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Two Lonely People Ch.02

by GWBosh©

"What are we going to do with our money now?"

It was a good question. His business was becoming a cash cow. His debts were being wiped off quickly.

"The world's our oyster. We could buy an apartment. We could buy a boat. Joe wants us to buy his car audio business. I'm sure we could turn it into a success like this."

"That sounds good. Why don't we?"

"Gabby, I've been doing this for almost 20 years. In many ways I really enjoy what we do, but I'm getting bored. We've got enough money. If it worked you'd be sitting on my cock asking the same question in a year or so.

"And you," he stroked her breast. "You are so capable of doing so much more. You could build a successful career. Why don't you join a top marketing company?"

Gabrielle bounced on his testicles very painfully.

"Don't you dare suggest I spend any time away from you," she hissed.

"Most couples do."

"We're not most couples." Her eyes were indignant.

David smiled and stroked her face.

"A lot has happened to us in a year. Then I was a depressed alcoholic. And you were . . . . ," he didn't know how to say it.

"And I was a nutcase until you saved me darling Davey."

"A stark raving nutcase. 10 light bulbs short of a chandelier."

She poked out her tongue.

"We were so lucky finding each other. But there are a lot of depressed alcoholics and stark raving nutcases out there."

Gabrielle nodded.

"I think I'd like to see if I could help. Study psychology. Become a shrink."

"You'd be so good Davey. You're such a good listener. You're so considerate with people."

"You could run the business. I'd work part time while I studied. You would be my boss."

"Just like now?" she asked.

"Think about Davey. It seems like a good idea to me."

After a minute of them looking to each other's face and thinking how much they loved each other, Gabrielle lifted herself off his cock. David was disappointed.

She pulled him up then knelt in front of him.

Gabrielle licked his cock and spat on it. Then she circled her right hand around it and massaged and rubbed. She looked up and saw the ecstacy on his face. She was now an expert. She pumped her hand and when he came, she put his cock in her mouth and drank every drop of his semen.

The next day they had a meeting with Mal, their sales manager. Mal had worked for David for 10 years and had stuck with him during the tough times. Now, in the good times, he ran a focused and successful team.

After Mal left Gabrielle said, "Mal would be very good at running this business."

"Well he certainly has the sales skills and management skills. His marketing skills could be sharper. And his inventory management and financial skills could do with some sharpening as well."

"I could sharpen his marketing skills. You could sharpen his inventory and financial skills."

David nodded. "What are you trying to say Gabby?"

"I want to become a shrink with you."

As David thought, Gabrielle held out her arms.

"Come here Davey."


"I want to sharpen your fucking skills."

They studied as a team. Their lives were busy. They spent some time training Mal. Gabrielle told David if he ever spoke about "sharpening skills" again she wouldn't let him fuck her more than seven times a week.

They spent a day each week selling in the shop. Partly because it was in their blood. Partly because they made good money.

And for Gabrielle, because she usually sold more, it gave her the opportunity to frown and say, "Your sales skills could be sharper."

As part of their psychology training they worked two nights a week in a drug rehab center, starting off cleaning the floors and urinals.

Every weekend, sunshine or rain, they packed a tent and camping gear and set off in the Camaro. As soon as they were outside city limits Gabrielle took off her clothes, put on her sunglasses, turned the music up loud and reclined in her Strato seat.


"Davey, we need to talk."

Again Gabrielle was in her "Serious Discussion" position.

"It says in Wikipedia that Russia has about the highest rate of male alcoholism and depression."

"If Wikipedia says that, it must be true. What does it say about female nut cases?"

"I couldn't find details of that. But if there are so many male alcoholic depressives, it stands to reason there must be a lot of female nut cases."

"I think Russian sounds the most beautiful of any language," said David

"I think so too. It's very sexy. It snows a lot up there. You could kill a bear and make me a bear-skin coat and hat."

"I'll buy you a fur coat."

So, in addition to all their other work they studied Russian.


