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The Girl, The Daddy And The Teacher

by arpiefordham©

Her expression was appropriately coquettish. "Quite a few, Daddy.

"My God! You gorgeous little whore," he growled, his fingers exploring even harder, more ravenously. He imagined he could feel all of that boy cum swilling around inside. "I bet they pump loads into you. I bet this beautiful soft hole gets swamped with it, eh?"

"Oh yes, Daddy," she grinned. "Sometimes from two or more guys, too." She winked at him.

"F-u-u-u-ck, you shameless little fuck," he chuckled. "You have a mouth on you, too!"

" I must get it from you ... I've heard you growling at Mom some nights when you're fucking her, Daddy."

He chuckled. "You fucking little minx!" He look was adoring. "God, you're so sexy!" His thick finger was deep inside her wet warmth now, feeling around inside her, and he loved the way her eyes glazed over from the delicious pleasure she got from it. He slid in another next to it, noting the way her lips accommodated them so firmly. He slid them in and out, making her writhe on the car hood. He took them out and held them up. The afternoon sun made them glimmer. "Oh, sweet Jesus, baby ... look how wet you are!" He rubbed them over his slack lips and then tasted the sweet honey they had left behind - the first taste he got of his daughter's cunt juices. It almost made him cum.

Ramon leaned over her and gradually pressed his body against hers. The sloping hood allowed him to manoevrehis cock between her thighs so that it lay pressed downwards against the line of her pussy lips. He kissed her once more, moaning heavily just as she was too. "Oh, my sweetie," he whispered in her ear."You know what this is leading to?"

Charo nodded. "Yes, Daddy."

"Oh God, baby. It shouldn't be! It's so wrong."

"Daddy, it isn't wrong. I want it badly, too?" Charo reached up, stroking his cheeks until he looked her in the eyes. "Surely it's only wrong if it's forced? But it won't be, Daddy. I want this more than anything. I really, really want you!"

Ramon's passion was fired and he rubbed the length of his thick tool against her cunt lips even harder. "God, you sexy little whore," he half-chuckled, half growled. "I do want to fuck you ... so fucking badly, baby!" He reached for her nipples with both hands, tweaking them, rolling them between his forefingers and thumbs. "I want to fuck you but I should really be spanking you ... punishing you!"

Charo reached between them and grasped his straining cock again. She squeezed it hard. "Punish me with your big dick, then, Daddy," she growled. She slid off the car hood and sank to her knees again, taking his throbbing tool into her sweet young mouth and it was the sweetest thing he had felt in ages.

He leaned back against the side of the car, allowing her to make love to his tool. He watched lovingly as she stretched her mouth over it, distorting her lovely face with its bulk, her eyelids fluttering as its hugeness made her gag and moan. She looked up at him, watching his reactions as he gasped and and smiled down at her. He winced and convulsed over and over as her soft mouth tightly stroked the veined shaft, as her tongue washed around the tautly stretched swollen smoothness of his almost exploding knob.

"Oh darling," he gasped, "You do that so fucking well!"

Charo caressed his heavily sagging balls, teasing them and then toying with that sensitive spot behind the flesh was where the hairs poked from the cleft in the swell of his butt cheeks. She mumbled something round his cock and her hand pushed against his inner thighs. Ramon realized what she wanted and moved his legs further apart. Immediately she slid her finger up his ass slit and found his tightly puckered asshole. She teased it expertly, making him cry out with joy as the sensitive nerves send thrills through his entire lower body.

Ramon threw his head back in total abandon, surrendering himself fully to his daughter's ministrations. It dawned on him suddenly that here they were, father and daughter now completely naked in open daylight, pleasuring one another, open to the gaze of anyone who happened to drive into this spot that was so well known to the more liberated members of the community. God, he thought, any of her classmates could come by at any time, just as he did when he was a teenager. Through his haze of passion, he looked about them and caught a flash of another car parked under the trees just a little back from where the track opened into the clearing. He could also just make out the figure of a man who had obviously moved away from the vehicle and was much closer, in the shadows, watching them. But Ramon was too far gone to worry. It was quite common at this infamous spot for guys to wank while watching couples in their cars. Let him enjoy it, he thought as he controlled a growing urge to spew loads of spunk into his daughter's mouth. I hope he enjoys it!

