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A Strong Black Woman's Submission

by Samuelx©

Anal sex is addictive. Both women and men can be addicted to it. And once they're there, it's the point of no return. There's no coming back from anal sex addiction. Trust me, I know. My name is Rose Blanc. I'm a five-foot-ten, busty and big-bottomed, somewhat heavyset ( I weigh 250 pounds ) Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Like many people all over the world, I'm leading a double life. By day, I'm a professor of literature at Bridgewater State College. At night, I'm doing the sort of things which would stun my colleagues if they knew. Yes, I'm a Black female professional with some extremely sordid sex secrets. There, I said it. Does that make you happy?

Folks, I'm here to confess something. I've got to unburden my soul somehow. I'm a fat Black chick who's desperately addicted to anal sex. I used to say that I was a strong Black woman. The kind of woman who would never let a man stick his dick up my ass. Especially a Black man. Then it happened once and I became addicted. I'm in love with the cock in the butt experience and if loving it is wrong then I don't want to be right. There is no cure for my addiction. Anal sex addiction in women, especially Black women, is a poorly understood sexual disorder. I crave big cocks up my asshole. Especially big Black ones. It hurts, and it's shameful but I can't stop doing it. People wonder why. Simply put, I've got no other no way to fulfill my twisted needs.

Which is why I'm hanging out with Alexander Francisco right now. We're both addicts. Alexander is a big and tall Black ( six-foot-three by 270 pounds ) man with a penchant for domination. Like me, he leads a double life. He's married to my best friend Sharon, a biracial chick of Hispanic and African-American descent working as a district attorney in the city. They have two sons and a daughter together. Alexander is the coach of the all-new men's and women's varsity wrestling teams at Tennyson College in Newton, Massachusetts. When we first met, I thought he was a nice, easygoing guy. As it turns out, we were more alike than I could have imagined.

Alexander simply loves to dominate fat women, especially fat Black women. Unfortunately, his wife is skinny and not very kinky. I'm both chubby and kinky. And I am very much into sexual experimentation. I guess we were made for each other. I get off on being dominated by a macho man. Presently, he's got me on my hands and knees. Face down and fat ass up. Alexander spreads my plump ass cheeks wide open and shoves his dick deep into my asshole. I feel as though my ass is being split in half. It hurts, but I absolutely love it. I love the feel of the thick cock burrowing deep inside my asshole. Deep down where the sun doesn't shine. It's dirty, forbidden and taboo. Must be why it excites me so. I don't know. All I know is that I love big dicks up my asshole and if loving them is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Alexander spanks my big Black butt while thrusting his cock deep into my asshole. I scream as I feel his cock invading my asshole. It's stretching my formerly tight shit hole and I'm loving it. I've been into anal sex since college. When I attend Northeastern University as an undergraduate student in the mid-1990s, I had a professor named Michelle Stone. A tall, red-haired and green-eyed white chick who was also a closet lesbian. Like a lot of women, I experimented with lesbian sex in college. Michelle was the first woman I ever had sex with. And she's the person who introduced me to anal sex. She loved fingering my asshole while licking my pussy. Sometimes, she even fucked my ass with a slim dildo after lubricating it. It was a lot of fun. Yeah, Michelle loved anal play.

I discovered my penchant for anal sex while doing it with Michelle, but I also discovered that I could be both dominant and submissive in bed. For instance, sometimes I basically made Michelle stone my bitch. I put her on all fours and spanked her white ass until it turned red. Then I strapped on my dildo and mounted her. I shoved my dildo into her asshole and fucked her hard. Michelle was a real screamer. And she had a hidden submissive streak the length of Mississippi. I had fun dominating her. With my Black lovers, sometimes I'm submissive and sometimes I'm dominant. With my white lovers, I'm always dominant. It doesn't matter if they're male or female. Doesn't matter what their station in life is. In my bed, I'm the dominant black female and the white person must submit to me.

