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Josie: An Father/Daughter Story

by OzArrian©

"Well lets go upstairs to your room." Josie disengaged from her intimate posture shared with her aroused father and moved off the sofa. Robert also rose, but with his pants falling down to his ankles he almost tripped. The almost comic prat-falling of her daddy made Josie laugh a tension releasing giggle, and in turn Robert guffawed too. There was something faintly ludicrous about almost falling over with his cock sticking out in front of his daughter. A few steps took him out of his pants and then he was beside her.

"Up the stairs Josie. Come on sweetie...daddy's got something he wants to give you."

Josie strolled up to the stair case, her long black hair swishing against her back as she walked to the steps. As she climbed her father followed and he found himself staring right at his daughters deliciously formed derrière. The stretch Levi jeans hugged the college students ass almost as tight as her own skin, and formed a smooth denim layer between the cooling air of the stairwell and her backside. The steps up to her bedroom were no more than a dozen or so but as they climbed Robert found himself dripping with lust for his ascending angel.

Coming to a stop outside her door, Josie turned back to face her father. They made a slightly incongruous pair; Robert naked from the waist down, his older body exposed like it had never been before in front of his daughter. Josie's full tits bobbled a little as she drew in breath and naturally her father's gaze drifted from her beautiful face to her bountiful breasts.

"Daddy, it's a little chilly up here. Let's get into my bed huh?"

Robert nodded his agreement with his daughter and as she turned gave her pert butt a quick pat. Josie giggled a mild rebuke and opened her bedroom door. Inside was her luggage that she'd brought from college with her, and it sat against her wardrobe neatly. She was always a tidy girl and even though she hadn't unpacked Josie was happy that things in her old room were 'just so'. On the large single bed lay a huge thick white and blue comforter which was embroidered with floral patterns. About a dozen stuffed toys sat on the bad leaning against the nearest wall, including her old teddy bear and a big pink elephant her dad won for her when she was 11 at the local state fair. Even though she'd not lived under the same roof as her father since she left to go and study at university, he'd kept it ready for her return.

"Oh daddy," Josie smiled with beautifully wide eyes sparkling with happiness "you made up my room so nicely. It's like I never went away!"

Robert moved closer and took his 19 year old daughter in his broad arms. "You never left me honey. You were always here...well, for me anyway." He looked away briefly, strangely moved by the conflicted feelings of sentimentality and lust that oozed out of every pore in his being. It was such a deliciously loving yet taboo moment, embracing Josie and feeling her nipples imprint upon his chest as his own saliva-slick phallus poked against her right thigh. Robert left a sodden streak of body fluids on his daughter's jeans, and this made them both smile awkwardly.

"Dad. Um, if we get undressed and climb under the covers we can cuddle right?" Josie stepped back from her father's embrace and the back of her thighs met the fabric of her bed covering.

"Yes we can darling. Is it okay if I undress you, and you me?"

"You don't have to ask for permission. You're my dad right?"

"Thank you sweetheart." Robert reached over and unbuckled the belt which was more of an accessory than a necessity, looping it away from her daughter's hips. She took the prompt and in turn grabbed her father's thick woolen shirt, popping the buttons with both care and haste. Standing as close as they were father and daughter had to shuffle back a bit so that Robert could raise his arms and let Josie tug free his shirt. Underneath was nothing but his chest which was covered lightly in gray and black curls of hair. Josie ran a hand appreciatively over her dad's torso, rubbing the smallest of paunches he carried from his middle aged spread. "You're still pretty damn fit looking dad." Josie observed, her eyes flashing.

"And you look delightful too sweetie!" Robert replied, coming back to his daughter who's jeans were now loose at the hips. Tentatively he took the button that joined the top of her pants and undid it, then with more commitment he dragged down the zipper. His 19 year old daughter wriggled a little to help him guide the tight jeans down, first past her thighs, then down over her knees. Robert paused to observe the appearance of her panties which were pink, cotton and with a cartoon of a kitten on the front. There was a heavenly perfume seeping from her undies as well, and whilst Robert dropped to take Josie's jeans all the way off her shapely legs he planted a butterfly soft kiss on the front of his daughter knickers.

"Ohhhh...daddy!" Josie sighed, issuing a soft statement of her pleasure. "Can you kiss me there again please?"

