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Frat Initiation

by troublebuddy©

For the people that went to college, you know that it can be the best time or the worst time of your life. You get an education and, like most collage kids, you get a lot more partying. Some make the decision to join a frat or sorority, which means a whole lot more partying. And for those people that have joined know that it comes with great amounts of cash and personal trials and humiliations, or the ones that party the hardest do anyway! This is one story of initiation that I was put through to join my frat. To protect the frat from getting into trouble for hazing I will not use its name.

It was a Friday night and like most Friday nights frat row was gearing up for a huge party. This Friday was even more electric than most because then next day was Homecoming. I was a pledge and pledges are treated like shit, as one frat member told us "you are lower than the crust on a crack whores cunt," needless to say he was a great guy. Usually the pledges do get to go to the parties, and are required to clean up the mess the next day, while the members sit around laughing and throwing beer cans at you. This night however was going to be different. Really different as we would find out.

In one of the members rooms 6 of the 13 pledges sat around dressed in coat and ties. Everyone was whispering trying to see if the other knew anything about tonight. We could hear people start to come into the frat house and the music was turned on and getting louder. Suddenly the door opened and 3 of the members stepped in Digger, one of the seniors, said " ok pussies take off your clothes, but for goodness sakes leave your panties on. No one wants to see your shriveled up little peckers." After we all did this, Ponch, a junior, said " put your ties around your eyes and form a line at the door, put your right hand on the guys waist in front of you. Try to keep from fuck each other you can do that on your own time." So we did as we were told. I put my tie over my eyes and took my place in line. The next thing I heard was the door open!

The music was very loud as I felt the guy in front of me begin to shuffle forward. As soon as we began to move I heard laughter from the hall way. Guys and girls in the hall were getting a great laugh at our expense. Someone, I think a girl, slapped me in the ass as we walked down the hall. As we walked the guy in front of me turned I knew we were walking into another room because the music got muffled. Then a door shut and Digger said "ok pussies remove your blind folds." As I removed my tie I saw the other guys doing the same, and then I saw it.

On a small table with several pillows under her was a girl, naked and spread eagle. Then Digger spoke up again " alright pussies, don't ever say we didn't ever give you anything. Every body is going to get fucked tonight ever your pathetic little dicks. Everyone fucks this girl before you leave this room, and you will pick numbers to see who goes first." With that he held up a bowl with pieces of paper in it. Everyone drew a piece of paper 1-6. I got 6, last. The guy that got 1 was all smiles when Digger said to line up. As we lined up the first guy asked where the condoms were. Digger just laughed and said "condoms, you don't need no stinkin condoms. Theses are your future brothers, share and share a like. Now if anyone else has any questions keep them to your fuckin selves." He then looks to another senior and football player everyone called Horse, we could only imagine why, and said "ok, lets get started." The guy in front of the line began to move toward the girl, just then Horse put his hand on the guys shoulder to stop him and said "what the fuck are you doing?" the guy in front said getting started, "I am number one." Horse laughed and said "your fickin shit, now stand back!." the guy looked confused but did what he was told. Horse then unzipped his shorts and let them drop to the floor. He was not wearing underwear, so we all saw his dick. We then knew why he was called horse. His dick was huge. It had to be 10 to 12 inches long, and as thick as a rolling pin. He just smiled as he took his log of a cock and slapped it against the girls shaved pussy. Then he slid it in.

The girl was just laying there, eyes glassed over, grinning slightly, just looking slowly around the room at everything. As horse slid in and out of her she moaned slightly and kept looking around the room. About 15 minutes went by and Horse started to quicken his speed and really started to fuck her. Soon still holding a beer in one hand he started to moan. He said " stand back girls here it comes, her pussy is finally getting tight." Then he tilted his head back and began to moan and say "fuck yea, fuck yea." We all knew he came, and when he stepped back we all saw how big of a load it was. It must of been huge he had came in the girl, and it was leaking out of her pussy in globs. He didn't bother to put his shorts back on he just sat down and looked at the guy in front of the line and said " Now your number one. Get to work!." The guy just looked at the sloppy, cum filled pussy. Digger spoke up "what are you waiting on. We give you pussy to fuck and you stand there. Are you a fuckin fag? Do we need to kick your faggot ass?." "No" the guy in the front said, and he slowly put his limp dick on the girls pussy. Horse leaned over to the girl and pored some beer into her mouth. The guy humped her and jacked his dick to get it as hard as he could and finally came in her, mostly outside of her. To make a long story shorter the number 2 and 5 guys did not fuck her. They were roughly taken out of the house stripped of their underwear and sent packing back to their dorms never to return. The rest did about the same as the number one guy. Then that left me!

