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Japanese Sucking White Cock

by japacumslut©

I will pick up a stranger at the bar when my Master commands me.

I will take him home, where my Master will be waiting to give his approval.

The man must agree to let my Master film me suck the man's cock, so he can make me watch it again and again later, force me to feel the humiliation as I see myself lose control, become wild with lust with this stranger.

He wants me to witness myself as I lose all dignity, become a horny slut who only wants to suck the monstrous cock in front of me.

I am so dignified in my normal life, dressed in my prim and proper clothes for work at my office. so respectable. But my Master knows that not so deep inside, just below the surface, I am a cumslut, that I will beg to be fucked, beg to swallow a stranger's sperm...

I will whisper to the man to take his cock out of his pants and to stroke himself, to make himself as large as he can be.

I will take off my clothes in a sexy striptease, to make the man hard and horny.

I will look at my Master for approval. did his obedient pet do well? did I bring home a good prize?

I will be anguished with anticipation, wanting desperately for my Master to approve.

I will search his eyes, lock onto his lips, looking for the tiniest smile, any sign that he is happy with his slave, that I have been a good girl and done well.

Hopefully the man will take out a beautiful thick cock, a thick one, much thicker than my arm, as thick as his own wrist!

I imagine what it will be like to take such a monstrous cock in my mouth, to try to swallow so much meat. I know I will gag, my throat will close in fear. But my Master will order me to take him down my throat, and I must obey...

My Master will tell me that the tip is not so wide, that the cock has a tapered head to open me up first. I will relax my throat, take him deep into my throat, even though I cannot control my gag. Every reflex is to throw up, to expel him. It feels like I am swallowing my own fist. It is impossible!

But my Master's voice becomes harsh, barking from behind the video camera that records my struggle, watches me, records me forever as saliva drips from my stretching lips, all over this too thick cock.

"Swallow him!" he commands. and I must obey...

Somehow I do it. I want to please my Master so much that I can do anything he asks.

Even when I swallow my Master's penis all the way, so that my lips kiss his body, even with his cock which is so much shorter and thinner, I always gag and cough.

But because my Master commands me, I swallow this impossible slab of white meat, a great white whale!

There is no room in my mouth. my lips and cheeks are stretched in pain, my throat is burning. I must have a pound of fleshy meat in my throat, blocking out all air. I cannot breathe. but still I swallow, inching my mouth slowly down the thick shaft until I have swallowed him all the way...

It feels like he is in my stomach, that I am a worm wriggling at the end of a long wide pole. I look to my master for approval, and I see by the sparkle in his eyes that he is impressed by my efforts, by how hard I am working tonight.

I feel a rush of happiness, a euphoria that my pain and suffering transforms by magical alchemy into his pleasure...

I begin to move my head up and down the gigantic shaft, so that every inch of the skin of his fleshy sword is slipping sliding along the inside of my mouth and throat.

I can feel on my tongue the soft spongy vein running all the way up his shaft, feel the blood throbbing in it as he begins to pant and moan.

The man is excited, groaning with lust. his hips begin to thrust, like a dog uncontrollably humping. He doesn't care if I am gagging, if I cannot breathe. He fucks my face, as if I am just a wet warm hole to pump his cock in and out of...

He groans that "it feels so good," that I am a "great cocksucker," even as he puts his hands on the back of my head and begins to ram his cock like an animal into my mouth.

I am no longer in control, and a panic rises inside me as I realize that I cannot breathe, cannot even catch a short breath.

But I cannot take my head off of his cock even if I wanted to--his hands are too strong, grasping my hair in his fists, violently pulling my head back and forth. He is too aggressive, growling now, his eyes wild with lust looking down at my as he uses my throat for his own pleasure, his cock like a battering ram tearing down my throat with every thrust.

