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First Time S & M Whore

by slutty_jannelle©

Standing aside, he ordered her to crawl across the floor to him. Once she reached him, he dragged her onto her knees by the hair. Twisting his fingers in her blond locks, he dragged the still clamped whore onto his cock. She didn't really mind even sucking on a rubber that had just been up her ass. She was clean, and if she did a really good and quick job, hopefully this would be the last time she would have to see or touch this horrid, little man. The sooner she got him off, the sooner her nipple torture would end.

After he came, like a true pig, he pulled the doubly filled condom off, looping it through her earring. Laughing at the sight, he put a foot on her chest and shoved her over onto the floor. Without another look at the abused girl sprawled on the floor, he walked out, leaving the door open.

His laughter echoed as he disappeared down the hall.

Suellen carefully extracted her nipples from the clamps. Bitterly she pulled the soggy condom from her earring and threw it from her. Between sobs, she massaged her tortured breasts. Never, not even under Mistress's most severe punishments had she suffered such torture. The humiliation was maybe even worse than the pain. She had been used. Not treated like a person, not even like a gutter slut, but like an animal to beaten and abused. The realization hit harder than his cane. She was experiencing the life she wanted, as an S & M whore.

She was still crumpled in a sobbing heap when Elaine came in a few minutes later. The prostitute's heart melted. She rushed to the weeping girl. Sitting beside her, Elaine pulled Suellen to her breast and hugged her fiercely. "Oh you poor girl. That little shit hurt you didn't he.! We may be whores, but we aren't cattle. Jessica was watching the video monitor. She saw everything. That motherfucker is going to have to pay double the rate just to get out of here alive. And Jessica says he's banned for life. She's not going to let her girls be used like that. He was a pig. Jessica would have stopped the session, but your Mistress had insisted that you take everything any customer gave you as long as your life wasn't in danger."

Stroking Suellen's hair, Elaine calmed the she-male until only occasional sniffles came.

Helped to her feet, Suellen was led back to the locker room, slowly this time. Even the mandatory douche was gentler, almost soothing. Brushing her teeth, gargling, and completely re-doing her makeup calmed the ravaged whore. Her toilette completed, Elaine laid the woman back on one of the padded benches.

"Here, this will perk you up and put a smile on your face." Deft mouth and nimble fingers soon had Suellen writhing in pleasure. When her gasps and moans signaled her climax, Elaine jacked the shaft with one hand while the other palm rubbed slow circles on the tip. Suellen was sure she had never felt a more loving orgasm.

As Suellen caught her breath, Elaine massaged both breasts, with firm circular motions. The poor girl's nipples soon forgot their recent torment, but her brain would never forget.

Sent back to the dungeon room once more, Suellen was able to greet the next customer with a coy smile. She performed her duties flawlessly, suffered willingly, and again earned a cash tip.

The pattern continued until her final customer left at 4 am. Elaine gave her a final douching, and commanded her to brush her teeth and gargle one final time, then led her off to bed to sleep.

As Elaine guided her down the hall, Suellen slid her arm around her big sis's waist and rested her weary head on the willing shoulder.

" Thank you for everything, Elaine. You're the best sis ever."

"Well, you're a pretty special girl too," Elaine said, giving her shoulder a squeeze and kissing Suellen's cheek. They continued hugging and kissing until they reached Elaine's room.

"You are supposed to sleep in my room tonight since you don't have a regular room here, and besides, you're the S & M girl this weekend instead of me," Elaine explained as she pushed the door closed behind them.

Despite her exhaustion, Suellen couldn't get enough of this loving woman, and her kisses became more urgent. Sliding Elaine's robe off, she took her hand and shyly turned toward the inviting queen sized bed and whispered, "May I?"

"You sure can sugar, if you want to. You sure you've got the energy?"

Suellen's reply was wordless as she helped Elaine onto the bed and let her hands roam at will. Kisses removed most of Elaine's makeup and deposited it on her ears, neck and breasts. The white thigh-high boots were first to go, then Elaine's corset came off. Suellen's tongue and teeth removed the white fishnet stockings and thong. By now Elaine was hot, and needed that lusty tongue where it would do her the most good.

