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Camping with Chelsea

by Coto2332©

She wanted him to stick it in her; she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth. Chelsea wanted many things as she felt her boyfriend's hard-on press against her bare ass. But her parents were about two feet away from them, sleeping in the same tent. Chelsea let out a small moan as Taylor's cock slipped in between her thighs and rubbed up against her moistening pussy. She wanted it so badly, but she didn't want the first night of her family's camping trip to end with her parents waking up to her moans.

Lisa woke up to the small moan of her daughter. She slowly turned her head and opened one eye. She couldn't see much, just the sleeping bag covering Taylor, her daughter's boyfriend. Lisa wasn't sure if it was a good idea to let them sleep together, but since they were both over 18 and seemingly in love, she wasn't going to be the asshole mother who split them up. Lisa closed her eyes and looked forward to the next week; one whole nature-filled backcountry camping trip with her family, no neighbors, no worries, and some quality time with her family. She was also looking forward to getting to know Taylor more. He seemed nice, was very handsome for his age, and was always very polite. Lisa heard some movement from her daughter's side of the tent and slowly glanced over again. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the sleeping bag had been pulled up and she could almost see Taylor's entire backside. Her eyes roamed down his muscular back to the top of his ass. She almost gasped when she noticed his boxers had been pulled down to his ankles, her own body reacting as she took in the body of her daughter's boyfriend. Being as he was completely turned facing her daughter, she couldn't see anything else besides his muscular back and firm ass, realizing suddenly that she wanted to see more.

Chelsea had rolled away from her boyfriend; pulling the sleeping bag with her and feeling his cock pop out from her slick thighs. She was hot as hell, and it was hard to deny her boyfriend what they both wanted. She turned to face him, lifting the sleeping bag to glance down at his growing member.

"I want it in my mouth," Chelsea said to her boyfriend quietly, licking her lips. "I want your hot cum dripping down my chin," Chelsea leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

Lisa's jaw almost dropped at her daughter's words, her legs spreading slightly, unnoticed. She suddenly wished it was her saying those words, her sex life being practically non-existent. Her hand found the way down to her panty covered pussy. She gasped slightly when she felt the moistness. Resuming her undercover mission, Lisa watched as Taylor began moving his hips ever so slightly. She heard a moan of pleasure escape his lips, watching his ass move back and forth, slipping a finger under her panties to rub herself. She gave way to her body's desires, disregarding her morals. Taylor's legs spread apart ever so slightly and she could see the underside of his balls. She watched as they tightened and loosened, realizing her daughter was stroking him as she slipped one finger inside her sopping cunt.

Chelsea brought her hand away from her boyfriend's cock, bringing it to her mouth and licking it, tasting the precum from his tip. She drooled on her hand, letting the saliva drip from her mouth. Resuming the handjob, she rubbed her saliva covered hand all over Taylor's head, watching it glisten.

"Are you gonna cum for me big boy?" Chelsea asked with an innocent smile. She pulled her thong from her ankles and wrapped it around Taylor's cock. "I want you to cum in my panties, I want your cum to warm up my pussy all night..."

Lisa imagined it was her saying those words, imagining her hand was stroking Taylor's cock.

Chelsea smiled as her boyfriend stifled his moans in his pillow, feeling her panties soak through with his warm cum. She couldn't believe how big his load was, her skimpy thong dripping as she pulled it away. In one move, Taylor quickly grabbed her thong and dropped it behind him, smiling at her. Chelsea smiled innocently, knowing how much he enjoyed her naked body at night. Turning around, she let out a sigh of pleasure, feeling his cum-covered cock retake its position in the crack of her ass.

