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Joys Private Education Ch. 02

by fredricka©

Joy left the Headmaster's office, her mind in turmoil. Her ass still stung from the spankings, her pussy was still wet from the Headmaster's strong fingers, her nipples still hard and erect. She also remembered the Headmaster's hard on in his pants and the pain on his face as he was obviously in need of relief.

Surely he enjoyed it? But why did he quit? Maybe she just imagined his hard-on and wanted him to do more. She was so confused and horny. All Joy wanted to do was to get back to her dorm and relieve the sexual tension that was building in her body and crying for release. She could never remember feeling this horny and picked up her pace for the dorm.

As Joy rounded the corner heading for the door she ran into Mrs Kneed. Miss Kneed gave her a wicked smile, "Well, if it isn't Miss Goody Two Shoes". "I hope Headmaster Johnston has taught you the proper way to address your Professors here at Shaddwick". "I am going to his office to make sure you understand the dire position you are in Joy". Joy hated this bitch for her evil smile and breaking into her thoughts once again and delaying her from getting home alone so that she could relive the moments in the Headmasters office. "I'm sorry Miss Kneed" Joy mumbled out and headed quickly for the door.

Meanwhile, Headmaster Johnston had his hard cock in hand, slowly rubbing it from base to tip, his mind flashing back to his time with Joy. He thought of her perfectly rounded ass, her red thong, her wet tight pussy and hard nipples and how she kept pushing her pussy against his fingers after every spanking. The more he thought, the harder he stroked until all he could see was Joy's perfect ass, her pussy, her tits....harder and harder he stroked until he came harder than he had for years. This is a special girl he thought, remembering how wet she she left the office somewhat confused...wanting more...Although his cock wanted more, his mind was blinking red alert. This is not the way a Headmaster should act he told himself.

Before he had time to collect his thoughts, and stuff his cock in his pants, Miss Kneed stormed through the door. "Headmaster Johnston, that Joy is more than a hand full". "I can not take her Miss Goody Two Shoes attitude any longer" Headmaster Johnston sat calmly, while he stared down Miss Kneed. "She cheats, she talks back to me, and she lies. What are you going to do about her"?

Headmaster Johnston calmly kept staring at Miss Kneed until she ran out of things to say. As his calm but direct stare continued, Miss Kneed started to squirm and wring her hands like all the other girls the Headmaster has had to punish. The longer he sat calmly the more Miss Kneed became uncomfortable. Whiles still calmly staring Miss Kneed down, he noticed her breasts heave, her nipples harden. Could she be an ally or a foe? It was all too much for him. While he watched her squirm, he decided to play it safe. 'Mrs Kneed, I thank you for concern, but I will dole out the punishment here as I see fit. If you have a problem with Joy again, send her to my office. Do you understand Miss Kneed?"

"Yes sir I do". "I only hope you and I can work together on this and help Joy out. She is a talent not to be wasted". As she spoke this Miss Kneed stood up, put her hands on the Headmasters desk showing her large, well-rounded breasts. "Anything I can to sir. Just let me know". With that, Miss Kneed left with a wink and a sass-shaying of her nice rounded mature ass. Again, the Headmaster's thoughts were in a state of confusion. How much he wanted Joy. Would Miss Kneed impede on this, or would she be the ally he needed?

Joy rushed back to her dorm in a state of confusion. She rode the elevator up to floor three and quickly made her way to her room. Thankfully, her roommate was out. Joy swiftly removed her red thong and short skirt. She walked up to the full length mirror and stood sideways, looking at her ass one cheek at a time, still red from the Headmasters spankings. Slowly she ran her hands over her ass caressing the firm round globes. She went to her vanity and picked out a bottle of body lotion and slowly spread it over her flaming buttocks. Relief came quickly to her ass as she slowly spread the lotion. Joy noticed her pussy getting wet and slowly moved her well greased hands from her ass to her wet pussy. While caressing her ass with one hand she slowly started to rub her outer thighs with the other. Joy applied more lotion, now slowly rubbing the lotion onto her inner thighs as well. She could feel her ass cheeks cooling down as her pussy was getting hotter.

The more she caressed herself, the hotter she became. Joy felt her nipples harden and removed her matching red bra. As her nipples felt the cool air of the dorm room they became even more erect. Joy moved one hand slowly up from her pussy to her aching nipples. As she pinched and rubbed her hard nipples, she kept thinking about Headmaster Johnston, his funereal look, his eyes, his hard-on.

