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Home Invasion

by MicheleNylons©

Michele Stephens went to the pharmacy and bought 'morning-after pill' contraceptives for herself and Shelly. She then put herself and her daughter on the contraceptive pill. Shelly Stephens, deflowered and awakened to the delights of sexual intercourse, began to fuck her brother on regular basis and gained a reputation as a school tart. Strangely enough she still graduated as a straight-A student and some whispered that this might be due certain favours she bestowed on some of the teachers.

Michele Stephens' career as a legal secretary also took off over the following months and it was rumoured that she fucked her way up the corporate ladder. By the time her son graduated high school, she owned a late model SUV, had paid off her house, and had a substantial amount of money in her savings account. A mysterious stranger was seen by the neighbours to frequently visit her late at night and it has been said by some that the stranger bore a distinctive resemblance to an escaped prisoner named Sol; but rumours and innuendo are rife when an attractive mature woman lives on her own.

Written by: MicheleNylons

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories