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A College Girl In The Bus Station

by Newnamed©

It was after a spring rain.

Streets of Istanbul
Were fresh with the smell of trees
And the ground.

I saw a busty college girl from a distance.

After a couple of strides
She stood before the bus station.

I walked toward her,
Like I was walking after a wood nymph.

Pretending as a walk-in
Standing by and inspecting her incredible body.

She was a dream in the middle of the day
A walking feast to my eyes.

All the lusty looks around turned on her
Moving from her marble white legs and round butt
Up to her natural its, cleavage and stout lips.

As she was walking up and down
Turning around, twisting her curls
Bending her knuckles
Checking her cell phone.

Every move she made
Added more tease to the scene.

A couple of minutes later
Her boy friend appeared out of nowhere
They holded each other’s hand and get in the bus
And she was gone.

I was gasping after this sweet creature
I thought how nice would be fucking her
For long hours.

As she showed up like a dream
She evaporated like a dream.


Written by: Newnamed

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions