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Son in Law Lust Ch. 05

by mayfairgirl©

Allison and Joan sat together on the sofa, mother and daughter were waiting for Allison's husband Andrew to come and entertain them. Both of them were fully dressed but were struggling to keep their hands off each other. However they had agreed to do just that for the time being.

The door to the lounge opened and Andrew entered. He was wearing a pair of black lace panties which belonged to Joan, his 60 year old mother in law.

"Very nice," Allison said.

"Certainly looks very sexy," Joan agreed, "Now what have you got to do whilst wearing Mom's things?"

"Play with myself for you," Andrew replied.

"That's right show your naughty wife and horny Mom what you like doing with my sexy undies."

Andrew's cock ached with the passion in him and he opened his legs slightly as he slowly rubbed himself through Joan's panties.

"Not too fast, rub it slower, we don't want you make stains in Mom's things," Joan said.

Andrew did as he was told, gently caressing the end of his cock with his finger tips. His wife and mother in law watched hungrily as the masturbation continued.

Joan ordered him to take off the kinickers so they could see his cock better and as he did as he was told, a naughty little thought popped into her mind.

"Pretend that you are rubbing Clive's cock for us you horny bastard."

"Mom," Allison turned in surprise," that's bad."

Clive was Joan's other son in law, married to Allison's sister Kath.

Allison was so turned on by her Mom's desire and realised where all her naughty thoughts came from.

Andrew rubbed the pre-cum that was virtually dripping from his cock into himself.

"Rub Clive's cock for your Mommy," Joan said.

Allison watched as her husband's cock twitched and seemed to extend even more and she knew he was loving the dirty talk from her Mom.

"You've got a great cock Clive, let me wank you off in front of Ally, Kath and Joany," Andrew said as he gripped himself.

Joan reached down and pulled her skirt up, to reveal her red knickers. She reached inside them and was soon finger fucking herself as she watched her son in law.

"Would you like to suck Clive's cock in front us?" Joan asked.

Andrew nodded.

"Suck him until he shoot's his load in your mouth."

Andrew was gasping now as he wanked himself faster.

"Yes I want Clive to cum over my face and then you and Al can lick it off."

Allison was watching her Mom and her husband and knew that any second she was going to orgasm on her Mom's sofa. She stood up and pulled her trousers down quickly,

"I'm going to cum Mom, please lick me."

Joan knelt in front of her daughter and opened her pussy lips up with her fingers. Allison was dripping wet and Joan buried her face into her daughter's shaven cunt.

Andrew moved closer, "Do you want to watch me wank another guy off?"

The thought of her husband with another man's cock in his hand or in his mouth sent Allison over the edge and her cum squirted into her Mom's mouth as she just gasped the word yes to her husband.

Joan gulped down her daughters warm love juice, letting it spill from her mouth over her face and drip off her chin.

Just at that point Andrew let out a low moan and Joan felt the stickiness of his spunk as he shot it over the side of her face and onto his wife's shaven mound.

Joan felt drunk with lust as she tasted her daughter's cum and her son in law's cum at the same time and even though her body ached after sex, she knew this wouldn't be a short session.

As Andrew and Allison flopped down onto the sofa, Joan stood up before them.

"I hope you don't think that is it, young man, there is plenty more for you to be doing," she said.

She started to undress and told her daughter to follow suit and both of them were soon naked. Joan's tits were large and sagged down onto her stomach and she sported a newly shaved cunt. Allison had missed out on large breasts, always complaining that he fair share had gone to her sister, but her tits were firm and her nipples very erect as she stood in front of her husband.

"Time we had our arseholes licked clean I think," Joan said.

It was something both of them loved and willingly did it to each other, but today it was Andrew's turn to be their toilet slave.

Mother and daughter knelt on the floor leaning against the sofa and Andrew got behind them.

Joan's arse was much bigger than Al's and he started there, kissing her cheeks before running his tongue the length of her crack and settling on her tight little arse bud. He pushed his tongue in tasting her.

"That's good boy, lick Mom's hairy arsehole, stick your tongue right in and clean me up."

Andrew probed as deep as he could, loving the feeling of her tight rectum closing round his tongue. Allison waited patiently knowing her Mom was getting a good licking from her husband and then she felt the amazing sensation of his tongue on her. She opened her legs wider as he pushed into her.

"That's right lick Ally's bum-hole, push it in as far as you can." She heard her Mom say.