"Sure Josie." Robert planted another kiss on her mons, hidden by the cotton panties. Then another. Then a third. They came a little stronger and with each caress of his lips Josie swayed a little uncertainly. Placing her hands on her father's shoulders she tried to gain some balance. Flashes of sensory delight radiated upwards, downwards and outwards every time her darling father kissed her flush on her mound. Whilst there was certainly a physical stimulus for Josie's excitement, what really made her young body buzz was the delicious thought that her father was kissing her where he wasn't supposed to. He was the same man who with her mother given Josie life, love, security and within the context of being an only child as much happiness as she wanted. And now he was pressing his mouth against her barely covered pubic area and worshipping her with a flurry of kisses.

"Daddy," Josie giggled "you better stop or I might do something we might regret."

Robert looked up into his bare-breasted daughter's eyes. "I don't regret this, not now and won't ever. Can daddy peel down your panties?"

Josie nodded and smiled which straight away gave her horny father the permission to tug away the cotton undies. He was literally bursting to see his college-going daughter's mound, and his dick leaked another drop or two of pre-cum. Taking the hem of her knickers in his left and right hands simultaneously Robert began to drag down the girlish undies.

Gradually the flesh that no adult daughter should bare before her father was exposed, and as the cool air reached Josie's skin it goose-pimpled. A small curlicue of pubic hair appeared, then another, then another. Josie never shaved but on the other hand she wasn't naturally hairy, so with her small black pubes barely covering her mons veneris it was easy for her father to discern the beginning of her cunt lips. There was the bud of her 19 year old clit, partially hidden by pink lips that protected the supersensitive button. As more of her panties rolled down Josie's dad could see more and to his delight smell more. Josie's slightly fuzzed labial folds were not as pink towards the entrance to her vagina as they were closer to her clitoris, and whilst they were thin in form they still covered her entrance. Josie stood there with her eyes shut, lost in the moment. In her head a voice kept repeating thoughts of immoral delight. "Oh daddy, take my panties off and love me...please. Please daddy, rip 'em down." Josie caught herself whispering the lustful entreaty and without batting an eyelid said it louder. "Rip my panties off me daddy!".

Robert was looking into the secret folds of Josie's cunt as she asked him to tear off her panties. It was like waving a red rag at a bull, and without a moment's hesitation Josie's dad tore at the cotton knickers. The elastic sided hem took a second or so to give way, but with a sound that split the thick air of his daughter's bedroom the panties gave way, falling in a ruined heap round her ankles.

"Sorry honey," Robert apologised. "I guess I got carried away."

"That's okay daddy," his daughter mollified Robert "I got lots of other pairs. And while I'm home maybe I don't need that many." The cheeky barely legal teen winked at her kneeling father. "What do you want to do next daddy? Or do I have to ask?"

Robert left the question unanswered for about three seconds. Then as he had before when the now shredded panties were actually covering her muff, he placed his lips back onto Josie's pubic cleft. This time however there was no fabric to get between her flesh and his greedy mouth. Robert thrust his tongue up into the pink and brownish flaps that his daughter had never let anyone else ever touch before, let alone kiss and lick. Like a missile heading directly for its target her father's tongue tip sought out her love button, twirling tentatively at first over the bud of Josie's clit. Drawing big stuttering gasps of air in, Josie moaned her intense delight at receiving her first incestual licking.

"Oh daddy, daddy, daddy!" she sighed, placing her petite hand into the ruffled grey/black strands of her father's hair and trying to keep his head lodged between her legs. "Lick me there please daddy. Lick it...oh your tingue up into me. Nibble my clit too please daddy. Ohhhhh...fuck yes...DADDY!"

Robert heard through muffled ears the excited wailing and pleading of his daughter, and whilst he lathered her cunt lips and clitoris with his saliva he could taste his 19 year old releasing more and more of her own sticky sweet wetness. When he was a younger man both with Josie's mother and his old girlfriends he loved to bury his face in his lover's quim. the tactile sensation of the rubbery labia giving way to his feasting mouth. The smell of his partner's twat, that heady aromatic cocktail of muskiness, fishiness and intense feminine perfume made him weak at the knees. Looking at the strands of pubic hair brushing against his nose tip as he also gazed into the secret delights of a spread, licked, slippery cunt. The squelching sounds as lubricated labia and a flicking tongue combined to make a moist, hot symphony. Going down on a woman was always one of Robert's favourite sexual proclivities; and here he was eating out his own daughter's pussy, making her writhe in a confused mixture of ecstasy and agony.

