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My Time as a Mexican Whore Ch. 04

by wifelvrman©

Each day at the whore house Michelle had her routine. She was allowed to sleep till around 11:00 in the morning when the owner would come in and wake her. She was ordered to always sleep in the nude, so when the owner entered, she could suck his cock first thing. His cum served as her breakfast.

After finishing her owner, Michelle would sponge herself off from the basin of water in her room. She would put on the makeup she was given and brush her hair. She would then dress in the loose white blouse she had been given. The fabric was very thin and the neck plunged so low that her breasts often fell out as she walked. Even if they didn't the customers could plainly see her lucious tits through the fabric.

The only other clothes she had was a red skirt that loosly flared out and almost covered her ass. It didn't matter, the men would always reach under her skirt to grab her naked ass or her bare pussy. Many would reach into her blouse to fondle her tits as she coaxed them back into her room. If they were able to get the money the owner demanded, she wouldn't have to do much coaxing.

Once in her room, Michelle would drop her skirt and pull her blouse off. She would then drop to her knees and take the man's cock into her mouth to suck. Occasionally she would be greeted with a slap on her face or slaps on the tits when she didn't understand just what the man wanted.

Michelle understood little Spanish and tried her best to do exactly what the men wanted. If she didn't, she could be beaten. It had happpened only once, when she thought the man wanted her to tongue his ass. She didn't want to do it, and acted as if she just couldn't understand even with his hand jestures. The man had yelled something to the owner, who ran into her room and had the customer hold her arms behind her back while he beat her with a metal coat hanger along her ass and legs.

It had hurt so badly, she did anything after that. It had taken two weeks for the pain and soreness to go away. Michelle became a master at tonguing ass after that, and almost all the men wanted it when they had heard what happened.

Michelle would take between fifteen and twenty men a day back to her quarters. She estimated that her legs were spread for over twelve hours each day and a cock was inside almost that entire time. At the first of the day, when the pill began to take effect, she liked the feel of a cock inside her. She would cum often. Michelle even grew to like the taste of cum as the men would shoot it down her throat and she would swallow.

But as the day wore on and she tired, Michelle couldn't handle it without the pill she would get from the woman who worked for her boss. Michelle assumed it was ecstasy, but she had to have it to get through the day.

After three weeks of getting a pill each day, the woman refused to give any more to Michelle. She made it known that she would have to pay for it from now on. The woman sat on a barstool and pulled her skirt up. It was evident to Michelle what she wanted her to do.

Michelle was repulsed, but as she looked up to see the coat hanger in her owner's hand, she dropped to her knees and began to lick the woman's pussy. Michelle was timid at first, but the woman held her head and pulled Michelle's face into her smelly cunt.

Michelle knew that although she was the main whore, the woman serviced several of the men as well. She could imagine what she was licking and tried to force herself not to think about it. She needed the ecstasy badly.

The woman was saying something Michelle couldn't understand. She pushed Michelle's head away, turned around, bent over, and spread her ass cheeks. Michelle knew then what she wanted and tongued her ass as expertly as she did the men's. The woman then turned over and Michelle knew she was to tongue her pussy as well.

Although she was more than used to swallowing cum, it was fresh. As Michelle was being forced to tongue, lick, suck, and swallow the woman's mixed juices she became nauseous and had to run outside as she vomited. When she returned, the woman and the owner were laughing. She could understand "cada noche", knowing from then on she would be doing that chore each night. At least the juices will be fresher, she thought.

Michelle was given a beer and a pill. She needed them to help her to be aroused. The men wanted her to be passionate, and she wanted to please. That day she serviced eighteen men and one woman before she was allowed to go to sleep.

Carla followed Michelle into her room when the whore house/bar closed down for the night. She slowly undressed as Michelle watched her. The older woman still had a good body. Her breasts hung down a bit too much, and her ass was too wide, but overall, Carla had a good body.

Michelle thought to herself that the flaws Carla had must have come from the work she had done, the same work Michelle was doing now. "Town whore," she thought. Then she realized that she herself had already fucked a few hundred men. How many had Carla fucked? She was still working some, taking a little of the load off of Michelle. Men must come from all around the area, Michelle realized. "All to fuck this little white wife," she thought, the ecstacy still having a little effect.

Michelle dropped her skirt and slowly removed her blouse. Carla was already laying on the bed, her legs spread. Michelle laid on her stomach on the small bed. She slowly kissed up Carla's legs, alternating right to left. When she got to Carla's thighs, Michelle began to lick the dried cum from them before moving up to her pussy.

Michelle carefully and sensuously licked slowly around Carla's well used pussy, cleaning it and tempting it before she licked at her cunt lips and began to tongue deeply into Carla. Michelle drew out the juices inside Carla and sucked them into her mouth, swallowing as she went. She felt Carla building to a orgasm as she moved her hands to Carla's breasts and rolled her nipples with her fingers as she continued to lick her pussy. When she breathed in and strongly blew her warm breath into Carla's pussy, Carla released her orgasm into Michelle's waiting mouth.

Michelle moved up and began to suck Carla's nipples, first one and then the other, slowly, passionately. Michelle ground her pussy into Carla's and the two of them fucked into one another. Soon they were kissing and holding each other tight as they both climaxed. The two women fell asleep in Michelle's bed, holding one another through the night.

Written by: wifelvrman

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