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The Slutty Soccer Moms' Surprise

by Ahabscribe©

It was almost too much to take in. I wanted to watch my son fuck my friend -- hell, I wanted it to be me getting fucked by my son and his friends. My eyes kept shifting from place to place, cock in her mouth, cock in her cunt, and cock in her ass. I felt someone take my hand and spared a quick glance away from the action to see Heather next to me, her small hand gripping mine as we avidly watched our sons double fuck Donna.

The air quickly was full of the smell of cunt and sweat, that wonderful funk that human bodies make when engaged in fucking. As aroused as Donna was, her body filled with throbbing hard dick, the rest of us were equally aroused, in part from the spectacle of that beautiful big titted black woman getting it hard in three holes and in part because our bodies were responding to the sweet smell of hard and hot sex. My nipples ached something terrible and my cunt was oozing Robbie's sperm and my fresh juices.

The noise of Donna sloppily slurping on her son's thick cock and the sound of Dale's thighs slapping against her chocolate ass cheeks mixed with the distinct noise of my son's cock worming in and out of her juicy pussy. Donna moans were muffled, but distinct and growing as our sons fucked her without mercy. "Fuck me, I can't wait until that's me getting all that cock," sighed Natalie on the other side of me.

Heather breathed, "All that young cock, always hard and always ready!" She squeezed my hand harder. "You are going to love John's cock! Your son already knows how to fuck!"

I shivered and then realization hit me. Heather had fucked my son earlier! I had fucked Robbie and Donna had just told everyone she had fucked Dale. I turned to Natalie who also realized the cat was out the bag. "You lying bitch!" I said. "You already got to fuck your son!"

Natalie giggled and shrugged her shoulders. "And he was fantastic, too, just like I said. I can't tell you how nasty it felt knowing that was my Karl's cock filling me up with cum!"

Before I could tease her more, the moans from Donna and the boys hit a new crescendo. Donna's lean, shapely body was stiffening as she rolled into a big orgasm and I could actually see her ass cheeks tighten up as her body began to spasm. Dale cried out, "Oh my God! I'm cumming, Ms. so fucking tight! His balls jerked and bounced as he pumped his cum into her asshole, provoking a strangled cry from Donna and then she was swallowing to save her life as her own son dumped a fresh load of sperm in her mouth. Donna gasped for air and his thick whitish man seed spewed from her mouth, running thickly down her chin. As her own son finished by spraying his last shots into her face, She screamed shrilly and stiffened again as John moaned and then clamped his mouth around a meaty nipple as he emptied a new load of semen inside her cunt.

It seemed like an eternity that the three boys pumped Donna full of cum and her orgasm seemed to go on and on. As she finally seemed to be slowing down, Dale withdrew quickly from her ass, provoking a cry of pain mixed with delight and for a few exquisite moments, Donna sat astride my son like a dark goddess in the throes of holy ecstasy. Finally, she turned and looked at us and through a mouth filled with her son's cum, cried out, "FUCK!" before tumbling off John in a heap of cum stuffed flesh.

We women were on the move within a heartbeat. Heather and I were on our knees before our sons so fast that I got a rug burn from the carpet. I had John's still stiff cock in my mouth and tasted his sweet cum mixed with Donna's cunt for the first time. I sucked him furiously, my tongue playing over his cockflesh, cleaning him and savoring every little blob of creamy cum. Heather was doing the same while her son just stared at his sluttish mother as she sucked his cock clean of all evidence of his ass fucking of our friend.

Natalie took advantage of Donna's near insensibility to lick and suck any last remnants of sperm from Robbie's cock and then she turned and began kissing Donna, lapping the spilled cum from her face and sucking on Donna's cum coated tongue. Having cleaned our boys, Heather and I turned to the remaining sources of used cum and Donna began to sob and moan into Natalie's mouth as we began to lick her front and back. We raised our black goddess onto her knees and I slid underneath and clamped my mouth to her cunt, hungrily tonguing my son's semen from her pussy. I felt Heather's body on top of mine, her thighs straddling my body as she spread Donna's cheeks and speared her tongue into the black woman's asshole to dig out Dale's tasty sperm.