Suellen knew what was desired, but teased getting to it. First a series of little nips with her teeth on Elaine's upper thighs, then a couple of licks in the crease which drew a gasp and moan from the experienced hooker. But she wasn't faking this time. A slow tongue stroke up the outer edge of the outer lips, then back to worshiping the thighs before returning to the center. Slow, teasing licks up the length of the slit, all the while carefully avoiding Elaine's aching clit. Then a down-lick as far south as she could go. Elaine understood, and accommodated, rolling her legs upward and catching her ankles in her hands. This gave Suellen complete access to the entire slit from top to bottom. And she didn't let the opportunity go to waste. Now she licked all the way down to Elaine's pucker, skirted it and continued as far up the cleft as she could go before reversing direction. After a few full length trips, she began circling the tight anus, then darting her tongue at the center. Eventually she was able to force her tongue in the hole to the accompaniment of Elaine's vocals.

As Suellen shifted her focus to the labia and clit, Elaine let her legs down and wound her fingers in the slurping girl's blonde hair and held her close. Now Elaine's lust was beyond the point of no return and she began thrusting her hips up to meet the mouth serving her. The cry warbled, she went rigid and held Suellen's face tight to her gushing cunt.

Gasping for breath, she dragged Suellen up beside her. "Oh baby, that was super."

Snuggling close, Suellen gave a sticky smile," I'm glad, Sis. I just wanted to show you how grateful I am for everything you've done for me tonight."

"You're so very welcome. You sure do know how to eat pussy. Sure you're not really a lesbian in disguise?" Elaine asked with a chuckle.

"Guess we'll never know, will we?" Suellen added playfully. Then in a low voice, she asked, "Do-do most women squirt when they cum, or is that something that only pros do?"

"Well us professional women get a lot more practice than your normal housewives, so we've got lots more muscle control down there, 'milking muscles', but some of us are just juicier, that's all."

"Oh.", a pause, then, "I've got to take these heels off. My feet are killing me, and this corset has got to go too."

"Uh, no, girl, the heels and corset stay on. Your Mistress made that part of her deal with Jessica, I'm afraid. She wanted you really worked over this weekend. Even asked Jessica to lower her prices for the dungeon to get you more work. And that nasty shit who beat you up? I think he got in for the price of a regular blow-job."

"But my feet hurt, my ass, legs, boobs, everything hurts," Suellen began whining.

"Shhhhush, girl. You've taken everything the S & M customers gave you tonight. Now you know what its like to be a whore. I'll give you a couple of aspirin to take away the soreness. After all you've got another big night ahead of you! "

"I did good, didn't I? I really was a good whore?" Suellen quizzed her Sis.

"Yeah, you were a great whore tonight. You made what, $60, $80 in tips?"

"$110," Suellen answered proudly.

"So, see, the customers thought you were a great whore. Now get some rest. You're gonna need it. Saturday nights are busier than Fridays."

Giving the newly minted hooker a goodnight kiss, Elaine was soon asleep.

Lying nestled against her, Suellen thought about her night's work, what she had endured, her fright, the screams and pain, and the satisfied look on the customers' faces when they came. She thought about the precious tip money folded in her purse. How proud her Mistress would be. Here she was, her first weekend as a whore, and already she'd earned over a hundred dollars in tips alone! She could still taste Elaine's sticky juices as she licked her lips in anticipation of another night in the dungeon room. As the aspirin worked their magic, she dozed, careful to keep her stiletto heels away from Elaine.

Once during the night, she woke up with an erection and turned to prod Elaine with it, hoping for some relief. Elaine woke up, none too happy.

"No, girl, none of that, remember? You're a woman now."

Turning a deaf ear to Suellen's begging protests, Elaine handcuffed the girl's wrists behind her to prevent any temptation. Then she rolled over and went back to sleep. Suellen closed her eyes, breathing slowly and soon joined her in dream-filled slumber. Her final thought before drifting off was that her pain-slut fantasy was even better in real life.

Written by: slutty_jannelle

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