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Creampie Girl

by marteekakarland©

"What's the matter, sis? Can't get off?" My brother, Rick, leaned against my bedroom doorway, his arms crossed. I'd been at it for nearly an hour. My MP3 player had a vicious porn video playing and with the ear buds in, and trying with all my might to cum on my vibrator, I simply hadn't noticed he'd been watching me.

Never the one to turn down an opportunity to get myself off, I didn't bother to do anything more then pull one ear piece out and snarl, "Fuck no! I'm horny as hell and nothing seems to be working." I continued to pump my favorite dildo vigorously into my weeping cunt.

"Want some help?" He raised an eyebrow, taunting me. We'd made suggestive comments to each other since I'd turned eighteen, but this was a new situation for us. He'd never caught me red handed fucking myself like no tomorrow before.

Normally, we'd blow it off, or say something witty and sexy without any real commitment to a later rendezvous, but this time, I was desperate. Brother or not, he was the sexiest man I'd ever met and I had no intension of letting him off the hook this time. He'd had it coming for years.

"Definitely. Get over here and eat my pussy."

The sexy little smile never left his face as he shed his clothes. I turned my egg vibrator on high and mashed it against my clit. I continued to pump the fake cock as hard and fast as I could into my pussy. All the while the porn kept a stream of sighs, screams, groans, and obscenities that really turned on piped into my head.

When he'd undressed, Rick snatched the little player out of my hand, plugged in a cord, hooked it up to the big TV in my bedroom, and turned up the volume. Screams of, "That's it you fucking prick! Cum in my pussy! Blow that fucking load in my fucking cunt!"

Knowing my brother was about to mount me and fuck my brains out gave me the "something" I needed to finally get off, but Rick knew me too well. He snatched the egg from my fingers and slung it across the room.

"Oh no you don't. I've been waiting for this for five years. You're not coming until you're well and truly fucked, little girl."

Rick pulled out my dildo and inserted three fingers. I cried out and arched into him. "That's it, sis. You like the feel of a man, don't you. I bet it's much better than that damned piece of latex and a vibrator."

"Absolutely," I breathed. "Especially when it's you. Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this?"

"Five years, one hundred twenty-nine days?" I answered.

"And eighteen hours, twenty four minutes, and --" he glanced at the clock on the night stand," -- thirty-two seconds. Probably before that, but I pretty sure it's illegal to admit it."

I would have laughed at that, because I'd fantasized about Rick since I was old enough to be interested in boys, except he chose that moment to add another finger. He twisted and, screwing his hand into me. His thumb brushed and manipulated my clit in the most delicious way. I was stretched erotically and wondered how in the world Rick knew of my fantasy for fisting and all thing kinky on the rough sex scale.

"Oh yeah, Rick. Fuck me hard. Get the rest of your hand inside me. Hurt me with it, baby. Stretch me. Fuck me!"

He chuckled and pulled his hand out of my cunt only to rub his thumb and other potentially dry parts of his hand in my pussy juice. I had to be positively drenched. I know my cunt throbbed and ached with need. I wanted to come more than I'd ever wanted to in my life. Looking at the face of my beloved brother enhanced my need rather than dampen it. Taboo or not, I wanted to fuck my brother. And keep fucking him until we both were condemned to the seventh pit of hell.

"Don't worry, Grace, I plan on fucking you all you can stand. And I'm going to fill you up with my cock... after I cram my hand inside of you."

I almost came when he said that. I wanted to. Had he still been manipulating my clit, I probably would have, but Rick knew how to fuck a girl. He knew how to maxmize her pleasure too. By not letting me come, he definitely made me hotter and I suspect he knew exactly what he was doing. Eight years my senior, he'd definitely been around the block more than I had.

"Damn, your wet, baby." He spread the sloppy mess of my own lubricant around my pussy before he screwed his fingers back into it. This time, he added his thumb. I sucked in a breath. It burned. I was stretched beyond anything I'd ever experienced and I loved every minute of it.

I sat up, bracing my upper body on my elbows so I could watch his hand disappearing up my pussy. Slowly, carefully, he screwed and pumped his hand until finally, it slipped into the wrist.

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled at him. "Fucking fist me, you sister fucker. Fist me. Lick my clit." He snorted a laugh but immediately dipped his head to my pussy and tongued my cunt.

