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Vacation, Mother, No One to Blame

by katiepj©

It was the third day of Joseph's vacation. Joseph had just graduated from high school and his sister Anne was a sophomore in college. Summer was finally here and he was glad to be in Mexico on the Puerto Alto beach with his family -- sort of. He thought it would be more fun without his sister and parents but they were paying for it. To make things worse dad and mom had allowed Anne to bring her boyfriend Ryan. Joseph didn't like Ryan. He wasn't that close to his sister to be jealous but he didn't like Ryan's cockiness and the way he treated her. His parents wouldn't allow Anne to sleep in the same room with Ryan and they wanted their own privacy so the family rented three rooms. Joseph's parents were in one room, He and Anne in another, and Ryan in the third room. Of course Anne snuck out the last two nights and Joseph knew she would kick his ass if he told. Her parents still thought she was a good girl.

Joseph walked back to the room after swimming in the ocean to shower. It was late in the afternoon. The sun felt warm on his dark hair and tanned back, and the hot sand tickled between his toes as he strolled. A bikini-clad, brown-eyed senorita passed in front of him and flashed him a bright smile.

This is the life, bikini clad hotties and endless ocean waves on a blue skyline that stretches forever, Joseph mused.

His parents would be back in a few minutes so they could go to dinner together. Anne and Ryan had gone back about an hour ago to dry off and change. Joseph opened the room door with his key card and entered. Before he could let the door slam shut he heard a commotion in the bathroom. He stuck his foot between the door and the jam before it could slam and quietly eased it shut and listened.

"Oh God, yes, fuck me..." his sister's cracking voice squeaked from the bathroom and the reality of what was happening flooded Joseph's mind.

Fuck! Joseph thought. I don't even have my own fucking room here. He was pissed.

The bathroom door was open and he peeked inside. Anne's high squeaks and gasping moans echoed off the tile walls. Joseph could see their reflection in the large wall length mirror - his sister in full naked display being given it in the shower. At first he was terrified -- it was like watching a train wreck, horrifying but he just couldn't take his eyes off them. Anne had blond curly shoulder-length hair and was just slightly chubby, but not fat, with full breasts and round butt. Ryan was a tall guy and had her pressed into the corner of the tiled shower holding her legs three feet off the floor and thrusting himself inside her with smooth but hard, deliberate strokes. Her breasts bobbed up and down with each pump. She let out a screach with each motion and Joseph now knew what Anne's best friend was talking about when she called her a "screamer." Joseph could see with detailed definition purple veins on Ryan's bulging wet cock as it slid in and out of his sister. He could see the lips of her labia giving and taking his penis as it reappeared and disappeared into her tuft of fine blond pubic hair, and suddenly he realized that he too had an erection. He slid the waistband of his shorts down exposing his own stiff member and stroked himself, finding himself sickly fascinated with the scene. Her screams grew louder and he feared they would catch him so he quickly slipped out of the room. He decided to try his parent's room to get a quick shower before dinner.

Joseph knocked on the door of his parent's room and almost before he could pull his fist back the door flew open. His mother, Lisa, stood in the doorway with just a purple bikini to cover her round figured body and looked frantic.

"Joseph, your father is having chest pain; we have to go to the hospital now!" The city was about twenty minutes away and a taxi was the only way to get there.

"I'll go call the taxi." Joseph said matter-of-factly and ran to the lobby.

His parents had always been in good health and Joseph couldn't believe his father might be having a heart attack. His father, James, was 53 years old, six years older than his mother. His father was almost 6' tall with a slender build and his mother was about 5' 5", a little more plump but in the right places, and looked like a slightly older version of Anne. In fact, people would often mistake them for sisters. That was an error she never minded at all.

Lisa piled as much of her husband's clothes and toiletries as she could into his suitcase and led him out to meet the taxi. Joseph was there waiting and in less than a minute the bright green taxi pulled up and the three of them climbed inside the tiny car. James sat in the front with the driver and Joseph threw his dad's suitcase in the back seat and climbed in after his mother. Joseph cursed the tiny foreign car under his breath and scrunched in beside Lisa. The backseat was barely large enough for two, much less two plus a large suitcase. After some time Joseph's leg was asleep and tingling. He shifted toward Lisa attempting to relieve the pressure on his leg. Lisa twisted her hips up and backed against him. The flowery thin beach dress Lisa wore over her bathing suit slid up to mid thigh and their legs pressed together sharing warmth.

