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Miss Mercedes and Slave Hannah

by FoxCore©

This is a fictional story, a figment of the authors imagination, any real-life relations were purely incidental


Chapter One

Mercedes sat up, hearing the front door slam shut. She glanced at the clock on the wall as she heard the sound of coats being hung up next to the door.5.35pm. Twenty minutes later than she had been told to arrive. "Hannah! In here NOW!" Mercedes shouted, smoothing down her denim skirt, and giving herself a bored look.

Hannah rushed into the room, falling into onto her knees as she ran in front of Mercedes...

"Sorry Mistress... I am here"

"And what time do you call this Slave?" asked Miss Mercedes, keeping a cool persona about her.

Hannah glanced nervously at the clock on the wall, shuddering as she realised she was late. "Almost twenty to six Mistress" she said nervously.

"Then why are you late?! I specifically told you to be back by quarter past!" Shouted Miss Mercedes.

"Sorry Mistress, I got caught up with a student after school, and couldn't get here fast enough" mumbled Hannah, hoping her Mistress was not angry with her. Miss Mercedes leaned down, cupped Hannah's chin in hers and lifted it so she was looking Hannah directly in the eyes. "I'm not angry Hannah; I just want you to do as I say... Next time... there will be punishments".

"Yes, of course Mistress... my apologies for upsetting you..." came the reply.

"Good girl, now go get yourself ready for me, your house is unlocked, be back here within the hour"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress"

Miss Mercedes watched as the beautiful woman rose before her, and walked off towards her 'house', she watched Hannah's cute, tight ass wriggle as she walked. Hannah's 'house' was not really a house, more of a converted cellar, but she had everything she needed down there: Bed, shower, cage, toilet, water, warmth, and pictures of her beautiful Mistress on the walls... what more could a girl need?!

Sighing, Miss Mercedes reached for the TV controller. There was one thing she hadn't told Hannah about....

Flipping to the correct channel, she got out another remote from behind her book cabinet, and she pressed the power button, suddenly a picture of Hannah's cellar sprang into life, an overall view of the 'house' noticing Hannah by her wardrobe, she pressed the number 2, giving her a view of Hannah's room.

Hannah, not knowing her Mistress was watching, was removing her work uniform. Being a school teacher, she had to dress a appropriately for her work. Even still, she looked beautiful all the same., watching her unbutton her blouse, removing it tantalizingly slowly, as if she knew she was teasing her Mistress, and folding it neatly, and placing it on a shelf in her wardrobe. Hannah's wardrobe was always full. Miss Mercedes liked to spoil her with clothes, always wanting her girl to look her best whatever the situation. But now was not the time for letting you mind wander, Miss Mercedes thought silently, and returned her attention to the screen. Hannah was now unzipping her skirt, and repeating the last measure she did. Now standing in just her Bra and panties, Miss Mercedes had a brilliant view of her stunning girl. Hannah moved to the wall length mirror I had purchased for her, and watched her intently. After a minute of examining herself, she reached back to unclip her bra, but letting it fall to the floor instead of folding it neatly. Sexily, Hannah bent over, unknowingly giving the camera, and Miss Mercedes, a full view of her rounded globes, as she pulled down her panties, and leaving them on top of her bra.

At this point, Miss Mercedes decided to pour a bottle of her favourite wine, and left the room to pour the glass. Once she returned, she glanced at the screen, finding Hannah missing, she flipped to camera one to spot her again, she noticed a small amount of steam rising from one corner, knowing this to be the location of the shower, she flipped to camera five, giving her a perfect view of the shower. Hannah was currently testing the heat of the water, and Miss Mercedes spent the time examining her lovely body, her eyes wandering from Hannah's small feet, up her shapely legs, her eyes lingering on the hairless, tempting pussy before continuing her examination, her eyes drinking in the sight of Hannah's incredibly cute, but sensitive breasts, and finally ending at her beautiful face, framed by her mousy-blonde hair that she loved so much. Taking a sip from her wine glass, Miss Mercedes adjusted her position so she was more comfortable, and watched Hannah climb in the shower. Deciding this was nothing she had seen before; she switched the TV off and went to her own room to change.

Miss Mercedes loved her denim skirt and t-shirt, but wanted to feel more dominant, and look it too, in front of her Slave. Walking into the Walk-in wardrobe, she went to her Latex Rack, looking through them carefully before selecting an outfit, pulling the tight latex corset, up, and reaching behind it zip it up, she had to re-adjust her breasts, as the corset was very snug, and tended to make her breasts bulge, and without careful balance, could easily spring out. She then stepped into the short latex skirt, wriggling her hips to make the slide easier. She checked her look in the mirror, pouting for herself before walking to her shoe shelves. Miss Mercedes, like most women, was a big fan of shoes, and selected a black, knee-high, four inch heeled boots to wear, zipping them up, she gave herself the once-over in the mirror, pouting once more and then leaving. This was Miss Mercedes's favourite outfit, and she knew it drove Hannah mad too. Miss Mercedes sexily strode over to her dressing table, applying a hint of make-up and then walking back to the living room, settling herself on the sofa, picking up her wine glass and flicking on the TV.

