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A Fun Day at Work Ch. 01

by sluttyjulia©

It was a nice sunny morning and I had got up feeling very horny. By the time I had showered, my pussy was wet with desire and wanting some action today. I called up Kathy and told her that I was very horny and wanted to meet her early today to have some fun. Kathy told me that she would be free for about an hour and we could meet in the coffee shop of the mall near my office and see what we could do to my pussy. She also instructed me about the kind of dress I should wear to meet her at the mall.

Keeping Kathy's instructions in mind, I decided to wear a short black mini skirt and a white top with buttons in front to work. The skirt was very short and I had to wear it low on my waist so that my ass cheeks were covered. The top was sheer and one could make out the dark nipples below it. I felt like a slut wearing this outfit to work but that's how I was supposed to be dressed when I met Kathy at the mall. I got an eyeful from all the guys in the office that day and also had them coming to my desk with one reason or the other to talk to me. I was getting wet as the guys in the office stared at my nipples showing below the top.

Once all the guys had come to my desk and had a look at my nipples at least once, I sat down and switched on my pc to check the mails. I saw a mail from Tom and opened it to find that it had some very interesting pictures attached to it. I opened the pictures and glanced through them all and then went back to the first one. In the photo there was a girl kneeling in front of a guy in a parking lot and it seemed that the guy had just removed his dick from the girl's mouth and was spraying his cum on the girls mouth. I was very excited by this photo and imagined myself in place of the girl. I got too engrossed in the scene and slowly pushed my skirt upwards to my waist and started rubbing my naked pussy. I did not realize where I was and was suddenly shocked to hear a slow voice near me saying that I had a lovely wet pussy. I quickly removed my hand from my pussy and looked up to find Jeff standing next to me eyeing my lap. Jeff was the latest recruit in the Company and he had joined a few days back only along with Gary. Both Gary and Jeff were fresh out of college just 21 years of age and had been eyeing me since they had joined.

Jeff slowly rubbed his hand over my tits and whispered that my pussy needed some attention and asked me to continue what I was doing. He lifted my skirt back up to the waist while pinching my nipples from above the top. My pussy was on fire and it really wanted attention, and I soon had my hand on my pussy, rubbing it slowly and then working it faster. I had two of my fingers going in and out of my pussy while Jeff had my top undone by this time and was pinching my nipples.. I really did not care right now and wanted to cum fast before somebody else walked into my cubicle. Soon I was cumming so hard at my desk and wriggled my ass on the chair barely controlling myself not to moan. As I relaxed and sat back in my chair I looked up to a smiling Jeff who told me that was a brilliant performance.

"Yes it was fantastic", I heard Gary's voice and as I looked up on the other side, I found Gary looking over the top of the cubicle with a large smile on his face and a small video camera in his hand. My face was flushed red with embarrassment of being seen and filmed by another guy while Jeff masturbated me at my desk. Jeff then pushed me back to the chair and said that I had been teasing them a lot with my slutty dresses since the day they had joined. Now at least whenever I teased they would be able to come and satisfy me and themselves too. Gary then told me to wait for them after work today as they had something planned for me. By now my anger was subsiding and I was soon thinking of how I could use these two guys to fulfill some of my desires. I smiled at Gary and told him that I would surely meet the two of them after work. As Jeff left my cubicle and Gary disappeared on the other side, I buttoned up my top and cleaned my thighs with a tissue. As I glanced at my watch I decided it was time to leave for the mall to meet Kathy.

I left the office and walked to the mall drawing an eyeful from everybody who saw me on my way. I walked in and found that the mall was almost deserted as I had expected it to be at this time of the day. I started strolling around looking at the items on display in the windows. Soon I noticed three guys following me. I decided to tease them a bit and I pretended to have dropped something on the floor and bent down from the waist to pick it up, giving them a good view of my pussy. As they came nearer I walked faster and took an elevator to the 1st floor. I got out of the elevator and stood near the glass railing at the first floor gazing outwards, knowing that they were looking up my skirt from the bottom. They took the escalator to the first floor and as they reached near me again I again started walking towards the elevator.