"Oh baby .... Careful!" he exclaimed. "Daddy's so close ... sooooooo close." Charo slowly extracted her finger from his asshole and slid her mouth off his cock, kissing the knob seductively as she did so. Ramon pulled her to her feet and drew her to him, his bloated tool like a huge iron bar pressed between them. Charo groaned and molded he body against his as they kissed long and deep, both overcome with a lust that surprised them.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, darling baby," he whispered in her ear. "I want to put my cock in your sweet pussy so much. Can Daddy do that darling? I want to feel that soft sweet cunt caressing my big daddy-cock."

Charo's response was to rub against his cock so that it rolled against her belly, leaving behind a slick film of precum. "I want that too, Daddy ... more than anything in the world," she whispered back. She reached between them and, moving her hips away from him, she clasped his cock and bent it down until it slid between her thighs, rubbing hard against the wet puffy slit of her pussy. She clasped her thighs around it and moved along it sensuously.

The man under the trees could hear what they were saying now and groaned softly as he stroked the fat dick that jutted from his chinos. Powerfully built, he was a guy in his early forties, blond hair cut fashionably short. Carl Dawson had followed them from the school parking lot, worried at what Charo's father might do to her and ready to get involved if there was any violence. He hadn't been prepared for this.

"My God," Ramon moaned, his lips in her hair, "you're so incredibly sexy, you little slut ... Daddy's gorgeous little whore."

Charo's lips were touching his, here eyes smoldering as she looked into his. "Mmmmm, it seems maybe like you find the idea of Carl fucking me sexy, Daddy? Do you? Admit it, Daddy, you do, don't you?"

Ramon looked back, silent for a few seconds. Then he growled: "Yeah! So fucking sexy, baby. " he half surprised himself by admitting it so quickly but, yes, the thought of his little girl boldly seducing a married man, a teacher no less, a great turn-on. "I'd have loved to have seen that first time baby, when he sank that man tool into you. Was it good.?

Feeling his tool flex as he said that, Charo encouraged her father's fantasy. "I've never been stretched like that before, Daddy. He had to lube me up with his precum to get into me. You should have heard me squeal!"

"Oh baby, I wish I had. Seen my little girl get her first man cock. It was the first, wasn't it?"

Charo grinned naughtily. "Not quite."

"Oh God ... There were others! You mean other men fucked you! Other men invaded this sweet young cunt!" He pressed his shaft harder against her puffy pussy lips. "God, you're turning me on, darling. I imagined loads of boys ... but men too?"

Charo nodded. "You want to know who? Promise you won't do anything to them"

Ramon felt an underlying duty to stop her but his lusty side prevailed. "Damn yes, baby! I promise"

"I'll tell you later," she teased.

To the side of the clearing, Carl groaned as he saw Ramon take his dark skinned tool in his hand and stroke the gleaming knob up and down the girl's opening. Oh yeah, man, fuck her, Daddy – his inner voice screamed, fired to fever pitch by what he had witnessed

Charo looked down to where her dad was stroking her and could see his big gaping pee hole oozing precum. Ramon squeezed it and it drooled onto her pussy lips where he used the bloated head to spread it sensuously over the lips. She reached down and pulled her lips apart more so that her hard little clit poked out of its sheath. Ramon groaned and teased it with his fingertip, making her yelp with delight.

He now lifted her legs and pushed them back over her head so that her entire cunt was exposed. He leaned forward and tenderly kissed it before placing his entire mouth over it, driving his tongue deep into her in the same movement.

"Oh my GOD!!!! DADDEEEEEE!" Charo screamed, straing her upper body upwards to see her father's nose pressed against her flesh as his tongue lapped around inside her, feeling its soft texture as it reamed her young inner pussy. "Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes, Daddy. Fuck me with your tongue!!!"

Ramon almost came at that point as he tasted his daughters juices that now coated his tongue, feeling her warm thighs shudder with each thrust. His appreciative moans were so intensive that she could feel them vibrate against her swollen cunt lips.

From his vantage point, Carl could see her thrash against the hood of the big car, her perfect tits so firm and youthful looking, her legs waving in the air as her father sucked more and more voraciously on her cunt . It took every bit of restraint he could muster not to dash over to get a better view. He stroked his cock carefully, not wanting to come before he could enjoy the whole scenario that was being acted out in front of him.

Ramon came up for air and, seeing the look of pleasure and lust on his little girl's face made him lean up over her and then kiss her salaciously on her mouth, letting her taste her pussy juices from his tongue. "Oh baby, baby, baby, he moaned, standing back and holding his rock hard bludgeon-like cock in his hand. "I have to fuck you darling! I have to, baby!"

He placed the huge plum-like knob against her gaping slit and Charo gasped as he pressed and she saw its thick shiny shaft sink into her, the huge veins making it look so powerful. She cried out as she felt it stretch her further than any cock she had ever experienced: "Jesus, Daddy.... my god, you're so big!"