James called from the front, "I'm feeling better Lisa dear, I think I'll be ok. It was probably just indigestion."

"Ok hon, we still need to see a doctor," Lisa answered firmly.

The sun was just starting to set. Joseph laid his head on his mother's shoulder and closed his eyes. The car bumped down the pot hole filled road rhythmically and none of them spoke. Joseph was almost dozing when the car hit a larger than average pot hole with a whump and it startled him awake. Lisa's hip was pressing against his crotch and his penis was evidently protesting by its semi-hard state. He arched his backside toward the car door to give his cock room and it thanked him by extending to a full erection in just seconds.

Fucking shit! ¬ He thought to himself. Can this vacation get anymore fucked up? What next?!

Lisa felt something pressing against her and wiggled her butt to adjust for the cramped space. Her back was to him and she pushed Joseph like two spoons in a drawer. With no room to pull away his stiff member slipped up to her backside like a piece in a puzzle. His swim shorts and her thin nearly see-through beach dress were not much of a barrier and he could feel her warmth. His cock twitched involuntarily and Lisa again shifted.

My god I have my dick stuck in my own mother's crack, this is so fucked up. Fuck. Joseph muttered silently to himself.

He looked down tracing with his eyes her crack of milky cleavage to the silhouette of the nipple on her breast visible through the dress's thin material and imagined for a second that she was just a stranger. The taxi driver had his window halfway down and the cool tropical air smelled of rain. Joseph shivered and since he was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts he wished he would have had time to change clothes before they went; they were in the tropics but the rainy evenings could get cold. The taxi pulled up to the hospital and Joseph ground his pelvis forward. He put his hand on Lisa's creamy soft thigh and eased her dress up slightly. In the dark the motions were almost thoughtless, as if a dream and not real. She likewise reacted instinctively and slid her rear crevice up and then back down his hardness that was wedged into her. By the time they stopped and got out of the car Joseph head was spinning and he wasn't sure whether he was happy or sad that ride was over. Joseph quickly unloaded his dad's suitcase and they hurried him into the emergency room.

After about a four hour wait, the doctor decided that James needed to stay overnight for more tests. The rain was now pouring outside and a miniature dirty river was flowing down the side of the street and gushed into a large drain grate.

"I think we should stay in town overnight and not leave Dad here," Lisa looked at her son for approval, "It's already past midnight."

There was a tiny hotel in an old brick building down the street. It had a neon sign in front with just a couple unbroken bulbs that would light.

"I guess this will have to do," Lisa led the way inside.

They paid $15 to the innkeeper that could barely speak a word of English and he led them up the stairs to a moldy smelling and dimly lit tiny room. It had one bed with a sink in the corner and couldn't have been larger than 10x12. He showed them a bathroom down the hall and Lisa rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Doesn't even have its own bathroom," she muttered out of the side of her mouth to Joseph.

They thanked the innkeeper and closed the door. The only bed was a single size barely larger than a cot. Not a minute later they heard men shouting, a woman's scream, and a loud crash.

"They sound drunk," Joseph whispered nervously.

"I'm not going to use that public bathroom down the hall in million years," Lisa shook her head and started to cry, "We have no clothes, only one bed, and I have to pee. We should've packed another suitcase."

Joseph started laughing.

"It's not funny Joseph," Lisa scowled and wiped a single tear away.

"We'll just have to make the best of it," Joseph said growing a little more serious.

"I have to pee Joseph," Lisa blurted. "Turn around."

"Mom, what are you doing?" Joseph asked.

"Never mind, just turn around."

Joseph turned and surprisingly looked straight into a cracked oval mirror he hadn't noticed hanging crookedly on the wall. Well, I turned around, he smirked to himself and watched his mother in the mirror. Lisa reached under her short dress and with a wiggle of the hips slipped her purple bikini to the floor with her thumbs. She kicked it with her toe to the corner and pulled the one old wooden chair in the room up to the sink. It creaked when she climbed up on it and she turned around facing his direction. She hiked her dress up above her navel and hovered over the sink. Lisa's unruly curly-blond hair hanged in her face almost hiding her eyes that rolled back into her head and she let out a deep sigh. Her pale naked thighs were meaty, her bare hips full and round with a proportionally smaller waistline that accentuated the curves. Joseph watched the golden stream trickle from her tiny patch of blond pubic hair into the sink and thought how much his mother looked like his sister. Suddenly, he was aware he had an erection.

"Can I turn around now?" Joseph asked all the while watching her in the mirror.

