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Helping out a Brother

by starsforlife©

Jake was going crazy. He had been at summer school for three weeks now and he was already feeling the pressure of trying to keep up with his coursework: papers, tests, exams, was all starting to stress him out. Added to that was the fact that he was back at his parents place without his wife around to give him that good 'release the tension' fuck, that he so desperately needed.

At the time it seemed like a great idea; work on his Master's while staying at his parents place to reduce the costs. That was true enough, however both he and his wife knew that he wouldn't be able to do much else, so she volunteered to stay at home with the kids. And while he didn't mind the time away, it also meant getting laid wasn't an option and wouldn't be, at least not for three more weeks until he got home.

And what made everything worse was when he would come back to his parent's place after classes. He'd be tired and wound up by the time he pulled into the yard. And, if the weather was hot, which it usually was, there was his little sister, tanning in the back yard, reading a book. Little sister....hard to believe that little kid who he used to tease had now grown into a legitimate stunner: long brown hair, shapely body and perfect tits...nothing like when they were kids growing up together.

At 22, she was on the verge of spending her last summer at home. Soon, she would be off to college, but for now, she was enjoying being the last one in the house. And with her older brother home for the summer, it was a chance to catch-up with him and enjoy his company without his wife and their kids around.

Today, like any other, she took full advantage of the fact that the sun was out, mom and dad were at the lake visiting their friends and that she had the whole house to herself. With a good book and some tanning lotion, she went into the backyard to do some tanning. They had the perfect back yard for tanning; big trees on the perimeter blocked the nosey neighbours so she could drop her top without any fear of anyone seeing anything.

Within a couple of minutes, she had her blanket spread, top off and was just starting to apply the lotion when she heard the back door screen open.

Jake looked out into the backyard and saw his sister Sheri starting to put some lotion on. Damn, he thought, this is so not helping me I am, as horny as can be and there she is, half naked spreading lotion on her gorgeous body.....definitely not fair!

Oh well, he thought, maybe she could hook a brother up with one of her friends for a quick 'no strings' attached late night session....he could only hope.

With that, he breezed into the backyard.

"Hey sis, what's up?"

"Oh, hi Jake, I'm so glad you're here. Would you mind putting some lotion on my back? I always have trouble getting that one spot in the middle of my back."

"Sure no problem, lay down and I'll oil you up."

As she got herself arranged on the blanket, he caught a glimpse of her naked breasts, swaying in the hot sun. Watching her lay down, he also noticed her perfect ass and legs glistening in the sunlight. Damn, this sure isn't helping me any, he thought as his cock began to stiffen.

"So, how are things going for you?", she asked as he began to spread the lotion across her back.

"Alright I guess...I'm just finding it hard to stay focussed with all the work and with not having any fun. I'm just so frustrated..."

"What are you finding so frustrating?" she gently asked. She loved her brother and was genuinely concerned for him. She couldn't imagine how tough it must be for him to be away from his family and to have to work so hard.

"Well...," he replied, "I'm just finding it hard to...relieve the tension, shall we say."

Sheri had been around guys enough to know exactly what he meant. She felt kind of special to think he would confide in her about something so personal.

"Oh, poor boy," she teased. "I guess I'm not helping any by being half-naked, am I?" With that, she turned over to what effect her words and action would have on him.

Probably for the first time in his life, Jake was speechless. It was one thing to be horny and frustrated, but to see his gorgeous little sister lying there, her perfect tits shining in the sun with beads of sweat in her bosom just took the words right out of his mouth.

"Fuck....if you weren't my sister, I'd be attacking you right now, I'm so wound up and horny."

As she looked at her brother, she could see that glazed look on his face. It also didn't take much to notice his hard-on, straining against his tight shorts.

"You poor thing, you are ready to explode. Here, let your little sis help you out." And with that, she reached up to his shorts to give him a gentle squeeze.

Whether it was knowing that his parents were out of the house or being so horny or both, it didn't take Jake a second to slide his shorts down so that his fully erect cock stood straight out in front of him.