Ramon's handsomely craggy face was flushed with lust. "You like that, honey?" he grunted, slowly penetrating her clenching cunt, watching her expression just in case she showed real distress. He shook his head slowly. "My God, baby, you have such a warm soft tight pussy. He leaned down. "Daddy loves you so much, sweetheart. His lips brushed hers lovingly. "My beautiful, sexy baby."

"I love it, Daddy" she whispered back. "My god, it's so deep inside me!"

Ramon could feel as her pussy muscles clenched it, testing its bulk. He looked down and was turned on even more by the sight of it pulling her flesh outwards as he withdrew it to the head, his gnarled shaft glistening with her juices.

He sighed as he plunged back inside her again, feeling her body quiver beneath him. "Ohhh, fuuuuck," he breathed, consumed by his lust. That little pussy that he used to idly wonder about as she paraded round the pool in her skimpy bikini, imagining some young boy fucking it ... here it was beneath him, sexily clutching at his rock hard tool as she mewed endearments to him, wanting him, pleading with him the drive in harder.

He increased his pace and was soon pounding her, expertly working his cock in her as he watched her reactions, building up her passion. Her beautiful firm breasts juddered with each powerful thrust, their nipples now urgently taut and firm, lovely hard nubbins that he wanted to suck and lick. She was beginning to scream too as his dick swelled to greater and greater proportions, and he marveled at the way she took the pleasurable pain of his thick Spanish cock.

He suddenly caught a movement in the corner of his eye and remembered the guy under the trees. He had now come further out into the clearing and was standing in the sunlight, his hand moving firmly up and down his own fleshy shaft. Ramon couldn't resist accentuating his movements to turn the guy on more. He found that he actually enjoyed his own exhibitionism, turning the guy on.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Ramon groaned. "Take it deep, honey." His ass clenched every time she took him deep into her, making her yelp and groan.

"Oh yeah!" Ramon gasped, now swinging his hips aggressively, pile-driving his tool into her tight pussy, his fat daddy balls smacking her upturned ass. God this was so depraved but he loved it! With every jolting thrust of his cock, his daughter's firm tits shuddered, their enormous swollen nipples making irregular patterns in the sunlight.

From his vantage point, Carl was muttering at Ramon, as if he could hear him: "That warm schoolgirl cunt feels fucking beautiful, doesn't it? Pure wet pussy, caressing your cock. Never had such a wet pussy ever before, have you?" He was fisting his own plump tool. "Yeah. Oh yeah. Give it to her, buddy. Give it to her hard!"

"Oh jesus, baby," Ramon groaned. "You sexy little fuck!" He reached out and gently tweaked her engorged and swollen nipples. Fuck ... look how excited she is, he thought to himself, just like a ripe fruit waiting to explode. "God yes," Ramon gasped. His hips swung wildly, driving his meaty tool into his daughter's beautiful cunt, making it squish and slurp with his precum and her juices.

Charo was now crying out with painful joy as her daddy increased the speed and power of his thrusts deep into her. "God, Daddy ...YESSSS! Fuck me, Daddy," she screamed out. "Make me cum too!"

"Oh I will, baby," Ramon groaned, watching his slick veined shaft thrusting in and out of Charo's cunt, pulling her clutching inner flesh outwards with every withdrawal. "Feeding you this .... cock! Feeding you Daddy's fat ... cock! Making you scream with my ... tool! After every pause he slammed it into her hard and she arched her back. "Do you feel me, baby. Do you feel me inside you?"

"Oh god yes, Daddy," Charo yelped. "You're so deep. Jesus you're so damned big!!! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yesssssss!!! Fuck me, Daddy."

"Damn, she wants your cum," Carl was hissing from the edge of the clearing. "Your baby girl wants her Daddy's big fat load. You're going to give it to her, aren't you? "

Ramon drew his slick cock out of her clutching pussy and teased her with the angrily swollen head, concentrating on her swollen clit. "My God - that delicious clit, he moaned, "it's fucking huge!" He teased it with his fingertip, too, and the gorgeous girl's delicious body writhed squeakily on the expanse of warm metal.

Ramon's thrusts had gradually moved her up the car hood and he pulled her back down, hooking her legs over his flexed arms. Charo's arms entwined around his strong neck, pulling his face to hers and she kissed her daddy voraciously as she felt him increase his pace in her cunt. He could feel her beautiful tits pressed against his hairy chest, especially the hard nipples.

