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A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 04

by rivertown_rat©

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I would like to remind my readers that this is a real-life email exchange and not something that I've made up. I can no more change the course of the events herein than I can control the weather.


Oct 10/14/08 9:21 PM


That must have been hard to write. I can imagine you reliving it and feeling all those emotions again as you did. I can't help thinking that Jay was some kind of bastard for what he did to you that night, if for nothing else. Personally I don't think Jay was any better than Rick. You are one tough cookie for being able to come through that with your sanity intact. I wish I had something inspirational to say at this moment, something to make you feel better, but words fail me. I'm sorry.

Wow, that was a really redneck party. What state was that, if you don't mind telling me?

Jay reminds me of a drug user; he needed more and more extreme situations in order to get the same high, or excitement, as he did from previous encounters as time went on. So he had to escalate things in order to get his next "fix".

I'm guessing that the encounter with Greg was even worse than Rick, but that seems like the next logical place for you to go from here. If you are not ready to tell me about Greg, then feel free to pick a different topic.



Oct 10/15/08 7:43 AM


You are right in assuming that the story about Jay's brother was difficult to write. It was and yes, I did in a way re live it while writing. The entire night was a very unpleasant experience. It wasn't the worst thing Jay put me through but it ranks pretty high. I didn't save my sanity by being a tough cookie. It I was really tough, I would have simply walked away from the entire situation with Jay. More then anything else, I would have to say that I was actually very weak. I was too weak to deal with the situation and that is why it continued. To avoid facing it, I simply went along and hoped things would change. They did but only for the worse.

I can honestly say that I have always been a basic, submissive personality type. The type who would never say anything because I never wanted to get anyone in trouble. Jay picked up on that right away and fully used it for his advantage. I seriously believe that a lot of the time, Jay was testing my limits. He was a user who had used people his entire life for his personal gain and enjoyment. He never cared about anyone but himself and I turned out to be an easy target. Most of the time I spent doing things with him, I was pretending it wasn't happening. Again, I would imagine it was someone else and not me doing those things. That, more then anything, protected my sanity and allowed me to separate myself from what was really happening.

The State was Kentucky.

Don't worry about being inspirational or sympathetic. I'm not looking for that and the last thing I want is you feeling sorry for me. I've felt sorry for myself enough over the years. It never helped. As long as you are understanding and not judgmental, I will be happy. Say what you want and ask what you want. That is what really helps. If I wanted someone to pat me on the shoulder and say "you poor girl" I could have found that anywhere.

Your analogy of Jay being like a drug user really hit it on the head. The statement that he was never completely satisfied and always looking for his next "fix" was more accurate then you know. He was addicted to the "fun" he was having with me and continuously needed to up the ante to maintain his high. With me, he saw the opportunity to indulge all of his sexual fantasies and I really can't blame him for taking advantage of it. If you were given the opportunity to indulge all of your sexual fantasies with an attractive woman and without any repercussions, wouldn't you? I'm not defending his actions but I do see the reality of it all.

You guessed wrong about Greg. That situation wasn't worse but I guess that takes some explaining.

Greg was Jay's best friend. Both of them were photography nuts and that is how they met. They shared Greg's darkroom until Lee began making enough money to supply Jay with one.

The first time I met Greg was when I passed him in the hallway of our office. My initial reaction was "Who's that" in a good sort of way. Greg is tall and good looking. He had stopped that day to pick up Jay to go to a sale on photography supplies. I wasn't introduced to him until later.

Greg was and I assume remains everything that Jay wasn't. He was attractive, intelligent and confident, and single. He worked as a heavy equipment operator for a coal company and made 100 k plus. I thought that was odd for running a machine and his answer was you "should see what I run". It was a huge steam shovel.

Greg dressed nice, had a nice personality and didn't seem to fit in at all with the rednecks in the area. He had a beautiful home that was only a couple of miles from our office. It really stuck out when compared with the other houses in the area. He said he never considered marriage because he wanted to get what he wanted and do what he wanted before he settled down. His plan was to retire before he was 50. The guy really had a head on his shoulders. He was definitely my type.