"Daddy, omigod daddy...don't stop. Please keep licking me. Feels so good...soooo fucking good. Ahhh, I want it it. Your Josie wants you so much daddy."

The young woman who until earlier this day had been his sweet innocent daughter now called out for Robert to keep assaulting her cunt, begging for her father to keep devouring her pussy. With her long legs trapping his head there was little chance that Robert could escape her honeypot, even if he wanted to. Instead he focused on exploring his darling girl with his tongue, his teeth, his lips and his fingers. As he nibbled her clitoris making Josie squeal Robert also started to rim her hidden anal flower with his right index finger. The shocked groans of sensual pleasure she let forth when Robert edged his digit into her poop chute were slightly muffled for him, but he could sense her delight as she squeezed again on his cheeks, tugging fervently on his locks.

For a moment Robert paused, trying to draw breath and survey the sexual 'damage' he'd so far wrought on his nubile daughter. Lifting his his an inch or two, still with his finger wedged partially in her ass, Robert felt a trickle of his saliva dribble down and mingle with Josie's cunt juice, smeared on his chin. He didn't wipe away the slick fluids, instead letting a drip or two land with a silent splot on Josie's cunt lips. His daughter's nipples stood proud and erect like palace guards, and her legs gave a slight shiver like sunlight shimmering on a desert afternoon. With his dick entangled a little in Josie's bed linen he dragged himself forward a little, the pressure on his prick making him gurgle inside. Josie was nude, breathing shallowly intermixed with moans of "Oh daddy!", and looking like she needed to be fucked hard, long and deep. Perhaps it was time Robert thought to himself, to finally break the last taboo between his daughter and him. He wanted to fuck his babygirl so bad, and he knew she wanted it.

"Okay Josie, I think you're ready. And remember, what we do here must never ever be known by anyone else. They don't understand how we feel about each other."

"Um, okay dad." Josie purred, her voice a little ragged from the stimulation she had been given by her dad's ministrations to her pussy. "I hope you don't mind I'm a virgin daddy; if I'm no good you'll tell me, teach me right?"

Robert smiled a grin wider than his daughter had ever seen. "Oh darling, that is why I love you, want you, need you. Daddy wants to be your teacher, your lover, your first." With his words of comfort barely uttered he moved up the messy sheets, crawling upwards to bring his face closer to his daughter's. Lifting his middle aged body above her young college torso Robert was drawing himself between Josie's legs tenderly. His penis bumped along her inner right thigh at one point, leaving a sticky slimy mark where his pre-cum leaked on her flesh. Then, after a few more seconds he was poised, hovering between her spread legs with his erection achingly close to her barely furred pussy lips.

"Do it daddy. Put it in me."

Josie's voice was underlined by her bottom lifting off the sheets of her bed, trying to draw her father's immense hard on into the folds of her cunny. Robert was mindful of her virginal state though and didn't plunge in even though his whole body was screaming for the consumation of their foreplay. Instead he placed his left hand on her bare hip, pushing Joise back down into the bed. His right hand encircled his manhood and with a deliberate and careful motion the horny middle aged man softly stroked the glans against his daughter's clitoral hood.

"Oooohhhhh yes. Yes daddy...yes yes yes. Rub it for me. I love it, love you. Ohhhh yesssss."

Josie mewled and yowled with pleasure as her father ran his dick over the pinkish and brown lips of her cunt. Her 19 year old body thrilled to his touch, and it was barely a minute before she felt the juices of her aching quim soak her inner thighs. The fluids mingled with Robert's pre-cum, forming a slick and slimy sheen to their genitals.

"Does my princess love her daddy's cock frigged against her clitty?"

"Uh daddy...ohmigod yes I do..I do."

The stubby fat erection dug into the young woman's flesh, and in the process made Josie close her eyes and moan with carnal delight. Every stroke of her father's dick was like a criminal blessing, a flash of taboo sensuality which rocketed up from her cunt into her brain. Her brunette locks flew left then right then left again as Josie twisted her head begging for her father to "Use your cock on my cunt daddy! Please daddy! Make me cum so hard..."

Robert ground his dick into her vulva without actually entering her maiden pussy. This was going to be the first time his daughter had experienced the lewd pleasures of a man's penis in her wet cunt, and he didn't want her to lose her virginity with the feelings of pain, loss, sadness or frustration as the overwhelming memory. This was going to be just as memorable for her as it was for him. He had felt so much love for Josie since he had assumed all the responsibilities for her , but now this love was transformed into a pure lust that recognized no taboo rules, no social contract wherein fathers couldn't fuck their daughters. He was breaking more than Josie's hymen tonight; he was breaking all the strictures placed on being her loving, doting father.