"My gorgeous baby," he hissed, his lips brushing hers. "Are you ready for Daddy's cum? Do you want it, baby?"

"Oh yes," she gasped. I want it, Daddy ... I so want it!"

"Oh Jesus, that turns me on, darling," he grunted. He could feel his balls thwacking her upturned ass cheeks. "God your cunt is sooo damned hot."

"My cunt will always be hot for you, darling Daddy," she gasped. "For your beautiful cock. Oh god, it feels so massive inside me. Give it to me, Daddy .... harder .... harder!" She thrust her hips up at him, eager for every inch of his fleshy veined weapon.

"Oh fuck, Daddy, I think I'm going to cum," she panted, here eyes wide in anticipation. "I can feel it, Daddy. I can feel it coming up." She cried out massively, pressing her groin up at her Daddy and started to convulse under him.

"OHHHHHHH< Daddy! Daddy .... I'm cumming! Oh fuck, Daddy .... Carl .... oh YESSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Oh my GOD!!!!"

Ramon's cock was being drenched with her juices. He could hear the effect - the juicier sound of his cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Oh yes, my darling. Fuck yes, my baby. Cum for Daddy! " Ramon bellowed. "Oh baby, I can feel it! " Charo was holding him tight and he could feel her hot breath panting in his ear, could hear her gurgling cries as she doused his cock with her warm juices. He jammed into her over and over, making her grunt, even in the midde of her orgasm.

It was all too much for Ramon. He suddenly stopped his thrusting, jammed his cock deepinto his daughter and kept it there, clenching his buttocks.

"FUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Ramon bellowed, his voice echoing around the clearing. "OH MY JESUS CHRIST!!! SWEET FUCKING JESUS!!!"

Charo cried out too as she felt the first enormous squirt of cum jet deep within her tender cunt flesh. Again ... and again ... and again ... and again... it seemed never-ending, a huge deluge of thick creamy spunk blasting into her pussy.

At the edge of the clearing, Carl could tell from Ramon's wild convulsions just how much of an orgasm it was. "Fuckin' hell, dude," he chuckled. "Awesome ... Fuckin' awesome." He was still fisting his thick cock. His whole being was now the sensation of his impending explosion. He took a couple of steps forward and, hips thrust forward, shuddered massively as he spewed jet after thick jet of shiny spunk into the air which arched and then fell onto the lush grass. Ramon had heard his explosive groans and glanced across to witness the man's magnificent orgasm. He loved the way he and his daughter had affected the guy and had brought him such pleasure. It was almost certain that he had heard their cries and had realised their relationship, and it pleased him that this guy was almost a co-cospirator in his seduction of his baby. Previous to this afternoon he would have been annoyed by having a voyeur watch him, but he found he was secretly pleased by it. Charo had seen and heard nothing, so encompassing had been her orgasm and so loud had been their cries.

Ramon gradually caught his breath, slowly sliding his cock in and out of the panting girl. And then, when he eventually pulled out totally, it was like pulling a stopper and a huge stream of glistening spunk trickled out of her, sliding down her ass crack and onto the hood of the car.

He slid his cock back in and, with it fully embedded, he lifted her limp body from where it was sprawled across the car hood and hugged her to him. His lips found hers and he kissed her tenderly.

"Oh my darling baby," he whispered. "that was the most incredible fuck your Daddy's ever had, sweetheart ... the most wonderful." Charo caressed his back and hugged her tits to his naked chest as she smiled and kissed him back.

"I loved it, Daddy. I absolutely LOVED it!" she squeezed her cunt around his slowly softening cock. Ramon moved gently in her, relishing the sensual way in which she was rewarding him.

"God you have an incredible, pussy," he chuckled. "No wonder you're so ...." His voice tailed off.

"So popular?" she winked. "I'm afraid it's true, Daddy. But is that so bad .... really?"

"Not if you fuck me like that, baby," he grinned.

"Does that mean that you'll want to do this again?"

"What do you think?" he grinned naughtily at her. "God you milked more cum out of me than anyone ever has. I've never ever cum as much as that!"

His cock had now slipped out and she reached down to hold it in her hand.As she caressed it, her lips brushed his as she whispered: "No more concerns about whether it's right or wrong, Daddy?"

He looked a little embarrassed but managed a smile. "I think you've convinced me about that!"

At the edge of the clearing, Carl tucked his still engorged cock back in this pants and zipped up. He quickly snuck back to his car and checked the photos he had taken on his cell phone. And he had his own ideas about how things would develop and they involved all three of them. He had enough pictures to ensure thate he would get his own way if Ramon should prove difficult.

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