This time I walked slowly and let them catch up with me by the time I reached the elevator. As I got into the elevator they also entered with me and I was surrounded by them. One of them told me that I looked ready to be screwed. I smiled and said I sure was ready to be screwed right here if they had the guts. The second guy had his hands up my skirt and on my pussy and he said that this was not the right place but we could go to the nearby pub as they knew the owner there and also it would be empty at this time. I told them that right now I was going to meet a friend of mine and would meet them there after about an hour along with her too. They all beamed with the prospect of another cunt to have and left me in the mall to meet Kathy.

I went to the coffee shop and found Kathy waiting. She was wearing a short and sexy slip on dress with a zipper in front from top to bottom. We took a table in a corner and started talking. I told her about the three guys I had met and our plan to meet in the nearby pub. She seemed to be very excited and I slowly rubbed her thighs with one hand and moved it up her dress to find that she was wearing a g-string below her dress. I smiled at her and she shivered with my touch. I told her that wearing anything below the dress was not allowed and started pulling the g-string down. She lifted her ass off the seat slightly to allow it to come off. We were in a corner and it was still very early in the morning, so I had assumed that nobody watched it coming off her legs but as I glanced around I saw an old guy at a table across ours staring towards us intently. I thought that he must have come in after me because I had not spotted him earlier.

I told Kathy to open her legs and give a good view of her pussy to the man. Kathy did as she was told and as her pussy was In full view of the man, I slowly started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. Kathy law back in her chair enjoying my fingers playing with her clit as she also watched the man from the corner of her eyes. The man was also very excited by now and had unzipped his pants and taken his dick out below the table and was rubbing it up and down. Seeing his dick below the table I could not resist the temptation of holding it in my hands, and told Kathy to take care of her pussy as I went over to the man and sat next to him. I took his dick in my hand below the table and started giving him a hand job as he put his hand below my short skirt and played with my pussy. From there I also noticed what a great view the man had of Kathy's pussy as she rubbed it with her fingers. The man could not hold himself much longer and soon he was cumming, his load hitting the bottom of the table. I smiled at the man as he put his dick back into his pants hurriedly and I walked back to Kathy. We chatted for some time and I told her about the incident with Jeff and Gary in the morning and she was very excited by what I had done. She also hoped to meet them someday.

Soon it was time to go to the pub and we walked out of the mall. The guys had given me the directions to the pub and we were able to locate it without any trouble. As we walked inside we found that there were actually 7 guys there instead of 3 which we had expected. One of the guys I had met earlier walked up to me and said that they felt that the three of them would not have been sufficient to satisfy two nymphs like me and so had called some of their friends too. As he was saying this, his hand reached my waist and unhooked my skirt and I watched it fall to the floor at my feet. The guy then pushed me on a table nearby with my legs hanging down and he took a chair and placed himself between my legs and started to move his tongue on my pussy. As I was enjoying the guy's tongue on my pussy I found two other guys had come to stand next to me and had taken off their pants. I took their dicks in my hands and played with them as they became harder. I have enjoying myself as the guy at my pussy had opened it wide and had pushed his tongue inside hitting my clit and making me shiver all over.

From the corner of my eye I watched Kathy was also pushed against a table with her ass outside and one of the guys was pumping her pussy and another three guys lined up after him. Her dress was totally off and lying on the floor. This reminded me that I was supposed to go back to work and had to take care of my top. So I released the dicks from my hands and unbuttoned my top and threw it on the next table. Again I had the guys dicks in my hands. I was close to cumming as the guy and my pussy lapped it up expertly and I started rubbing the dicks in my hands faster. Soon I let out a loud moan as I came and also the two guys came with their cum hitting my tits and belly. The guys then took me off the table and I was placed on the floor on my knees. My face was on level with their dicks and I had the dick of the guys who had made me cum in mu mouth first. He was already hard and close to cumming. I toyed with the other two guys dicks with my hands, and could feel them growing hard again. Soon the first guy was cumming in my mouth and I swallowed it all down my throat, enjoying the taste. The second guy now had his dick in my mouth and I had to work on him longer before he came too. But he withdrew from my mouth just before he came spraying his cum on mu face and throat. As I sucked off the third guy, I could feel the second guys cum dripping down my chin and throat on my tits and belly. I used one of my hand to rub it all over my tits and belly like a lotion.