Of course, Jay bragged to Greg about his affair with me. Greg had also seen the nude pictures of me. In fact, he developed most of them for Jay. Jay had asked him to do it so they wouldn't be hanging around for Lee to find.

Once Jay and I began having sex more frequently, we had a problem with finding a place to do it. Greg had a 4 bedroom home a couple of miles from our office. Greg graciously offered to let Jay use his home to have sex with me. Since Greg worked a lot, we almost always had the house to ourselves.

Jay took full advantage of the offer and we frequently used Greg's house. Greg's first impression of me unfortunately wasn't as good as mine was of him. I guess when you first meet someone through nude pictures from a married boyfriend, your not going to have a very good impression. I'll be blunt and honest here. Greg thought I was a slut. I would see him at his house when he was there but we never really talked. Jay was always too bust pawing me in front of Greg to have much of a conversation. Still, Greg was always polite and unobtrusive. He just let us go about our business.

One day, Jay asked me what I thought about Greg. I told him that from what I knew of him I liked him. A while later, he said that he wanted to ask Greg to take pictures of us during sex. I wasn't very keen on that idea and this was still at the point in our relationship where I felt I still had a choice in these matters. Jay continued pressuring me and I gave in with the stipulation that I could stop it and Greg would leave the room. Again, I will be completely honest here. The idea of having Greg in the same room was stimulating.

The day came that we were going to do it and I met Jay at Greg's house after work. Jay and I went to the bedroom we normally used and began foreplay. It wasn't until several minutes later when Greg enter the room. Jay tried making it a big show while Greg quietly took pictures. I did find it to be exciting. If Greg would have joined us then, I don't think I would have minded. He didn't and quietly left the room before Jay and I finished.

A short time after that experience, Jay asked me if I would consider doing it with both him and Greg. I remember telling him that I would consider it. Before I had ever met Jay, I had a threesome with Joey and another guy. I loved it. The idea of doing it with two guys was very exciting and had proved to be just as exciting in reality. I thought Greg was very good looking and the idea of having sex with him was appealing to me. In fact, it was actually preferable to doing it with Jay.

That event took place later that same week. Jay and I were in the bedroom and Jay was on top of me. I felt the bed sink and with a glance to my right, I saw a naked Greg moving beside us. Jay moved off of me and Greg replaced him. I didn't mind at all. Greg was also a good lover and in many ways superior to Jay. Greg seemed much more attuned to my pleasure then Jay was.

That was my first time with Greg. It would be a while before I would do it again with Greg and I attributed that to Jay being jealous of me enjoying the sex with Greg. My second time with Greg happened about a month later and Jay wasn't there.

Greg and I became close friends who had a definite attraction for each other. Jay did not like that. I have another story about a pool game at Greg's house that involved both Lee and Jay. That will have to be another e-mail.


Oct 10/15/08 6:02 PM


I'm glad that your experience with Greg was not a bad one. In fact, I wonder if things might have gone better for you if you had met Greg first. Anyway, your story reminded me about something that happened to me and a girlfriend of mine when I was in college. [I told her a story about a group situation I had with a girlfriend and two other guys, but again the details are not important for the purposes of this conversation.]

I hope I haven't bored you by recounting some of my sexual experiences; they sure pale in comparison to yours. Maybe you can tell me about that Pool game next. That sounds interesting.

Your friend,


Oct 10/17/08 9:22 M

Bored??? You must be kidding. I was fascinated with your story. Sounds to me like your girlfriend was just about as crazy as I was. It's too bad you got hurt but I can see where she was enjoying herself. Did that 3 on 1 satisfy her desire for multiple partners? I can tell you for a fact that I still to this day have a craving for a 2 on 1. Unfortunately my husband is not quite as opened minded about it as I am. We have discussed it but I doubt it will ever get past the talking stage. Darn it!!

I can really see where your girlfriend was coming from. I wonder if she is still the horny person she was then. I know I am.