Lisa was in a trance, staring at her daughter's cum-soaked thong just inches from her face. She could smell the musky scent as her hand willed itself to grab them. Slowly picking them up, she watched the cum drip from the panties to the floor of the tent. She wanted to taste it, to feel the warmth of Taylor's cum on her pussy. Trying not to make much noise, Lisa reached down and removed her panties ever-so-slowly, placing them where her daughter's had been, right on top of a pool of Taylor's cum. Lisa took her daughter's cum-covered thong and slipped her feet inside, pulling it up slowly, feeling the warmth of Taylor's cum cover her entirely. She made sure to pull it up firmly, the thong raping her ass as she did so. Her fingers rubbed her pussy mound with abandon, feeling the cum of her daughter's boyfriend lubricating her completely. She inhaled sharply, the cum seeping into her, warming her insides. Lisa was completely sopping, her own juices mixing with Taylor's cum, her pussy radiating with heat. Her fingers became aggressive, one hand rubbing her clit, spreading the sticky cum, the other diving into her hole. As she came close to cumming, she grabbed her panties with one hand and shoved them in her mouth, stifling her moans of pleasure. She could taste Taylor's cum in her mouth, her panties soaked with it. Lisa could feel his cum inside her, and she let out a final moan as her body gave way to her perverse acts. After her intense orgasm, Lisa sucked on her panties, tasting Taylor's cum and feeling the aftershocks. She took them out of her mouth, placing them on the floor of the tent. She smiled with pleasure as she felt the warmth of her daughter's panties all night.


Chelsea woke up before anyone else and quickly reached behind her boyfriend to grab her panties. Pulling them on, she was surprised to find it wasn't a thong, but thought nothing of it. She thought she wore a thong last night but wasn't sure. Chelsea got up slowly as to not wake anyone and walked out to the car to get some clothes. As she pulled on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt, Ted, Chelsea's dad emerged from the tent.

"Good morning baby," Ted said while stretching, "Whadaya saw we get a fire going!"

"That sounds great dad," Chelsea was hungry for breakfast and eager to get warmed up. Chelsea's mind traveled back to last night, her pussy twitching, as she and her dad got busy working on the fire.

Lisa woke slowly, but felt very refreshed. She glanced around and noticed it was just her and Taylor in the tent. Mortified, she realized she still had her daughter's thong on, but where were her panties? Her mind went back to last night as she reached down and felt the dried cum all over her pussy. It quivered to the touch, and she glanced over at Taylor, the upper half of his body uncovered. She admired his chest, his strong pecs, and his firm abs. She watched his chest rise and fall with his heavy breathing, thinking about the view she had of his ass and balls last night. Lisa suddenly was overcome with the desire to see his cock. Her mind raced as she unzipped the door to the tent barely and saw her husband and daughter busy working on a fire. Being woke up while camping was a pet peeve of hers, so she knew she would not be bothered. Her pussy moistened as she thought about how to get a glance. She noticed his boxers at the foot of the sleeping bag, quickly grabbing them and throwing them behind her. If he did get up, she could play innocent as he tried to find them. Her hand shaking, she grabbed the sleeping bag and slowly pulled it down. Lisa smiled as she saw the base of his cock, clean-shaven. She continued pulling and her eyes opened wide as she marveled at his girth. She hadn't uncovered his head yet and she was already at seven inches at least. Her pussy twitched, dampening the front of her daughter's thong. Finally, she yanked the covers completely free and her jaw dropped. She was staring at the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, a full eight inches in its flaccid state, from base to tip, and completely shaven. Lisa wanted, no, she needed to feel it in her hand. Going against everything she believed, she reached out and ran her finger from the base to the tip, feeling the veins running to his head, and tracing a small circle when she got to the purple head. Taylor's cock twitched ever-so-slightly and Lisa was enthralled. Her pussy was practically dripping with excitement, and she responded by placing one hand on her mound, rubbing it gently. Lisa slowly picked up Taylor's cock, her hand grasping it at the base, her fingers barely circling its entire girth. Her fingers pressed against her clit as she leaned in for a closer look.

Taylor felt a hand grasp his cock, waking to the touch. Thinking it was Chelsea, he slowly opened his eyes and was instantly shocked. It took all his might to not jump up from his sleeping bag instantly. His girlfriend's mom was holding his cock straight up, her face mere inches from the tip, studying it intently. His body responded, blood flowing to his member and hardening quickly. He watched Lisa as her eyes widened, realizing her hand was tucked between her legs. Oh my god, she's getting off, Taylor thought. His mind raced, where was Chelsea, where was her husband? He couldn't help but look Lisa over as he thought, her bare legs, her small nightie stopping just above her waist, her c-cup breasts hanging down with no support. He realized she was a gorgeous woman, a woman who took care of herself physically. Her body was slim and firm, her breasts sagging only a little, her ass still tight from this angle. His entire body jolted when he felt the warmth of lips around his head.

