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A Measure of Comfort

by pinupkitty©

It puzzled Kira why Lin would have asked her to be her bridesmaid. It wasn't as if the two women outright disliked each other, but it was safe to say that they had nothing in common. Aside from the small detail that Kira had slept with Lin's fiancé some months before (they were both certain she still didn't know) the pair were simply acquaintances.

Kira double-checked the address on the card Lin had given her and stepped into the men's store, feeling out of place. The well-groomed clerks unnerved her and she felt naked in her skirt and blouse. Mahogany furnished and moodily lit, the large upscale tailor's reminded her of daddy's cognac and carved pipe. She stood in the middle of the masculine store, looking around and unsure where to start.

"Can I help you, Miss?"

A chiseled brunette in an impeccably cut suit approached her, his voice smooth as his silk tie. He was ridiculously handsome and did nothing to ease Kira's nerves.

"Uhm, I'm here to get a suit. For myself." Kira managed.

A brief and barely registered look of amusement flickered over the clerk's face. "And what occasion is it for?" His liquid voice did not betray him.

Kira shifted her feet. "Well, my friend Lin is getting married and I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid. But she's a bit... weird. She wants us all to come in suits instead of dresses. She said it'd make her stand out more... or something."

Her discomfort was obvious from the slight flush creeping up her neck. "No need to be shy." The clerk said, and boldly stepped forward to take her by the arm. "It's a liberated world, after all. My name is Robert. Come into the back, and we'll get you fitted."

Kira nearly slid to the floor at his touch but managed to follow him towards the store's change rooms. She had always been shy around men and her cheeks blushed easily, but today she felt the heat rising from more southern coordinates.

The change rooms were six wooden divides along either wall with privacy provided by heavy velvet curtains. In the centre was a small step platform positioned before three angled mirrors, for doing measurements. Before them were two plush armchairs. The clerk led Kira to the step and had her stand on it. She suddenly became blatantly aware that there were no other customers in the store.

"Now, what sort of cut did you have in mind?" Robert asked, and took out a measuring tape from the drawer of a small side table.

"Uh... I don't know? It's supposed to be body-hugging, I think." Kira tried not to pay attention to herself in the mirrors, a sight that was increasingly making her more self-conscious. Some of the other clerks in the store had begun drifting towards the change rooms, to see what the fuss was all about.

"Double or single breasted?" He asked, and flicked out the roll of measuring tape with a gesture of his wrist. The end of it snapped in the air like a whip a foot away from Kira's thigh.

Kira looked down at her endowed chest. "Uhm... Double? I guess?"

Robert grinned, this time openly at Kira's shyness and lack of knowledge. Her naïve expression was going to make this all the more enjoyable.

"Well then, we'd better measure you. Spread your arms and legs, please."

Kira froze at his words. Spread her arms? Her legs? She caught another glimpse of herself in the mirror and saw her arms clinging to her sides. She wanted to leave.

"Oh, don't be shy now." He assured her, gently. "We'll finish up quickly."

Kira awkwardly assumed a standing spread-eagle stance. She was wildly aware of the draft that crept up her short summer skirt.

"Bryan, if you could help me record." He beckoned to one of the other clerks. A dapper young man picked up a clipboard and flipped a page. He readied his pencil.

The measuring tape slid over Kira's shoulders, tickling her warm skin with its cool vinyl touch. "Shoulders, 41." He moved on to her arms, encircling her forearm and then her wrist and dictating measurements to Bryan. Other clerks began to linger about, watching with mild interest. Kira could see their eyes in the mirror, following the measuring tape, examining and evaluating her body. She bit down the heat rising in her face but could not deny the dampening that began in her panties.

How was this possible? Kira's heartbeat quickened. She hated being looked at, hated being the centre of attention, and yet here she was, clearly aroused. Her stomach churned with a mixture of shame and a dim fire. The measuring tape and soft brushes of the clerk's fingers skirted over her skin, igniting it and giving her goosebumps.

"Chest, 92." Robert announced in a businesslike tone. He lingered there a moment, his wrist just barely brushing her erect nipples. Kira's thin bra did nothing to help conceal her arousal.

"Lower your arm for me please. Waist, 72. Yes, that's good. Just turn a little that way please, stand straight. She's a 36 there. And up again, thank you."

Kira barely registered his words, her limbs giving in to his gentle prodding and soft encouragement as he turned her this way and that, her every centimeter on display. Her eyes in the mirror were fixed on the faces of the clerks that stood but a few feet behind her. One came to sit in one of the two plush armchairs, gazing at her with an unreadable expression.