As Andrew licked and tongued her, Allison's moistness once again started to become a flood and her cum ran from her onto her Mom's lounge carpet.

"Now come and make Mommy cum like that," Joan said.

Andrew moved from his wife's arse back to Joan's and licked her too until she was moaning in delight as she orgasmed too.

Andrew continued to lick his mother in law and soon found himself being joined by Allison as she went for her Mom's cunt as Joan came.

"That's right my two babies lick my juices, drink it all in."

The three of them finally pulled themselves up on the sofa and sat back drained from the sex.

"Well I think our toilet slave needs to satisfy us just a bit more before we let him fuck us both," Joan said, "the other week he made me pee all over him and he said you like doing that too, so how about we both piss all over the dirty sod."

Allison grinned, when her husband had first suggested a bit of watersport, she didn't like the idea, but she soon warmed to it and now it was a regular part of their sex lives. The fact that he had got her Mom into so quick reminded her just how much he loved it and how much women love to make their men happy by peeing over them.

"Sounds great," Allison said "Is that what you want?" she asked turning to her husband.

"Don't ask him dear, make him submit to being your toilet slave. If I had my way and I lived with him all the time I'd make him lick my pussy and arse clean every time I went to the loo."

"Mom, you are so bad."

"Well I'm getting on a bit now dear I've got to make the most of what is on offer and I want to pee all over your husband and make him drink it too."

The three of them went into the bathroom and Andrew lay down on the floor.

"Fuck these tiles are cold."

Both women stood over him facing each other and Joan reached for her daughter's breasts fondling her, and tweaking her nipples. Allison reciprocated and they started to kiss as they did so.

Andrew lay back watching his wife and Mother in law and then suddenly Joan moved away from Allison and squatted over his face, she released her bladder and her golden urine flooded down onto his face.

"Drink Mommy's pee darling, drink it all up," she said.

Allison watched her Mom go to the toilet on her husband's face, she reached out and ran her fingers through the yellow flow sticking them in her mouth afterwards. She too then let herself go and her piss was soon splashing down on her husband's stomach and erect cock.

"More," Andrew said "Give me more you horny bitches."

Joan's piss had settled to a little dribble, but as Andrew spoke, there was another sudden gush which completely soaked his face and hair and chest. As both women finished, Andrew got up and started to lick them alternatively, poking his tongue in to each cunt as far as it would go.

Joan eased herself down on the floor and simply said, "Fuck me."

Andrew climbed on top of her and fucked her until his cum shot into her aching pussy.

The three of them finished their time in the shower cleaning each other before retiring to Joan's bed were she watched her daughter get fucked in both holes by her husband.

When they were finished Andrew lay between mother and daughter.

Joan stroked his limp cock and said "All we need now is to let Kath and Clive join us and we could have some more fun."

"I'm happy for you to have my husband Mom, but I'm not sure I'm going to let my horny sister have him, you know I've always felt a bit inferior to her especially in the body and looks department."

"Ah yes darling but think of the benefits, you are already sharing this cock with me, so why not share it out a bit more and get a new one to play with and suck and have inside you. Think of Clive's big cock inside your wet little pussy, in fact think of Clive's hot cock in your pussy whilst Andrew fucks your arse, much better than plastic dear. Andrew is already getting my tits and arse and cunt, if you let him have your sister's you get something too."

Allison lay back thinking of her brother in law and his cock and her moistness started to build again.

"It's a pity your Dad is still not with us darling, I'd have loved to watch you suck his hard dick."

"Mom, you are so horny."

"Would you have sucked his cock given the chance?"

Allison's head was buzzing again with this sexy talk from her Mom.

"Mmmm I'd liked to have sucked Dad whilst you did the same to Andrew."

"Maybe we'll see if Kathy and Clive are up for some fun and if not perhaps we'll suss out your Uncle Trevor, his always had his eye on me and perhaps we can make him be a Dad substitute."

Joan turned to Andrew "You wouldn't mind your sweet wife having Clive or Trevor would you?"

"Nope I'd love to watch, mind you if it's Clive I want my fair share of Kath."

"And if it's Uncle Trevor, you wouldn't mind if Ally pretended it was her Dad."

"Fuck no, I wish Tom was still alive I'd love to watch him fuck his horny little daughter."

"It's settled then, we will have to branch out," Joan concluded.

Written by: mayfairgirl

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