"Do you like the way I'm running my cock head over your flaps and clit baby"

"Oooh god yes daddy," came Josie's breathless reply. "I want it inside me though daddy. Please, stick it in your baby girl. Please."

Robert wasn't immune to the surging lust he felt when Josie pleaded for him to end her innocence and pop her cherry, but the older, wiser father was deliberate in his movement. With each gliding contact against her pussy lips or her erect clit Robert was trying to make his 19 year old girl wetter, slicker, more ready to accept the tearing of her maidenhood. He knew that before his penis drove up into her hole it was going to be the most important moment in their shared lives, and he loved her way too much to cause her unnecessary pain. Josie needed her daddy's cock, but it was only going to be thrust into her when he deemed it was okay.

For a few more minutes Josie's father stroked and rubbed her body in her most erogenous zones. He kissed her breasts over and over, landing a multitude of touches on her full firm boobs. He stroked her hair, fascinated by the way Josie's long black locks cascaded through his fingers. When he stared into her beautiful eyes he felt a mixture of elation and control, a paternal desire to be her only lover from now on. Then, with Josie's breath panting out with a stuttered rapidity her middle aged father decided that his cautious masturbation between her labial folds was finished. It was time to take Josie's virginity.

Robert's cock was primed, nestled against the slippery pink lips of Josie's cunt. He started to push forward...

"Here it is darling; daddy's going to bust your cherry. Breathe in sweetie."

Josie felt the head of her father's incestuous prick begin to enter between her flaps. It edged in slowly and as it did she scrunched her eyes up tight and did as Robert said. Breathing in and trying to block out what she thought would be agony Josie was pleasantly surprised to feel a filling, tingling sensation as her daddy drove his dick deeper. She moaned and uttered the occasional "Oh daddy...yes!" before she finally felt something resist. He was lodged inside her vagina a good inch or so and was undoubtedly ready to pierce her maidenhood.

"One quick stab and I'll make the pain go away princess." Robert whispered in his daughter's ear, now that is erection was hard up against the membrane that would soon be ripped away. He kissed Josie on her cheek and then reared back a little, edging his cock a little away from her hymen. Then...



Robert punched through the thin hymen, instantly turning his daughter from an innocent young woman into his beautifully fucked princess. The sensation was just as he had expected, and Josie's tight cunt was hard put to take all his manhood when he plunged in. Meanwhile underneath him his daughter was grunting in spasms of pain and pleasure, her vagina now slick with the mixture of her own pussy juice, her daddy's pre-ejaculate and the hymeneal blood that was released when her daddy tore her maidenhood. Josie's dad went as far as he could with that initial push, and now that he was balls deep in the cunt of his 19 year old daughter he stopped, coming to a dead stop. He looked into her beautiful eyes, seeing they were shining wet with a thin film of tears.

"Baby, I'm sorry. It hurt a lot huh?"

Josie tried to be brave. "Yeah...but now that you're inside me it feels a little better. Very full though." Robert twitched a little, making his daughter shudder. "Oh wow! I felt that. Dad; it's like I have this really throbbing wet fullness down there," her eyes glancing down towards where she and her father were locked cock in cunt "and it's good now daddy."

"I love it too honey. Much better than your mother's first time with me." Robert wanted to reassure his daughter, and so he made sure she understood that she was loved just as much now if not more so. "Let me kiss my girl."

"Yes daddy...kiss me please. Hard"

As Robert stayed wedged up inside his daughter's cunt they began to passionately kiss. Her lips and his mashed together and for what seemed like an eternity they stayed engaged in the thrill of being joined at the mouth and the crotch. Josie's tongue tentatively touched Robert's lips and then with his surprised acceptance he let her probe further. Before she was fully conscious of the action Josie and her dad started tongue kissing. Her saliva mingled with his as their tongues darted over, around, against and under each other's. This helped to encourage the 19 year old girl to also run her fingers down her daddy's back and gently at first rut against the cock embedded in her birth canal. The motion was subtle, but Robert felt it and he too started to shift his position. This wasn't bestial fucking, this was tender love making. Between a horny father and his equally aroused daughter.

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