Suddenly, the door opened and 2-3 older guys walked in shocked at the scene in front of them. One of them shouted at someone to call the cops. This made us all spring up to our feet and as I got up on my feet the third guy also came hitting his load on my belly too. Soon the guys had their dicks in their pants and as they ran off outside, myself and Kathy quickly located our clothes and also ran out. Kathy was fast and she soon had her slip on dress over her body as she ran out. However, I had just put my arms through the top and had to stop outside to put on my skirt. I could see the few people on the street stop to look at me wearing my skirt with my top still unbuttoned.

As soon as I had my skirt on, I dashed behind Kathy holding my top close with my hands. I followed Kathy to her car and jumped into the passenger seat as she drove off. I quickly had the buttons on the top closed and realized that the top was sticking to my belly and tits because of the cum of the three guys on it. I was still horny and my pussy was hurting to feel some dick inside. Suddenly I found that Kathy had stopped the car and I looked up to find that she had driven us to my office and was on the front door of the building. I told Kathy that this was the last place I wanted to be now, and asked her to drive somewhere else. But she smiled at me wicked and said that I should be in the office at this time and opened the door to let me out. I told her that she could not do this to me, but she simply smiled and told me to enjoy myself at work.

I got out of my car and without thinking started walking inside the building towards the elevator. I could see the few guys in the lobby eyeing me as I walked into the elevator. I thought that they must be eyeing my tits now clearly visible under the damp top sticking to my body. As the elevator stopped at my floor and I got off the elevator, I looked into the mirror at the side and found that there was dry cum stuck all over my face. I tried to turn and get back into the elevator but the doors had closed. I suddenly heard Jeff call out my name and soon he was standing by my side. He was shocked as he looked at me and then he started laughing and asked me if I had been to an orgy or something. He led me back to my cubicle and on his way called Gary to join him. Luckily no one else saw me in that state. As we entered into the cubicle I took a wet tissue from my handbag which I had left there to clean my face. However Gary stopped me and took the bundle of tissues from me. He told me that I needed to be viewed by others at work. Everybody would love to see a slut with cum all over her face. I protested and begged him to let me clean my face. The guys finally agreed but told me that I had to give up my skirt for the rest of the day to get the tissues back. I protested again and Gary decided to walk out of the cubicle with the tissues and told me he would call others in. I pleaded with Jeff but he too said that I had to give up my skirt. He reminded me that today was a half day and only about half an hour was left for everybody to go off. He told me that I could easily hide my nakedness below the desk for the rest of the day. I reluctantly agreed and gave him my skirt. Jeff bunched it in his hands and it was tiny enough to be hidden as he walked out of the cubicle. Soon Gary was back and gave me the bundle of wet tissues, smiling wickedly at me before he left. I quickly cleaned my face and sat back at my desk thinking what else was in store for me today. I then undid my top and cleaned my tits and belly too with the wet tissue hoping that nobody walks by the cubicle now. Soon I was cleaned and relaxed in my chair.

As I sat at my office desk naked from the waist below, I started to feel horny again and could feel my pussy getting wet again. I again browsed through the photos Tom had sent me in the morning and soon was rubbing my pussy. I was now actually enjoying the situation I was in and waiting for Jeff and Gary to use me further. Soon it was past the time of work for the day and almost all the people had left work. Gary and Jeff came to my cubicle and I asked Jeff for my skirt. He told me that it was in the garbage chute and I had to come with them as I was. They told me that they had heard lot of stories about how good an exhibitionist slut I was and today I could prove it to them. I smiled at them and said I would prove it to them and was just starting to get up from my desk when the intercom rang. I picked up and it was Tom on the other end. He told me that he had a client in his office from out of town but he had to leave urgently for a meeting and he wanted me to understand the requirements from the client on his behalf and I was also to take care of him in the evening. Before I could say anything, Tom told me that the client whose name was Bob was already on his way to my cubicle. Jeff and Gary heard it all and were off soon wishing me luck with Bob. No sooner had they left that Bob walked in, giving me no time to think about how I would manage without my skirt. Bob said hello to me and as I looked up I stared into the face of the handsome gentleman from the coffee shop at the mall. I was too shocked to say anything as Bob took a seat in front of me and smiled broadly at me. He said that he really enjoyed my hand at his dick in the morning and it was his lucky day to meet me again.