"Now, let's see." The measuring tape and hands fell away, and Robert stepped back to take a look at her. His eyes fixed on her behind. "My dear, it will be quite impossible to take proper measurements around your skirt. Would you kindly remove it, please."

Kira couldn't believe her ears, and flushed bright red. "E-excuse me?!" She stammered. Was this a joke? Had Lin put her up to it?

"Oh come now dear, we'll never get this done if you're planning to keep stalling all the time. Remove your skirt, miss."

With a dry mouth and numb hands Kira slowly slid her skirt down over her perky behind and let it drop to the floor, revealing thin white panties that barely covered her ass. She fought to keep from keeling over as she stepped out of her skirt. Bryan quickly snatched it up from where it lay, folded it neatly, and handed it to the clerk in the chair, who held it in his lap as he watched her.

Kira knew the damp spot on her panties was now painfully obvious to everyone, especially to the man in the chair and even more so to another clerk who seated himself on the floor next to the mirrors. A few customers had even entered the store, and gazed at the scene from a distance, commenting to each other with bewildered expressions.

"Is it... Is it quite necessary that everyone watch?" Kira whispered to Robert.

"Not to worry, dear." He replied at a less than subtle volume. "We're all professionals. Spread, please."

Kira awkwardly assumed the position once again. The measuring tape, as if a living entity all its own, encircled her firm ass and wrapped tight.

"Flex for me, please. Yes, that's it. Bryan, 93. And now if you wouldn't mind holding it for me. To the back of her neck."

Robert flicked the tape between Kira's legs. Behind her, Bryan caught the end and held it up as Robert had asked. She noticed for the first time that one side of it was ribbed with little ridges. Robert held the other end at her bellybutton and the tape slid up against Kira's pussy, a delicious stroke that made her knees weak.

"How does that feel, dear? Tight enough?"

Kira nearly fainted. "Uhm, yes. I think so."

Robert watched her expression with a studious gaze. "Mmm, I don't think it's quite right. A little tighter, Bryan."

The measuring tape pressed against her panties, forcing her to feel her own wetness. Kira shuddered involuntarily. Her already aroused pussy and Robert's light touches as he measured her had put her in a state of heightened sensation. She didn't need to check the mirror to guess where all the men's eyes were fixed now.

"Is it sitting quite right?" Robert's tone now was measured, deliberate. He stepped closer to Kira. "A little forward, maybe."

The ribbed side of the tape slid along her crease, working its way between her engorged lips through her panties. Kira closed her eyes and bit her lip, struggling to act as if nothing were affecting her.

"No, that just isn't it yet. Back a little."

The tape tightened and slid again, sneaking its way up between her asscheeks. Kira was unable to hold back a whimper.

"Terribly sorry for this confusion." Robert cooed. "Are you quite all right?"

"Yes!" Kira breathed. She dared not open her eyes as she knew that the sight of them all watching this display would make her lose it.

"Good." Robert smiled. "I think we've got it now. Let's get rid of this."

Robert zipped the measuring tape away in one fluid motion, its entire length sliding between Kira's cheeks, pussy lips and against her clit in one long stroke. She let out a high-pitched whimper and her knees buckled. Robert caught her by the shoulders and held her up with a firm grip.

"Are you all right Miss?" Robert asked nonchalantly as he helped Kira regain herself. "Perhaps we should have some help."

Robert nodded and two of the observing clerks came forward to stand on either side of Kira. Each took a strong grip of either arm, holding her in place.

"I, uh, I don't think that's necessary." Startled and more than a little confused, Kira unsuccessfully tried to wriggle out of their grasps.

"Now, now, dear, we're almost done." Robert stepped back and opened the drawer on the small side table, retrieving a stiff wooden ruler. For the first time, his businesslike expression broke into a menacing grin. "We've just a few more measurements to take. Bend over."

"What?!" Kira exclaimed. Before she'd had much chance to consider it, the two clerks holding her arms yanked them sharply downward and forward, forcing her to bend at the waist, fully exposing her ass and damp panties to the viewing crowd.

"Let's see now, Bryan. What do you think she is? A four, maybe?"

Without waiting for a reply, Robert delivered four firm smacks to Kira's ass with the wooden ruler. Kira cried out in surprise and alarm at the sharp stings. A warm tingling sensation rose to the surface of her skin and permeated her whole body when Robert stopped and stepped back to admire her flushed buttocks.

