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My Slut Sister

by thickstar©

My slut sister.

My sister is five years younger than I and we were never close as kids. We were rivals for everything and the age gap was just enough to ensure that we had little in common. I left home at 16 for an apprenticeship in the city and had little to do with her for the next few years.

I would come home on long weekends and at Christmas so mum kept my old room as it was for years. Eventually my sister moved into my old room and took over my TV, stereo and bed. By the time I had turned 23 Sheri had blossomed into a very sexy young woman. She had a trim body with nice large firm breasts long legs dark hair and eyes and a sexy smile topped of with a dimple. I spent most of my time chasing the local girls and never really thought about my sister sexually. Boy though that would change.

It all happened one Friday night after I had been out drinking. I was back home for the Christmas break. I had gone out to the local pub with a mate and was trying to find some girl to sleep with but had bummed out. I had intended to sleep at my friend's house but I cancelled that after he got lucky and disappeared with a young sweetie about half way through the night. After striking out I grabbed a taxi and just headed back to my parents, intending to have a pull when I got there. I would try to find a root the following night at a night club in Port.

The Taxi pulled up and I payed him and went to the side door with not much on my mind. Being drunk I did not think about the lack of beds or altered bedroom status inside. I wandered into my old room and was half undressed when my sister turned on the light. I was startled and then realised that I was in Sheri's room. I mumbled an apology and said that I would go sleep on the lounge, if she could help me find some blankets.

I also noticed her hard nipples sticking through the lite cotton t-shirt that she was wearing and at the same time a surge of blood shot to my cock causing it to lengthen and thicken in my pants.

Sheri said that all the spare blankets were on the beds and said that I could share her double bed if I liked. I got into bed along side of her and tried to settle and sleep. She also laid down, said goodnight and appeared to go straight to sleep. As I laid there visions of my sisters large firm tits and dark nipples filled my head. My cock grew into a throbbing monster and jerked around with a life of its own. Eventually the grog and the late time got the better of me and I drifted off to sleep with visions of my sisters tits filling my mind. And I dreamt.

In my dreams I was rubbing my cock up against some little slut who was dressed only in a bikini bottom. My hard cock was sliding up between her legs and she was loving it. She was reaching back and stroking it as I groped her breasts from behind and tweaked her nipples. But try as I might I just could not get my cock into her. Somewhere in my dream I realised that I needed to piss and woke up to find my hand on my sisters tit, my cock rubbing up between her legs and her hand rubbing the tip of it.

I did not know if she was sleeping or not but I was still half drunk and only too ready to slide my cock straight into this wanton little bitch. I did not think of her as my sister or think of anything else but burying my hot throbbing cock into that hole. I reached down with one hand and started to rub her pussy trough her panties. My cock had already been there leaking precum and this and my sisters pussey juices had made the whole area sopping wet. I slid my fingers along the side of her panties and lifted them up so that I could slide the head of my cock over her exposed cunt lips.

I don't have a huge cock, it is just over seven inches long but it is really thick with a big mushroom head. I had always had trouble sliding it into girls because of its girth and when I did I usually never lasted too long before I blew. That was because their pusseys were so tight and the amount of whimpering noise that they always made tipped me over. I expected the same with Sheri's pussey and I prepared to take it slow. It was so wet down there that I sild my throbber over her pussey to coat it with a generous amount of slimy wet stuff before attempting to slide it into her wet hole. I put the head at the entrance of her tunnel and began to ease it in expecting to meet the usual resistance.

Not so, I was shocked as it just slid straight into her wide open wet cunt. Straight in, it felt wet and hot and sloppy. I held my cock inside her wet cunt for a minute, it throbbed and as it did I could feel it move up and down inside her cunt. I could not believe how big my 18 year old sisters cunt was. I felt my sister reach over with her hand and pull my head down, she turned her head and darted her tongue into my mouth. I could not believe it!. Here I was with my cock inside of my little sisters big sloppy cunt. I felt her reach down and start playing with her clit as she slowly slid forward and backward on my still throbbing cock.

Filth poured from her mouth, she told me to twist her nipples, she took my hand and guided it to her cilt and told me to squeeze it and pull hard on it. Sheri told me that I had an awesome thick cock and that she loved the feeling as it slid into her. She twisted over in bed so that we were in the missionary position and held onto my arse as she sucked on my nipples and she kept up a breathlessness chant of harder, harder harder. I fucked her for a good twenty minutes like this until she started to beg me to come inside her.

"Please fill me up, you big cock stud", she said. But her cunt was so sloppy and I needed to piss and try as I might I could not cum. She put her hands on my arse and started to push on my anus. It felt like she was going to slide a finger into me every time I pulled out. This had the effect of making me just grind my cock into her as opposed to ploughing back and forth into her sloppy cunt. She kept begging to be filled up, "fuck me brother", she said, "come on empty that hot sticky load into me". "I love it, I fucking love your cock, I love being fucked, I am such a dirty little slut, I want to feel my own brothers cock shoot and watch your face as you cum inside me". I reached around and started to rub her anus as she did mine. I pushed hard on it and was amazed as she opened up to my fingers. She reached down and rubbed her fingers across her sopping cunt and then reached up and slid them into my virgin ass. This just made me try to crawl into her cunt. She then pulled my head down and asked me if I liked her sloppy cunt. She whispered into my ear that she had already been fucked by three guys tonight and wanted my cum in her too. She said that she had had cum pumped into all her holes by three guys tonight and that she wanted mine too. This sent me over the edge and my cock started to empty great dollops of cum into her. She held my arse and her hips bucked backward and forward milking the last drops of cum from my shuddering cock. She then whispered into my ear what a dirty fucker I was for filling her already used pussey up like that.

I got up and headed off for a piss. When I came back she grabbed my hand and placed it straight between her legs. I asked if she really had been fucked by three blokes already and she said that she had. She told me straight out that she loved cock and loved cum. She said she loved to be gang banged and treated like a dirty little whore. She took my now semi hard cock into her hand and slid it straight into her sloppy wet cunt again. I fucked her hard and fast until the sweat poured off us both. I shot another load into her and we both drifted off to sleep.

When I woke in the morning she was gone I wandered out to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and saw mum. "Good morning" said mum, "I made up a spare bed for you last night on the couch, just in case, but I guess you slept else where" she said, I worry about you with those nasty girls".

"Tell us all about it big brother" said Sheri who was just finishing off a bowl of cereal. I looked at them both and just shook my head. To this day I have never spoken to my sister about what we did that night. I have stoked my cock plenty of times reliving it though.

Written by: thickstar

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