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A Strong Black Woman's Slave Days

by Samuelx©

The name is Veronique Angel. I'm a six-foot-three, busty and big-bottomed, voluptuous Black woman of Jamaican descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I'm the top lawyer on the legal defense team working with the world-famous Massachusetts General Hospital. I love my job. Especially when it's time to take on life and death decisions. Yeah, it's a fun and exciting job. I guess it makes what I'm about to confess even more surprising. I'm a Black woman in a position of great power and authority. I worked hard to get where I am. I attended Brockton Community High School, where I distinguished myself as a student-scholar. I won myself an academic scholarship to Suffolk University, where I majored in Criminal Justice. Seven years later, I graduated summa cum laude from the Suffolk Law School and got hired by Franklin & Anderson, the top criminal defense firm in the city of Boston.

I take great pride in being a Black woman of humble origins who rose in the world through hard work and dedication. I'm one of the top associates at my law firm, winning over ninety three percent of my cases. They call me Miss Acquittal, because I'm almost always guaranteed to get the client off, regardless of what he or she has done. Yeah, I'm good at what I do. I made six hundred and eighty thousand dollars last year, after taxes. I live in a nice townhouse in the Back Bay area of Boston. I love having wealth, power and influence. And there's nothing I love to do more than to give up that power, temporarily of course. It's what gets me sexually stimulated. I've got a fetish for interracial dominance and submission. You're not going to believe this but I'm a strong Black woman who gets off on being subservient to domineering White people, especially dominant White women. Yeah, I'm strange. I know.

Today, I'm playing with my Mistress, Sharon White. She and her husband, Leonard White are my favorite play partners. They're this professional Irish-American couple living in the west side of Brockton. He's a six-foot-tall, red-haired and green-eyed Caucasian male who makes his living as an Accountant. Presently, he's traveling for business. He's all the way in San Francisco, my poor Master. Fortunately, my Mistress is here. She's a five-foot-ten, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, kind of plump and matronly, big-bottomed Irishwoman in her late thirties. She used to be a corporate lawyer but now she's basically a homemaker. She got fired from the big law firm where she worked for fifteen years. And most of the firms in Boston aren't hiring new lawyers. They're actually letting a lot of people go. This makes Sharon a very lonely and frustrated woman. And she loves to take her frustrations out on me. And as her very willing Black female slave, I love it.

Mistress Sharon White summons me into the living room. I was on my hands and knees, wearing a Black and White maid's uniform while scrubbing the kitchen floors. I busied myself scrubbing them clean because I want to please my mistress. If I don't clean the floors real nice, she's likely to give me a good caning. Mistress says Black women like myself have a tendency to become loud-mouthed and sassy unless someone keeps us in check. I used to be really sassy until Mistress beats the sass out of my big Black ass. Some good whipping and caning tamed me real good. I understand now that it was for my own good. Mistress does what she can to civilize me but I've still got savage tendencies.

I come into the living room and find my Mistress sitting naked on a plush couch. Her thick White legs are spread, exposing her hairy pussy. Mistress orders me to come to her. Grabbing hold of my neck, she makes me kneel before her and tells me to give her pussy a good licking. I obediently begin to lick my Mistress creamy pink pussy. Mistress loves it when I go down on her. She delights in having her pussy licked. Fortunately, I'm good at this. I would do anything to please my Mistress and she knows this. Serving her is my reason for being. She runs her hand through my long, neatly braided hair while I lick her pussy and finger her snatch. She urges me to keep licking, and tells me I'm her favorite servant. I take great pride in my work. And in no time, I bring Mistress a shuddering orgasm using my fingers and tongue.

