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A Family Chronicle Ch. 02

by BigPeteAndSexyEva©

When Pete woke up, the bed was empty. His Mom was busy preparing breakfast. He clearly remembered what happened last night. How he had to sleep next to his mom, how she sucked his cock and how he fucked her pussy and her ass, while she thought it was her husband giving her this pleasure. Wow, he never knew his mom could be such a hot slut.

He went to his room to get some clean clothes. His dad's mother Lucy was still asleep It was warm in the room and she had the sheets pushed away, There she was, lying on his bed, completely naked. While he was watching her, he could feel his cock getting hard. Granny was 64 years old, 5'6" with D-cup breasts and a great butt. She was a little chubby, but very sexy. Sexy? She was hot!

Slowly he walked to her gorgeous, sleeping body. With care he touched a nipple with his finger. She moaned. He lowered his body, looked at her gorgeous breasts and then carefully he kissed a nipple. She moaned again. He kissed the other nipple as well. Softly sucking on it. His hands softly playing with her big tits.

He looked over her lovely body. Between her legs he could see the big lips covered by blond pussyhair. He released a breast and touched her pussylips with his fingers. She moaned again and she spread her legs even more.

He looked at her lovely cunt and noticed she was getting wet. He could not resist, moved his body, bringing his face close to her pussy. Carefully he licked the gorgeous lips between her legs. She moaned loudly and lifted her hips to meet his tongue. He could taste her juices. Licking her pussy was so good. His tongue touched her clit. He could feel her shiver.

Then, with a shock he realized there was a hand on top of his head. He lifted his head and looked into the eyes of his grandmother. Her eyes were so loving and tender.

Lucy smiled and said, "It's ok honey. Your tongue feels so great. Go on horny bastard, keep licking and make your Granny cum."

Pete returned the smile. Squeezed her nipples and continued licking her treasure. Her moans were getting louder and she was getting wilder.

With a finger he started playing with her pussy. Softly pushing a finger inside. Moving it in and out. She started wiggling her butt. Lifting her hips, while she met his thrusting fingers.

She giggled and moaned, "Ohhhh my boy... you do this sooooo good...... I want more... keep sucking. ooooooow... go on lick grannies wet pussy."

Then she came, shocking, trembling, moaning, " Ooooooow my baby... keep sucking. I am cummiiiiiing... don't stop now... oooooooo. "

When her orgasm drifted away, she looked him in the eyes. Her hands softly touching his face. She brought her face close to his. Her lips brushing over his lips. She pushed her tongue between his lips and gave him a very passionate kiss.

She took his hand, slowly pulling him next to her, "Take off your clothes sweetie and lay down."

Then she lowered her face and let her lips roam over his body. She was kissing his chest, his nipples, his stomach and then she kissed his hard cock. He could feel how her tongue touched his cock. She started licking his balls, licked his cock from the base to the tip and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked. It was making him crazy.

" Ow Granny this feels so good."

She let his cock slip out of her mouth and said, "I know honey and I know things that will feel even better."

Then she stopped and he saw her standing above him with one leg on each side of his body. He was looking up from her legs to the delicious cunt he was sucking before. He could not believe what was happening.

Lucy looked him in the eyes and said, "Now Granny Lucy will give you something really special."

Slowly she lowered her body and bent her knees. He looked at her big breasts and touched both dangling beauties with his hands, softly squeezing the hard nipples, "These are the biggest tits I ever played with. I love your tits Gran!"

Then he could feel how the top of his cock was touched by her wetness. She lowered her body and his cock entered her juicy pussy.

She started moving up and down, moaning, " Owwww your cock is so hard, I love your cock in my hungry cunt. Ooooow yessss fuck your Granny."

He loved the way she was riding his cock. He had her hips in his hands, squeezing her butt. When she could feel he was almost there, she moaned, "Oh yes, cum my baby, cum in Granny's wet cunt... Go on honey keep fucking me."

He could feel her cunt muscles clasp his cock in a vice like grip.

That was too much, "Oooow yessss. Don't stop Granny, please. This is soooooo good."

He increased his pace, thrusting deep into Lucy as his balls tightened and jets of his sperm flooded deep into her.

She could feel his cum deep inside and cried out in pleasure, "Yeeees my boy, let it go. Granny loves your sperm in her pussy."

The feel of her grandson's pulsing cock pumping his sperm into her pushed Lucy over into her second orgasm and she screamed her pleasure, "Oow you fucking bastard... I'm cummmmmig... Oooow again... Keep fucking!"

She continued moving up and down milking each drop of sperm out of his cock.

Then she released his cock, turned around and took his cock in her mouth. She started licking and sucking, which made his cock hard again.

She laid down next to him, spread her legs and smiled, "Come here stud, get that cock in my pussy again and fuck me."

He lowered his body, bringing the top of my cock between her pussylips. Then he pushed hard, thrusting his cock inside again. She screamed with pleasure. Pete started fucking her, while his hands were holding and squeezing her magnificent tits.

He moaned, "Oooow Granny, you are such a hot fuck... I never imagined you were like this."

She moaned and grabbed his ass, pulling my cock deeper inside, "Shut up sweety an keep fucking your slutty grandmother."

He pulled her nipples, making her moan harder. He could feel he was about to cum again.

She started moaning louder, " Ohhhh fuuuuck... I'm cumming honey... your big cock makes me cum again... Fuck meeeeeeeeee... oooooh yeesss... Yeeeeeessss.... oooooooooohhh!"

Lucy met every movement he made. She grabbed his buttocks and pulled him deeper inside.

She screamed, " Go on you stud, fuck your slutty granny and cum in her cunt... Go on honey... cum in meeeeeeee!"

Pete saw his cock thrusting inside her wet pussy, he saw her tits bouncing with every thrust. This was too much for him. He could feel his balls tighten. His cock exploded deep inside her pulsing pussy.

He squeezed her big breasts, "Owwwww yessssss... Oooow fuuuuuuuuck... Grannyyyyyyyyyy."

Lucy grabbed his face and pulled him down. She kissed him and her hands were roaming over his body. She turned around and she lay on top of him while they kissed.

One of his hands was squeezing her ass and the other was playing with a breast. Then her pussy released his cock, she turned around and licked it clean.

She looked up at his face, their eyes met and with a naughty smile she said, "This is something I want more often horny stud.... From now on you can fuck me, whenever you want my dear..... you don't have to be without a wet pussy anymore."

He smiled and thought, "If she ever knew I already had a great fuck with my mom last night. I don't know how it will continue with mom, but Granny is a great fuck too.

Her words promised a lot of fun.

Written by: BigPeteAndSexyEva

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