She flicked through the channels until she found the camera she was looking for, Seeing Hannah was half-way through dressing herself, Miss Mercedes glanced at the clock, noting to herself Hannah had fifteen minutes before her deadline was up. She watched Hannah select her favourite white outfit, an incredibly short skirt, with a simple wrap-around white cloth to match it, Hannah knew her Mistress did not allow her to wear Panties or shoes when at home, so left them out.

Miss Mercedes let her hand slide down her tummy, over the short and tight dress, and gently make its way up to her panty-less crotch, gently poking her soft lips with her finger, moving it in tiny circles, and letting out a moan. 'Stop it' though Miss Mercedes 'There will be time for this later'.

Walking over to her make-up booth, she applied her make-up. Miss Mercedes watched her walk to the mirror to check herself and walked out of the camera's view. Miss Mercedes turned off the TV, and settled down to wait her Girl's arrival.

Hannah caught her breath slightly as she walked through the door; she saw Miss Mercedes in what she knew was both of their favourite outfits. The tight, black latex suited her Mistress well; it seemed tight in just the right places, and revealing in the others. It also gave her an air of authority and power. Hannah walked in front of Miss Mercedes, and dropped to her knees into the Nadu position, kneeling down, thighs wide apart, her hands raised upwards and looking down to the floor. Miss Mercedes smiled at her pet's submissiveness, reaching down to gently run her fingers through her Girl's beautiful hair, causing the girl at her feet to purr slightly. Miss Mercedes glanced at the clock, and said with a smile "good girl, changed and looking beautiful... with three minutes to spare..."

"Thank you Mistress, you look as gorgeous as ever Mistress" came the reply.

"mmm.. Thank you girl, now. I want to submit you to a little torture tonight, but it will not be painful, just assaulting your senses, understood?" said Miss Mercedes, still running her fingers through Hannah's hair.

"Yes, of course Mistress."

Standing up, Miss Mercedes placed her wine glass on the coffee table and reached to the shelf and retrieved Hannah's collar and leash. As Miss Mercedes turned, Hannah's face lit up, looking skywards and baring her neck for her Mistress. Miss Mercedes bent over, attaching the collar and clicking the lock shut, making sure to give Hannah a full view of her deep cleavage. Stepping back to retrieve the leash, she snapped that onto the collar too. "There we go my girl... you look good enough to... eat..." Miss Mercedes gave a sly smile, a plan forming in her head, but not telling Hannah any of it.

"Thank you Mistress... I do love wearing your collar, I wish I could wear it always... not just when I am home..." responded Hannah, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"One day my dear, one day. Now, let's get you prepared!"

Miss Mercedes started to walk out the room, her hips swaying seductively as she walked, Hannah followed, staring at the swinging hem of the skirt, and wondering what her Mistress had planned for her.

Miss Mercedes led Hannah up the stairs, leading to the second floor. Hannah gazed longingly at Miss Mercedes's plush room, clean, closed bathroom, and the spare bedroom, a large, king-size bed with a thick soft carpet underneath. But Miss Mercedes kept walking until she reached another set of stairs. Now Hannah knew where they where heading. Miss Mercedes's Playroom, as she affectionately called it, was a converted attic, with wooden flooring, and many strange looking devices located around the room. Miss Mercedes asked "Do you trust me Hannah?" as she led them across to the far side of the room.

"Of course Mistress...What have you planned for me Mistress?"

Miss Mercedes ignored the last question, and simply responded "Good". Miss Mercedes led Hannah over to the St Andrews Cross and steering Hannah so she stood in front of it, her legs and arm spread wide.

"I'm going to tie you up here my dear, and leave you for a while, I will not be long"

Hannah nodded her understanding, and let Miss Mercedes lock her to the cross. Miss Mercedes went to the cupboard nearby, ad retrieved three items. A Gag, a Blindfold, and what Hannah realised was not just a Dildo, but a vibrator! Returning to Hannah tied to the cross, Miss Mercedes reached up, placing the ball gag in Hannah's mouth as she opened it wide submissively, and she tied the straps up round the back of Hannah's head. Next, Miss Mercedes knelt down ripping off the skirt with a force that surprised Hannah, and placed the tip of the dildo at Hannah's entrance. Hannah looked down at Miss Mercedes, a hint of fear in her look, and Miss Mercedes looked up, a devilish grin on her face, and rammed the dildo into Hannah. Hannah would have screamed from the intrusion if it had not been for the gag. "mmmmpppphhhhhhhhh" came the muffled sound from Hannah. "What's that my dear? I can't quite hear you!" Miss Mercedes said, holding her grin. She twisted the end of the dildo, turning on the vibrations, and hearing a soft sound from Hannah, showing she was already feeling the effects. Finally, She stood back up, and pulled the blindfold over Hannah's eyes, and lifting Hannah's hair to hide the strap. Taking a step back, she admired her handiwork. "Perfect, I will be back soon".

Miss Mercedes stepped forward and gave Hannah a quick peck on the cheek, and turned on her heel and headed out the door...

