father's knees. Clarissa's mother Jenny moved close to her young daughter and also gazed up at her husbands prick.

"Yes dearest, give it all to our baby girl," said Jenny hoarsely.

"I am darling. I am going to give our little girl her treat, but she has to share."

Jenny smiled up at her sexy hubby, and reached up and twisted and pulled on one of her daughters pert nipples with one hand, and on one of her own with her other hand.

Conrad's cock began to throb looking at his two hot sluts kneeling at his feet. He hadn't been so hard in years and he knew his load would dwarf any he had had so far with the girl's. "Here it is you fucking whore, open your mouth wide."

Conrad said, "Tell me what you are. Tell me Clarissa."

Clarissa felt her body shake and could almost not believe the words came from her mouth as she began to speak never taking her eyes from her Daddy as he stroked his cock over her. "I am such a slut Daddy. I am your little girl whore. Give me my treat Daddy." Clarissa gazed up and heard her father groan and then begin to jerk his cock harder.

"Take your father's cum in your mouth you whore!!" Conrad shouted as his cock began to spurt over his daughter's face. It splashed over her face covering her forehead and cheek's until he moved his cock and aimed it into his daughter's mouth.

Spurt and spurt jetted into Clarissa's small mouth her tongue turning white in seconds as her Daddy's cum covered it. She couldn't see her Mommy but could hear her finger's furiously fucking her wet slot, as her husband covered their little girl.

"Don't swallow! Don't swallow, you fucking bitch!" Conrad said as he jacked his load into his darling daughter's slutty mouth.

As her father shook the last drops from his slowly softening cock into her mouth, Clarissa held her mouth wide open, like a good little girl. She could feel how full her mouth was and looking at her father gazing at her with lust and exhausted pride she knew he was proud of her. She saw her father nod slightly in her mother's direction, and turned her head and looked at her mom still holding her Daddy's load of sperm in her mouth.

"Share your cum with Mommy like a good girl," said Conrad.

Yes please give it to Mommy, please," Jenny said, opening her mouth wide.

Clarissa's Mother crouched lower to make it easier for her little girl and saw her daughter raise up higher on her knees and begin to let the slimy mixture of sperm and saliva and cunt juice slowly begin to drip in a long stream from her mouth down into her mother's mouth. She felt like a filthy whore knowing she was feeding her mother her own father's slimy load from her mouth.

As her husband's cream slid into her mouth Jenny thought this was the filthiest, most exciting thing she would ever do. And then she almost giggled thinking that she would probably be doing even worse soon, and loving it all. Jenny rolled her husband's cum around in her mouth and then suddenly grabbed her slutty young daughter face and kissed her full on the mouth forcing her mouth open and pushing her tongue into her daughter's mouth.

Clarissa moaned into her mother's mouth as she felt her mom pass her Daddy's cum back to her, and then she passed it back to her hot mother's lips. Clarissa grabbed her mom's hip's and then slid her hand under between her mother's legs and rubbed her sopping pussy as she continued to tongue kiss and share her father's cum with her horny mother.

'Mommy, I love you," said the young girl breaking the kiss.

"Oh girl's," said Conrad, stroking their hair.

"Yes Daddy?"

"Yes Dear sir?"

Both of his girl's gazed up at him, and he had an urge which he gave into instantly

Conrad gripped a handful of both women's hair and tilted their heads back.

"Open up wide for me," said Conrad firmly.

Both did as they were told and opened their mouths wide and suck out their tongues, Jenny knowing what was coming, and her daughter just thinking Daddy wanted to see if they had swallowed it all.

Conrad leaned down and spit into his wife's mouth and then into his daughters mouth. "Now swallow like the good girl's you both are." Conrad looked down at them.

His wife swallowed immediately and opened her mouth to show the empty cavity, but his daughter looked a little perplexed for a few second's and then slowly closed her mouth and swallowed.

Clarissa looked sheepishly up at her father. "Was that okay Daddy?"

"Yes it was punkin." Conrad beamed down at his wife who burst out in giggles.

"Your father gets a kick out of that," said Jenny laughing now, "But I don't get it."

Clarissa began to giggle also as she saw her father drop to his knees and almost collapse on the floor laughing, and then she squealed even louder as she felt her mom begin to lick her face and forehead, cleaning off the rest of her husband's cum from her daughter's face. By the time the sexy mother of two had finished cleaning her daughter's face with her tongue; all three had fallen to the soft carpet, and rolled around hugging each other and laughing.

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