I will myself not to gag, not to throw up or choke. I tell myself that it is just like holding my breath under water, that I can last for many minutes without air as this man pumps in and out of my throat. just hold on until he comes. But I am drowning, I begin to feel a buzz in my head, from the violence of his smacking his hips against my face, from the lack of oxygen in my brain. I realize that the loud slapping sound, the rhythmic repeating "unngghh" that fills my ears is the sound my throat makes uncontrollably as his cock fucks my mouth.

He pounds into my face as if he is fucking my cunt--smashing in and out of me until it feels like he is punching my nose again and again with his stomach.

My hands are on his ass, feeling the muscles there clench and unclench as his hips thrust back and forth. My nails are digging into his flesh, cutting into his skin, but he is oblivious to whatever pain he is feeling, even more oblivious of me except as the tool of his pleasure...

I know with certainty that if he does not come very soon I will suffocate, That even if he comes now I will choke and drown on his sperm, that my lungs will fill up with the sticky thickness of his spurting seed...

But my Master saves me...

From far away I hear my Master's calm voice, telling the man to "jack off on her face," and to "cover her face with come."

I recognize the power of my Master's voice, of how I have responded so many times in the same way, immediately without any thought, like a dog reacting to a command...

The man responds immediately, doing exactly as he is told even though he is lost in animal lust.

The man releases my head and his cock unplugs from my wet mouth and throat with an obscenely loud "plop."

I gasp for breath, my chest heaving to fill my desperate lungs with air, my mouth wide open and gaping to capture every little bit of oxygen I can, just as the man pulls once then twice on his slippery shaft and I feel a long warm strand of come shoot into my mouth, then another onto my face, on my cheek, on my forehead.

He jerks with his hand violently and another long trail of come spurts into my hair and eyes. I squint in self defense, just as I feel another shot of come hit straight into my throat, choking me again even as I am gasping for breath.

But he still isn't finished...

Groaning like a dying animal, he pulls two then three more shots of come onto my face and into my open mouth, each spurt exiting his peehole with a squirting sound like a water pistol...

My Master zooms the camera onto my come covered face for a long lingering close up, so that I will have to see again and again in the future how much of a cumslut I was this night.

My Master orders me to lick the man's cock clean, and to use my fingers to round up all of the sperm on my face and feed it into my own mouth.

The come tastes sweet, but it is thick and sticky like mucous, making it hard to swallow, catching in my throat. There is so much, the flavor coats the inside of my mouth with a film on my teeth that my tongue cannot lick clean.

My Master thanks the man. if my Master is pleased, he may offer him a beer or a drink, chat with him amicably. I wait patiently, serving them both naked, drying sperm still on my face and hair.

If the man is young and virile and gets hard again right away, my Master will allow me the pleasure of fucking his big white cock. If he does, I will come like a crazed animal again and again, reliving the insane and uncontrollable lust that I feel every time I am fucked by a large white penis.

I can come the hardest when I am riding the monstrous cock like I am riding a horse, impaling myself on a gigantic stake. But I lose myself even more when I am filled from behind, when the long thick shaft pounds into me doggy style, or when my legs are spread and up in the air as I am rammed again and again from above. This is the position that I want when I want to be fucked the hardest and deepest, when any cock, even normal sized ones, delve into the depths, battering me inside. Even the pain turns into the crazy pleasure of being impaled and torn apart...

After the man leaves, my Master will treat me gently, cleaning my face with a warm wet washcloth, telling me I am a good girl and kissing me, even though I know he can taste a strange man's sperm on my lips. I feel such gratitude that my Master allows me to feel such pleasure, that he is willing to let me savour another man's come...

I obey all my Master's commands. If he wants to share me with other men, if he wants to see me suck a monster white cock, or a gigantic black cock, then I will. If he wants me to fuck a cock the size of my arm, even though I know it will be so painful as it impales me, then I will.

If he wants to share my mouth or my pussy, then I will do it with the deepest pleasure. Only my asshole is reserved just for my Master...

Won't you be lucky if you meet me in a bar...?

Written by: japacumslut

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