"Ok, it's clear."

He noticed she left the purple bikini lying on the floor. "Ok, it's my turn to pee, turn around."

"Honey, don't worry I've seen it many times before," she cocked her head mockingly.

Lisa fiddled with arranging the thin blanket on the bed while Joseph dropped his shorts half way and bent his semi-stiff shaft down to the sink to urinate. Drops deflected off the sink back as he relieved himself.

"It's freezing in here," Joseph shivered.

"Your clothes are still damp from the beach, silly. Why don't you hang them up to dry and get under the blanket?"

"Um...ok," Joseph hesitated.

He stripped off his shirt inside out, dropped his shorts, and hanged them over the head of the bed. The only thing he was left wearing was his flip-flops and he kicked them off and dove under the blanket. He laid down on his back which left about a foot of room along the other side of the bed. Lisa sat in the chair and bent down with one hand to pick a toenail, and spilled out a full view of cleavage.

"That blanket isn't doing anything to hide that problem, you know," Lisa looked up and blushed.

"What problem?" Joseph glanced down at the blanket tented over his nearly vertical shaft.

"There is only one bed here and I'm not going to lay down with you in that condition. First, you're going to have to do something about it."


"Get rid of it."


"There is only one way that I know of, Joseph."

"Mom!! What do you mean?!"

"What do you think I mean?"

"I don't know!"

"Masturbate, Joseph." She blushed again ten shades redder. "That's the only way it will go away. Hurry up and do it," she said sternly.

Josephs head was spinning. Was this a dream? Some kind of sick twisted dream? He couldn't believe all this. "Mom, NO."


Lisa reached over and ripped the blanket off him. Joseph was lying fully naked on his back, legs spread, with a mammoth erection up to his navel and his mother staring down at him. He wrapped his dry hand around his strained cock and stroked.

"Mom, I can't do this! Please, no!"

Lisa grabbed his ankle, yanked it upward, and gave him a hard swat on the back of his bare leg that left a red imprint.

"Ouch!" Joseph shrieked not sure if she was being mean or playful.

He had never seen this side of her. She lifted her hand for another swat so he grabbed her arm and twisted. Lisa's foot came out from under her. She fell face down on the corner of the bed and Joseph twisted her arm behind her back. He held her face-down on the bed and shifted himself behind her in an attempt to hide his nakedness. He tickled her ribs with one hand and held her arm with the other and she laughed uncontrollably. Joseph climbed over Lisa straddling her back held both of her hands above her head with one of his own. Lisa couldn't stop giggling. They had played around and wrestled before, but now somehow this strange day and the unfamiliarity of the setting stripped away their caution.

"Joseph!" She shrieked.

"Do you give up?"


Lisa writhed under his weigh and got one knee under her to try to push him up off the bed. Joseph grabbed a handful of her blond locks forcing her head sideways against the blanket. She bucked again and her dress rode up around her waist with one leg spread down and the other bent under her. Joseph looked down and it was as if time froze. He stared down at her spread wide before him. Her lips were parted offering a glistening pink view of her thin moist vaginal opening. Her tiny brown hole puckered tight. He was naked and erect, holding his mother face down, staring at her open before him. This isn't really happening. Joseph leaned forward and down, extending himself until his purple swollen head was inches away from her pulsing wet pinkness. Instinct took control and nothing could stop nature from its course. From this position, no one was to blame. Instincts are instincts and nature is nature.

"Oh, god!!" Lisa groaned hoarsely in a deep voice as if she had a premonition of what was happening before it even happened.

In one smooth forceful motion Joseph lowered himself into her slippery heated wetness. He was dizzy and his heart was beating out of his chest as she engulfed his manhood to the hilt.

"Yes, oh YES!" She cried and slid her other knee under her and raised her ass straight up. She responded with her own fucking motion.

The sloppy sounds of sex echoed off the walls of the small room as Joseph drove her, his loose scrotum slapping into her each time. Joseph could not hold for more than a few minutes of pounding her from behind and he exploded deep inside her. Lisa screamed all the while and he thought of his sister. Lisa shrieked louder yet when she felt him fill her with his hot fluid and her body went into spasms. She went limp underneath him. Both being exhausted, after a moment they slept.

The next morning they acted as if nothing had happened. Accidents happen. Nature is nature. Did they learn a lesson? Yes they did. Neither said a word about the night ever again and they never would. Both accepted the fact that strange things do happen and they must go on.

Written by: katiepj

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