Joy fell on her bed, her fingers moving slowly from her hard nipples to her wet pussy. The wetter Joy got, the more she thought about Headmaster Johnston. As one hand found a hard nipple the other found a wet pussy. No boy had ever made Joy feel this way. The more she rubbed her pussy and hard nipples the more she thought about Headmaster Johnston, his stern look, his big hands spanking her ass, his hard cock wanting release from his pants.

Joy's fingers had a mind of their own as they found spots Joy had never found. Fingers flew to hard nipples, wet pussy, a reddened ass. As Joy became bolder she pinched her hard nipples, she placed a finger into her wet pussy and moaned with relief. Joy felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and her clit coming out to greet her fingers.

Joy's attention was now on her pussy. Where one finger used to work, she now needed two. While she fingered herself she thought about the Headmaster, how he touched her, how hard his cock must get while he spanked her.

Joy's breathing grew deep and heavy as she played with herself. "God...I am going to cum...spank me please...make me cum Headmaster, please".

Dick Johnston sat at home fighting his demons. He wanted that young girl Joy but he also knew he needed his job. Joy's parents were big alumni and put much money in Shaddwick's coffers, which made the Headmaster look good. What would they think if their daughter became his newest toy? Surely, he would lose his job and what would become of Shaddwick? He believed in this school and the teachers. What of Miss Kneed, what was her angle? All the trouble seemed to start in her class.

All the girls that he as ever punished have come from her class now that he thought about it. A sly smile showed on his face as he remembered Joy and her young panties, her firm young ass, her wet pussy, her tight ass, and her well-rounded globes. His cock grew harder as thoughts of Joy and the other girls he has punished ran through his mind. He started stroking his cock harder and faster knowing all is well at Shaddwick and tomorrow will be business as usual.

Joy entered Miss Kneed class. Instead of sitting up front as usual, she sat in back next to Tony. Wearing an old high school uniform pleated checkered skirt, white blouse, and white socks, her hair in ponytails she looked just like a young elementary student instead of the college student she was. Tony thanked her for coming to his defense but he could not sleep last night because he thought that she got into trouble because of him. As they sat in the back of the room, giggling, Miss Kneed entered the room.

"Good Morning class" Miss Kneed noted the empty chair usually occupied by Joy. Her smile turned into a frown when she spotted Joy sitting in back next to Tony. So this is the way it's going to be, she thinks. Fine, I will teach Miss Goody Two Shoes another lesson. "Class, lets start with yesterday's lesson. Tony, we will start with you. What is the answer to problem number one in your homework?"

Tony stuttered and gave the wrong answer. "Nice try, Einstein. Maybe a pop quiz is in order". The class groans as Miss Kneed hands out the quiz. Joy felt Miss Kneed's eyes on her as she quickly filled out the quiz and turned it upside down. She looked at Tony and watched him struggle with the quiz and felt bad for him.

Miss Kneed also watched Tony struggle with the quiz. An evil smile crept across her face as a plan formulated in her wicked mind. "Class, please turn in your quiz sheets and study today's lesson while I grade these."

As she thought Tony's quiz went from his usual D or F to an A. His answers matched Joys exactly, Miss Kneed made sure of that. Miss Kneed allowed herself a smile as she taught today's lecture. When she dismissed the class, she asked Joy to stay. With a smug grin on her face, she asked if Joy had helped Tony out on the quiz.

"No Miss Kneed" Joy responded.

"Really Joy, then how did Tony have the exact same answers as you?"

"I don't know," came the answer. Perhaps she was a bit short, but she was not in the mood to argue when she knew she had no chance in being heard.

"Well Joy, I feel we need to go to the Headmaster's office. As you know, cheating is not allowed here at Shaddwick."

Joy was a bundle of nerves as Miss Kneed escorted her to the Headmaster's office. Miss Kneed thought that her plan had fallen into place. She watched headmaster Johnston's face as she dragged the reluctant Joy into the Headmaster's office.

As always, Headmaster Johnston is dressed in black except for his heavily starched white shirt. His eyes move calmly between Joy and Miss Kneed. He could not decide who was more nervous, Joy or Miss Kneed. Miss Kneed became nervous as she broke the silence. Slowly she recanted the day's events. Joy had sat next to Tony to help him, Tony who always does so badly in her class has an A on the test and amazingly, the answers on the two tests are identical.