Seeing her brother's hard cock right in front of her, Sheri felt excited and proud, all at the same time. Proud of the fact that she could have such control over him and excited by the fact that she was about to cross the line and be intimate with her brother in a way she had never thought about.

With those thoughts in her mind, she sat up and took hold of his straining rod. After a couple of tongue licks on his cockhead, she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him hard.

Seeing his cock disappear into his sister's mouth, Jake closed his eyes. He was lost in the moment; enjoying having his dick sucked after all these weeks, hoping he was going to have a chance to have a glorious cum. When he opened his eyes and saw his sister bobbing up and down on his shaft, he thought about his wife for just a second; what would she think? Would she find out? What would happen if she did? Feeling Sheri's mouth on his dick pushed those thoughts away, just as much as seeing her ass sway from side to side while she sucked him....that perfect ass...tanned, toned, tight, split down the middle by her tiny white thong bottom.

While she sucked him, Jake reached down to cup her tits and feel her little nipples. Feeling her brother's hand on her tits caused Sheri to gasp for a second. Her brother had never touched her there before and here he was, squeezing her nipples while she had his cock in her mouth. At that second he went from being her brother to being this guy who was making her nipples hard and her cunt wet. She wanted more and she wanted it now.

With that, she pulled back and lay down on the blanket. She then reached down and slid out of her tiny thong, only to reveal her perfectly shaved cunt, glistening with dampness in the bright sunshine.

Jake wasn't thinking anymore. This wasn't his sister and it wasn't wrong. He was horny and knew that this gorgeous creature was waiting for him to fuck her, that's all he knew and that's all he needed to know. With that, he kneeled over and took one of her perfectly formed nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it.

As he sucked, she could feel his hard cock rubbing against her leg; his long, hard cock dripping pre-cum on her while he sucked her tits. She didn't care anymore; it wasn't Jake to her. It was a guy who wanted to fuck her and who she wanted to fuck. That was all it was and that was good enough for her.

As he sucked her hard nipples, he moved one hand down to her pussy and felt the warmth and wetness between her pussy lips. As he slid a finger in, she parted her legs to let him slide deep inside her.

They were both hot now. Both wanted to feel the passion and the heat of a wild fuck. Both knew it was crazy and wrong, but it didn't matter. If anything, it helped to make the whole thing that much hotter.

"Come on, fuck me...I need your cock in me," Sheri whispered, trying hard to catch her breath.

Hearing his little sister ask to be fucked flipped the switch in Jake. It wasn't his sister anymore, it was a gorgeous, hot babe who wanted his cock. With that, Jake moved up on her, lined up his cock with her wet pussy and slid right up to his cock base in one fluid motion.

Feeling his cock fill her up, Sheri closed her eyes and immediately wrapped her legs and arms around him. "Come on, fuck me, ride me, give it to me, I need your cock in me...fuck me, hard!"

Jack started pumping and riding. Three weeks of pent-up frustration and cum was being released. He wasn't thinking anymore, it was all reflex. Fucking, feeling his cock in a tight, wet pussy; that's all he wanted, just to cum.

He rode her and as he did, she was feeling herself getting ready to cum. She was lost in the pleasure of having this hard rod pound her pussy, who it belonged to didn't matter. She was wanting to cum on a cock and here it was, fucking her tight pussy hole. And she loved it.

As Jake tightened up, ready to cum, she could feel his body tighten and knew he was close, and so was she. Pounding her pussy faster and harder now, Jake was seconds away from exploding, as was Sheri. Feeling his cock in her and his body rubbing her clit, Sheri came at the exact same time as him, both of them exploding as his cum blasted deep inside of her.

It took a few seconds before either of them could even say a word, or maybe before either of them dared to. As his cock retreated, they both opened their eyes and saw each other for what seemed like the first time. As a shy smile formed on both of their lips, he rolled off and they lay side by side, on the blanket, feeling the warm sun.

They were both so engrossed and relaxed, neither of them were aware of anything around them; certainly not the bemused looks of their parents as they looked out the screen door.

"Looks like our kids are closer than we thought," Dad said as he patted his wife on the ass, turned and went into the house.

Written by: starsforlife

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