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A Wife's Confession

by LCsgardener©

Barney took his time, building the pace steadily towards what for Annie would be orgasm number four. As the pace quickened, so their tender kissing became more passionate. Annie raised her legs up, placing her thighs along his flanks. This deepened the penetration and Barney pushed further inside her. Each time he thrust, Annie pushed back against him, fucking him deeply.

With their tongues they fucked each other's mouths and ears, grunting and snorting with lust. As their fucking neared a climax, the room was filled with the sounds and scents of passion -- the slopping and sloshing of cock in cunt and the slapping of his balls against her ass.

The moment when it came was an eruption of noise - flesh against flesh, loud gasping and grunting and the wet and wild sound of fucking and cumming. Barney's ass winked as he drove every last drop into Annie. She clutched him tightly and buried her forehead tightly between his neck and shoulder, squeezing her lover's pulsing cock with her cunt.

As the pace steadied, Annie could feel streams of glistening cum oozing back past his blood-gorged cock to slither down across her small hole to the floor.

They fucked several more times during the night, until the gathering light signaled the approach of a new day that would demand a return to normal routines, another day's work for him, kids dressed, fed and dropped at school for her.

Such an exciting night couldn't possibly stop there and plans were made for another night of passion as soon as schedules would allow.

'I'll call in at your shop around 10 tomorrow,' she whispered.

"I'll clear my desk especially,' he chuckled, only half joking.

By the time Barney slipped quietly away, Annie had about an hour before the kids would stir so, naked, she crawled into bed and cuddled up to herself to savour the extreme pleasures she had enjoyed that night. Running her hands across her breast down to her stomach, she parted her legs and eased her fingers into the hot, wet folds of her sticky cunt to relive the thrill and sensation of Barney's invasion.

And as for the aerobics 'exercise' see chapter 2 -- cumming soon.

Written by: LCsgardener

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