I smiled back at him, thinking it was my lucky day too. I decided to have fun with Bob today and asked him what business was he planning to be done through our Company. He explained to me his requirements and I told him that we would give me a price in a day or two. He was fine with it and asked me if he could buy me some lunch. I told him that I would love to join him for lunch but I had a small problem. I told him that on a dare from a friend I had taken off my mini and thrown it off. My friend was supposed to pick me up but was stuck in a meeting and I was stuck without a skirt. He laughed out and stood up to come near me. He pushed my chair back and eyed by bare and wet pussy. I like you Julia, he told me, I love girls like you. He continued, from what I saw of you in the morning and now I feel you enjoy being naked in public. I also enjoy displaying my girls in public so I think we can have some fun today. He then held out his hand and led me out of the office, Jeff and Gary staring at me from behind as we left the office. I glanced back at them and gave them a big smile as I walked out of the office with Bob.

As we entered the elevator he gave me his jacked to wear which covered my pussy and ass from the eyes of the people as we walked out of the elevator to his car. Once inside the car he asked me to remove the jacket again and I was sitting naked from the waist down. He then drove me towards a seedy part of the town and stopped in front of a sex shop. He stepped out of the car and asked me to follow him. Luckily the street was deserted at this time and nobody spotted a semi naked girl walking into the shop. The guy at the counter was shocked to see me come in without wearing anything below, but before he could say anything Bob told him that the lady with him had lost her skirt at work and was looking for something to wear. The guy was lost for words and just pointed at the back. Bob led me to the back of the shop and from there he picked up a tiny skirt which barely covered my pussy and left half of my ass in public view. He made me wear this skirt and paid the shop owner and led me out into the car.

After sometime we stopped at a restaurant and Bob led me to a booth at the end of the restaurant as the waiters inside watched my ass not covered by the tiny skirt. Bob sat next to me and ordered a beer for himself while I ordered a Vodka for myself. As we waited for our drinks and studied the menu for lunch, Bob had his hands on my pussy and was pushing two fingers in an out of it. As the waiter came back with our drinks, Bob did not stop playing with my pussy and told the waiter that I was feeling very hot and needed help to be cooled down a bit. He asked the waiter to touch my pussy and see if he could help cool me down. The waiter had his hands on my pussy and was rubbing it hard. I lay back on the chair and enjoyed the waiter's hand playing with my pussy. I was moaning slowly as I felt Bob undo the buttons on my top and putting his mouth over my tits. He was lapping up my nipples as the waiter continued rubbing my pussy hard.. Then Bob took his beer glass in his hand and poured a little beer over my tits and it flowed down my belly to the pussy. He then started licking and biting my tits and nipples again as the waiter brought me to a orgasm which had me moaning and sliding down my seat.

After I had finished my orgasm and regained by composure Bob ordered some food for us which was served soon enough. While eating Bob had taken off my top completely and pushed my skirt to my feet making me totally naked.. I was really enjoying being naked in a restaurant and having lunch with a guy I had met a few hours back only. As we finished our lunch and the waiter got us our bill, Bob asked his if he would trade the bill for a fuck with me. The waiter was stunned but immediately agreed to it. Bob asked him to sit on the opposite side and then asked me to work on him. I went over to the other side of the table and took the waiters already hard dick out of his pants and circled it with my tongue. I worked my mouth on his dick for about two minutes before getting up. I sat an his lap, carefully positioning my pussy on his dick and took it all the way in. Then I started to move myself on his lap and had the waiter cumming soon, with all his cum filling up my pussy. He lay back exhausted in his chair as bill motioned me to get under the table. As I got under the mail I was confronted with Bob's fully hard dick. I had him in his mouth and took him all the way in, feeling the dick hitting the back of my throat. I soon had Bob cumming in my mouth and swallowed his cum fully. I came out from under the table and put on my tiny skirt and top as the waiter and Bob regained their composure.

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