"How does that feel, miss?" Robert asked with a sudden gentle tone. "Does that fit you well?"

Kira couldn't believe this was happening. Her voice of logic was screaming inside her head, telling her to break free, grab her clothes, and run. But another opinion was working its magic on her, convincing her with warmth and tingling and delicious undeniable arousal. Here she was, exposed and humiliated in the middle of a men's store surrounded by unyielding eyes, and she loved it.

"Yes..." Kira heard herself say breathlessly. "It feels good."

Behind her, Bryan cleared his throat. "Sir, if I may... I'd say she's more of a ten."

Robert grinned widely. "You know, I think you're right."

Kira shut her eyes and braced herself as six more blows landed home, stinging more than the first four and sending delicious ripples of shock up her spine. When Robert stopped she let out an involuntary moan.

"Well, well." Robert's voice was soft though his breathing rate had increased noticeably. "I think the little whore likes it."

Kira squeezed her eyes shut against the sting of shame that threatened tears. There was no denying what she felt. Whatever was going on, it had awakened a beast inside Kira. In her light-headed state she almost thought to thank Lin for sending her here. Probing fingers against her sopping panties made Kira's eyes fly open once again and "Don't!" escaped her lips, though she sounded nowhere near convinced of herself.

"'Don't?'" Robert mocked, his gentle fingers hooking the crotch of her wet panties and pulling it aside. His fingertips gently prodded her slick sex. "Are you sure, Miss?" He smiled up at her coyly.

Kira bit her lip and shut her eyes, knowing she should resist and yet wanting so much. Her silence was enough for Robert who suddenly thrust two long fingers into her dripping pussy. She was so wet that they slid home instantly, making her groan loudly for everyone to hear.

"'Don't?!'" Robert teased and began to finger-fuck her vigorously. Kira could not keep silent, moaning and grunting as she pulled at the grip of the two men who still held her arms firmly. Robert was relentless, twisting and pumping, opening her.

Suddenly he withdrew. "In the chair." He barked.

The two men holding Kira half lifted, half dragged her off the little platform and threw her down into the vacant armchair that she now realized had been left empty for her. Before she had time to process what was happening, Robert had released his straining erection and sheathed himself. He came to stand over Kira, staring down at her menacingly.

"This is what happens to the silly little whores who wind up in my store." He growled, and unceremoniously removed her panties. Kira no longer had any idea how many clerks and customers were watching, and she no longer cared. Robert lowered himself to her and pressed just the head of his penis at her entrance, pushing insistently. The man was hung like a pony. His thick organ slid into her steadily to the hilt, filling her almost past comfort. Kira groaned and tried to grasp onto something, her arms still held down by the two men.

"Over her head." Robert ordered through gritted teeth. Kira's arms were suddenly over her and her blouse was stripped off, then her bra with expert hands. She yelped in protest, the cool air of the store hitting her bare perspiring skin. Naked in front of these men she felt little more than an animal.

"Hold her legs!" Two more pairs of hands took hold of either ankle and pulled her legs up, exposing her and ridding her of whatever decency Kira felt she had left. Then Robert began fucking her earnestly, plowing her with his long thick prick. It was too much to take, all these men holding her down while she was pounded, little more than an orifice on display.

Hands seemed to come out of nowhere to caress Kira's body as the other clerks and spectators took liberty. Hands roamed her body and tickled her sides, clasped about her throat and pinched her nipples and pulled her hair. Kira wailed miserably and struggled helplessly. She could feel their eyes on her, all over her. Robert began pinching her clit in rhythm to his strokes and suddenly it didn't matter. Kira wailed some more as she felt her orgasm sweep her and then she squirted all over Robert's cock and his pants, unable to hide her pleasure any longer.

Robert's thrusts picked up and he fucked her with mechanical speed, then his head jerked back and he froze as he shot his load. Kira felt his organ twitching inside her and the thought triggered yet another convulsion.

He pulled out, spent, and then the hands released her and the spectators retreated. Her clothes were deposited in her lap. Kira didn't bother to cover herself, but lay spread in the armchair, floating.

"I must say," Robert remarked as he removed the condom and zipped himself up, "you handled that quite well." He smiled at Kira, who smiled back lazily, too preoccupied with her afterglow to care. Robert pointed to the security camera mounted in the ceiling directly above where Kira sprawled. "I'm pleased you liked it. Lin will be happy to have such an interesting video to show at the wedding."

Needless to say, Kira's smile faded then.

Written by: pinupkitty

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