I remember Todd Stanford, the first white guy I dominated. A tall, blond-haired white guy from Suffolk University. He majored in business, and played baseball for the school. Around his friends, he acted like a tough guy. Around me, he was a mewling sissy. I put a leash around his neck and spanked his ass while calling him a bitch. Then I lit a candle and let hot wax drip all over his pasty white skin. Yeah, I loved his screams. Especially when I donned my strap-on dildo and buried it deep inside his asshole. I fucked him so hard he cried. Then I made him suck the dildo right after it went up his ass. I love making white guys and white chicks cry. Show them they don't frigging rule the world anymore.

I like fuck white chicks and white guys in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I like to make them scream like the bitches I know them to be. I like to make them bow to the dominant Black mistress that I am. I delighted in slamming the dildo into Michelle Stone's asshole until she basically begged me for mercy. I often left her with a sore butt hole. And I always made her suck my dildo after I pulled it out of her ass. Ah, those were the days. We had a lot of fun together until the day Michelle Stone got thrown out of Northeastern for having sex with another student, some Asian chick named Miko Chang. I guess that's what faculty members get for sleeping around with students. Oh, well. I continued experimenting with anal sex long after Michelle was gone. I had anal sex with women and men. Sometimes both at the same time. And I liked it. What's not to like about anal sex? It's fun. It's dirty. And it's raunchy. Must be why so many heterosexual couples are trying it nowadays.

Well, enough about the past. I'm having such a good time with Alexander Francisco here that it brings up some memories. He suddenly plowed his dick deeper into my asshole, then pulled out. I gasped in shock. Laughing, Alexander spat on my asshole and then shoved his dick back inside. I screamed. That frigging hurt. Alexander rammed his cock deep into me, knowing that it hurt me and delighting in my pain. That's okay because I get off on pain too. I willed my ass cheeks to squeeze Alexander's cock until he couldn't take it anymore and came, shooting his load deep inside my asshole. We both screamed in pleasure.

After this memorable session, I thanked Alexander for his talents. We got to talking and I asked him if he ever thought about what it would be like to submit instead of dominate. The big and tall black guy said he thought about it, but wasn't too sure. I smiled. For the next few days, I sweet-talked him into it. He was nervous but slowly I gained his trust. And it worked. The next time we met for a session, I was the dominant and he was the submissive. I'm a versatile dominatrix. Sometimes I dominate and sometimes I'm submissive. These days, I've been mostly submissive. My ass craves cock more than anything else. Still, sometimes I feel like being dominant. So today I decided to show Alexander what I could do.

Presently, I had Alexander Francisco on all fours. Face down and ass up. Hands and feet bound by thick steel chains. I had a long black leather whip in my hand. With it, I whipped his ass, and I whipped it good. Alexander screamed as I whipped him. I laughed. Time for this big Black dude to find out what real female domination was all about. I strapped on my dildo, and smeared lube all over it. Then I spread Alexander's ass cheeks. I applied lube on them, then pressed my dildo against his ass. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Alexander's scream filled the room. Thankfully, we had privacy. I placed my hands upon his hips and slammed the dildo deep into his ass. Then I began to fuck him hard.

I wanted to make sure that his first submission experience was one he'd never forget. I also wanted to make his ass pay for all the times he slammed his dick mercilessly into my asshole. Time for him to feel what it's like to be butt fucked. His screams reached a whole new pitch as I buried the dildo deep into his ass. I've never fucked a Black man in the ass before. Only white men and white women. And one Black woman. This ought to be fun. Mercilessly I rammed my dildo into Alexander's asshole. I continued even until he begged for mercy. I fucked his ass until he cried. I pulled out, and ordered him to suck my dildo. He hesitated. I told him I'd shove it right back into his ass if he didn't lick it. He complied like a good submissive. I smiled. I guess I showed this big Black dude what a strong Black woman is.

After this memorable experience, things changed between Alexander and I forever. He's now my bitch in bed. Always eager to take my strap-on up his ass. Except for those rare times when I ask him to stick his cock into my mouth, pussy and asshole. And even then, I control all the action. The day has come for a Black woman like myself to show the world that Black women rule it. Face it, it's true. Male or female, Black or white, they're all in awe of the amazing intelligence, sensuality and dominant will of the Black woman. And that's the way the world always will be.

Written by: Samuelx

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