Donna's moans were soon joined by Natalie's as they ended their frothy, spermy kiss and Natalie sprawled out on the carpet with her petite legs spread wide and Donna's incredible snake of a tongue eating her out. We went on like this for several minutes and then as bodies shook and shivered and shifted, a new dynamic emerged. As Heather and I finished cleaning each other up, she moved off my body and between my legs and I felt her tongue began to curl inside me and roll over my swollen clitoris. When I heard her moaning into my cunt, I knew that she was now being licked by Natalie. A four pointed Daisy chain was a very common thing among the Somerset Slutty Soccer Moms Association!

We all ate each other until we had all had our faces bathed in someone else's cunt cream at least once. Only when the men came over and physically pulled us apart did we stop. Our sons, now all seated again could only look at us with newly opened eyes. What they must have thought of us -- four cum covered and wild-eyed crazy cuntsluts, our tits heaving, our faces and chests scarlet in a sexual flush.

Slowly we all climbed to our feet, hanging on to each other as the men guided us back. James and Steve disappeared into the kitchen and brought back three kitchen table chairs.

My James motioned the other men to sit down and he turned and looked at the boys. "Anyone wanting to leave and go party with their buddies now?" he asked. All our sons just shook their heads. "Good. Well, we're getting close to the time that you get to take your mothers back upstairs and fuck them till you can't fuck anymore." He glanced at the other men and said, "Our graduation gift to you guys is to give you to your Moms for the rest of the weekend. We're going fishing. But before we go, we just want to show you how good your mothers are and we're going to leave with a smile on our faces after your Moms give us a goodbye blowjob."

James turned and walked over to the other men and sat down next to Steve and said, "We decided we wanted to get sucked off by the same Mom's who fucked our sons earlier."

Natalie giggled and stood up and crossed over to her husband. As she knelt in front of him she said with wicked glee, "He's got a wonderful cock, honey. I think I'm in love!"

Heather strolled over to my James and I couldn't help but feel a thrill as she squatted and wrapped her little, dainty mouth around my husband's cock. I moved to Robert and sighed as I got on my knees and began licking the head of his enormous cock head. His wife was the odd woman out, but was happy to join Heather in sucking my husband's cock.

As we sucked on each others husbands' cocks, we acted utterly shameless, sucking noisily and making lots of contented and nasty sighs and groans, making sure to show our sons our great delight in being cock sucking whores. Our husbands were fairly quick on the trigger, but who can blame them -- they had been holding on to their loads all evening and it was a testament to their strength and resilience that they had lasts as long as they did.

Steve blew first -- Natalie still giggling as her husband coated his face with his hot sperm. My James shot his wad next as Heather and Donna had his cockhead trapped between their mouths, teasing him to the point of no return with their devilish tongues. Then Robert growled and I felt his cockhead swell in my mouth and then I had an incredible flood of his tangy semen washing into my mouth. I deliberately let him slip from my lips and let him hose down my face with his steaming spunk.

The boys all groaned as they watched their fathers spray us with cum -- wide eyed with awe at their cum loving mothers basking in the erotic delight of our facials. As our husbands yanked up pants and bade us goodbye, we moms began to kiss each other and clean each other's faces of the hot and tasty semen. Our men kissed us goodbye, told our sons to take care of their mothers and left. Natalie pretty much summed it up when she snorted, "Fishing trip my ass, the only thing they're going fishing for is young cunts at the Somerset Lake Bar and Grill."

We all nodded in agreement and then an odd silence settled over the room as four mothers turned their full attention to four handsome and naked sons watching them hungrily with hard cocks jutting out from between their legs. All four stood up nervously, their lovely penises so hard and stiff that they again slapped up against their muscular stomachs. It was time. After all the waiting, it was time for the mothers of the Somerset Slutty Soccer Moms Association to take their sons and make them into loving motherfuckers.

Natalie crooked her finger at Karl and the two of them ran up to their room. Dale rushed to Heather's side and hand in hand, they strolled towards the stairs. Donna and I moved in on our sons like lionesses stalking their prey.

I was vaguely aware of shedding the remnants of my negligee as I moved to stand before my son naked as the day I was born. My heart was pounding and I could feel my blood pulsing through my body, most noticeably within my throbbing cunt. "Are you ready for me, John? Are you ready to make love, no, to fuck your mother and make her cum?"

John shivered and whispered hoarsely, "I love you, Mom!" I stepped forward so that my breasts mashed against his strong chest and I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. I kissed him then, my tongue finding his and dancing with it. His arms went around me and pulled me even closer. I could smell his sweat and sex, mixed up with another woman's scent. I felt my hunger for my son grow at a ravenous rate. I took John's cock in my hand and without a word, we headed for the stairs.

I glanced back once to see that Donna and her loving son weren't even going to attempt to get upstairs. Donna was on her back on the sofa, one long lovely leg draped over the back of the sofa with Robbie between her thighs, his mouth sucking one of her meaty nipples even as he hunched with that big dick of his, searching for her cunt. Donna's eyes locked onto mine for a brief moment before rolling back in pleasure as Robbie sank his meat inside her, but that brief moment was enough to communicate what we were both feeling. This was right, this was meant to be. Not just incest, but incestuous love, perhaps the purest form of love that can exist -- after all, what greater bond is there than that between mother and son?

I lead my son upstairs, glancing back every so often to see him gazing at me in such adoration I thought I might cry. As we walked down the hall, we found that Heather and Dale hadn't even made it to their room. Heather's son had her pinned against the wall, using it for leverage as he stood there and fucked his Mom. Heather's eyes were wide open with amazement and pleasure as her son rammed his cock in and out of her pussy, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her arms around his neck. Again, I shared a moment of silent communion with another mother, seeing in her eyes the carnal delight that was moments from happening to me.

John and I had barely closed the door behind us when he had me in his embrace, kissing me, taking charge, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him back, arching one leg up along his thigh and curling it behind his leg. John responded by cupping my ass cheeks and lifting me up, allowing me to encircle his waist with my legs, trapping his cock against my thickly haired pussy, nestling it lengthwise between my labia. John groaned happily as he felt my wetness coat his throbbing dick.

I was lost in the kiss, swept away by the passion of the moment and had no clue that as we soul kissed, John carried us across the room and knelt on the bed. With amazing gentleness, my son eased me down and as I realized where we were, I spread my legs wide, drawing my knees back and offering myself to my son. Our kiss ended, John easing back to look at his mother lying under him, a string of saliva extending from his lips to mine.

"I love you, son," I moaned, hunching my cunt upwards to brush the tip of his cock. Having found it, I lifted upwards, allowing the head to enter partially into my pussy. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to fire at once then as the flesh of my flesh returned home. It was absolutely clear to me. This is where the cock of my son belonged -- that in my cunt, my mother pussy was where my son's cock was meant to be.

John looked down at me with a look that was both frightening in its intensity and arousing in its frank, naked incestuous lust. I saw the child I had given birth to, nursed, tended to his aches and wounds and raised from a child to the man he was, every moment pointing us to this inevitable destiny, my child, my son claiming his mother as his mate. There was a ferociousness to my son's voice as he growled, "I love you, Mom." Then my John, my son, plunged hard into my cunt, making my body spasm and arch as he thrust his cock deep into my womb, bringing me to orgasm before he had even buried all of his wonderful thick penis inside me.

My flesh reacted to his as it has never reacted to any other man's. There was a rightness to it, a perfect compatibility, a sexual chemistry even stronger than I shared with his father. I screamed out his name as I thrust back, grinding my pubic bone against his pelvis, trying to get as much of him inside me as possible. My head whipped back and forth as I tried to keep some semblance of sanity as incestuous pleasure simply overwhelmed me.

"Oh FUCK, MOMMMM!" John cried out as my cunt locked down around his cock. "YOUR PUSSY IS -- OH GOD! -- FANTASTIC!" he roared. My legs came back up and locked around his back and we quickly found a quick, short stroking motion that had us both locked into a sweaty and delicious fuck. We kissed hungrily with me sucking his tongue and then John sucking my tongue. I clawed his back raw as he ducked his head and his lips found my swollen nipples and he sucked me hungrily and I had a crazy wish that I could again provide him with my milk.

