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Selfish Mom Ch. 05


The dinner date between Jane and Debbie was a true success, as the former made no attempt to hide her affection for the latter. In fact, she was quite possessive and aggressive with her sex slave, fondling her and reminding her who was the boss. To a woman who recently accepted her role so well because it involved a submissive role, it was easy enough to welcome the attention. She simply treated Jane the way that she felt that she should have treated Tom as her husband.

Some of Debbie's old friends saw her and shunned her as an open lesbian, but she didn't care, since she no longer traveled in those circles. She just enjoyed the way that her Mistress groped and kissed her. The waitress smiled at them and even winked, which didn't embarrass Mrs. Kendall as much she feared it would. Instead, the former teacher flirted a little, but only when Jane encouraged her.

"So, Debbie, I have something to confess to you," Jane warned her slave in a low voice.

"What's that, Mistress?" Debbie wondered, curious as to what her Domme would tell her.

"I lied about something," Ms. Mensch continued to tease her partner.

"What's that?" Debbie panicked for a second, wondering what privileges Jane might revoke.

"We're not going to be monogamous after all. This isn't a normal restaurant, you see. The ordinary patrons think that it is, but they are unaware of what happens when the place officially closes. It's actually a special lovers' club. I just told you that fidelity stuff to lower your guard, so you'd follow me here more easily. We're going to have fun. This is a Sapphic swing club, for lack of a better word. Women meet and have sex with each other, with no regard for the boundaries or limitations of relationships.

"It's actually an orgy club, if you think of it right. Oh, and we bring in a designated male regularly to service our needs, since we're not strictly gay. By Sapphic, I meant bisexual women who fuck each other, not full-scale lesbians. I'm really bi, not gay. I just wanted to lull you to the point where you wouldn't suspect anything. The other stuff is mostly true. You still get those privileges, as long as you don't object to your new situation. You see, it was part of your special exemption for restaurants. Women who hold high ranks in the Republican Front like new playthings just as much as the male officials do. It happened after my pardon and was part of the price for your improved conditions," Jane explained.

"So, all I have to do is have sex with these women, and all of my other duties and you're still happy with me. I can do that, if you wish. I just want to make you happy and earn rewards for being good. You know how much I love you. I don't want my old life anymore. I want to be yours. If that means fucking other women, then so be it," Debbie blushed as she spoke at the profanity that she used. Her old sense of shame died hard, even as she embraced her new situation. She was also a bit jolted by the shift in her Mistress, but she was desperate to please Jane.

"Yes, and you also get to fuck the designated man. He's not just there for sex. He helps impregnate women, some of whom are more lesbian than bi, but most of whom swing both ways. I'm glad that you can handle the surprise. Oh, and I have joined the Republican Front. I've made my peace with the new regime, as you can see.

"The tribunals are easing up in this state and getting replaced by regular courts lately. There may be some hope for you to receive a commutation of your sentence in time, if you behave well enough. If that happens, would you still live with me? I have plans to rent a nice townhouse in Charleston. You can get a transfer in your job and I will get to drive you to work. I have a new job myself. It's part of my deal with the authorities. We can afford the rent, especially after you get a raise," Jane informed her slave.

"I am fine with that. It sounds nice, but you still plan to marry me, right? I look forward to a new wedding," Debbie asked in a worried tone.

"Of course, we will still get married. I am still your fiancée and your Mistress. While your hardships are being reduced, I continue to enjoy your service to me. Most of your regular sex will still be with me. The swinging is for clubs like this, when I get to take you. Sometimes, I will go alone and you'll have to wait up for me. That's because I only have but so many passes for you to join me, and my new girlfriends in the Republican Front insist that I come here often. It's not required per se, but it helps me earn more privileges for you. The more we cooperate with them, the more we convince them that you're a changed woman and that I'm not in sympathy with my late husband's ideology," Ms. Mensch answered, before French-kissing Debbie in public again.

"This man, is he a gigolo or a convict like me?" Mrs. Kendall inquired, a bit uncertain about that issue, though willing to accept it for Jane's sake. While never exciting, sex with Tom had been tolerable, not disgusting. Whether that made her bi instead of gay, she didn't know.