Lisa couldn't help herself. As Taylor's cock hardened in her hand, she marveled at its strength. She was holding a stiff rod in her hand, a powerful pump that she felt the urge to milk. Without hesitation, she leaned forward and opened her lips to take in this monster, forgetting all consequences, abandoning all morals, and giving in to her desires. Her soft lips touched his head, opening wide as she penetrated her mouth with his cock. Her tongue touched his tip, tasting precum as Taylor's body jolted and she snapped back to reality.

Taylor quickly closed his eyes. Shit! He thought. His girlfriend's mom had quickly gotten up and was moving around the tent. He didn't think she saw his eyes open, but he wasn't sure. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up, turning to see Lisa on her knees folding her sleeping bag, her bare ass staring him in the face. It was beautiful.

Shit! Lisa thought to herself, realizing the predicament she was in. She heard Taylor get up behind her and was aware she was completely exposed, but what could she do? Seeing his boxers in the corner of the tent, she smiled innocently, deciding to play it off like nothing happened.

"Well good morning sleepyhead," Lisa said, glancing over her shoulder, "looks like someone had an exciting night." Her eyes shot down to his crotch, taking in the sight.

"Ummm, I guess so..." was all Taylor could get out, as he desperately searched for his boxers, trying to keep his eyes off Lisa's toned and firm ass.

"I think these might be what you're looking for honey," Lisa got on all fours, leaning forward and grabbed his boxers with her hand. She could feel her ass cheeks spreading as she leaned, exposing herself further.

If Taylor's cock wasn't at full attention before, it surely was now. He almost choked while he watched his girlfriend's mom present herself to him. He saw her thong-covered pussy mound, completely soaked and see-through. He gasped at how sexy and smooth her pussy was, glistening in the morning light. She really did take good care of herself, he thought. He suddenly came to a realization, quickly jumping at his chance.

"Don't move Mrs. Borne," Taylor quickly shot out, his own voice betraying what his mind was telling him to do. Lisa froze, frightened and unsure of what was going to happen next. She closed her eyes as she heard him shuffle towards her on his knees. His hands grasped her hips and she felt his warm breath as he leaned in towards her ass.

"This thong looks awfully familiar," Taylor's nerves were on edge, but he forced himself to speak clearly and powerfully. "Does it belong to you?" Taylor had put two-and-two together, realizing she had on her daughter's panties, the ones he had cum into last night. He wasn't going to let this opportunity slip from his fingers. He forcefully grabbed the sides of the thong and yanked it down to Lisa's knees.

Lisa was taken aback. The change in Taylor's voice had frightened her at first, but now it seemed to have another affect, bringing about a sexual response. She felt her pussy moisten, completely exposed to her daughter's boyfriend. Lisa felt Taylor pull the thong from her legs; she was embarrassed, but also excited. She gasped when she felt Taylor's monster cock probing the entrance of her ass, her entire body quickly tensing.

"Did you hear me slut?" Taylor leaned forward and whispered in her ear, just loud enough to scare her, but quiet enough so his voice wouldn't carry outside the tent. "Who does this thong belong to?" Taylor held the thong in front of her face, letting her smell her own scent. "Tell me bitch," Taylor pressed his cock up against her tense asshole, his head fighting against her tightness.

Lisa almost started crying, her body was responding in ways she never would have thought, adding to her embarrassment. "It's my daughter's," she managed to say, in between her stifled sobs. She gasped as he probed against her asshole, feeling her body slowly relaxing, not wanting to fight it anymore.

"How would you like me to tell her what you've done, you fucking slut?" Taylor was completely in charge now, and he was loving it. He felt her asshole relax slightly, and he pressed his head against her even harder, his tip almost completely in her asshole now.