"Fuck me, son, give Mom that good cock she's been waiting so long for!" I sobbed through gritted teeth as John shoved his cock in me again and again. He felt so perfect inside me, my pussy flesh wrapping around his cockmeat like it had been designed to do and I suppose that maybe it had been -- the ways of God are mysterious but seemed so clear to be as my son filled me with his perfect penis over and over.

John seemed unstoppable and having fucked Heather and Donna, I realized with both delight and awe that my son was likely capable of a long term fucking of his mother before he would need to cum. I cried out with joy as I surrendered myself body, heart and soul to my son's incestuous appetite. Sweat poured off John in rivers as he worked to pleasure my body, fucking me and fucking me until the world seemed to spin and every fiber of my body was exploding with pleasure.

I screamed, I laughed, I moaned and I sobbed with joy and love for my son's long, thick dick. The pleasure emanating from between my legs was so intense at times that I was certain I would just explode into pieces or spontaneously combust or simply die from the exquisite ecstasy of being fucked by my son. My whole world seemed to winnow down to that huge cock inside my cunt. Time seemed to stand still as my son fucked me until it seemed that my entire existence seemed to have been composed of our incestuous fucking.

And then John came -- his cock swelling inside me, the head flaring and then unleashing a torrent of hot, gooey semen that splattered and coated the insides of my womb and I instantly realized that every orgasm prior to this in my entire life was nothing more than a warm up activity. It was if I was tied to an electric chair that hit me not with electricity, but pure, undiluted carnal pleasure, pleasure that coursed through my entire body, infusing every atom of my being with the erotic delight that only comes from the sexual union of a mother and son. I let out a soul wrenching scream of unanticipated pleasure and surrendered to the most intense orgasm in the history of humankind, my entire existence now focused on the wonderful man and his pleasure giving cock. Everything else just ceased to exist.

When my eyes could focus again and I realized that I had lived through it and not gone to heaven to live in perfect ecstasy for all eternity, I found myself looking into my .son's beautiful brown eyes. John smiled at me, the fuck sweat rolling off his face from the effort of making love to me and said, "I love you, Mom."

I broke down and began to sob, hugging my son to me as best I could with my legs and arms trembling from our wonderful exertions. "I love you, too, son!" I cried. "I am never, ever letting you go!"

And I did my best to keep my promise at least that night. I clung to him as he rested between my legs, the two of us kissing and whispering words of love to each other until he had recovered and the act of kissing his motherlove revived that wonderful cock, making me moan with indescribable joy as I felt his penis, harden and lengthen inside my pussy until again we began to move together, our world again narrowed down to satisfying our incestuous urges.

My son fucked and came in me three times that night and I lost count of the number of incredible orgasms he gave me -- so many that I remember it mostly as one impossibly long son produced orgasm. After that, we slept in each other's arms until late Saturday morning. With a tinge of regret, I slipped out of my son's embrace and staggered to find the other members of my son-fucking fraternity.

I found Natalie, looking almost perky, sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee. Heather joined us a little while later, radiating the smile of an angel, happier than I had ever seen her. We compared our nights, each of us claiming to have seen the face of God as our son's had made us cum and cum again. Donna and Robbie had finally made it upstairs and remained secluded for most of the day, although we heard moans and sometimes screams of pleasure echoing down from their room. Donna and Robbie eventually emerged from hiding, both with love struck grins on their faces and Donna walked just a bit bowlegged.

All that day and long into the evening, we tested our sons' endurance by making love as often as they could bring their mothers an erection. Now, however, we were making love in the open, in front of the others. It was exciting to have my son between my legs, making me sob with pleasure and being able to look across the room and see Natalie being assfucked by her son or to see Heather on her hands and knees being fucked over and over again by Dale or to see Donna squatting on Robbie's thick cock riding him slowly as she seemed to have one long, continuous orgasm.

Sunday, we resumed the fun and games from Friday night as our sons sampled each other's mothers. It was all incredibly incestuous as we had all had such a role in raising those boys. While I can't claim that fucking Karl, Robbie or Dale has near the impact on me that fucking my own flesh and blood does (although being fucked by all three at one time comes a close second), I still got a delicious perverse delight in fucking each of those young men I had helped to raise.

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