"Actually, he is usually either a Republican Front official or a Militiaman. It helps keep the men in the Front happy about our clubs, though they have some of their own, albeit of a different sort. We even get to visit them. Hell, there are even clubs for straight swinger couples. The Front unofficially sanctions these as social networks to encourage close ties between government, business, labor, and other segments of society. I think that even many clergy are involved.

"In fact, you can say the Front is as revolutionary about sex as it is about other things. The Commandant wants to sweep away the old sexual mores along with all of the other negative taboos, in case you haven't noticed. He views them as vestiges of our colonial past that should have been discarded by the Enlightenment and the First American Revolution. So, you see, I have learned that there is more to this regime than first meets the eye. It's not evil, though some of your old friends see it that way. It's visionary," Jane clarified.

"Does this mean that our waitress really intends to have sex with me or you, or both of us? Is she part of it?" Debbie queried, a bit aroused at the idea. The waitress in question was rather sexy.

"Yep, and after the last unsuspecting patrons leave, I intend to let her be the first stranger to enjoy you. She really is a babe, isn't she? Now, finish your steak and wine. I know it's still odd to drink anything alcoholic, but you might as well. It's a far less serious sin according to your religion than what you're about to do, and it will help nerve you for the orgy to come. Tonight is our initiation. Both of us are considered 'virgins'.

"That's the entry-level rank of seniority for members of the Gabrielle Club. Yes, the name suggests what kind of ladies frequent it. The butch types have the Xena Club where they are in charge and half of the women here are 'maids' at that one. This place caters to bi and gay women who tend to be quite feminine, and I think that it's more to our taste for that reason. When the waitress asks if we have a dessert order before the check, I'll tell her that we want the 'sweetmeat pie'. That will be the code to indicate our intention to stick around. We'll pay up, but then stay after that for the entertainment," Jane whispered again.

"Oh, Mistress, I am very wet now," Mrs. Kendall told her in a barely audible voice, after washing down her chicken-fried steak with a decent Riesling.

"That's good to hear. Now, watch me. Here comes our server," Ms. Mensch answered her in a very eager tone.

The short waitress with the bob and hot pants made a point of smiling at both women before speaking of the check and any possible desserts. She was rather cute in a petite and gregarious way. She actually reminded Debbie of some of her former students.

"Yes, we would like to order the 'sweetmeat' pie. Then we'd like the check, of course," Jane informed the girl, understanding that the cover charge was thus concealed within the bill.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, Ma'am. I can assure you that it's some of the best around," the serving wench spoke softly but lustfully to the couple.

"Thank you. I'm eager to taste it. What's your name? I didn't catch it before, as my girlfriend and I were distracted by our hunger. I apologize for my bad manners in that respect," Ms. Mensch asked the waitress.

"Oh, don't be sorry. I didn't give my name. We actually strive for anonymity here, so as to reduce the chances of being exposed. What I do for a living is tantamount to prostitution to many, though actually my job makes me a member free of charge. The serving part is what I get paid for, while I do the rest for sheer pleasure. Just in case of trouble, they give us on the staff room and board and discourage us from telling our names. You'll learn it when the shop closes and we get to sample the dessert," the mysterious server told them.

"That makes sense. Very well, I look forward to that, young lady," Jane agreed, blowing the girl a kiss as she headed over to the other patrons.

If the ordinary customers wondered why certain women lingered after the closing hours, they didn't raise an issue, but that was probably due to it being a familiar sight. Most locals just dismissed it as a favorite lesbian dating venue. They had no more than a vague idea that it was connected to anything unconventional. If some of them realized that management was involved in a secret Sapphic agenda, some of them would have boycotted the place. The rest would probably visit more often out of curiosity and voyeurism. Neither was the kind of attention that the proprietors wished for their establishment.

In spite of her religious scruples, Debbie knew that she wanted to participate in that night's orgy. She sought to make Jane proud of her as a love slave. Whatever the consequences, she would embrace her permanent role, including this part of it. In fact, the thought of women passing them around for some kind of hedonistic initiation rite sounded so naughty it had her ready to cream herself. Life with Jane had changed the teacher from a strict Christian mother and widow to a bisexual or possibly lesbian tart.

Written by: SEVERUSMAX

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