"Davey. We need to talk."

From her "Discussion Position" Gabrielle handed David a printout of a job advertisement she had found on the internet.

It was from Gazprom, the Russian oil and gas monopoly looking for two resident psychologists for Syktyvkar, a small isolated city near the Artic Circle.

During the intervening years they had qualified as psychologists and worked for two years in the rehab center. They poured in their energy and dedication and occasionally successfully rehabilitated some of their patients.

"What do you think?"

David slid Lord Vlad between her labia and deep into her vagina. He stopped moving for a moment, relishing the feeling. It still felt as exciting as the very first time. He opened his eyes and saw her green eyes glowing with excitement.

"It just keeps on getting better, doesn't it darling Davey," she whispered as she wriggled her hips. They had one of their long, languid, passionate and love filled fucks.

"I take it that means 'Yes'" she said afterwards.

They arrived at Syktyvkar in the early spring. They found it easy to understand why there were so many alcoholic depressives living there. The landscape was flat and consisted of fir tree forests and snow. Syktyvkar's most obvious features were an enormous Gaxprom gasfield, a Gazprom office building, row after row of featureless low rise apartment buildings and vodka shops.

It took some time before they were accepted. The Gazprom executives thought they had to be mad, voluntarily coming to Syktyvkar and the locals had an understandable suspicion of foreigners. But David and Gabrielle had great listening skills, loved listening to Russian and enjoyed the wry Russian sense of humor.

David made no secret of how alcohol had almost killed him and the depressed Russians realized they had found a kindred spirit.

Gabrielle made no secret of her troubled past.

"I was ten light bulbs short of a chandelier, Svetlana," she explained to her client and the Russian women realized they had found a kindred spirit.

David and Gabrielle worked out that the long winter nights could be depressing.

"Gabby, these Russian men need something else to do during the hours of darkness," said David. "They seem to spend all that time getting drunk."

"We always have plenty of things to do in the dark," said Gabrielle.

So they started to give sex advice.

"You mean I should lick her down there?" asked Ivan incredulously.

"Well, you'll probably find you like it. And if you do it properly, you'll find that Svetlana will do this to you."

Ivan leaned forward intently as David gave detailed advice with the help of life-sized blowup rubber dolls.

"You mean I should let him put it in there?" asked Svetlana incredulously.

"Well, you'll probably find you like it. And if you do it properly, you'll find that Ivan will do this to you."

Svetlana leaned forward intently as Gabrielle gave detailed advice with the help of the same rubber dolls.

They built up a loyal, but small, following. Ivan and Svetlana became their strongest advocates. They also wanted to lose weight so David got Gazprom to provide a gym. He had to bribe the executives by letting them drive the Camaro which they had shipped over.

Winter brought icy winds and -40 temperatures. The Gazprom executives offered to take David on a bear hunt so that Gabrielle could have a bearskin coat and hat. David bought her a fur coat and hat from Svetlana's shop.

In private she often wore it inside out. She loved the feeling of the mink against her naked body.

There were only two of them and there was only so much they could achieve. But a good number of the men of Syktyvkar managed to kick booze and depression and a good number of Syktyvkar women became sexually liberated. The Russians are a handsome race and the alcohol free men were proud of their rejuvenated appearance. And even more proud of the appearance of their beautiful and now sexually liberated partners.

It was a rewarding time for Gabrielle and David. They developed a circle of true friends, they discovered Russian history and culture. For three months during the brief Arctic Circle summer, when the roads were clear of snow, they drove the Camaro slowly over the potholed roads. They named their children Svetlana and Ivan.


"Davey, we need to talk."

Gabrielle was in her "Serious Discussion" position.

"These long winters and the bleak landscape are starting to get me down."

"Me too," nodded David.

"Wikipedia says there are a lot of depressed alcoholic men in Romania."

"Then it certainly must be true. I've always liked Romanian food and music."

"I'm sure Lord Vlad will be happy in the land of his ancestors."

Written by: GWBosh

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