Horse had given the girl several drinks from his beer and a small pill that I could not recognize, but she stayed out of it for the whole time. It was my turn to bat as they say, and by now her pussy was covered with cum and dripping down her ass and to the floor. Digger and Horse just sat there smiling. I tried to jerk my dick to get hard, but a half hard dick was all I could do. As I got between her legs a big cum bubble came out and burst. I slowly put my dick on her pussy and instantly felt the hot cum left by the guy before me. Then something happened, my dick started to get harder and harder. I put it in her pussy and started to slid in and out. There was no friction just a huge sloppy cummy mess. The room was filled with the sounds of the cum splashing around as I began to pound her pussy. My balls were slapping her ass which was covered with dripping cum. I looked as my cock was going in and out of her. I could see the cum pushing out as I went in, there was a big glob of cum at the base of my dick just where the hair started. It started to run down the side of my dick and then down my leg. I really fucked her hard for 20 minutes but nothing, I could not cum. The party was still raging out side and Digger said "I am going to party, the rest of you pussies can go party too, but you can't shower or wash your peckers for 2 days." with that he left and the rest followed. That left me, the girl, and Horse.

After the last guy was left, Horse stood up look at me fucking the girl and said "you really like fucking her. Hey suck this bitch!." With that he grabbed his dick and shoved it into the girls mouth. She could only suck the head so he jerked the rest of his cock. After about 10 minutes he looked at me and said "move." I did and he got between the girls legs jerking his dick until he shot another huge load all over her pussy. The first shot went in the very middle of her gapping hole, the next on her clit, then on her thigh, and finally he dripped the rest on her shaved pussy. He laughed and said "go ahead keep fucking her." My dick stayed rock hard through all of this and when I moved back to position his hot load was the first thing I felt. I began to fuck like a mad man. The room was filled with me grunting and moaning, and her pussy making the most obscene noises it could. Finally I shot the biggest load of my life in her. I collapsed on her, then regained my senses and stepped back. I just stood there for a moment when Horse said "what are you waiting for?." So I turned to leave thinking he wanted me to leave, when I grabbed the door knob he said "where do you think your going?." I replied to the party I guess, I am done here." "like hell you are" he said, "you have to clean your fucked up mess!." I grabbed the nearest towel I could find, which was on top of a pile of dirty clothes, and moved toward the girl. "Who in the hell told you you could touch my shit?!" he yelled. "You said to clean it up" I answered back. "Not with my shit I didn't" he said, "then with what?" I replied. He grinned and said "I want to see you lick it clean." I just stood there for a moment, and then it is like something took control of me. The next thing I know I am on my knees lapping up her messy pussy. Horse was just sitting there drinking his beer chuckling to himself. I was licking my cum out of her and four other guys loads too, but I couldn't stop. I licked faster and hard. I could taste the cum as globs of it flowed into my mouth. It was slimy, some in clumps, my face was being covered in it. It was still dripping down her ass so I made sure that I licked her ass clean too. I spent a long time licking her ass hole. Although it was not fucked I tried to sick my tongue deep into it. I was nearing the end of my task when horse stood up and told me to move. He had been jerking off while I was cleaning "my mess," he positioned himself between her legs again and shot a load all over her pussy again. It wasn't as big but it was not a small load by any means. He was laughing the whole time he was doing it. He sat back down and said "you missed a spot, clean it." I guess by now I was out of it because I moved back to my cleaning position and started lapping up his cum. It was hot and slimy but I licked her as clean as she was when we started. After I had finished Horse told me to go find some slut at the party and give her a real good fucking, and I did. I also cleaned the mess I made with her. I guess I really liked it after all because I still clean all "my messes"!

Written by: troublebuddy

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