Oct 10/17/08 5:55 PM


I'm glad you liked my story, but I still think it's not as interesting as yours. I have a couple more that I may write up in the future, if you are interested.

By the way, I was wondering if you had a better picture of yourself? Maybe something of a little better quality and more natural (not posed). I appreciate the one you sent, but it is small and low resolution. I'm attaching a couple more of myself and my pets, just for fun.

Your friend,


Oct 10/21/08 12:43 AM

If another picture of me suddenly appears on my computer I'll be happy to send it along. Other then that, I'm not going out of my way to supply you or anyone else with pictures.

Oct 10/21/08 5:17 PM


I'm sorry if I offended you my by request. That was not my intention; I hereby withdraw it. I meant no harm, I was just curious. If you do not wish to communicate with me anymore, I will respect your decision. I will not write to you again unless you indicate that you want me to.



Oct 10/22/08 2:54 AM


Your request came off to me as a demand and I had been having a bad day to begin with. What I send you was my initial reaction. After I sent the e-mail, I realized that I shouldn't have done it. You have been nothing but kind and considerate with me. My response was impulsive and undeserved.

As a man, you have no way of knowing what it is like for a woman who just want to be friends with a guy. All too often, men tend to use that friendship as a means to their own ends. Jay and I started as a friend I could talk to. He used my friendship and openness to manipulate me until it became something else. I may have been a willing participant but it doesn't change the fact that he manipulated our friendship. That affair with Jay has left me gun shy, to say the least. I saw your request as a form of manipulation. On your part, I'm sure it was just an innocent request. Jay's initial requests were also innocent, "I like your hair that way, would you wear it that way tomorrow"? As you know, it escalated from there. When you asked for more pictures, I saw the beginning of another escalation until I would be sending you nude pictures of myself. Then it would be "Let's talk on the phone", and finally, "Let's meet". Had I of told Jay in the beginning "I'm not wearing my hair to please you" things might have been a lot different.

You are definitely not Jay and I don't mean to insinuate that you are anything like him. I seriously don't think you were trying to manipulate me in any way and don't think you ever would. My mind was comparing the situation and not the person. I have felt from our very first correspondence that I could be completely open and honest with you. That hasn't changed. What I have been trying to explain is that I had a brief flashback to a bad situation that I can never let happen again.

I would be very happy if we consider both of our e-mails forgotten and return to our open discussions. Of course I want you to continue corresponding with me. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend


Oct 10/24/08 6:22 PM


I understand your reaction now that you've explained it. We've all over-reacted at some point or another. Sometimes people push our buttons without even knowing it. I will consider this misunderstanding a learning moment and move on.

Maybe you can tell me about the pool game with Lee and Jay next.

Still your friend,


Oct 10/24/08 9:52 PM


I was so glad to get your e-mail. I was afraid I'd lost a friend.

I thought I would continue my story and we can pick things up from there. The only problem now is that I'm going to bed. I was just checking my e-mail on the way. When I saw this one from you, I had to give you a brief reply.

In the morning I'll write. If you have any more questions please fire them out. I'm worried that you might hold back now but I'm hoping you won't.


Oct 10/25/08 11:33 PM

There is one thing that I wanted to say that you probably all ready picked up on. I wasn't exactly the sweet and innocent victim through all of this. In many aspects, I was a victim but that was more toward the end. Throughout much of what happened, I was a willing participant. Everything seemed fun and exciting. At the time, my life was dull and uneventful with one day running into the next. Then Jay came along and suddenly it was exciting and every day became an adventure. I welcomed that change.

I can remember how much fun it was doing little things in the office where we took chances. Just little things like a short kiss behind Lee's back when she was standing in front of us. Stuff like that. One time during a meeting with Lee, I was sitting next to Jay and actually unzipped him and slid my hand inside his pants while Lee was reading a contract a few feet away and sitting at the same table. Those things were fun and exciting. What I'm saying is that it wasn't just Jay. I wasn't as brave as him but I did instigate a lot of little things. The really big chances we took were all his doing but I was still willing to go along. This has nothing to do with the pool game story but it was on my mind so I thought I would share it.

