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Taste of My Girlfriend's Dildo

by purekink©

I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than sneaking into my girlfriend's wardrobe while she's out and trying on her lingerie.

The moment she leaves the house, I head for her garter belts, bras and knickers. I don't have anything to put into her 36C bra cups, and my cock barely fits her panties but all that silk, satin and lace is irresistibly sissy and feminine.

On the day in question, I'd waited for her to go to work, before racing to the bedroom. I opened the drawers, and picked out a pair of hot pink full-cut knickers with white fur edging that I loved to see on her - not least because of the holes in the crotch that exposed her arse and cunt. The satin caressed my buttocks softly, while the front rubbed my cock to wakefulness. I slowly drew them up my legs and settled them over my penis. A matching garter belt was next - to attach to white stockings with a deep lace top wound through with a pink ribbon tied in a bow at the front. The matching bra rubbed against my nipples as I drew it around me and fastened it at the back.

Rifling through her makeup, I found a tube of pale pink lipstick, and decided I wanted black eyeliner and pink eye shadow. My prick swelled inside her knickers as I traced around my eyes with the eyeliner pencil.

All I needed now was shoes. And sure enough, there at the bottom of her wardrobe was a pair of hot pink ankle-length boots which matched her underwear nicely. A quick spritz of perfume, and I felt as feminine as I could be. And of course my straining cock reminded me how horny I was.

I lay on the bed and began running my hands over my body. My eyes closed as I imagined my girlfriend's fingers teasing me through the satin lingerie, her kisses soft against my skin. I writhed on the bed and moaned softly as I teased and touched myself.

Suddenly there was a flash. I jumped up, to see my girlfriend standing in the doorway.

"Hmmm,' she said, "That's one for my private album. You look quite fuckable, my little boi slut. I'm glad the car broke down, now.'

I sat on the bed, my heart pounding.

"So," she said, "what are we going to do with you?"

I was silent. What could I say?

"I think I want my horny little pussyboi should be my lesbian slave bitch - but I'm going to have to get changed first. You lie on your stomach right there with your eyes closed.'

She was serious - I couldn't believe it. She went into the walk-in wardrobe, while I turned over and waited for her. God, it was worth it. She wore a black boned corset, matching bra and rumba knickers - all finished with red lace. Her black stockings were opaque. She looked incredible.

She flipped me over onto my back, and straddled my shoulder. Pulling the crotch of her knickers to one side, she slid her gaping hole over my face, rubbing her wetness across me.

"Lick me, sissy,' she said.

My tongue slid across her outer lips, slow languorous strokes. She groaned and I took that as encouragement, pushing my tongue deep inside her. She writhed and panted on my face as I ran the tip of my tongue over her clitoris.

It wasn't quick enough for her, and she roughly gripped my hair, pulling me onto her mound.

'Fucking suck me, you sissy boi whore,' she hissed, 'Suck my cunt like the sissy you know you want me to make you.'

She was desperate, and I began sucking her clit in earnest, running my tongue over it and gripping it between my lips. She groaned, and the excitement overcame her. I felt her juices running down my face, over my makeup. My painted lips brought her to the edge and she fell, writing and grunting, into her climax. I kept licking, until she threw herself off my face and lay next to me, panting.

When she recovered, she flipped me over.

'Not bad, for a sissy boi,' she said, 'But now I get to fuck you. I want to bury my cock inside you and make you cum.'

I turned over, and she pulled me onto my hands and knees. I could see myself in the mirrored wardrobes opposite the bed. The tight pink bra pulled my chest into a cleavage framed through the white fur edging. My arse wiggled, encased in the satin, and the fur edging rubbed over my garter belt and stockings. I could see the pink boots which squeezed my stockinged ankles. But it was my expression that fascinated me.

Startled eyes lined heavily in black, accented with the pink eye shadow. My pale pink lipstick was smeared across my girlfriend's thighs as well as my lips. I looked sexy.

I barely noticed she'd left the room, but I noticed when she returned with a long blonde wig and settled it into place on my head. And I noticed the strapon dildo she was wearing. It was big, realistic, and well-lubricated. A vibrator hummed against her clit at the base of the shaft. I was spellbound.

'I've had this up my arse, in my mouth and in my cunt. Now it's going in your holes, my sexy little boi-bitch.'

She brandished it at me, and I crawled towards it on the bed. The lubricant she used smelled like strawberries, and I gave it a tentative lick. It tasted fine, but that didn't matter because she held my head as she let it slide into my mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as I sucked, the vibrator pressing onto her as I took it. She face-fucked me for a few minutes, as my cock twitched and leaked as I imagined being fucked with it.

I watched her in the mirror as she walked behind me. She picked up the jar of lube and dipped her fingers in. Softly, gently, she began to lube up my waiting hole with an expert finger-massage.

I 'oh'-ed in surprise when she put the first finger in. I clenched my sphincter around it, and she moaned.

'That's right, grip my finger you horny little boi-slut,' she panted as she began to penetrate me, 'I think you're more than ready for a fucking.'

And she was right. As her fingers pistoned in and out of me, she reached under me and began to rub my rock-hard cock and swollen balls. She undid the ribbon tie on the front of my knickers and pulled them through the hole. I was more than ready for a fucking, all right.

'Time I popped that cherry for you, gurly, and made you into my woman. You are mine now, and I'm going to enjoy fucking a stupid blonde tart like you.'

She touched a control on the dildo and it began to vibrate along its length. The vibrations hummed through me as she put the tip to my arse. But she was finished being gentle - in one long unrelenting thrust the toy was inside my greased hole. I gave an animal grunt, and my breathing suddenly doubled as I tried to relax around it.

She leaned forward, her thighs resting against my buttocks, and whispered in my ear.

'Time for your fucking, gurl. You're going to love it - slut bois like you always do.'

She pulled out about halfway and slid back in. I felt as though every nerve end on my body was electrified. My ragged breathing betrayed my enjoyment to her, and she picked up the pace of her thrusts, going deeper and harder with each stroke. I was in heaven and she banged me like a five pound prostitute. Or like a sissy slut - my squealing and wriggling showed how much I was loving the feeling of having my arse stuffed full by my girlfriend. She spouted filth as she moved one her hands from my arse to my cock, and she began spanking my cheeks through the knickers. Every slap made me tense, which only increased the sensations I was getting from the buzzing intruder which rhythmically worked my insides.

She knelt back, and pulled me back to sit on her cock. As I sank down onto it, moaning with every inch, she began to give the most incredible wank with her delicate crimson-tipped fingers.

'Does my sissy-boi want to cum?'

I could only moan and nod my head as her lubricated hand worked my shaft. It was so cool against my hot cock, I could barely stand the sensation.

I couldn't last long with the buzzing dildo inside me. I was riding my girlfriend's strapon dildo, dressed in pink and white lingerie, and wearing a slut's face. That image spurred me over.

I spurted jet after jet of come onto the bed, my legs and my knickers. I heard my girlfriend groan into another orgasm as my body spasmed and bucked against her.

When I recovered, I rolled over to look at her.

'I think we'll have to do you like this more often - it's going to be great having a submissive boi-slut to fuck,' she said.

I shivered. She was right again.

Written by: purekink

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