"That will be all Miss Kneed," Headmaster Johnston said in a calm voice.

"But Headmaster Johnston, I expect to be here for Joy's punishment. This calls for expulsion from our university! She has been caught cheating, twice."

Headmaster Johnston felt the sexual need in Miss Kneed and knew he had an ally, not a foe. He also saw Joy nervously shuffling her feet, looking up at Miss Kneed and himself. "That will be all Miss Kneed; I will give you a full report when my interview with Joy is over."

Looking at the Headmaster's face, Miss Kneed knew she was dismissed. "I will need a full report for my records Headmaster," Miss Kneed replied as she slowly walked out of the Headmaster's office.

"Sit down Joy". Joy took her usual seat across from the Headmaster's desk. Joy was wearing her old high school uniform, which she has outgrown. A pleated skirt, white blouse, no bra, white knee high stockings with black and white saddle shoes and clean white panties.

Again Headmaster Johnston calmly looked her over.

As she squirmed in her chair, Headmaster Johnston broke the silence. "Joy, expulsion from school is required for the second time caught cheating. Why did you do it?"

"But I did not cheat, if anyone did it was Tony, you heard her, he always fails the tests and this time he had an A," she quickly responded.

"Yes, but you allowed him to cheat young lady. Do you want to stay at Shaddwick Joy, or face expulsion?" Headmaster Johnston asked.

"Headmaster, I can not face expulsion, my parents would kill me. You know how they feel about this school. I will do anything to stay at Shaddwick" Joy replied looking the Headmaster in the eye, "anything," she repeated.

Headmaster Johnston sat back in his chair thinking this will work, I have this young lady just where I want her. Miss Kneed would back him up, of that he was certain. He felt a stir in his groin as his cock started to stiffen. Today is going to be a great day he thought. This young woman is mine.

While the Headmaster was calmly putting his plan together, Joy was doing the same. She slumped lower in her chair allowing her pleated skirt to rise up, knowing that Headmaster Johnston would catch glimpses of her white panties.

"Joy, your punishment will be the same. Get up off your chair put your hands on the desk."

"Yes Headmaster Johnston, please don't kick me out of Shaddwick". Joy then got out of her chair and approached the Headmasters desk. She put her hands on the desk, her head down, legs spread and her ass up. Her position felt different this time, she was very nervous and felt that he was getting braver, perhaps this time he would do more than just spank and finger fuck her. Maybe this was the time that he would find relief in her instead of the hand that he was sure he used.

Headmaster Johnston got up and slowly stood next to Joy. He saw a young girl with her head down, ass up, waiting for his touch. He stood behind Joy; her skirt was so short that he could see her very white panties, slowly lifted her pleated skirt up onto her back and for a moment saw himself staring. What a perfect ass it was, two well-rounded globes encased in virgin white panties. Now, he thought, he wanted to feel her pussy walls as they grabbed his cock, he did not want this one to end as all the others. He needed her.

His cock grew harder as he took in the sight. "Joy, remove your panties." Joy slowly slipped her panties down her legs and kicked them away, never leaving her vulnerable position. She lifted the skirt back up, Headmaster Johnston slowly rubbed his hand over Joy's perfect young ass. He felt Joy pushing her ass back into his hands.

Standing beside Joy, his angle was perfect. SMACK, the first slap came hard against Joy's ass. Then came the second slap. Joy's ass vibrated with happiness and she met each slap. The harder the Headmaster slapped, the more Joy shoved her ass back into the Headmasters hand. The harder he spanked Joy the harder his cock got.

Joy kept pushing her ass back to the Headmasters hands. Headmaster Johnston could not take any more. He wanted Joy right now. He started rubbing Joy's ass. His hands moved to her inner thighs, then to her wet pussy, first one finger, then two. Joy kept her head down and her ass up as she enjoyed the Headmaster's fingers, playing with her cunt and clit making every inch of her body began to tremble and shake.