He pumped his hand in and out, occasionally coming all the way out only to slip back in with only a small amount of resistance. When he raised his head, his hand was again wrist deep inside me.

Rick gave me that wicked grin that had always driven me crazy. "My fucking sister. The sex maniac. I wish I'd known you were into this -- and me -- I'd have fucked you senseless along time ago."

"Just shut the fuck up and fuck me. Now!" The fisting was fun, but I wanted him on top of me, and his dick in my pussy."

He pulled out of me, wiped his hand on the bed sheet, and crawled up my body. Rick didn't waste any time, he simply plunged his cock balls deep inside my cunt. He was bigger than I'd expected. I couldn't' be sure exactly how big, but he was definitely bigger than my favorite dildo. Even stretched as he'd made me, his dick still burned inside me with it's girth. He was long too. Every stroke touched my womb with almost painful intensity.

Rick found my mouth with his and plunged hit tongue inside me, fucking my mouth as vigorously as he fucked my cunt. I wrapped my legs tightly around his hips to pull him closer. God! This felt good!

"Get ready to come, little sister. I can't hold out much longer."

As he said those words, I happened to glance at the TV. The girl was being pumped full of cum by one of the five men surrounding her. He groaned and his cock spasmed, the head still inside her. When he pulled out, his white, cum oozed out of her pussy to drop on the bed.

"Wait!" A sudden flash of lust that could not be ignored surged through me. "I want you to do that, Rick." I pointed to the screen across the room. Rick didn't stop his movements, he simply turned his head. He groaned when he saw what I meant.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me, sis. You actually want me to come inside you?"

"Do it, or I'll never let you fuck me again." That was a bluff. If I had my way, he'd fuck me every chance we got, but he didn't need to know that.

"Oh hell yeah!" Rick wrapped his arms around me, latched on to my neck with his mouth, and pistoned his hips at me like there was no tomorrow. I squealed and spread my legs wide. I wanted him to have freedom to move as he wanted, and the extra room allowed him to move a little deeper inside my cunt. His cock hurt me, but the little pain mixed with the abundance of pleasure he gave me sent me over the edge in a huge way.

"I'm coming, Rick! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty little slutty sister! Come in my fucking pussy, you sister fucker! Fucking come in my fucking cunt!"

Rick screamed his release at the same time I did. His warm seed filled my cunt and his cock twitched and jerked inside me as his spunk filled me to over flowing. It dripped down to my ass and no doubt soaked the sheets.

At the thought, my cunt spasmed with another orgasm. I screamed and screamed as I wrapped my legs around him again, holding him inside me. This was where I wanted him to be all the time.

"Fuck, Grace. That was fucking awesome." Rick panted. "Give me a second and I'm going to fuck you with that giant dildo in your night stand."

"Rick! Have you been going through my things?"

He grinned, unapologetic. "Every chance I get."

"Just because you let me live here until I get a steady job doesn't mean you can snoop around my stuff."

"Probably not, but it was definitely enlightening." He wagged his eyebrows at me. "I'm not letting you leave here, though. If that means I have to support you, so be it. You're not moving out."

I laughed. "Getting possessive on me already, huh."

"Well, you are my sister. I brother has to protect his little sister."

I pushed him over onto his back and followed him, impaling myself on his big cock. Despite just coming, he was hard again already. "And fuck her. Keep me satisfied, and I won't ever leave."

I started moving up and down. Rick immediately fingered my clit, heightening my pleasure. Then he remembered the little egg he'd tossed away earlier and grabbed it. With a flick of his thumb, her turned on the buzzing little device and held it against my clit. Pleasure jolted through my sensitive little nub and I screamed again. I'd never had more than one orgasm without at least an hours rest, but my pussy started to c contract again. I squeezed Rick's cock with every spasm of my cunt until he let loose another wad of cum into my pussy.

We both screamed and jerked. Rick grabbed my ass in a bruising grip, holding me onto his pulsing dick. Again, I felt his sticky cum slide from my pussy, this time no doubt covering his balls.

Without warning, the door burst open. Rick threw me off him and was on his feet in the blink of an eye. Not a stitch of clothing on, he was still doing his best to protect me.

"Well, I'm so fucking glad you invited me to this party, thou I confess I'm a tad over dressed."

I'd recognize that voice anywhere and it filled me with dread.

What the fuck was Dad doing here?

Written by: marteekakarland

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