It was a Thursday evening after work. I had stayed over and had dinner with Lee and Jay. After we ate, Jay said that he was going to go to Greg's house to help him develop some pictures. Jay had told me earlier in the day that was what he had planned. You might think that he was hinting for me to also stop but I knew that wasn't the case, at least not this time.

Out of no where, Lee asked "Do you play pool"? I told her that I had but wasn't very good. She said she needed a diversion and felt like playing. I thought that was strange because they didn't have a pool table. Greg did have a table and Lee suggested that we go over there with Jay and shoot some pool while "the guys played in the dark room". I had to pretend that I didn't know Greg or where he lived.

The three of us drove there together and Lee and I shot pool while the guys were in the dark room. Greg was very good about pretending to be introduced to me. Lee was a very good pool player. Lee started by drinking a beer. When she switched to whiskey, I knew she was planning on getting drunk.

About an hour later, the guys joined us. We all had a drink together and decided to play partners on the pool table. It was guys against girls. We played two games and won one of them. It was fun. The third game was to determine the champions for the night. So far, it was basically an enjoyable evening with a group of friends. There was nothing that even hinted at being sexual but that was about to change.

Lee suggested that we play strip pool for the last game. We all just looked at her. No one but Lee thought that was a very good idea. Her next suggestion was "Why don't we all just play the last game naked". If Lee wasn't there, I might have thought it would be fun. Lee wasn't real drunk but I had learned that she is very unpredictable when she drank. She also had a big mouth around the office. By that I mean she would have told everyone about this game and thought nothing of it. That was the way she was.

I think Greg kind of liked the idea but stayed quiet. I definitely thought it was a bad idea but I was never one to speak up. I always kind of just went along with what everyone else wanted even if I disapproved. Jay did speak up. He also knew it would be a problem. He said something like "Let's just play the game".

Lee always liked being in charge and didn't like being told no. She snapped at Jay saying "What is the problem", "Don't you want to see your girlfriend naked", "Or is it that you don't want Greg seeing your girlfriend naked". Jay told her that I wasn't his girlfriend. Lee nearly blew up. Like I said, she was volatile when she was drinking. Her mood swings went from one extreme to the other.

Lee started ranting about "All I hear is Sharon this and Sharon that", "Sharon looks so nice today". Then she went on telling us that Jay thought I had such a nice body. She asked him "Don't you want to see it"? This was an obvious jealous rant and the first time I saw her act that way. Jay was telling her to settle down. She told him to shut up and continued. When she started to say "I've seen the things you two do at the office", Greg jumped in to save the day. He told her that if she wanted to play strip pool, he was all for it and added almost as an aside to her "I wouldn't mind seeing you naked again". I didn't miss the word "again" but said nothing.

Jay in frustration said "OK we'll play". Then everyone turned to me. I reluctantly said I would if everyone else wanted to.

I'm not a pool player and did not even know you could play strip pool. The other three knew the rules so I guess it had been played by them before. This is the way it was explained to me. We each picked three balls and put them in the rack. The remaining three were then put in the rack as wild balls. Anyone could shoot at any ball and we took turns. You didn't shoot again if you made one. If someone made one of your balls, you had to take something off. If a person made a wild ball, the two members of the other team had to take something off. After a persons third and final ball was made, All of your remaining clothes had to come off and you continued playing until your partner was also naked.

Jay broke and made one of my balls and his. He got to put his ball back on the table but I had to take something off. nothing counted but clothing so I took off my skirt. I shot and missed. I didn't even know who's ball I was shooting at. Greg shot at one of Lee's and missed. Lee made one of Greg's. Jay was left with an easy shot at my second ball and made it. I took off my blouse. I missed again. Lee had an easy shot at a wild ball but didn't take it. Instead, she took a long difficult shot at my third ball and made it. Reluctantly, I took off all of my remaining clothes. Even though both guys had seen me naked before I was still very embarrassed.

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