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Sari in VR Ch. 03

by Taunus©

The call letters of one of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) TV stations in Los Angeles are KCET. The letters "c" and "e" are fused to create a logo similar to the infinity sign. The infinity sign is also known as a lemniscate. To a Texan it would be the cattle brand called a "lazy eight." No matter, the station announces its call sign by saying: "I watch KCET because the stars in the sky are more fascinating to me than the stars in the sidewalk." This is clearly a reference to Hollywood. In the year 3,000 it is very highly probable that the concrete sidewalk will only exist as a series of rarely viewed computer images.

Sari Stone exists in the not-so-distant future where various devices can be plugged into a computer to stimulate the user. On the small screen are ultra high resolution avatars. These avatars are totally programmable and able to translate emotes into gestures and animations. The transitions are seamless, flexuous, fluid, continuous, as well as smooth. The word "smooth" here is used in the mathematical sense of the word, meaning the first derivative is continuous as well.

Of course not every boring transition must be endured. The world of Virtual Reality (VR) affords "fade out" and "fade in" to change scenes or collect some object or attachment to the avatar (AKA "avie"). Suppose, for example, that the avatar requires a screwdriver in its right hand. The screen fades and refreshes to display the avatar now with the needed attachment. This also accounts for the passage of time. The simple creation of the screwdriver from thin air isn't acceptable to the aficionado of computer animation.

Avatars in 3D chat rooms move from simulator (sim) to sim via the artifice called teleportation, or "tp" for short. They usually fade before disappearing (called "derezzing") and reappear elsewhere (called rezzing). The verb "to rez" is cyber-speak for resolve or resolution.

Extending human knowledge with the bold assumption that the evolution of intelligence is limited only by imagination leads to the belief that there is a cheap, clean, copious energy source. Otherwise mankind is certainly due to perish in its own excrement, a victim of burning polluting fossil fuels and creating landfills. Coal is plentiful and inexpensive, but it is dirty. "Old King Coal was a dirty old soul and a dirty old soul was he. He called for his pipe(line) and he called for his bowl and he called for his lobbyists three."

Sari returns to the accelerating platform on her continuing voyage to Alpha centauri. She already had a tryst with Steve Stalward and was penetrated fore and aft, ventral and caudal by a disgusting green being with tendrils. It was almost taken from some Twentieth Century Japanese Hentai comic book. She paid a visit to the ship's infirmary. The physician was a person, not a bot. The screen name was Scrotus Doctorow.

"I was sacrificed to a horrid green monster to save the ship," Sari Stone explained. "For over an hour I was penetrated anally, vaginally, orally, and even my urethra, nasal passages, and ear canals were explored." She went on to explain how she was stretched, distended, and expanded.

"You need to disrobe for an examination," Doctor Scrotus instructed. Sari gladly undressed. She still had an alien odor even after washing repeatedly. The ship even afforded her unlimited water rations for her brave sacrifice. "There is reddening and dilation but no abrasion or tissue tearing. The creature clearly knew what it was up to. I get traces of some water-soluble gel, of undetermined composition. We will want some swabs for the mass spectrometer, gas chromatography, and other analyses."

Sari nodded. She was becoming aroused as Doctor Scrotus spread her delicate pussy petals and explored her Holy of Holies. He was handsome and educated. She moaned with ecstasy as he felt her cervix. Both were aware of her unabashed excitement.

"It is a good thing that you were not harmed or kept by those pirates," Doctor Scrotus stated. "We are an unarmed cargo ship, ill prepared to do battle with such rogue beings. But the Fleet has been informed and will issue a stern warning and follow up with military action should need be. Do you sense any psychological trauma, Sari, or is it too soon to tell?"

"There's nothing wrong with me that a strong drink and an even stronger dick won't cure," Sari blurted out. The fact that the alien made her cum and the likelihood than anything less than a bold, direct statement would be disregarded by Doctor Scrotus drove her to action. Doctor Scrotus pulled out from his anal examination and went over to his desk. He returned momentarily with two plastic medication cups and a bottle of earth whiskey. Alcohol was produced on board, along with many other items, but true terra firma liquor was a special treat.

"Let me get some ice," Doctor Scrotus spoke. Sari shook her head "no." She wanted a straight shot now and eyed the gynecological chair for next up. Sari's figure, 35B-25-35, was inviting. With such a special situation Doctor Scrotus filled the cups and they both took a strong drink for medicinal purposes.

Sari eagerly mounted the gynecological table and put her legs in the stirrups. Scrotus worked to part her widely and dropped his pants and hocked his drawers. His circumcised member throbbed as the irregular veins pulsed with sanguine arousal. Sari noticed the high, acute angle his penis made with his caudal plane. In fact, the tumescent, turgid dork was nearly parallel to his six-pack abs. This was going to be a fuck to remember!

A little warming lubricant on his glans penis allowed her vulva, still sore from the slimy green tentacle, to permit entry of his massive member. The alien was outdone by the rock-hard steel shaft that drove in and out, pumping like a piston. In and out, the perspiration of arousal beaded on the two foreheads as they rushed to a frenzied climax.

Sari felt her pudenda engorge and distend with hot, heavy hemoglobin. She could hear her heart beat as pubococcygeal muscles tightened and sphincters osculated against male flesh. Her tiny rosette clenched so tightly that it hurt as she felt the flash of pre-climax flux up and down her Glory of Glories. Her bowels tensed as the earth-shattering moment of climax approached.

They came together as Scrotus's lewd, lascivious, licentious, libidinal lips kissed and his mouth sucked her perfectly proportioned mammary. He ran the rough blade of his tongue over her puckered areolas. Her nipples stood at attention. Just as the climax approached she noticed the change in the hue of her areolas from umber through sienna to ochre, ruddy with arterial blood. That creature had even penetrated her milk ducts. The ache would not stem the rising tide of her upcoming orgasm.

How Sari wished that she could have met the woman responsible for converting isolated hydrogen nuclei directly into energy. One by-product was the positron. This antimatter would be captured in a containment field. What an intense weapon it could make: the positron beam! Only an extremely powerful electromagnetic field, pulsed at just the right moment could offer any defense at all.

As Sari Stone considered the effect of a powerful Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) she was totally enraptured and enthralled by an overpowering orgasm. The very limbic region of her brain was flooded with endorphins. She could only feel wave after wave of crass carnal craving whetted by a flood of neural stimulation. She felt her vaginal fluids dampen her whole inner thigh.

Wishing that the earth military space craft would dispatch a massive positron beam against the aliens who violated her was folly. She wasn't damaged or injured. There were no mutilations, incisions, or lacerations. The slimy green creatures would probably get off with a warning. For sure their craft would also support the positron beam weapon. If only the world had listened to that brilliant but bitchy blonde! She could have revealed much, much more. But the establishment convinced her to follow the devices and desires of her heart rather than pursue the solution to the energy quagmire.

13 Jun 2009 Taunus Trumbo

Written by: Taunus

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