As Headmaster Johnston continued playing with Joy's wet pussy he watched her red ass twitch and squirm. With the next spanking he pushed his fingers deeper into Joy's wet pussy. He could now hear Joy's moans and feel her body tremble as she slowly started fucking his finger. In amazement, he felt Joys body move back and forth

The more Joy moaned, the harder the Headmaster got. Another spank was administered as another finger was inserted into Joy's wet cunt. The Headmaster could hear his fingers squishing in and out of Joy's wet pussy, as her moans grew louder and her firm young ass kept backing hard into his fingers, he was sure it was not his finger that she wanted to feel. This outfit showed and innocent youth, but her body showed a young lady. Damn she was hot.

"Joy, are you sure you will do anything to stay at Shaddwick", the Headmaster said.

"Yes Headmaster, anything, my parents would disown me if I were expelled. Do to me as you see fit to show me how to be a good student" replied Joy.

Headmaster Johnston could take it no longer. Joy was elated as she heard his zipper and belt. He removed his hard cock from his pants and slowly entered Joy from behind. One inch at a time, his cock slowly entered Joy's wet pussy. Joy started to whimper and moan in relief and push her body back against the Headmasters hard cock. Both of them moaning loudly for they knew that the relief which they both wanted was about to come.

"Are you a naughty girl" the Headmaster mumbled.

"YES." screamed Joy.

"And do you need to be punished?" the Headmaster asked, as he slowly added another inch of his hard cock into Joy's wet pussy.

"Yes, Oh Yes. More please" Joy moaned in lust.

Another slap to Joy's ass was followed by another inch of hard cock into wet pussy. The Headmaster did not know how long he could last with this perfect ass below and greeting his cock inch by inch.

Joy was in heaven. She had the Headmaster where she wanted him. His hard cock entering her wet cunt nice and slow, she knew he would want more and she wanted more too. She could hear the Headmaster's heavy breathing as she slowly pushed her ass back into his hard cock. As more cocked entered her wet pussy she spread her legs wider. The Headmaster firmly held Joy's hips and slowly eased his hard cock all the way into her pussy until his heavy balls were resting against Joy's firm pussy lips.

There was no turning back now. Both knew that. No words were spoken as the Headmaster slowly started to fuck Joy. His hard cock moved freely in and out of Joy's wet pussy, his hands now gripping her hips, pulling her to him with every thrust. In this they found their pace.

"Fuck me harder, please do me harder, make me cum," Joy panted.

Headmaster Johnston could not take it any longer. He grabbed Joy's hips and drove himself harder and deeper into her hot folds. He heard Joy scream and moan as his heavy balls slapped against her hard ass.

"Make me cum...Make me cum" Joy yelled out. "God I am going to cum" Joy panted out. As Joy came, Headmaster Johnston gave a heavy grunt, pulled out his cock and exploded all over Joy's ass.

Headmaster Johnston fell into his chair exhausted. Joy remained leaning against the desk, exhausted but still wanting more. Headmaster Johnston, trying to regain his thoughts, quickly zipped up his pants told Joy to get dressed, then showed Joy the door. "I hope you have learned your lesson young lady". Suppressing a smile, Joy slowly got dressed showing Headmaster Johnston all the pleasures of her young body, knowing full well that her stay at Shaddwick would be long lasting and enjoyable. She had the Headmaster by the balls and they both knew it.

As Joy left the office white panties in hand she heard a noise off to her right. Inwardly she smiled as she saw Miss Kneed sprawled on the office sofa in a rather none prim recline. Was Miss Kneed attempting to push some rather huge breasts back into her blouse while at the same time trying to smooth her long skirt back into place?

Feeling cocky Joy asked, "Is that you Miss Kneed? Are you feeling ok?"

Miss Kneed tried to gather herself together, smoothing a item of clothing here and there, as she tried to gain some authority. Be darned these young vixens she thought, I could make them into young and proper ladies. 'Oh, is that you Joy? I am just waiting to talk to Headmaster Johnston and see if you have learned a final lesson or if expulsion is the next step.

"Good luck Miss Kneed" Joy giggled as she swayed and strutted her way out of the office tossing her white panties at Miss Kneed.

"Good luck to you as well my little sweetie", replied Miss Kneed. "I am sure your stay here at Shaddwick is rather short."

"We will see what the headmaster has to say." Miss Kneed said with her evil grin as she entered the Headmasters office.

Oh Miss Kneed you don't now what you have in store, thought Joy as she headed for her dorm.

Written by: fredricka

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