"No! Please no!" Lisa couldn't believe this was happening to her, but in a strange way she wanted it. She was so embarrassed, but her embarrassment was exciting, and it encouraged her to play the part. "I'm not a slut!"

"You are a slut, you're a cum slut," Taylor's mind reeled as he thought of what to do next. "You're gonna let me fuck your ass, or your daughter is never going to respect you again."

Lisa heard the words and savored them, she wanted him in her ass, and she wanted him to fill it. "Please, no. I am a cum slut, I am." She closed her legs and tried to fight it, but Taylor was much more powerful, spreading her legs forcefully and placing his tip at her entrance again.

"You're mine for the rest of this trip," Taylor was looking forward to this camping trip more and more each second, "Do you understand slut? Tell me what you want."

"I want your cum, I'm you're cum slut for the whole trip," the words liberated her, and Lisa relaxed her asshole, "I want you to fuck my ass."

Her back arched and her mouth opened wide, Taylor's head was completely inside her ass now. Lisa moaned and Taylor stuffed the thong in her mouth. She had never felt anything so large inside her before. She had messed around anally, but only with toys, never with the real thing. Lisa put her face in the sleeping bag, sticking her ass as high as she could, opening it for her daughter's boyfriend. She reached her hands around and grabbed each cheek, spreading herself wide for the onslaught she desperately wanted.

Taylor couldn't believe his luck. He watched as his cock disappeared inch-by-inch into her girlfriend's mom's ass. Her legs were kicking, her hands were desperately trying to spread her asshole further, and her moans were constantly muffled by the thong she had in her mouth. Finally, he was all the way inside; he loved the feeling of controlling this woman.

Lisa almost lost control; her entire ass was filled with cock. She felt him pull his cock out all the way, and she whimpered softly. He probed her entrance again with his head, and she worked to open her ass further. This time he was not so gentle, ramming his cock in her like a jackhammer. She felt tears run down her face, and she used one hand to rub her pussy. She was crying tears of embarrassment, tears of humiliation, but also because she wanted this more than anything. Her fingers worked her clit furiously, and as Taylor rammed his cock inside her, she felt the orgasm rising.

Taylor was nearing his climax, pumping her ass full of his cock again and again. His balls slapped against her pussy over and over, every time a shudder running through his girlfriend's mom.

"I'm going to cum in your ass now, and you're going to take it like the cum slut you are." Taylor laughed to himself. "Don't even think about letting it drip out, you need to hold it in there all day bitch."

Lisa moaned in reply, her orgasm reaching its peak. Her legs shook, her pussy convulsed, and she became everything she wanted in that moment. She felt Taylor's cock ram deep inside her ass, and she used her hand to milk his balls. She felt the warm cum filling her hole, tears running down her face, her hand massaging all the cum from his balls. It felt like an eternity, and she loved it. Finally, he pulled his cock from her ass, dripping with cum. She tensed her asshole and kept his cum inside of her like he had asked, it was liberating for her to follow his orders.

"Now suck this clean," Taylor watched as his cum slut turned around on her knees, taking his cock in her hands and licking it like a lollipop. "Do you like my cum?"

Lisa moaned with a mouthful of cock. She was in for an exciting week. She finished up and pulled on her daughter's thong, keeping the cum in her asshole. She was embarrassed as she stepped out of the tent, her daughter and husband waving at her with smiles on their faces.

"Hey mom, looking good!" Chelsea laughed from her spot by the fire. "I hope you didn't wake Taylor up... did you?"

"Don't worry, he's sleeping like a baby," Lisa responded. She quickly walked to the car and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Walking over she sat down next to her daughter by the fire. She felt some of Taylor's cum leak from her asshole, pooling up underneath her.

"I'm in love with him mom," Chelsea innocently said, "I think we're gonna get married."

All Lisa could muster was an "mmmm," as her mind traveled back to her daughter's boyfriend's cock and how she couldn't let Chelsea have it. She felt the warmth of his cum on her ass and was reassured that she belonged to him.

To be continued...

Written by: Coto2332

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