Chapter 2

Miss Mercedes, turned the key in the lock as the left the door, feeling Hannah to be safe and secure, she walked away with a bounce in her step. Oh, what a devilish plan she had! The Slave's Mistress walked into the kitchen, and started to route through her refrigerator. After finding the item she was looking for, she started to chop it into four, and place it, on a plate back in the fridge. 'Enough of that, I'm sure she's comfortable up there' Thought Miss Mercedes and returned with another glass of wine, to the living room.

Hannah was far from comfortable. She was beginning to feel the strain in her arms and legs, but at least she was warm enough with no clothes on. She knew Mistress would return soon, as Mistress was always true to her word. Even still, he couldn't help but feel a little worried about how long Mistress would leave her here. The vibrator was still working its magic deep inside of her, and because of the loss of one of her senses due to the blindfold, all her other senses had been heightened. The Slave knew that she would eventually cum, but also knew she needed to hold it off for as long as she could, she did not want any more punishments, Hannah shivered, remembering the last time she had disobeyed...

Miss Mercedes watched the clock, slowly ticking its way round. She was trying her hardest jut to not go up and take the young girl there and then! But she knew she needed to resist. Miss Mercedes finished her glass of red wine, placed the cup down, and returned to the kitchen to continue her preparations.

As she entered the kitchen, she grabbed the plate she had prepared earlier, and bending over in her favourite way, letting her skirt slide up her thighs to anyone who could have been standing behind her, and retrieved a bag of ice cubes, emptying the bag into a container, and picking up her 'ingredients' and heading to the stairs.

Hannah moaned, the vibrator was starting to get to her and she knew she could not hold out much longer without cumming, concentrating so much on stopping herself, she did not hear her Mistress return, at least. Until she jumped when she heard a "Having Fun" being whispered in her ear.

"mmmppphhh!" came the muffled reply from Hannah. Miss Mercedes laughed and put the plate and container on the cabinet by her side, and leaned round to undo the straps of the gag, firmly filling her mouth, and being sure to let their breasts lightly touch together as she did. Hannah flexed her jaw slightly, and replied "Thank you Mistress..." Miss Mercedes simply smiled and ripped off the top that she had left on her Slave earlier, revealing two small, but incredibly cute and sensitive breasts. Since Hannah was blindfolded, she did not see Miss Mercedes pick up an ice cube and hold it in place, slightly touching her tummy with the ice cube. Hannah gasped as the cold hit her, and immediately started to wriggle. "Hush my pet... it will not hurt you, at down and stay still" Said Miss Mercedes, watching herself slide the ice cube around, the soft, warm skin slowly turning the ice to water. Miss Mercedes leans forward to kiss the wet patch that was left as the ice cube finally melted. Hannah let out a slight moan as she felt the soft, familiar lips on the spot that the ice cube had left so sensitive. Miss Mercedes reached over for two cubes, and places each on a separate nipple, causing Hannah to gasp out loud as the cold immediately had an effect on her nipples, making them swell to a size that was almost painful. Miss Mercedes gently slid the cubes around the small but wondrous mounds, kissing every now and then, before lunging for Hannah's hardened buds, taking them in her mouth, sucking gently and agilely lashing at the tip with her tongue.

This Pleasure did not last long, as Hannah's Mistress had more plans for the evening, and reached for the plate, but Hannah, still blindfolded, was completely unaware of the change...

"Okay Hannah, I now have another item to use on you, as before, it will not hurt you... just relax..." said Miss Mercedes, a little forcefully.

"Yes Mistress..."

Hannah naturally assumed this item would be hot, as the ice-cube was cold, and Mistress had mentioned 'Torture'. So, when Miss Mercedes applied the 'item' to Hannah's breasts, she had a shock when she felt a cool, smooth feeling running over her skin. Miss Mercedes took her time sliding this new item over the smooth, warm, flawless skin, sliding it down her stomach, and finally done what Hannah had been wishing for, and slid the item down to Hannah's crotch, making sure to cover all around the outer lips, and moving in slightly, to get her clit and love hole itself. Miss Mercedes followed this by removing the item, and leaning in to kiss Hannah with a passion, before planting kiss all the way to her ear and whispered "Feel it yet my little Slut?" Hannah looked a little confused as her Mistress's words as her Mistress moved back to her lips, crushing them together. Suddenly, Hannah started to struggle and let out a small scream as the trail her Mistress had left suddenly felt like it was on fire! Hannah realised what her Mistress had used on her... Chilli! Hannah squirmed around as the burning began to die down to an uncomfortable level. Miss Mercedes extended her tongue to snake its way into Hannah's mouth. The pair danced their tongues together for a number of minutes, before Hannah asked "Mistress may this slut cum? She has held it of for so long and doesn't know how long she can hold it off anymore..."

"Perfect... Go and get changed, we are going out..." came the unexpected reply from Miss Mercedes. The Mistress untied Hannah from the cross, letting her climb down. "Yes Mistress... Thank you Mistress..." Miss Mercedes watched the naked, and in some obvious discomfort, scamper towards the stairs, and felt a wide smile spread over her face. It was going to be a long night for that Girl...

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Written by: FoxCore

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