Mistress is satisfied with my work, for she squeals in delight. Afterwards, she gets on all fours and spreads her plump White ass cheeks wide open. Mistress orders me to lick her asshole. This I do without hesitation. The first time Mistress asked me to lick her asshole, a long time ago, I was kind of apprehensive. For my hesitation, Mistress punished me severely. She tied me up, and then took out her cane. Viciously she caned me, delivering swift blows to my back, buttocks and legs. I screamed as I endured Mistress punishment. After caning me, she grabbed my face and told me that if I ever disobeyed a direct order from her again, she would beat me senseless. Since that day, I don't question Mistress orders anymore. So when she told me to lick her asshole, you had better believe that I spread her ass cheeks and began licking her asshole as if it were the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted.

After I licked her asshole clean, Mistress decided to don her strap-on dildo and fuck me with it. I was all for it. Mistress hasn't fucked me with her dildo in a while. She ordered me to get on all fours, and I did. I grimaced as Mistress fingered my asshole roughly, and massaged my pussy. Mistress applied some lube against my asshole, then pressed the dildo against my butt hole. With a swift thrust, she penetrated me with her ten-inch plastic phallus. I gasped as Mistress began fucking me in the ass. Gripping my wide hips, she thrust the dildo deep into me. I've never been fucked in the ass by anyone before Mistress. She's the one who took my anal virginity. She told me that she knew Black women weren't that into anal sex but as her slave, my ass was hers. In every way. And so she fucked me hard because it was her right as my owner. Mistress grabbed my long hair and yanked my head back as she fucked me. Hard. Just like she should. She fucked me until I begged for mercy, then pulled out of me. I laid prostrate on the floor, thanking her for her rough fucking of me, and quietly sobbing. Mistress told me to cheer up. Since she was pleased with me, she would let me have the night to myself.

Yeah, that's how our little session went. Half an hour later, I sat in the living room with Sharon White. We talked about the wicked good times we had together. Then she told me something which stunned me. She told me that she loved our arrangement so much that she had ditched her husband. She'd emailed him their divorce papers while he was at work. He signed them and went away. It was the quickest divorce ever. She wanted me to herself. I was stunned. Sharon wanted me to herself? As in lesbian lovers? Sharon laughed and said no. She told me she wanted me to become her servant. Permanently. I looked at her and smiled. Was that woman serious? Why would be a wealthy Black female lawyer like myself want to become the slave of a White woman in the year 2009? Sharon told me that she wanted me as her own. That's why she got rid of her husband. And then she told me that she already owned me, I just didn't know it. Stunned, I stared at her.

Smiling coldly, Sharon explained herself. She told me that she'd emailed my co-workers and friends at Mass General Hospital and at the law firm a video of us having sex. A video of me, the prototypical strong Black woman playing the role of slave to a dominant White female. She sent the video today. I gasped in shock. With a wicked grin, Sharon told me that my law firm had already fired me. It was a done deal. The rest was merely detail. I looked at Sharon, and realized that this White woman was the devil incarnate. Laughing evilly, Sharon showed me her masterpiece. She'd done far worse than getting me fired and ruining my professional life and reputation. Sharon went a step further and forged my signature on a bunch of legal documents. I looked at the documents she handed me. Basically, she now had power of attorney, an ironic turn of phrase, over all my assets. I basically signed away my fortune, and my house to her. A shudder ran through me and I looked at her with fear. Smiling victoriously, Sharon White told me that she owned me.

Sharon White had done to me what I never thought was possible. The woman ruined my career and my life. And now she had all of my money and my property. She was now a millionaire, and I didn't have a pot to piss in. I looked at her, and begged her to reconsider. I wanted my life back. I wanted my job and my house back, along with my bank accounts. Sharon White laughed, and told me there was no way in hell she was giving me my life back. From now on, she owned me. She showed me the Black and White maid's uniform which was to become my everyday clothes, along with the basement which was to become my dwelling. With tears in my eyes, I put on the maid's uniform. I had lost everything. I had, in fact, become the Black female slave of Mistress Sharon White. My most forbidden fantasy had become my reality, and my nightmare!

Written by: Samuelx

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